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June 30, 2012

Why ACA Is Obama’s FDR Moment !

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

     I felt like our great nation/America had been saved when hearing the news that The Supreme Court [SCOTUS] had upheld President Obama’s Health Care Law this past Thursday, 28June2012. I woke even earlier than our family’s usual daily 4:30 a.m. – went to my study where I stared  proudly at my displayed framed President Obama signed certificate to me for having helped/worked on passing ACA through Congress [except my new legal name as of January 2012 is different – think I can get a new copy?]. I, like most involved, was prepared for defeat – the Roberts Conservative Court having taught us to expect disappointment. SURPRISE & ELATION at 10 a.m. when glued to my computer I was reading what all my like minded friends and associates, some who were there in D.C., began sharing!

First year law school classes demand the ability to read and understand the nuances of precedence – cases used to determine the legitimacy of legal decisions. I actually enjoy reading legal cases for fun and profit [ more about that in my 2013 book, “Heiress Mommy”] – so much so that my wonderful  husband on his last genealogy conference trip to Utah earlier this year bought me [along with a snow globe for my collection] an original two volume Benjamin N. Cardozo New York Bar [our soon to be State of full time residence] Association 100th Anniversary Edition Memorial Lectures. I mention this great jurist here because as Cardozo wrote concerning why Social Security and Employment benefits were constitutional during FDR, so was the findings this past week involving ACA.

When President Roosevelt decided that there was a moral imperative to having guaranteed retire income  for senior citizens the opposition, much as today, fear mongered that this great capitalist nation would become a socialist gulag. Franklin Roosevelt and now President Obama had to not only deal with the practicality of the life saving programs they were attempting to make law but at the same time address the extremist naysayers attempting [for various reasons] to thwart  their herculean efforts.

I am a devotee of the Hamiltonian philosophy – that which our founding father, Alexander Hamiliton believed is the implied powers with which the federal government can decide to act on behalf of the general welfare of the entire United States citizenry. I fully  understand the legitimate fear of some who think federal power can be over reaching or abused – as a Jewish American my historical DNA often leaves me equally concerned of the slippery slope scenario toward totalitarianism. One ,must stay vigilant over too much government while not ignoring that which modernity has presented nor the complications that can only be dealt with by an organized and fully integrated body – such as our national government.

I can not count the number of people –  knowing how much the ACA constitutionalism meant to me – not only gave me congratulatory compliments on my personal efforts but also shared stories of their or those they knew whose life would be made better and even saved because ACA was now the law of the land. I was immediately reminded of the equally moving and poignant stories my parents shared with me that others told them when Social Security and Employment Insurance were established under FDR. Therefore I say this is definitely Obama ‘s FDR moment – we are ALL the benificaries of both.

May G-d bless these two amazing progressive U.S. Presidents and may G-d bless the memory of our beloved late Senator Ted Kennedy, who worked so long and so hard to make affordable health care available to ALL Americans !!!

Tereza’s Affordable Healthcare Act Certificate

June 27, 2012

Losing Nora Ephron

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

On 26 June 2012 a light went out – permanently gone from the world. Writer, essayist, humorist, movie director, wife, mother and overall GREAT gal Nora Ephron died. We lose this wonderful woman far too soon/much too young at age 71.

I always pictured Ephron an old grand dame pontificating in NYC among the intelligentsia and the women who don’t do lunch. I had hoped for some small chance to have her as a surrogate Auntie type in my own life once I am a full time NY/NYC resident – planning to plead for her attention and sending her a copy of my first book, “Heiress Mommy” [2013] signed with my love and admiration.

My own feminist quick witted progressive mother introduced me to Ephron’s work by giving me the book “Crazy Salad” – I think my affection for Nora might have a little to do with the fact that like my mother, she was acerbic, sarcastic but also a really fair minded and loving woman – they both were the take no prisoner type of broad that I aspire to be.

Nora Ephron and I are both a mother of two sons, happily married and Jewish. I am gladdened by the fact that like myself, she was married to what friends describe as a loving, supportive, intellectual comrade. My condolences to ALL who loved her.

Our shared Jewish faith teaches that remembrance is a route to eternal life – hers, as I hope my own will be, was a large life and as such Nora Ephron will live on forever!

June 24, 2012

Why & How I Am One Of The Happiest Women In The World!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The main reasons for my being one of the happiest women in the world are #1. Self Determination and #2. G-d. There is no magic involved – some really good luck and a great deal of hard work is the formula for my abundant happiness. Tragically not everyone got the memo – granted some unhappy people can not help it due to untended mental health problems but other misanthropes are unhappy merely because they are greedy, mean and selfish. I hope the revelations I will share in my book “Heiress Mommy”  will help those most unhappy among us but I know that no book or life story can help those not touched by the grace of G-d …no help for the evil doers among us as they will defeat themselves by their own deeds and thoughts. So be it  – here is a short primer or preface to what I hope my book will further explain.

