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August 30, 2012

The Political Life … From Womb To Tomb!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tsk, tsk, tsk – shame, shame, shame! Oh my, so much vitriolic chatter about vaginas and fetuses during and since the 2012 political season. This blog post was going to be solely about my birth till my final rest political involvement … obviously via my parents at the start and forward. But dear G-d why the hell are the extremist current GOP and those pest Tea Party types, so dam determined to have prenatal political involvement? Why is what lies between my considerably attractive legs [true but still an inside joke – you will understand when memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published]  being made more important than what is in my heart and brain? In my previous post I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! I detailed my very determined feelings that NO one has rights to my reproductive organs. Now I must assert my willful stance that no NO one will marginalize or deny me a political life – not on account of gender nor religion nor ethnicity nor party affiliation. Here we go – my long history and love of the political life. Some joyous, some exhausting and a bit unhappy but ALL affirmation that I am REALLY involved and here to stay. For your listening entertainment, I have included Sinatra’s Kennedy campaign song, High Hopes – just click here (on song title) to listen while you read my take on such matters.

I come from a very long line of REAL activists and progressively involved people – social issues and politics mother’s milk. Other blog posts have described my parents devotion to liberal issues since they first married in 1939 and for the rest of their nearly 50 years together … my Mother involved in one last campaign without my father who died in 1987 – she joined me in meeting and supporting Michael Dukakis 1988 Presidential campaign. We went together to meet and hear Kitty Dukakis [his  Jewish wife] at a historical Philadelphia synagogue and to quite a few rallies that year. I gave the children in my family small Dukasis dolls and dressed my great niece in Saks 5th Avenue red, white & blue + campaign button attire. Alas, President Dukakis was not to be and so here you see a photo of my mournful self after losing that election so badly. Don’t think I socialized for a  week when Bush, Sr. beat my guy that year. I have also written about and actually been interviewed for another blog where I discussed my late father’s civil rights activism – proud to tell everyone that he, among other activities, marched on Washington D.C. with Dr. King. Each of my parents were Democratic committee people and my mother Judge of Elections in Philadelphia. Dinner table conversations and Sunday brunches were full of chats on many topics – always social and political concerns included. Being Jewish, involvement in such issues are not uncommon – throughout history despite being a minority in every nation, we, the Jews, have always been a part of the politics where we are diaspora. A mandate of our faith is to always be aware and to participate in the community – this leads to a necessitated effort to be a part of movements involving change. Although faced with overwhelming prejudice, we the Jewish minority make our voices heard and donate/support candidates and programs that are mostly of the Liberal persuasion. The Book, Why Jews Are Liberal, is a recent expose where the author Norman Podhertz  discusses why people like my parents and others in the Jewish community although very successful entrepreneurs, choose progressive stance in their politics. Ok – true the Dukakis thing did not work out very well but I still believe in those same open minded REAL American ideals – yes Liberal but NEVER extreme. As my wise learned mother was fond of saying when the [not] so called Moral Majority was prominent in the 1980’s, “If they were not so extreme and just plain crazy, we on the other side could be much more moderate – we Liberals are reacting to their actions in kind and with vitriol.” – as always, my Mama was correct. So you see I am a born and bred politico gal.

I am the self appointed family archivists proudly assuming the task of keeping years of political memorabilia from my parents.  There are so many precious and framed mementos of my own involvement as well that which I treasure of my family. Buttons and posters from many varied Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, Senate, Congress and Presidential campaigns are safely kept – each a memory of their strong concerns and determination to make a REAL difference. My husband and friends impressed by all that my parents did and were – until their passing, sophisticated and involved in world events. Although not strictly political in tone,  my childhood first is the letter from Jacqueline Kennedy thanking a 9 year old me for Kennedy Library contribution my parents sent in my name to honor her slain husband, President John F. Kennedy.


Prior to Dukakis was my 1984  involvement in campaigning for the wonderful Walter Mondale for President … thinking my fellow citizens did not REALLY want the good guys to win when this fine man lost that White House bid. I look daily at the wall above my desk where my matted and framed Joan Mondale thank you note is hung – thanking me for my effort despite losing. I mourned the loss of Eleanor Mondale last year, who I had the privileged of getting to know a bit during her father’s campaign and of course, I sent my heart felt condolences and love to the Mondales when their daughter died much too young. Never to be deterred I continued on – local, state and national campaigns  – for me those being an always must do. Of course, Mondale gave us the amazing first female V.P. candidate, Geraldine Ferraro – who I met when invited to a rally at the Philadelphia Bourse, after the V.P. candidate debate where she and Bush, Sr. [Reagan V.P. choice] had a back and forth. Oh my, defeat now on two fronts – no Democratic President nor first female V.P..

My first married lady [sans parents] political foray was co-hosting a cocktail party in the early 80’s for the first African-American candidate for Philadelphia Mayor,  Wilson Goode – who won and so I happily went to his inauguration. Yes, I know what your thinking – first Mayor to bomb his own city and yes the MOVE incident was horrible but hey, he was still a “good” guy and I liked him a lot. Thinking at this point that I am not a big time political winner – oh no, I campaigned for/supported and donated $$$ to – met and stayed in touch with one of the most successful U.S. President in history – it is, of course, William Jefferson Clinton of whom I write. True, apparently, I am NOT the ONLY Jewish gal Bill liked but I was never a White House Intern. Enough of that cigar chatter – truth is, the man was a GREAT President and our nation was served quite well by the Clinton Administration. My new Clinton goal is to soon participate, contribute to and support The Clinton Foundation – wanting very much to be of service in an organization so perfectly poised to help this troubled world. My other Clinton connection is Chelsea husband, Mark Mezivinsky – his Philadelphia Jewish parents and family acquaintances of my own. More important is that as I have been lied about – so have the Clintons, except I not being a politician can sue the asses off the lie spewing loathsome loser miscreants – pretty descriptive, yes? I ran for local office a few years ago in the township where my husband and I lived from our marriage in 2003 – when my husband and I  found out I was pregnant, I withdrew but still got nearly 100 votes [saved that document for our children]. Since I decided no office is worth my accepting slander or defamation – my hats off to the folks who do but never for me – I will be a “king or queen maker” instead. No political subject blog would be complete without mention of the 2000 Gore/Bush debacle; I believe that the Supreme Court had no business deciding an election and yes, I think the decision was wrong but I am an American citizen and so accepted that George W. Bush was President. Of course, I do not think those 8 years turned out very well for this great nation. Don’t think much about the obvious next choice in my political life – I admit supporting the very admirable John Kerry and now disgraced John Edwards in 2004 was not the best of times for myself or other Democratic political types – oh well, things got a whole lot better when Barack Obama showed up.

Fertility treatments decided on – my husband suggested I get involved in the Obama campaign in 2008. At that time we also, as a couple, decided I should pursue the law school education I always hoped for – hubby dear helped me study for the LSAT and I did surprisingly well after being absence from school since my REAL University [yes another miscreant hint] Bachelor and Masters Certificate, etc. over 20 years past. I decided a post bachelor paralegal degree was a good legal career try out – not for me/a little too secretarial and so I decided to apply to REAL law school during that course at Villanova University. There have been stops and goes and I will finish in the next year or two [G-d willing] when children settled. What has happened is the realization that I have an aptitude and I  LOVE the field of law – took to it like the proverbial fish in water. Happily my candidate won – I was at polls and local DNC headquarters that November 2008 all day /into late evening and then thrilled with an invite to Obama Inauguration [my framed invitation seen  in previous blog post]. After that I went to class in order to become an official Democratic Committee person but babies and school, as well as planning our moves/blog and book writing made me decide to be more behind the scenes. In my blog post, Fighting Intolerance And Hate With A Heart Full Of Compassion!!!, you can see my ACA Presidential signed and framed certificate – that support back up and involvement in helping to pass so called Obama Care is much more for me than elected office. So here I am today again supporting Democratic candidates – as I did in 2012 my dear gal pal running for Congress in Virginia and of course, President Obama’s reelection. Now if only I can convince Hilary Rodham Clinton to run in 2016 – I will know what my political life plan is for at least 12 more years!!!

