An Exodus for ALL!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Passover and Easter are, of course, historically connected I am constantly reminding the gentiles in my life – what they insist on calling “The Last Supper”, is in fact, a Pesach Seder. Our Passover miracle is a template for all faiths, all nations and all individuals – an example of what can be overcome in the presence of G-d and through perseverance.

In my personal life – there have been a few exodus like experiences. My husband, C.Michael Eliasz-Solomon [who legally took my maiden/last name 10January2012, resulting in him along with myself and our twin sons  now being the hyphenated Eliasz-Solomon Family] and I found our way this last year out of a sort of bondage …freeing ourselves and our children  from the insistence of others that we  become the  victims of evil doers because of some bogus believe they had as to what was correct.  Instead, as a couple who love each other deeply and completely and as parents, we worked diligently to legally protect our family and move on to a glorious and fulfilling future. This Herculean task was not accomplished easily and as the Jews fleeing Egypt, we needed pray and assistance/support from others of good will – we relied on the love of real family, true friends and a brilliant group of colleagues, as well, as dedicated professionals to bring our journey to a glorious and stable conclusion.

Everyone can have their own Passover story – one which ends in the same joyful new personal beginning as mine has – it is as simple as praying for guidance, seeing the truth and following the righteous path toward that place most holy to you. Happy & Blessed Passover 5772 AND Easter 2012!

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