Being fully happy does not mean that one is never stressed, upset, anxious, sad, disappointed or worried. 100% happiness actually means that even when you are dealing with negative feelings or occurrences, you are still basically and intrinsically happy. I once was accused by a quite foolish and not very intellectually astute young woman of being “obsessed” with a sworn enemy …I explained [as simply as I could] to this troubled person that I was never obsessed but instead determined to thwart this evil and assure justice for myself and my family. Even during times where my considerable energy is taxed by such an effort, I am a happy woman ..content in the knowledge of my own self worth and place in this world.

The Ancient Philosophers wrote extensively about what happiness was and how one obtains happiness. Epicurus point of view was “whom is enough too little, nothing is enough”. Who has not known someone that no matter what they have or are given, think they did not get their so called fair share …in other words, those people who think the world or a particular person owes them more than they deserve? Socrates actually listed three things to maintain toward the goal of happiness: 1. Keep interested in the truth ..for myself and my husband, that includes pursuing needed facts about those who would harm us – easy with the internet, et. al.; 2. Make sure that your soul is as good as possible …this does NOT include faux cult like inspired quotes or dictates from some bogus guru as to what one needs to do for a redeemed soul; 3. to get a good soul maintain 4 virtues: prudence, courage, temperance  and justice [charity]. There are other ancient, historical and modern day philosophers that pontificate with equal validity as to the route to happiness – the problem is the many false prophets who only goal is ego satisfying and financial gain through their bogus dictates on happiness.  Sadly, the uneducated and weak minded among us fall victim to these false prophet types …then again could it be the followers of these jousters are themselves evil doers and have just found their equal part in such leaders? Oh well, that is for another time – my only point is to insist you, as I have, never let these devils deter you from your own deserved happiness – fight them and expose them and then live your well deserved happy life.

I twitter and facebook with business tycoon and TV personality Bethenny Frankel. I just finished her wonderful and inspiring book: “A Place Of Yes”. Unlike myself, who was fortunate to have my Jewish faith and progressive parents to teach me optimism, dear Bethenny had to learn it on her own …BRAVO  smart lady. This accomplished woman and I share the life philosophy that one must seize opportunities in order to be really happy. I wish I could share my own detailed story here of how that idea about recognizing and going for it has made my life spectacular but my wonderful supportive publicist and my book obligation leaves  me only able to hope  that my finally decided on to be released soon books will be something you read to learn much more about how my determination and recognition of what I needed in life has led to great joy and contentment. I do want to say that like Bethenny, I do not think there is any magic formula to being happy …it takes hard work both mentally and physically [including a life time of exercise & nutritional maintenance, etc.] and luck – I have been blessed with a great family, opportunities, love, angel friends

Friends are Angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

and the most supportive colleagues in the world. But the trick is I had the good sense and eyes to see those I needed in my life in order to be happy [I admit there have been some misjudgments as well – but, thank G-d, even those have eventually led to the best for me, including being married to the most amazing man for the last nine years and having his support to go through very expensive & often uncomfortable fertility treatments to have children together later in life].

I so wish I could share more …suffice it to say there have been tragedies in my life, missteps but more blessings and glory – all will be in my book “Heiress Mommy”, which I hope will be not only enjoyable to read but helpful to those  struggling.

I leave you with a link to Charlie Brown’s happiness song – trust me that it is worth listening to …your a good man Charlie Brown and All GOOD people deserve to be happy – the rest can be punished as G-d sees fit. Shalom!!!

June 19, 2012

I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Recently the Michigan State House GOP decided it was unlawful to say the word Vagina while discussing draconian anti-choice legislation. Sounds quite ridiculous but these are the times when extremist ideas are somehow accepted as logical. The real and more important issue are the horrific laws the GOP /right wing extremist are attempting to impose on women.

We women have been defined throughout history by our ability to reproduce – no matter the consequences to health or finance. I am blessed to be married to a devoted feminist man – he shared the burden of my fertility treatments, my miscarriages and eventual successful pregnancy in order for us to have our twin sons and now is leaving the final choice to me as to the issue of having a gestational carrier  for two more of our fertilized [stored] eggs. My wonderful husband [who legally took my last name] is very excited about having more children – two or four to add to our twin sons but would never ask me to be burdened to make that dream come true. Why then should politicians or religious zealots ask or demand that any woman be burdened by denying her choice and self determination?

It is easy to indulge in the jests and frivolity that brilliant satirist like Jon Stewart use to highlight the current extremist ideas – however we must not and can not take lightly the attempt to marginalize women in our society. Too much is at stake …after all women are wives, Mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, bread winners, etc.. All Americans should be concerned that the slippery slope toward government imposed restrictions on women’s choices will lead to everyone being denied their individual rights.

My Vagina Monologue is singularly my own – except, of course, when  my husband or Gyn/OB are invited for a chat!!!

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