P.S. I adore getting those little personal items from candidates I support – the White House, Senate, etc.  – those holiday cards, congratulatory letters and thank yous … I keep EVERYTHING – so if any miscreants or/and misanthropes [bet you darling readers thought I could not possibly mention them here – well I am good at my work] think they will get to lie about myself, my family, husband or children when we sue them in Court – think again, we are REAL and all we write REAL, with 100% proof. No fake “Masters” degrees, no one time social cause activities, no lame attempt to prove involvement in charity food events, etc. for us. I suppose one must be thankful that those types are at least attempting to do some good in this world – as one adviser friend recently told my husband, we are apparently motivating the loathsome to showcase their limited life accomplishments and be better people. Stay tune my dear readers/followers – this is going to be a GREAT fact filled and fully documented story!!!

August 26, 2012

Goddess Crew™ !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

No words and simply no worthy soliloquy can describe adequately my gal pals – our relationships. It must be stated that equal are my male friendships and in fact my two best friends – part of my REAL family – are a husband and wife. Mark and Sue K. , who I have written about before, are a couple who are my hero saviors. Markie and I together since he 18 and I 21 years old and then “we” found Susie a short time later.  Seriously, my Markie had the good sense to marry the finest woman in the world a few years after college and we are all better for his choice. Susie K. is the woman who as maid of honor stood by my side as I married the wonderful Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon on 29 November 2003 – her husband, my Markie K., walked me down the aisle that lovely snowy evening. Sweet Sue was everything to me during some very difficult times – sister, mother, best friend, adviser and confident and along with her amazing husband did more for me as their friend than anyone in the world. So goddess Sue K., I love you now and forever and Markie too. This post however is singularly about the women, like Sue K., in my life … the unbreakable bond that G-d has given me with the ladies who love me and I them so dearly. It is also an important message via Dr. Seuss and my dear M.I. goddess that “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!“.

Friends and acquaintances have many different levels in a life …. very close – those really more like family [G-d knows blood is NOT always thicker than water], those who a part of a particular genre – like school, career, clubs and such and others gotten through a situation – met during a hospital stay, on social media sites, etc.. I have so many of ALL categories – each a true blessing but the Goddess Crew™ is special … these are my REAL sisters. I came up with the term Goddess Crew™  and one day an adviser suggested to myself and my husband that we trademark the phrase [yes, hubby & I REALLY LEGALLY trademarked & copyrighted 28 items – 6 just got legal notice of today & OMG, 5 are just too dam funny]. Thinking a shared Goddess Crew™  product line someday but more about that later in this post. The point is we gal pals act as a support system in varying styles and tones – there have been days when these ladies lifted me above the the woes caused by evil doer types with such love and concern, that I felt as if G-d were holding me close. I definitely have that deep OH MY feeling when my dear friends do and say all the right things to me during a difficult situation. A word – as when one or more say “don’t worry, WE will get through this Tereza”, a touch, a smile and more to soothe my worries is always available from all or one of the Goddess Crew™. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter old or more recently made gal pals also embrace, rally and defend me in many ways – there are posts, private messaging and even calls, text and emails from the newly acquainted in my life on many days that bring REAL joy into my world. Even messages of warning when one of my social media goddess friends sees an evil doer [recently self proclaimed but definitely NOT legal trademarked by them at least – more about that at another time] link or lie or insult somewhere – WOW – such devotion to me is very humbling indeed. I joke that I feel like there is an army of goddess types at the ready to go into “battle” for me against those pest miscreants I reference so often – likewise I for them. We are going to have one great fete asap with ALL my REAL goddesses [and the supportive fellows in my life too].

My main goal in this post is to have each of you actually have a visceral feel of  the glory which is my women friendship experience  – I will try through that which I am able to invoke with my words and phrases. These are the gal pals who know EVERYTHING … the good, the bad and the ugly as the saying goes. The women often different in many ways than me and yet exactly the same in an effort to love, respect and protect one another. The friends that never let you miss a beat – take those midnight and 5a.m. calls, drive you places they have no time to go, listen to the same story over and over again, tell you the REAL truth no matter what you think or feel, pamper you, feed you, help dress you at times and just plain love you no matter the consequences. Yes – that is what my gal pals and I do for each other. Of course, there are ups and downs and certainly variation on the theme so to speak but never a wavering from the friendship commitment. Time and distance not ever a deal breaker with these women – neither an argument or disagreement or even the now and again disappointment when one another of us is less than perfect. There are frictions from time to time – there are stops and go periods when one of us might need a time out but there is NEVER a breakup that is not easily repaired. Also important are there are no hold backs – no deceptions no matter the opinions of one another – ALL is known and ALL is accepted. This is not to say without judgement as we are of different backgrounds and faiths and ethnicity and political persuasions, etc.. The glue is love and respect – admiration and an awareness of each others intrinsic values. Not necessary to forget the occasional slights or disappointments but always forgiving in the end is the key to longevity of friendship and while not perfect – always the best that a REAL friendship can offer. In an earlier blog post, REAL Friends I Have Known And Loved!!!, I define friendship as scholars have and religions denote – life itself has depended on that shared human experience and so its importance can not be exaggerated. And of course those every morning 5 a.m. calls I have with goddess A.B. – even when she was in Italy are more poof that the very tonality of daily life is often defined by friendship.

Lets discuss the term goddesses, shall we? Once a devout Jew, like I am , suggested that my use/trademark and copyrighting Goddess Crew™ was antithetical to our faith. Not at all I explained for the goddess ideal is present throughout biblical history – the woman of virtue an ever present Judaic idea and one could say goal. Last Mother’s Day [2012] my gentile husband presented me with a vase from a Hebrew Book Store /Gift Shop, with “A Woman of Valor, who can find her? Her worth is far above rubies” painted on it [he brings/send me flowers often and so thought a special vase appropriate]. This phrase comes from the Hebrew Hymn, Eshet Chayil and is a denotation of that which is the ultimate in a wife and mother – all women. who are energetic, righteous and capable.  To realize the idea that my husband sees me as the great King Solomon in the 22 verse poem with which he concluded the book of Proverbs (31) saw virtuous women is a compliment – one I likewise feel about the women friends in my life. I have been asked to define what I think is a REAL goddess – to me ALL good women – those of REALLY good intentions and pure hearts are indeed of the goddess breed. Any woman who is REALLY loyal, faithful, can sacrifice without need of flattery, give without demanding to be repaid, REALLY is unselfish in her loving toward husband, children, friends and others, does not use subterfuge for gain and no matter the harshness of others can still be gracious – there is more – these type of women are goddesses to me. My husband is amazed and often expresses that seeing me and my female friends care for one another so well has shown him for the FIRST time in his life how REALLY decent women can behave. Likewise, my gal pals and I look after each others husbands and children – fretting over struggles or hurts that might have affected the men and children in our life.  I readily admit to the sometimes naughty times of fun in mocking a miscreant type by mimicking a tone or voice or checking out a particularly unattractive photo of someone loathsome. Not our finest moments when we are forced to lessen ourselves to the levels of a few bottom dwellers but oh my, the shared confidences are totally necessary and never breached.

My gal pals have gone through so much with me and I with them. We have counseled and consoled. We have helped and assisted in tasks, events and projects. We have cared and comforted – nursed through illness and such. In efforts dealing with school, careers, legal matters, et. al. a goddess from this crew will always show up and help. For my life – there was help during sorrows, struggles and defense of me against ALL enemies. I was accompanied to my later in life fertility treatments and then to OB appointments when hubby was going to be late or out of town on business.  More than once one of my goddesses wiped my brow and cleaned up after my preggie upset stomach episodes – never once acting uncomfortable nor put out by that effort. Fun and laughter in every venue – whether grand lunches or simple snacks – belly laughs is the tone of our shared get togethers. My whole life has been one of close female friendships – far too many to enumerate here. As an adult and until today, there are old and more recently met women who make my life sweet and secure. Being Jewish, standard baby showers are not done – a bit of superstition in not wanting to flaunt before G-d that which is still not completed. So my darling gal pals, even though quite a few gentile/Christian, figured out a way to respect that Jewish idea and still celebrate my over 50 gestation miracle. Here you see photos of the private restaurant gathering the ladies in my life arranged – gifts and gaiety all evening. Those who could not attend also sent more gifts than any twin boys ever had before, making our home nursery overflowing with toys, clothes, books, and more from all these loving REAL Aunties of our twin sons, Aleksander and Chase. My mostly Shiske ladies did a REAL mitzvah that evening – as they have many times and yes a few of them even learned to OY VEH over the years. Equally poignant is when one of my Catholic ladies buy me a Jewish inspired gift [like the Menorah glass for my still Catholic hubby’s Xmas tree ornament from lovely goddess M.I.] or ask details about my faith or the meaning of a Hebrew prayer [often  & always with respect from goddess C.R.].

