What Victoria Secret Model Gisele Bundchen, Myself & Valentine’s Day Have in Common!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Loving football I watched “my” NY Giants beat The New England Patriots in  Superbowl XLVI …then the news was all about  Mrs. Brady defending  her husband  Quarterback Tom- WOW!  Trust me, I too have been accused of “over” defending my husband – often asked why I do it.  Of course, the simple answer is love and marriage but there are deeper issues involved. Along with the New York Times, I read the Wall Street Journal everyday – there in the Sports section [yes both do have sports sections] was a clear explanation/reiteration of things I feel and often talk about.

The points made in the WSJ article are philosophies and beliefs my husband and I share …we are a team – TOTALLY 100% united as a single force against all troubles and evil doers. For us, that has meant legally disowning and disinheriting “family”  – to protect each other and our twin sons from threats and ignorant hateful people. On the positive side, it meant legally [in Court] joining our two last names [my husband uniquely taking my “maiden” name as his own] …this making both names a strong combined dynastic force. As the WSJ article writer states, everyone should have a spouse and if  lucky like me,  also friends/extended family, who even when you are wrong defend and protect you – and, if  blessed like myself/my husband, NEVER  let  ANYONE  perpetrate lies  or unwarranted insults against each other. As the Bible/marriage vows demand – we have truly and completely forsaken ALL others and are ONLY unto each other – in sickness and in health, till death us do part [and then through eternity]. Unconditional love is what my husband and I are blessed to have – the go to the wall for you type of love that makes us the luckiest people in the world!

So here is to you Mr. & Mrs. Brady …we four must dine together sometime in order to show the cynical world that love like ours is really possible. Oh yes, the other thing Gisele and I have in common is  ____ well, I love/husband thinks I look dam good in VS undies too:-)))

Happy & Blessed 2012 Valentine’s Day everyone …wishing you love, joy & the comfort of REAL love!!!

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