Chats with FLOTUS Obama & my Plastic Surgeon…

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

This past Monday [27-February-2012] afforded me the opportunity to be on a phone conference call with our wonderful First Lady, Michelle Obama. When I found out that I could submit a question in advance, my wonderful feminist minded husband suggested that because we were considering adding a daughter to our family [which includes our twin sons] and because we have so many young women in our extended family that we care about, the question should be how Mrs. Obama felt about the troubling increase in misogynistic attitude in politics and American society in general.  The thrill of having a husband who not only legally took my last name but cares so deeply about justice for women made me feel wonderfully secure. The First Lady was brilliant and I nearly swooned from hearing her voice.

I am sure you are wondering what this has to do with my dear friend and amazingly talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard P. Glunk of Main Line Plastic Surgery in Pennsylvania …my pal is quite conservative and yet we adore and appreciate one another, despite being nearly polar opposites politically. The respect that Richard and I show toward each other should be a template for ALL Americans …agreeing to disagree. One might ask, why I would argue with the man whose hands help keep me young and attractive – the answer is confidence that his professionalism and personal affection for me will control his attitude and performance. Wouldn’t that be a lovely path for Democrats and Republicans to follow?

So these past few days have improved my mind, body and soul – from quite different sources and happily for me, the results are equally BEAUTIFUL !!!


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