Baby Shower

Some of my crew are serious glam gals – in the arts, fashion and beauty industries. Appearance and dressing up a shared effort and in fact one of closet friends is my hairdresser of nine years – who frets that once hubby and I are mostly New York residents at year’s end, I will be “cheating” on her with the likes of Frederic Fekkai in NYC. Somehow my hairdressers, stylist and make up artists and even dermatologist/plastic surgeons have become like family [male & female] more than one time in my life – easy to love those that make you look good. Even in a non professional mode we of the Goddess Crew™ will attend to each others appearance – often suggesting a look, shopping for and with one another or accompanying to fittings no matter the distance. Always at the ready to lend an accessory or piece of jewelry to make each other look more special – there are also the lovely gifts of special items for wardrobe and even adornments given as token of friendship. We never miss a holiday, birthday or when we became gal pals anniversary – each with a gift, card, email, call, text, cake, gathering and so on to denote the occasion. There are REAL writers/published authors, politicians, elected officials, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, writers, hairdressers, make up artists, stay at home moms/homemakers, scientists, decorator [D.B.], jeweler [N.C.], fellow student/study buddy [A.D.], running companions and many more types of goddess types in my life. These gal pals are as varied as possible and I find a great gift  in their differences as each affects me in a way bringing to the fore a new attitude and style  – while ALL a REAL sense of deep and abiding friendship.

Evening Out

Of course goddesses give birth to goddesses who give birth to more goddesses and therefore I have young and even mini version to love and enjoy.  The daughters and now granddaughters of my friends are equally precious in my life. Young and adorable – smart and endearing – these young women and the little girls join us of the Goddess Crew™ in respect and support, comforting and fun times. Nothing pleases me more than to hear the words Auntie Tereza or in a few cases “Queen Aunt Tereza” to which I am meant to respond with “Yes, Princess Danaya & Rowan” [these are the under 5 crowd].  True I have lovely biological nieces and nephew, as well as great nieces and nephews but the beauty of these “adopted” ones is the generous voluntary love, admiration and attention they shower me with and I them. My being able to gift these youngsters – help with a school project, treat to a elegant fancy lunch or just message on occasions or times of need – is a REAL pleasure and honor for me. My husband and I are firm in the idea of a chosen extended family – made up of friends that join those related by blood that we decide and have specifically chosen to include in our life journey. I have so many memories and photos holding the babies of my gal pals, cuddling with their children and grandchildren – and as time has passed with their college age and even adult offspring. What joy to watch one of the goddesses children marry or to rush to hospital to see a gal pal’s first grandchild or more come into the world. Like their mothers and grandmothers these younger versions often call me early morning or late evening just to chat or often to check in when they think I might need a little special attention – no lovelier sound than a young voice “Hello, how are you Aunt Tereza?”. My cup truly does runneth over with the most amazing women friends of all ages and I am deeply grateful for every single one. Pictures I treasure show me cuddling, playing in a tent and being a Jewish Mrs Claus one Xmas morning at 6a.m. with the children and grandchildren of goddesses – never a no from Auntie Tereza is the motto apparently. Being often the only Jewish lady in this group I am the Bubbe [ grandmother type] and do not mind that aged denotation one bit. So much joy – such  a fullness these girls and women bring into my life – it is an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to G-d I feel. Let me say it is reciprocated,  and not only to my children but even to our female Labrador Princess Java Argus – you see some of the goddesses are not particular dog people and yet they worry when my pooch is not well, run errands to fetch her special organic food and treats and even offer/promise to stay with her if an emergency arises where we can not get our sweet pet to her spa boarding place. So you see REAL women with REAL special babies and REALLY amazing children/daughters are in my REALLY exciting life each day. These young females are ALL REALLY classy too – never a vulgar nor suggestive Facebook/Twitter posting – all do REALLY well in school and have a life full of REAL faith, decency and respectful attitudes – they are my own little Walton type family group and I adore them ALL.

As I embark into the world of having my books published, the Goddess Crew™ will come along and who knows maybe [we talk about it often] my husband and I REALLY/LEGALLY [hint to you know who] having trademarked Goddess Crew™ will lead to something entrepreneurial. Now lets see – shall it be greeting cards, totes, mugs, clothes – oh, all of it I guess with a logo attached and success shared with my gal pals, of course. My blog essay book end 2012 will not be as big a task as the book tour for Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! publication end 2013 but the goddesses are already committed to travel and fun on that part of my life journey. After all, a REAL crew works together in a REALLY classy and REALLY productive way. So here is to ALL REAL goddesses – hoping your crew is as sweet and gorgeous as mine. By the way, the gals are already discussing who will play each of them should we get a TV/movie deal done!!!

P.S. One of my goddesses absolutely adorable 20 something goddess daughter LOVES The Golden Girls and so for my REAL  gal friends and especially A.I., here is the song, with all my love, Thank You For Being My Friend!!! [Note: whenever I reference a song in one of my blog posts – you can listen while reading the rest by simply clicking on the song title – enjoy].

Connie & Tereza

P.P.S. Oh yes, one more thing – please note there is not a chain food restaurant nor fake cocktail nor beer bottle in any of my REAL friend photos – my nearly 4000 darling readers and followers surely got this hint [wink, wink]. Also, important to mention my continuous use of REAL/REALLY – fun isn’t it, to guess the whys of my inferences but hold on loyal followers – you will be rewarded once my 2013 memoir is out, interviews done and such – ALL will be REALLY known in full and we can celebrate at a REAL book signing near you [I admit this insinuating stuff is so much fun]. Until then – keep reading, commenting & “Chat with Tereza” via email link on my blog wall. Shalom my darlings!!!

NOTE: I use mostly [only] first & last name initials of my goddesses above on account of wanting to protect them from the miscreants – at least until my book tour/interviews, etc. – where some or all at various times goddesses will accompany me … you see these REALLY fine woman ALL know EVERYTHING & as such my husband & I have decided to protect their privacy for the time being. After all, it is enough that they are worried & concerned about our well being & appalled at the types of loathsome individuals we are forced to deal – we REALLY care about our friends & so, for now, initials will have to suffice.

August 21, 2012

Fighting Intolerance And Hate With A Heart Full Of Compassion!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

By now all my readers and followers must know about the great joy last January 2012 when my husband legally took my last name – which I did as well and likewise OUR children. Much paper work, great expense and a day in court was well worth us becoming the uniquely legally only Eliasz-SOLOMONS on the planet.  Touching was the judge’s reaction to our application – when he questioned my husband and I on the issues for our name change  – this kind judge thought it lovely that my husband wanted to honor my amazing special Solomon family, have OUR children that we went through difficult costly fertility treatments to conceive have that legally combined last name and he seemed sympathetic to my husband’s plight of wanting to no longer have the same last name as those “evil doers” [by the way, now self claimed on Facebook but definitely NOT trademarked] my husband and I reference so often. We shared EVERYTHING about ourselves that day in court and were moved by the support and understanding we received. Each new driver’s license, passport, bank statement, legal document, etc. that was officially produce with our new last name was thrilling – we even saved envelopes from greeting cards, invitations, thank you notes coming from charities, the Obama campaign and such that were addressed Eliasz-SOLOMON. Also comforting – especially for my husband [reasons in other blog posts and ALL in my 2013 memoir] was that our birth certificates are now changed – so for my husband he is no longer that person legally that his birth name denotes him as being. Now only thing left is to have our sweet Labrador, Princess Java Argus be registered again on her AKC association, as she was listed three years ago as a Solomon-Eliasz [on my must do list asap]. What does this have to do with fighting intolerance and hate? Well my darling readers – in one of my previous post, 16 August 2012, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Misanthropes And Miscreants In [MY] Everyday Life!  I mentioned my involvement in many causes [don’t worry none of those pest are being discussed in this post but let me assure they actually are reading my blog – yes they can read surprisingly – we know because “Internet Ninja” says they now are attempting to be like me with prayers & photos [1 each] of their rather limited life accomplishments on fb – however they get words mixed up – like mistaking  phrase “believed to be true” for “accused”].  In that post I wrote about being humbled each time I enter my home study seeing the plagues, certificates and awards that have been so graciously bestowed on myself, my husband and my parents/family. Problem is need name change on these lovely mementos … thinking our young children will be saying things like why is that a different name Mommy? On some even my unique Albanian origin spelled first name is misspelled  – you can see here that my hero Morris Dees of  The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote Teteza [sic] – OY VEH – but anyway the real issue is that myself and my husband are determined that as moral, religious, feminist we two will fight against ALL prejudices so that our children and others are not enslaved nor denied their rights.

