My Life In Sports!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I remain grateful for parents who insisted that exercise and sports be a part of my life …which I & my husband do as parents of twin sons. In fact, my husband so hoped for children that he could share a love of sports with – the twins main nursery is totally sports motif. The plan is for their life, like ours, to be varied;   I hope they ride, crew, play polo, swim, fly fish [like myself], jog, golf, play tennis and of course, appreciate American football & especially baseball.

The pathos of baseball is amazingly highlighted in the movie Money Ball (NYT Article,    Vanity Fair article) and combines some of my other passions – economics, logic and math with the imperative of this all American past time. As we approach the all East Coast Super Bowl, I am reminded [even though as a Jewish protective Mother never allowing our boys to play] that my husband bonded with me on our first meeting with a chat about my beloved hometown Eagles – I guess one could say football has been very, very good to me considering we married 3 months later!


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