REAL Friends I have Known And Loved!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Making friends has never been a problem for me [in fact. most people I know chide me that I never return from errands without having met someone new] and as far as acquaintances – trust me when I say you would not want to pay my holiday card postage bill. Additionally, there are colleagues, associates, various club members that have been not only hugely supportive but also a  great pleasure in my life. The issue here is really those friends that are actually extended family …the family that one can only dream about – pray and hope for. I have been blessed with those kind of REAL friends. The very definition of friendship is uplifting – that is the desire to want what is best for another and of course,  trust. I work hard to offer that which  is the truest form of friendship – the same as that which I have definitely been the beneficiary of many times.

All my life there have been people [classmates, etc] who have been morphed into my family structure. Most among these are my dear precious best friend, Mark K. and he then was smart enough to marry [shortly after we two met/almost 30 years ago] an amazing woman who would go onto to be the sister I never had, Susie K.. These two people and later their lovely daughters (my nieces) Ashlea  and Lisa did as much and more to make my life wonderful than anyone else in this world. This is NOT hyperbole – it is indisputable fact – the K. family helped save me during a very bad time and have help make my grand life possible.

My husband and I both believe in a large and encompassing extended family structure – striving to help others, share our blessings and offering  support to those in need. The K. family are the prototype for that lifestyle choice …I am maybe their closet family friend but there are so many others my Markie and Susie have helped – counting or enumerating made impossible by the volume and details of this couple’s good deeds. Much of what they did for me, I am unable to detail here but my 2013 book: “Heiress Mommy…A Modern Super Woman Life!” will fully explain just how selfless and generous and important these people have been to me and my husband. Even though our twin sons are, as I am, Jewish – we decided no two people except these fine Catholic people could be their g-dparents – the Rabbi agreed and likewise, our attorneys felt sure these were the perfect legal guardians/trustees for our children [and our sweet Lab Princess Java Argus]. During a particular difficult time in my life – I called and wrote to their parrish priest expressing the feeling that Mark & Sue were the best example of Christianity. Both their sets of parents, Nick, Freida, Dot & the late Sam are also family to me – loving and including me as they would their own flesh and blood. The G-d given and manifested glory of true friendship is long appreciated in my Jewish faith – Ecclesiastes (4:9-10) references the ideal of having a fellow human by one’s side. I often tell friends that I see their love and support for me as a gift and worldly represenation of G-d here on earth.

There are others …dear gal pals – whom I call The Goddess Crew [which I have trademarked by the way – thinking Goddess Crew product line some day]. These lovely ladies have given me another branch of extended family by blessing me with the company of their spouses, children and family. Too many to list but there is Ana B., Marina I., Connie R., Donnamarie B., Nancy C., Tammy P., Sandy & Laura S., Chrisi W., Amy D., Miriam B., etc., etc., etc. [these are the type of girlfriends who take your calls 24/7  &  listen no matter what …just ask my Ana B. about our daily 5am chats & how when she was in Italy last year we prearranged call times each day]. Others also important in my life are those developing friendships via shared political and professional interest – Margaret, Diane, Maxine, Kim V.,  The social media world has brought even more amazing special folks into my world  – the writer Erica N., Kristin C., Zac C. Abby, and so on. I can not forget the fellows  – dear Mike S., Jim, Norman, Ron, Robert M. – each having looked after me quite well and who I care for as extended family. Let me not forget the distant cousins/in laws who are friends – so too few from my dear husband’s family but there is darling Dorota, Robin & Kim to be grateful for. You see what I mean – my holiday card list is HUGE!!!

So let me end with a reminder – 15 August 2012 is National [U.S.] Best Friend Day. No matter where in this world you may live, take that day [if not before] to call, write, email or text your friends. Do NOT leave unsaid what you love and appreciate about your life companions.

P.S.  As I will when [G-d willing] the awards are given for my books or subsequent movie for “Heiress Mommy…Life Of A Modern Super Woman!” …let me state here – if I left anyone’s name out in my above lists of friends – I apologize. If you subscribe to my blog – you can tap my photo under “Chat With Tereza” – tell me I left you out & I will gladly edit this post because YOU GOTTA HAVE FRIENDS…!

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