We are very ritualistic in our home – awake daily at 4:30 a.m. – starting with pray, breakfast, family time, doggie walks, emails to be answered, exercise, personals, and then a husband and wife meeting – going over that day schedules, etc.. The additional daily task seems to somehow always include a chat about the injustices in our morning papers, online messages and such – we are not big TV viewers [in fact no one under 3, except for our Lab is allowed TV watching] and so except for our home gym TV, each day begins with the imperative to read the world’s events. Mostly outrage is the result – as both my husband and myself are devout feminist, these morning conversations are full of concern for the ever growing hateful misogynistic tone toward women around the world, including here in America. We are people deeply religious – myself and our children Jewish and my husband Catholic – while different, the same in that we two see a moral imperative that justice for all must be the order of this world and so every evening when grace is said at our family dinner table we include [in both Hebrew and English] a special request for blessing of this troubled world. Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon writes a blog, which often addresses the issues of injustice against many and I am proud/thrilled to say on issues concerning women. His Facebook and Twitter pages are FULL of very pointed and specifically directed postings about those in society who would deny women their rights – my husband names names and is brave in his determination to make mine, any daughters G-d might bless us with and all the many women relatives/friends he cares so deeply about, a life without constrains dictated by men.  In fact, my amazing husband often seems almost more vitriolic than myself on issues of women’s rights. In many of his wise and erudite blog posts my husband presents salient explanations through his political references of why we all must be involved in protecting women, especially in this anti science GOP atmosphere. Let me assure you that it is a constant goal for my husband to highlight injustice, hate and intolerance – one that occupies much of his writing life and a good part of his considerable intellectual energy these days. We both believe that the world is on that proverbial slippery slope backwards – back to subjugating women to the dictates of faux moral standards. My husband inspired – no make that insisted I write the blog posts, 6 May 2012, 2012 GOP War On Women!!! and my very popular, 19 June 2012, I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! – not only because he is a devoted feminist but also on account of believing any injustice is a lead to more marginalization of many others. Sort of asking for whom the bell tolls kind of question – with the answer, it tolls for thee as a reasoning for why everyone must be concerned no matter your own life categorization.

What bigger injustice is there than denying health care to people … making it affordable to only a select group and even then making profit motive and costs more important than medical care and outcomes. I wrote a blog Why ACA is Obama’s FDR Moment! on 30 June 2012, the day The Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional. I was very involved as a volunteer and proudly displayed in that blog post [and here again] my signed framed certificate from President Obama for my efforts via emails, meetings and such in passing ACA. In fact, my husband and I sat in his home office with laptops, iphones, ipads and the rare day time TV on as the SCOTUS announcement was made – a friend of mine running for Congress was there and as she relayed the great news only seconds after the announcement, I  feared hacking because the news was such a welcome surprise. Hubby and I did a lot of amens and exciting shout outs that afternoon  – even friends not believing in so called Obamacare called or text that day with congratulations as they remembered  my hard work on this effort and saw the pride my signed Presidential certificate brought me when visiting my home.

The Jewish faith is the world’s template for ethics, morality, justice and tolerance … birthing the Christian faith from its tenants. Sadly, not everyone got that memo and so we are faced today with extremist on the right side of the U.S. political spectrum and ignorant faux Christians that pontificate hateful, offensive and ignorant diatribes that are anything but of G-d. In fact, just recently I was sent the apparently newly faith based posting from a social media page of what is obviously a antisemitic posing as a informed Christian. Trust me – I have REAL extended family, REAL friends and even REAL priests and REAL ministers in my life who will agree that this miscreant’s pointed “Thought For Today” was that of an uneducated and offensive person. There are so many like this woman who think they know G-d and yet are completely disconnected from REAL faith. Blessed am I to have many individuals – of ALL faiths – who do REALLY understand G-d’s words. I have maternal Albanian Muslim heritage, was raised and am raising my children 100% Jewish and their father/my husband is a scholarly Catholic – a saintly man who recoils at this misunderstandings of others who claim his faith but no nothing of its true meaning. In my blog post, Why Being Jewish Makes Me Untouchable Or Judaism 101 For Dummies!!!  [4  August  2012], I discussed Judaism difficulties in that it is an erudite and quite sophisticated faith – not for the faint of heart in my opinion. My gentile husband is amazed and says impressed with my daily Torah and Talmud studies – as well as, my daily effort to live as best I can the obligations and dictates of a good Jewish life. Of course, husband and I are equally impressed by our many REAL extended friends and family who live a daily existence of REAL Islam or Christianity or other REAL religious philosophies. In the book, Many Paths, One Destination, the author Ram Ramakrishman examines compassion and understanding as taught/seen by many of the world’s religions – differences and more often commonalities. Unfortunately there are too many among us who are hypocrites – never adhering to the prescribed ideals of decency that most major religions and even some (what I call) bogus online pay your $ and get your DVD “religions” promote [oh no, there I go again referencing one of the miscreants – sorry]. Still as long as REALLY honorable – any legitimate path to tolerance and compassion should be welcomed by us all.

Judaism demand courts of law be established … from our ancient beginnings until now, we Jews are involved in the justice system. I belong to and have raised funds for The Innocence Project. For how can a nation be great if anyone of its citizens are unjustly prosecuted? My late and very wise father often spoke the idea that better ten guilty men/women go free, than one innocent person is unfairly convicted. Another slippery slope and our nation’s potential tragedy is privatizing and thus making our prison system a profit margin business. No greater task faces us than to have REAL justice done for ALL people here and around the world – a court system without prejudice is the only solution that should be sought. My feminist/hates all injustice husband encouraged me to have my memoir 2013 book Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  published for many reasons – one of which is to promote REAL justice through some parts of my life story that involve such issues.

One of my future blog post will be A Political Life – probably during the RNC and DNC conventions – in that I will further discuss how my parents and then/now myself and my husband participate in, donate to and keep informed on all political aspects of this nation and others. I actually am a registered Democratic Committee person in the area where we still own a home in Pennsylvania and I even ran for office a few years ago but withdrew when we discovered I was pregnant – even so I got almost 80 votes [will show that surprising document in political topic blog post]. I have a dear gal pal running for Congress this year – a devout Catholic whose baby gift to our twin sons were two beautiful hard back books on Judaism – of course, I told her she must inscribe [again] with Congress Person Auntie when she wins in November. Our first term Obama inauguration invitation [seen here] is framed and place proudly on our piano, along with other mementos and photos. Husband and I are doing everything possible to help assure a 2nd invite to this event in celebration of the two term Obama Administration. This is relevant to a post on tolerance in that  we sincerely feel ONLY the Democrats at this time can guarantee that ALL Americans will have equal rights and opportunities – that acceptance of differences concerning race, religion, sexual orientation will be maintained in this great nation.

