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July 21, 2012

Hearts Of Darkness

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, his philosophy of materialistic mysticism  combines the attitude and acceptance that this world is both complicated and awe inspiring. Conrad was, like most of us, a combination of optimism and pessimism – while maintaining the desire to comprehend and possibly even change the darkness into light. What exactly does Conrad’s famous quote “the horror, the horror”   mean to us today as we deal with the continuing almost daily. as well as many yet still unresolved historical atrocities?

Too often and for totally understandable reasons – we who suffer through as observers or even victims of unexplained tragedies – look for logical answers and ways to access the situation logically. Questions of motive or societal structures/problems are brought into every conversation in an attempt to make clear why such things happen. More important is that we search to try making sure that which just occurred will not again.

In my Jewish faith there are avenues toward understanding and forgiveness of/for evil actions. There is also an acknowledgement of pure evil existing – that which can not be accepted nor changed toward good. In Ethics of The Fathers (!:7) we are instructed to “distance ourselves from a bad neighbor, And to not bond with a degenerate person…”. Easier said than done – error in judgement is a common human frailty – dating or marrying the wrong person, associating with bad character friends, going to an unsafe place or event and so on. In my personal life, my husband was wise enough to choose total complete legal disowning and disinheritance and complete separation from evil doers who were threatening to our well being – this was a difficult and complicated process – one which most but not all well intention persons in our life supported. We, of course had the means, motivation and determination to make private our home addresses, install excellent security systems and prepare for a public life where  professional protection would be a part of our daily routines – all costly and time consuming efforts and such that most people can not or do not want to have as part of their life. More times than easily remembered we have thanked G-d after hearing of  others [we ourselves having already been vandalized] tragic familial crimes that we persevered in distancing our family from the enemy [more details in my 2013 book: “Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life!”]. Too often people are lured or convinced by some bogus status quo that they must continue contact or involvement with dangerous friends or family – sadly these are far too frequently those people we read about/hear about on the news as victims. Of course, as with this past [July 2012] week’s events in Bulgaria and Colorado, not all victims had the opportunity or choice to not be exposed to evil.

Either as a result of some personal relationship or random or national/ethnic situation, all atrocities are happenstance to some extent. Obviously, as with The Holocaust, Munich Massacre, Bulgaria Tourist Bus Bomb, etc.  –  we Jews being targeted ONLY/SPECIFICALLY because of our faith or Israeli citizenship is uniquely egregious. The idea that any group is killed simply on account of where, how or to whom they were born is beyond the scope  of comprehension – this because there is none of the standard justifications of greed or persecution as motive for these murders. One could say all murder is irrational but who would argue that true self defense is not a rational choice. This brings us back to the effort to explain and access atrocities – why did they do it, etc.?

Of course, we must attempt through investigation and analysis to correct those circumstances that might motivate a person to commit a crime …attend to our collective children and those unwell emotionally so as to prevent for them and for the rest of us a horrible demise. But there should also be, in my opinion, an acceptance that there is such a thing as pure evil – hearts of darkness among us. These perpetrators of tragedy must not be allowed to diminish G-d’s great plan for human love and grace to prevail and thrive here on Earth!

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