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July 17, 2012

Sex, Lots of Rock and Roll but NEVER Drugs!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Oy veh!!!  Such topics for a nice Jewish girl like myself. Yes indeed – there has been sex, rock & roll but NEVER drugs in my wonderful, rich, full and very blessed life. As my readers will have noticed from previous posts, I often acknowledge appreciatively my progressive erudite parents, Abe  & Mary  for my accomplishments and happiness – here too I must give a loving notation for their efforts to make me a sexually healthy and happy woman. I ended up being  a bit old fashion/even conservative in that I have been married most of my adult life [at 24 for 21 years when widowed & then since 2003 married to the amazing C.Michael Eliasz-Solomon] and therefore skipped the Sex & City scene. But in keeping with being taught by my wise parents that committed monogamous sex was part of a full life plan – I decided to make my sexuality as important as all my other pursuits.

Being an observant Jew – studying Torah and Talmud daily – has given me a G-d directed attitude toward my sexuality. My Jewish faith promotes and almost demands that within the structure of a marriage, sex MUST be an important part/a real mitzvah (blessing). I, as a devoted [feminist] wife expect from myself the same acceptance and devotion to our married monogamous faithful sex life, as my feminist husband does and should expect from me …by design, we never allow careers, children, friends, events or any obligation to be used as an excuse to not enjoy a vital sex life. I am proud to say that I take great pleasure in dressing provocatively for my husband, wearing perfume and body lotion he likes, as well as using notes and texts to let him know that I find him to be the sexiest man in the world – truly a daily act of foreplay – all done within the glorious and blessed by G-d union of marriage. I guess one could describe me as really naughty really good girl type – it is all and only for my husband. I do not judge nor condemn those not as blessed/not having found the perfect marriage partner. However, I do say that gay or straight, one must not demean themselves with nonreciprocating nor casual liaisons.

Now to my life in Rock and Roll …don’t laugh because I actually have met, known and been [granted small] a part of that scene too. Some of my foray is simply being a part of the generation that embraced music and I had the advantage of older siblings and cousins whose music interest exposed me to the beats just prior to and forward in the rock and roll genre.  My brother [13 years my senior] met, married and produced wonderful daughters [my nieces] with the girl he met at Philly American Bandstand. Again, I must mention my parents – long time devotee of all things hip [along with Opera & Classical music] both my parents brought music into our homes …we played instruments, listen to jazz greats, folk singers, etc.. My parents embraced Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and other progressive musicians. Being a part of Philadelphia lifestyle allowed my family purview and even acquaintanceship with the likes of The Electric Factory and other rock & roll venues/performers and promoters. Even though certainly not Rock & Roll my first real [my college years] boyfriend was one of [not original Three Coin In A Fountain] Four Aces – a really long story which will be more detailed in my book: “Heiress Mommy …The Life Of A Modern Superwoman!”. Besides the lounge singer, my other personal music man connection is Don Henley of The Eagles …a few years before my first husband died, I decided that one way to honor my father’s early environmental activism was to get involved [by fundraising] with Don Henley’s effort to save Walden Pond. My Father was a huge Thoreau fan – giving everyone copies of  his Walden book. For a while I communicated and planned an event with Henley’s Massachusetts administrator but then when my husband fell ill was forced to redirect my energy. Still having had the pleasure of sharing a worthy task – with maybe a little crush inspired thought of helping out after becoming widowed – allowed me insight into this complex, accomplished and very intelligence Rock & Roll guy. I gained an even further appreciation of depth of commitment and life energy Henley and such put into their music …it isn’t JUST show business after all.

As far as drugs …guess part determination, my hands on parents and luck has meant zero use of drugs in my life. I get it that some among us have addiction problems caused by choice and others circumstances. To say I have been high on life sounds too much like a cliche but I thank G-d that for me prayer, love and a strong will has made turning to a foreign, often dangerous, substance unnecessary. I hope and prayer my book will give hope and instruction for everyone – for all parts of life …the sex, the Rock & Roll and a drug free nirvana!!!

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