For me – informed by my Jewish faith – compassion does not mean to subjugate oneself to denigration. Indeed self preservation and a protective stance against all enemies is mandated by G-d, as each of us is created as a gift meant to survive the world’s struggles. Judaism does not promote a martyr complex and as my very wise Mother warned, “Choose carefully that road, as ultimate martyrdom can only be done well once”. Instead the perfect goal should be a sharing and caring for others as you would yourself but never at all costs – instead as an equality that allows for the self and others to prosper. Real compassion means allowing those good and worthy to equal in tone that which one wishes for themselves. Never to be confused with sacrifice – sharing is the path to REAL justice. In my home and personal life I find each day the imperative to reach out and make sure those I love are well and not in need. Likewise, Judaism dictates a community sharing – a defined requirement for charitable acts. I and my husband attempt a life where everyone we encounter – no matter the level of relationship is addressed with dignity and generosity. This does not mean showboating or obvious denotation of each of our acts of  good deeds. Yes, the accolades are lovely and meaningful but the totality of our life choices in helping others is what best defines us. In no way does G-d want us to be tolerant toward evil or hate – not ever should one condom or ignore the perpetrators of hate. It is this task – this mandate that must inform all REALLY decent persons. Yes, a heart full of love and compassion can help heal the world’s ills but equal is a soul and mind determined to right injustices and combined to fight intolerance. May G-d bless ALL people of REALLY good intentions and may others be brought to justice by laws and the judgement that G-d deems just!!!

Deuteronomy, “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof” (“Justice, Justice, shall you pursue”; 16:20)

August 19, 2012

See You In September – Now Lets … Vogue!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

And now back to our regular programming … that is done – miscreants [who I sincerely doubt read Vogue and if so surely NEVER shop its pages] addressed and warned. Once again,  I can be the sweet, intelligent, beautiful, sexy, stylish, kind, loving, loyal and faithful woman [my husband’s description of me, not mine] that G-d REALLY intended me to be. So as I wait for my 120th Anniversary Vogue September Issue with Lady Gaga gracing its cover, I decided to pontificate on the meaning of the month Septem – which was really the seventh month in the Roman calendar until 46 B.C.E. .

I am sitting here in my study writing and listening to that old song, See You In  September … yes we all look forward to summer but also the promise that comes with September’s chance to start a new school, various fall holidays and the harvest. No surprise that life cycles and nature seem to evolve in and around this time of year. Who doesn’t have a  “in September” memory, hope or plan? What will you be doing when the summer is through and what change will this fall season bring in your life? At the very least, the bathing suits, shorts and sandals will go back in the storage closet, making room for sweaters and such. The smell of the beach and picnic foods are soon to be replaced with apple cider and pumpkin flavors. September is an anticipatory type of month, even if predictable!

As a Jewish person, for myself September begins a move toward ending one year and beginning a new one – Rosh  Hashanah and Yom Kippur informs me in that renewal and a new calendar are at hand come each fall. Soon I and my family will reflect on this passing 5772 and contemplate the new year 5773 we are entering – the task for us Jews each fall is to repent and begin anew. For my family and friends this is an amazing time – so much good has happened and so much evil has been shed this past year from our blessed life. Our hope and pray is that this new year will bring only the best we can create in our home full of joy, days of adventure and great experiences shared with those we love and who have loved and protected us so well. My readers and followers, as well as my personal friends, colleagues, etc. know this fall also includes a few difficult situations but that justice at last seems appropriate as the year in my Jewish calendar morphs into another. As the book of life closes on the most highest of holy days for we Jews each fall, all wrongs must be righted and all obligations completed and so it as it should be for me in that September 2012/5772 will finally begin the REAL road to REAL justice and redemption. Never able to share all here on my blog posts – I apologize once again and again promise ALL will be told in due time and shared with those of you so dear and supportive in my life.

In a more humorous tone, being Jewish so defines me that once hearing my Mother discuss a possible evening gown for New Year’s with a lady friend in early September, I felt compelled to ask why so formal for synagogue services?  With her typical clever eye rolling repartee, Mother responded, “December 31st – the gentile New Year my dear“. So you see it is not odd that I often write the Jewish year on correspondence for a bit of time each fall. Equally interesting in my line of new year tales is when I spent December 31st in Israel in the morning and then at a party that evening in Egypt’s newly acquired via peace treaty Sinai. In my ancestral homeland the day was like any other as the Jewish state while acknowledging the Gregorian calender and of course, the usual festivities occurring, do not really consider January 1st the beginning of [our] Jewish New Year. So it was that I was a wee bit conflicted that day – ending with myself and a group climbing Mount Sinai on 1 January 1980. My point is September is a month filled with so much meaning – so much hope and so much promise in so many ways. – as much or more than the month of January.

Perpetual student is how I am often described … having a REAL [yes, I know another tease to the miscreants] four year college degree and others from REAL schools – returning 2013 for legal studies when our twins settled in our NY home with their stay at home Daddy makes me very attuned to the new school year ritual that begins each September. The anticipation – new school attire, books and such make for a sense of new beginnings and endless possibilities. I love the book store experience – purchasing everything on a syllabus while  a bit taunting, is still very exciting. Crisp fall air and new pages to be turned – all an inspiration to forge ahead.

Fashion, fashion, fashion is not only a matter of style but of definition – to define ones self for the world by choices of clothes and accessories is historical. I wrote a blog on 19 May 2012, Why it is Only Cool to be a Fashionista If You Have REAL Substance & Brains Too!!!, explaining just that issue and the relevance of design to living. Each fall there are  fashion shows /a week for couture and ready to wear that take place in New York, Milan, London and Paris . These Fashion Week shows are actually spring and summer for the next calender year and yet give definition to September. Even children define themselves by what they wear  – in every part of the world families ready the heavier clothing as fall approaches. Of course, I like to do more than get warm by design – great fun awaits me as I decide what pieces to add to my wardrobe each season and none more than September as I plot and strategically decide my look as summer ends. Of course, when able I have and soon will again be doing this the spring before as the fall lines are presented but still there is the little additions that lure one to Neiman Marcus and such. In my life, my dear husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon loves to and almost insist on accompanying me to select my attire – I am his JAP barbie doll and never mind his input because he has a great sense of style and color and definitely knows what he likes to see on me, his lady love. Even this shared seasonal excursion – both fall and others – is an excited rendezvous and so another September notation is entered into the must dos of life.

Watching the documentary The September Issue brings to the fore that fashion is about REAL life – jobs , economics, holidays, function and form. As it opens the marvelous American Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour [who I pray to G-d my publicist convinces to invite me to the Met Costume Gala in 2013 when my 2nd book/memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published] makes a very profound statement and one that all my nearly 4,000 readers and followers know I can surely relate to these days. It is something akin to just because REAL fashion frightens people they should not demean those wanting REAL fashion and REAL style in their life [nor may I add visa verse – unless the lesser types insist we of normality respond – wink, wink]. To this point, someone last year posted as a suggestion to me about something or other they were obviously insecure about with a Twitter photo of three unkempt, wash & wear hair, cheap quite ugly shoe wearing and not very attractive women noting the suggestion that these are REAL women – well now, need I say more? To be sure, if so blessed to meet Anna Wintour, I will definitely regal her with this humorous tale [think hubby still has that ridiculous Twitter photo in our legal file]. I must save that diatribe for another time but needless to say there are those who do and can dress well and then there is everyone else. Let me state that this is in no way a noblest  put down on account of anyone’s financial inability, etc. but instead as Anna might express a push back to those so hell bent on ignoring REAL fashions place in this complicated world we live in today.

The history making 916 pages that I will devour once my September 2012 American Vogue arrives will almost assuredly offer example and instruction on life, style, design and fashion, of course. The others I read online and otherwise, the European Vogues like British and Italian will also be forever part of my fall  ritual – especially this specific September 2012 that will make EVERYTHING in my new life so Vogue!!!

P.S. My husband insisted that as it has become apparent that my “fan base” now includes self proclaimed “evil doers”, we should provide [in hubby’s words] photographic evidence of why he LOVES to see my face first thing every morning – oh no, will darling husband now be accused of object [me] narcissistic love???

Thank you my darling brilliant and talented husband for this wonderful Vogue compilation of your favorite photos of me/your artistic talents amaze me – I am flattered and grateful that you think I am so beautiful – I LOVE YOU my husband forever and always!!!

