The Delusion of “Caught You” Types … Loathsome Character Flaws of lying, cheating, stealing & vandalizing

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I guess there really is “honor among thieves” – having experienced personal enemies complicit  and delusional in their effort to demean others – while not recognizing that so much is known about their loathsome existence, it is they that should fear exposure. The Jewish faith and thus the derivative faith of Christianity prohibits and punishes severely the gossiper, slanderer and defaming losers …my route to justice is lawsuits and a life well lived. My glory is found in owning up to the good and the bad of my life – and outing the evil doers!

Despite never being a fan of Sarah Palin and being horrified at the prospect of her being elected Vice President of The United States …I was quite dismayed at the publication of the book and subsequent movie “Game Change“.  One must ask why only after the election of 2008, did these operatives feel compelled to enlighten our populace of that rogue political choice – obviously money is the answer. Otherwise these same individuals would have left the McCain Presidential campaign – losing their salaries and possibly never being employed in a similar position again – in order to warn our great nation of Governor Palin’s obvious incompetency.

I am totally prepared for  lies and denials from the lesser among us when my book, Heiress Mommy, is published next year. Thankfully, my amazing publicist and legal team are equally and superbly prepared as well. I leave you with something Voltaire wrote in a letter to his fellow Enlightenment figure, Denis Diderot – Voltaire urged in this letter: “Go on, brave Diderot, intrepid d”Alembert. Fall upon the knaves, destroy their empty declamations, their miserable sophistries, their historical lies, their contradictions and absurdities beyond numbers.”. I love a great life motto – this possibly to be included in the family crest my brilliant husband is designing and definitely to be taught to our twin sons and the daughter we are now seriously considering “working” on. For those who are foolishly thinking they can defeat myself or my husband – please know we are guided by G-d and are pure in the conscious efforts  of our life choices – there will be no surrender nor retreat from our tasks!!!


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