Syria Crisis & NYC Fashion Week 2012???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I often write about my personal left brain, right brain conflict …a luxury afforded this privileged American gal. Although usually a humorous repartee on my ability and desire to “have it all”, there are times – as it is currently – when that conflict and duplicity takes a serious turn.

I am an addicted fashionista and so want to attend Paris, Milan, Berlin, London & NY Fashion weeks when possible – when not actually able to be there,  I am always reading up on these events – watching with great interest. Of course, there is a serious side to these venues – that is commerce and jobs that result from the design, manufacturing and sales of fashion and accessories. Like some years before 2012, this year has presented me with the struggle of mind and heart over world tragedies occurring simultaneously while fashion week happens – this time it is Syria, who  is in the throws of a horrific humanitarian crisis and I am deeply upset that not enough is being done – not by the international community nor us, the USA. I find it particularly troubling because that as a Jew and supporter of Israel I am victimized by a barrage of bogus concern for the so called Palestinian people on a daily basis via my social networks – and yet there is almost no mention or dialogue about the good people of Syria who are being slaughtered. One must obviously ask WHY?

I am far from naive or in any way Pollyanna about international relations …the logic and dynamics of the world’s nation’s postures toward one another obviously results from self-interests. Now more than ever, with a world facing so many financial crisis, the decision of what and who warrants  assistance demands multiple levels of consideration. The problem with not helping the Syrian people becomes more troubling when one asks why Libya, why Egypt, etc. and NOT Syria? Is location truly the most important factor not only in purchasing a home, opening a business but equally in saving a people from mass murder or is there another prejudice involved? So many questions to consider but the one I can not get out of my head is the Syrian Doctor crying out why won’t the world help us as he wrapped the dead body of a child he had unsuccessfully attempted to save from Syrian President Assad’s army bullets!

P.S. Just in case the prejudice is because the ignorant among us think all Syrians are Muslims – they are NOT – many are Christian and many REAL Americans are of Syrian ancestry.


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