August 16, 2012

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Misanthropes And Miscreants In [MY] Everyday Life!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Conversation: “My – oh no. They did what? So sorry that you had to deal with such a horrible thing when you are obviously such a good person!” That was me after meeting my husband nine years ago this month in August 2003 when he told me his ex wife’s three children that he had raised as a single Dad for four years had criminally vandalized his beautiful home and had no apparent remorse. Yes, I described them as his ex wife’s [Deborah Perice Flynn, divorced now almost twenty years] children [Michael Zachary Eliasz, Genevieve Rose Eliasz & Valeria Judith Eliasz]  because he not only questions his parentage but has legally disowned and disinherited them. Additionally on account of wanting them completely out of his life – he legally took my last name [January 2012] to not only honor my amazing family, have our children have Eliasz-SOLOMON as a last name but also to no longer have his legal name on their birth certificates. I know you probably are reading this with an open mouth, dropped jaw and wide eyed stare – agree it is shocking but there is so much more. A few years ago we got a copy from law enforcement of the 2003 criminal mischief vandalism police report – when I went to pick it up, the detective who had witnessed the damage and interviewed the vandalism perpetrators and witnesses who testified to the crime expressed his amazement to me that my dear husband had asked that the three vandals/children not be prosecuted – I shared with this kind law enforcement officer, who I still speak to regularly, that my husband deeply regretted that decision for many reasons.  By the way, I myself have spoken to the mother of then 13 year old friend of ex-wife’s twin daughters, now a law school hopeful, who was present and witnessed the vandalism – this wise woman assured me her daughter would be available for any needed additional testimony. As far as my husband’s deep regret that the vandals were not legally prosecuted to the full extent of juvenile laws is the other [main reason] continuing actions by these individuals and a psychiatrist friend telling us we should be concerned for our safety as she felt the lack of remorse and delusional attitude in other ways these young people and their mother displayed were signs of possible narcissistic personality disorder – my doctor friend asked us to be cautious and take security measures, which I assure you we have definitely done. There are sadly more recorded and documented incidents and issues that further attest to this opinion but as with other posts I must remain limited until Fall litigation complete, possible new civil criminal charges are filed and due to my book obligations for Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. Suffice it to say, there has been a multitude of additional situations that concern us – such as what my husband has shared concerning one child’s [the son, now mid 20’s] mental health hospitalization for cutting, his school terror type threats and subsequent community service, [one daughter’s and the mother’s] lies on college and financial aid applications (which we have officials copies of), veiled threats and slander, defamation and harassment on social media sites (all saved) to us from them and their cohorts. No less troubling are situations shared with us (all documented in various ways/from various REAL sources) that others are aware concerning these people lifestyle choices, attitudes, drinking habits, gun [presumably for hunting] ownership by the mother’s now husband – who was one of the men my husband and his then lawyer ( now my acquaintance)  tell me she admitted to having an affair with while still married and living with my now husband – the same man she disappeared with for days at a time, leaving her then three small children alone for my husband, who she was still married to, caring for while he was subsequently forced to miss work while not knowing the mother’s whereabouts.  There is also the blog of this woman’s son [which I am told is not badly written] that friends tell us is ALL about him  – extremely narcissistic and self centered, with a bit of the “I am a writer” delusional tonality but what is most interesting is there is NO mention of his sister who was killed in what we were informed was her mother’s old van in 2010 anywhere. Of course, we are watchful that this young man does not mimic too closely mine or my husband’s blog, Stancyzk – Internet Muse or give us cause to sue him on account of  possible copyright or trademark infringement, as well as being very determined that this person NEVER benefits financial by any wrongly perceived association to us via similar name or his own lie filled stories concerning us once our REAL books are published or our REAL [ in negotiations soon] REAL TV/movies are out.  A very serious concern is that the mother/ex wife and her attorney are both deeply involved with a group L.A. Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Playboy, People magazine and GAWKER internet magazine [who I have spoken to often] wrote scathing indictment filled articles about –  even the cartoonist Gary Trudeau lampooned this organization. In this group’s founder Wikipedia page, an  expert interviewed on Nightline, with Ted Koppel during the 1990’s deemed it a “cult” like organization – who apparently had been accused of intimidation and possible vandalism by disenfranchised ex members. Of course, as with all situations we are dealing with, articles have been saved and we have even spoken to officials and reporters about this group; plus we have a few  interesting photos found on Facebook of the mother, with her attorney at a “fete” for/with this group – which by the way occurred only a little more than 1 month after her 20 year old daughter was killed in 2010 – seemed rather callous to us. Listen – I am here to say that not ALL written in or by the press is true – I myself experienced the “supposedly” type of gossip and more recently blatant lies but unlike my scenario the individuals so troublesome for us readily admit to their involvement and go so far as to brag about their membership in this particular group. Even if not all the salacious accusations against their organization are true – the  fact remains that their inclusion is quite unnerving and subject at the very least to ridicule … this organizations gives out unaccredited Masters degrees and so on. Obviously, we only care about this in that those we have to deal with are members of such an organization – otherwise, to each we laughingly leave to their own ridiculous choices. A real hornet’s nest of complicated issues and concerns for us to deal with and protect ourselves and our children from now and forever.

Now let me address my ongoing by now well known by all my readers and followers, miscreant problem   [by the way, my husband decided on that as their title – not me] concerning narcissism. Really this one is quite laughable. You see a minimally educated [trust me on this – my husband knows this bottom dweller since childhood] mid west type accused me of such problems. Oy veh – my “internet ninja” [publisher assistant] shared with hubby and I,  the miscreant’s “opinion” from his Facebook page. Being a limited wordsmith individual this man’s attempted bon mots are indicative of a lowly status and weak intellect. Now as I have always done, I document in this blog truths – links, photos and such of my and my husband’s considerable blessings and accomplishments. In other words, I and my husband document everything as REAL and true. The only thing we can even attempt to imagine [not being as small minded as the miscreants] is that they/he do NOT read well – see ALL the REAL proof of EVERYTHING myself and my husband post. On Facebook and Twitter there are compliments that humble me from friends and acquaintances who are in Congress, are lawyers, doctors, published authors, famous and infamous folks. So many good and decent – hard working people express admiration and love for me that my heart is full each day. Most endearing is when these REALLY accomplished individuals express not only admiration for what I do but who I am as a good and caring person. A therapist gal pal explained to me that when moderately or very unsuccessful people accuse someone like me who is so blessed with [thank G-d] opportunities and amazing experiences of narcissism it is often out of fear, insecurity, unintelligent mind or even a possible sexual inadequacy/impotency problem. No doubt when those with larger and more exciting lifestyles like mine and my husband come into view of insulated individuals such as these Michigan [and others elsewhere – Chicago, Pennsylvania] residents, it is as many sociologist believe that these lesser types only defense is to deny that which they can not comprehend. Now let me state FIRMLY here that neither I nor my therapist friend have any evidence that this person is unwell but what we do have proof of is that he, his wife and his senior mother-in-law (a very embarrassing type of older woman in our opinion & who my husband said he always thought was a bit “white trashy” – oops – snobbery showing again) seem to have some type of narcissistic tendencies themselves – at least on Facebook.  You see, unlike myself, my husband, family and almost 4,000 Facebook friends – these folks were posting almost daily budget travel photos in an effort to show proof they have interesting life – their weak attempt at specious appearances to look sophisticated. Additionally, what amazed one of my attorneys [friend] is the wife posted a facebook photo of herself in a faux Kentucky Derby style hat from a wedding she attended with NO mention or picture of the wedding couple or even event. Now that surely qualifies as a narcissistic attitude – don’t you agree? Compare that to my Facebook postings with many references to my family and friends – events and shared topics. I am proud of my many chats with those in my life on all my social media sites – yet these miscreants seem limited to only a few, mostly their children, as correspondents. Again a profound difference is demonstrated between us and them in that the fb friends the miscreants have are mostly local – whereas hubby and I have links/connections from every place in the world and every walk of life.  My “internet ninja” tells husband and I these miscreants NEVER  seem to have friends photos – except for a insinuating veiled “threat” [very unattractive] chain food type restaurant group shot with my husband’s now legally disowned/disinherited brother and sister-in-law. Mind you the disowned relatives besides what most think is obvious envy, could possibly be upset that  my husband told his then brother not to marry this woman 29 years ago on account of what my husband tells me was her “bad girl” reputation – something that she oddly herself once admitted on Facebook as her own mother believed to be true  (also saved) – personally I think chubby and goofy are a match made in heaven. Sadly this woman once also posted on her Facebook page that children/young people only “use” adults for what they can “get” – I immediately admonished her on account of that not being my own experience, explaining that I was blessed and lucky to have the most amazing young people in my life – those often refusing my gifts in an effort to show they loved me for me. It is important to note here that none of these miscreants EVER  post social, religious or political topics on Facebook – whereas husband and I do all the time – our social media pages are also FULL of our friends, REAL family and colleagues, as well as our varied interest and activities. Your thinking theirs is definitely a case of “pot calling the kettle black” – yep, therapist friend, et al. think so too.

