This Is Why It All Matters … Mind, Body and Soul !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

So many times I have offered the suggestion that my parents should have given their children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren the middle name eclectic … indeed this would have been appropriate as my parents were quite insistent that one include a wide variety of expertise and life experiences on a routine basis in a  life plan. I took this seriously – always attempting to incorporate as many and as much as possible into my schedule, pursuits and tasks. And yes, it is both an exhilarating and exhausting life style choice.

The idea that no one thing should preoccupy nor determine fully the scope of a life is not a unique idea. The ancient philosophers – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and even St. Augustine – struggled with and pontificated on the integration of mind, body and soul. Modernity afforded many more and further ranging  diatribes on this topic and of course, recent times have proliferated the real and sadly cult like pontifical false idols.

My own Jewish faith brings me daily lessons and directives on being vigilant on all areas of my life … being sure to care for my entire being as a chosen child of G-d. This adds a special style of burden – as I feel responsible to show my gratitude in so many ways for the gift of my own and the world’s existence. The up side is mine is a BIG life  – one full no matter my circumstances and rich no matter the location or space I find myself in. True I have been blessed with wonderful educational opportunities and the experience of world travel – both exposing me to the depth and width of life. These are not however the only route toward a complete well rounded existence. The glory and answer lie in awareness and the pursuit of understanding of many ideas, tasks and skills. One must remain vigilant and energized – even at the lowest or least happy times in life. Only by constant attention to all aspects of living will a life be made full – no room for whiners or slackers in the race to glory.

My family/I wake daily between 4:30 and 5 a.m. – there are prayers, exercise, breakfast, dressing, household chores, child and dog needs to be tended to, emails, calls and a routine morning meeting to go over the day’s schedule. Even vacations and get away time  have what I termed [years ago] planned spontaneity, which is  very similar to my daily hair blow outs [yes I am spoiled], weekly manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. – these are similar in that I/we predetermine and allot the time for what otherwise might seem trivial and therefore go undone. Not having down time or pamper time would not only lead to being a bit less attractive but also a type of bitterness that results from one feeling denied. Of course, life will not always allow or afford this type of care taking – still I have always [trust me – more in my 2013 book: “Heiress Mommy …the Life of A modern Superwoman”] no matter where or how managed to in some way care for myself – all of me – my mind, my body and my soul. Always to some extent, I looked after my nutritional needs, exercised, read, studied, played [if only chess], engaged with others and somehow through great effort lived a full BIG life. I promise you my 2013 book will detail the mostly unexpected journey that severely tested my abilities and resolve to have a life well lived …I, as my husband falteringly says often, thus became Tereza the Triumphant [mind you there were angels to help – admittedly it would have been almost impossible without my amazing support system]. One mantra I used during the bad times to sustain me was my Mother’s “never let the bastards get you down” – of course, that idea can be attenuated and morphed to overcome many obstacles that might prevent your perfect life journey.

My husband and I went through expensive and often difficult years of fertility treatments to have our twin sons and are now seriously considering  the possibility that a gestational carrier might help us birth a few more of our frozen embryos. I mention this here because we predetermined/agreed that our much desired children would experience ALL of life …spiritual and physical. We enjoy sports and so include both playing and viewing on the schedule but we will only, as my parents did, demand that each child do something athletic – both singular like golf, tennis, swimming and a team sport for the lesson of group support. My husband agrees with me that there is no pressure nor expectation of our children being Olympic stars [unless that is their destiny of course]. What we do demand is that our children, like us, give it a go …I run marathons but never come in first and yet I will always love these events. I play golf, tennis, ride, sail and workout/do yoga daily  – I do none of these as an expert but still benefit fully. My husband has also made physical activities part of his life …hiking, golf, swimming and biking [my darling took up tennis and fly fishing for me]. We add and change our quests – now there are plans to kayak routinely as soon as next Summer. I had music lessons – piano, violin and flute and so will my children [I am now hoping to take up the Cello but think our Labradors might have hearing issues with that]. Both my husband and I read, write and understand multiple languages – my genealogist husband learned at least 3 in the last 9 years. Some of what we share with our children is the simple appreciation of nature …gardening, growing fruits and vegetables and long walks. For us no one thing is the answer – the only constant is our love, fidelity, family and G-d.

Let me end with something else my wise Mother warned us girls in the family to keep in mind …even though we were all quite attractive, Mother suggested that we should not only continue to take really good care of our bodies, skin, teeth, et. al. but be sure to grow our talents and brains because darlings that day will come [G-d willing from growing old] when being a hot babe is just no longer enough. This is a dictate both women and men should follow – one needs a smorgasbord of  skills and interest to make it [like mine] a REALLY BIG SHOW/LIFE!!!

P.S. Along with  post twin pregnancy now much needed liposuction, my trainer and I are discussing adding pole dancing to my core workouts …my husband is thrilled – he has volunteered to work with our interior architect/decorator at our new home to be sure my pole is both easily accessible and ascetically placed. Isn’t my husband the most consider man in the world? Actually early today my dear hubby was muttering something about how great being able to combine form and function really is …said that is only one reason he is so crazy about me – I am both great in form and function!!!

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