I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Recently the Michigan State House GOP decided it was unlawful to say the word Vagina while discussing draconian anti-choice legislation. Sounds quite ridiculous but these are the times when extremist ideas are somehow accepted as logical. The real and more important issue are the horrific laws the GOP /right wing extremist are attempting to impose on women.

We women have been defined throughout history by our ability to reproduce – no matter the consequences to health or finance. I am blessed to be married to a devoted feminist man – he shared the burden of my fertility treatments, my miscarriages and eventual successful pregnancy in order for us to have our twin sons and now is leaving the final choice to me as to the issue of having a gestational carrier  for two more of our fertilized [stored] eggs. My wonderful husband [who legally took my last name] is very excited about having more children – two or four to add to our twin sons but would never ask me to be burdened to make that dream come true. Why then should politicians or religious zealots ask or demand that any woman be burdened by denying her choice and self determination?

It is easy to indulge in the jests and frivolity that brilliant satirist like Jon Stewart use to highlight the current extremist ideas – however we must not and can not take lightly the attempt to marginalize women in our society. Too much is at stake …after all women are wives, Mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, bread winners, etc.. All Americans should be concerned that the slippery slope toward government imposed restrictions on women’s choices will lead to everyone being denied their individual rights.

My Vagina Monologue is singularly my own – except, of course, when  my husband or Gyn/OB are invited for a chat!!!

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