Prepare to shout OMG!!! The Michigan loser guy had the atrocity to either possibly be “involved”  in creating and definitely reposting on his Facebook page what law enforcement and my attorneys/investigators believe is a scam website about me, posing as my blog link – which by the way is also being pursued for a lawsuit on account of copyright/trademark infringements as they used one my husband and I legally own. We learned just today that additional international criminal and civil charges may be filed on account of the same bogus and lie filed content being sent via email to my friend in Israel. WOW – talk about whoever is involved [actively or passively]  screwing themselves royally – stay tuned because this is getting very interesting. Here comes the creme de la creme – one of the Michigan miscreants on his fb page also mocked my deceased husband, David [by name] that I wrote about in my blog post: Rear Admiral Grace Hopper And My Two Husbands. Not to worry all has been saved and forwarded to publicist, attorneys and law enforcement plus Facebook for complaints. Of course, now our attorneys are planning not only to have these Michigan fools as percipient witnesses for the slander, defamation, libel and harassment lawsuit being filed against woman my husband calls the “devil’s daughter” this Fall but against them as well on account of insinuations about myself and my husband on their Facebook page. Thinking hubby and I will name boat planning to buy next Summer The Miscreant with $$$$$$$$ we win from them in Court. When will they learn … I even wrote a blog: 3rd Party Libel, Defamation, Slander And Harassment … Or How I Learned To REALLY Love Lawsuits!, with specific legal instructions as to what is allowable and what would be subject to litigation. One more time for the ignorant ones: you may insult us, mock us, argue with us , inform or respond as to what we say about you  [as I am doing here] but you CAN NOT lie, slander or defame nor infringe on our trademarks and copyrights and certainly CAN NOT post or participate in scam websites – get it? In fact, this loser actually posted a faux link that accuses a County Court of being “complicit” in a ruse … to say the least, The Court [who we notified about this] was NOT amused. Yes, the one in “my opinion” that the idiot posted may not be cause for lawsuit but oh baby, the other suggestions of specific criminality activities DEFINITELY are. Don’t you just love jurist prudence’s nuisances? Hubby and I surely do!

Oh yes, one more thing “internet ninja” shared – I was called an “internet bully” by this creepy guy  – now mind you, my husband and I had NOTHING  to do with these miscreants as they are certainly NOT our kind of people. We NEVER referenced them except to our attorneys – until recently when they became a threat, even then only as percipient witnesses in this Fall’s lawsuit filing. In other words neither myself nor my husband can EVER be accused of bullying or harassment as [our advisers explained] it  is simply because we did NOT start this interaction. These Michigan pests  involved themselves willfully in litigation against my husband’s ex wife that we  are filing in September on account of a situation that began during bogus child support hearings.  Never having complained about paying support even after the vandalism and mother “kidnapping” the twin daughters from neighborhood birthday party when my husband had custodial custody, during which time the mother paid him ZERO support [which was her one condition for allowing him to have children in first place – as with everything in her life – it appears the $ is most important]. My husband finally at ages twenty years for her twin daughters objected to paying support for a deceased child [who my husband found out was dead on Facebook and her mother had been claiming was a college student  – which we knew was not true from Facebook & later subpoenas – in order we can only presume to continue to receive the post 18 year old for full time 4 year college support my husband voluntarily agreed to when they divorced in the mid 1990’s] and the other daughter who also was not a full time college student per divorce agreement. Mind you, her son received child support from my husband for full four years of college even though my husband does NOT consider him nor his twin sisters to be his legal children. Of course none of this is surprising, as this mother claimed to have a Masters Degree [in writing] on her daughter’s college application when indeed she only graduated high school. Deception and betrayal is not unusual for this woman as she proved by being unfaithful with multiple men during her first marriage [to my now husband] – obviously causing my dear faithful G-d loving husband to divorce her after marriage counseling where she offered to have an “open marriage” with him – an enigma to an honorable man like he has always been.

My husband is livid – as he wrote in emails and certified letters to his now legally disowned and disinherited siblings – he will spare no expense or effort to defend and protect me or our children. In response to a Michigan disowned relative’s threatening email last fall my husband impressed my publicist, etc. with his instant contacting of all our support team and everyone this person referenced [Court, et al], followed by a strongly worded email to all disinherited siblings within hours – it was my husband’s idea to send messages to multiple individuals so that no excuse of not reading it would be made. Dear G-d, as my husband  and his male friends and associates often discuss, no REAL man would tolerate insult or threats to his wife without responding and so my darling has in many venues. After receiving a threatening voicemail at one of our homes, it was my husband who insisted police be called immediately, as well as my publicist office and our attorneys and to have Verizon do a trace. It was all I could do and still strive to do to keep my husband from further efforts on my behalf – he, like I, are grateful that our support team is so in tune with righting these wrongs against us. Oddly, my husband knows so much- what shall we call it – “dirt” on these misanthropes that his payback will surely come easily in Court, interviews and such – he says there is no choice but to be equal in insult to these loathsome men’s equally distasteful  as they are, wives. Just last week during a brain storming chat on phone with one of our attorneys, my husband suddenly remembered and shared with us, a “rumor” about his then young wife and this Michigan loser guy – more to tell about that situation after subpoenas to individual who warned my husband all those years ago about that possible liaison are complete – even if just a misplaced concern expressed to my husband back then, still interesting and possible relevant to these “friendships”. It touches my heart when with tear filled eyes my darling husband apologizes for having exposed me to these evil doers – I assure him, being his wife and mother of his ONLY children is worth it and as our attorneys tell him, legal revenge is the sweetness kind and so it shall be for us very soon. As with all things in my and my husband’s life – all these horrific occurrences turned out best for us – we are rid of unwanted and unseemly persons in our life – legally forever. Thanks to G-d I was able to conceive my husband’s REAL children and finally give him the wonderful family he always wanted and so richly deserves. Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon is absolutely the BEST father in the world – he adores children and they him. Now my husband  insist we look into a gestational carrier to be able to have at least two more children via our frozen fertilized embryos. My husband wants to build a little dynasty – I do as well knowing our shared legacy will give this world REALLY fine and decent citizens. I guess in some way hubby dear should be grateful that for whatever possibly nefarious reasons his [what he calls biggest mistake of his life] “practice” wife persuaded him to (thank G-d) leave Michigan in the early 1990 and move to East Coast so that in 2003 we would meet, fall head over heels in love, marry, have the children he always REALLY wanted and live a great life – however, trust me – she is NEVER getting a thank you note!

Well my nearly 4,00 darling readers and followers [for loathsome creature in Michigan information my husband has nearly 26,000 blog readers/followers + a book deal as well] as I walk into my home study full of photos, documents, certificates, framed notes and invitations of my/my husband/my family accomplishments, famous people and such – I give thanks for all my REAL life history, the amazing future my husband and I are creating and all the REAL family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that have and will be on our glorious, full, exciting life journey!

P.S. I PROMISE ALL will be FULLY detailed in my 2013 book & I will chat on EVERY topic in TV/radio interviews across this great nation & G-d willing Europe, Asia & Middle East [Israel] … we are negotiating foreign book rights after Labor Day AND around holiday season 2012 meeting to discuss potential movie deal. You are all invited to whatever red carpet, book signing and so on near you – who knows maybe hubby & I will just throw a huge weekend bash at some divine resort & invite all REAL good people. I love you dear supportive blog followers!!!

NOTE:  If any of the above mentioned individuals [Deborah Perice Flynn, Michael Zachary Eliasz, Genevieve Rose Eliasz, Valeria Judith Eliasz (deceased), Jeffrey Dean Eliasz, Nancy Nowinski Eliasz, Allan Weeks, Mary Weeks, Martha Wolf, Melissa Weeks Olsen, Ryan Olsen, Heather Eliasz, etc.] think they can sue us – never going to happen. We have EVERYTHING legally documented, saved and in hands of attorneys, et al.. We have even interviewed and notarized letters from witnesses and others involved. All correspondences – emails, letters. journals, text, etc. have been saved. We accuse no one of ANYTHING – only repeat facts or situations as those involved have admitted to, have REALLY been written about in news venues, social media sites, been testified to, legally subpoenaed and such.  Oddly, I have Facebook subpoena contact information on my iphone – yes a little extreme but figured we contact them so frequently, it was worth having in order to share quickly with law enforcement and my sundry of attorneys. Additionally, as the law clearly states we/one can respond to any insinuation, lie or veiled threat in kind – again, unlike the often referred to miscreants – we do everything 100% legal – checking with lawyers & advisers constantly. The last thing I must mention is that husband and I NEVER hide or block our social media sites from these miscreant types nor as we just noticed one of them has, do we delete photos [unless really unattractive – usually not even then] from our Facebook … surely this attest to us being the ones with NOTHING to hide and those misanthropes – well now, you be the judge when considering their apparent trepidation at being “exposed”. But as we have learned it is necessitated – ALL is saved permanently in our files – then shared with lawyers, publicist and when warranted, law enforcement. I am guessing miscreants forgot my husband has a REAL Masters Degree in computer science and is a genius about many things but especially internet file and record saving … so delete away fools – we have a record and reasonably consideration to get social media sites subpoenaed. I ask – if nothing to hide, why block us – why delete and for the others who dared to repost lies and false accusations, I ask why do you want to get sued or possibly charged with a civil criminal situation? I certainly do not know the answer but assume the halls of justice & G-d will!

August 12, 2012

Science, Nature And Religion As One Or Mommy Why Is The Sky Blue???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Albert Einstein made many statements on the issue of G-d, science and nature. Among other poignant ideas from this Jewish genius was, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.“. This is very Talmudic – that which those of us who are in pursuit of scholarly Jewish study use as one of  life templates for instruction on such matters. So it is that unlike most other faiths,  Judaism, allows for and even promotes an acceptance of science, as well as a respect and reverence of nature.

For me Judaism and Science were never more appropriately combined than during recent discussions about CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland where the so called G-d particle is being sought. In my Jewish home the alarm was set for the 4 July 2012 early morning announcement – up before our usual daily 4:30 a.m. to hear live streamed coverage on our ipad and laptops. Of course, I am married to and mother of his ONLY children, @REAL _HiggsBoson [that it is my erudite science geek husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon]. Hubby and I although of different faiths – myself and our children Jewish and he Catholic  – share a firm believe that G-d and science are NOT incompatible. In fact, we are 100% convinced that there is empirical scientific proof that G-d exists. Again, just last week, our family waited with iphones, ipads and laptops at the ready for NASA to announce that the Curiosity, Mars Rover (video) had safely landed. Why you might be asking in our religious home all this science watchfulness? Easy answer is we see a magnificence that only G-d could be responsible for by creating this universe and all of us/those who make such accomplishments and discoveries even possible – that is the WOW factor and OMG shouts that accompany such events!

My faith is full of references to nature – there are continuing dictates in Judaism as to the need to praise and give thanks for the world’s fauna and foliage. We Jews have actual tree holidays, called Tu Bishvat/New Year of the Trees. I and others have often called us Jews the original environmental ecology group. Nothing pagan here – no false idol worship but instead a denotation of G-d’s natural gifts to us his chosen and all people. We, the Jews and the nation of Israel are big tree planters … I myself have spent much on The Jewish National Fund tree planting service to honor births, marriages and in memory of those passed from this life. Israel Land Administration is a government body whose sole purpose is the protective management of land. How can one claim to love and respect G-d and not care for the world he gave us? Hence there is nothing but reverence for faith by care taking the natural world. There are some however in the extreme Christian right who on account of their misplaced idea that the next life is the only glory think it wrong to maintain well this life’s home – Earth. Troublesome to think extremist are either determined to destroy this world in order to facilitate some sort of messianic event or feel the human dominion over the planet’s resources means no stewardship is needed as a protective measure.

Of course, there are the extremists on the other side who deny all and any omimpotent power as part of this grand scheme – no force and no connection to a higher power is acceptable to stringent atheists. There are times when I understand how the zealots in some religions cause others to reject ALL possibility that G-d is a part of science and nature. Not to be deterred, I and many feel it is a obvious equation that science = nature = G-d and visa verse. My husband joins me in teaching our children reverence for this glorious planet while never worshiping other than one G-d. We both have [among others] degrees in different sciences and see nothing disparate in being both logical thinkers and prayerful individuals. How can one watch a baby born without seeing the presence of a miracle – a divine design? The G-d particle being sought at CERN is to me a defining confidence that a G-d exists … how glorious the creation of life is as we learn our origins. No,  the literal, especially Christian [mis] interpretation of  The Bible can not be sufficient as explanation of our human existence but the pursuit of the nuanced beginning can be proof of the magic that began it all. So you see no one need choose either or as far as faith and science are concerned – these ideals can co-exist quite nicely if one only approaches the subject with a open mind.

When my beloved father, Abraham was diagnosed with the dreaded disease mesothelioma in 1986, I researched every treatment and possible cure. I called, visited and wrote to researchers and doctors all over the world. Then I learned that one of my father’s and mine favorite science writers, Stephen Jay Gould had himself been stricken with peritoneal mesothelioma in 1982 – which he had written about in an article concerning beating this disease’s eight months after diagnosis usual death statistic. He had been operated on and was living since for then nearly four years. [he died from an unrelated cancer in 2002].  This brilliant and prophetic writer corresponded with me – supporting my obvious futile effort to save my father, as the disease was always fatal. None the less, Gould warmed me by ending his last letter sent to my home by saying how lucky my father was to have a child love him as I did and if any cure was to be found, he [Gould] knew I would seek it out. Great flattery and a comfort to me. My father tragically died a year later but he shared, like with so much else between us, an enlightenment through Gould’s work with me. In the book Hen’s Teeth And Horse’s Toes, Gould reminds us how sad it would be if evolution, as one of half dozen “great ideas” developed by science were not properly taught in schools. Of particular interest to us Jews and to my husband, who is a genealogist is the notation in this book concerning the profound issues of  the “roots” phenomena that ask where did we come from and how did life itself arise? In another of his books, Ever Since Darwin, Stephen Jay Gould discusses the potential problem of us humans seeking immortality – a way to through science of unlocking the keys to our death. Such as those answers can deter a life from joy and being in the moment, so can ignoring the bountiful gift from G-d that science amazes us with and nature intrigues in so many ways.  Wonderment can bring questions yes but also a comfort in a grander scheme – frightening at times but ultimately soothing if an acceptance of G-d is at hand. For as Gould was in his childhood so are we in ours and it is this that his book The Panda’s Thumb discusses in its simple question on why the adorable Panda has a “thumb” but is not like ours that gives that Oh moment that combines divine acceptance with real understanding.

Richard Dawkins wrote in The Selfish Gene that only since Charles Darwin can one even attempt to correctly answer a child’s question as where it is we [humans] come from. There is no issue nor problem in describing to that child the evolution of our species intertwined with the acknowledgement of G-d’s work in creating us. Why an either or answer? No need as even Darwin wrote and spoke of the wonderment and initiating presence of life on Earth. This father of modern evolutionary science believed that G-d was the ultimate lawmaker. When a child ask why the sky is blue can not the answer include climate and color [scientific] phenomenon called scattering, along with because G-d made it that way – in totality being a truthful answer. Dawkins writes that intelligent life comes of age in the sense and time where we can explain our reason for existing but I, like many, do not believe the reason need be linear or even tangible – only fulfilling by means of an understanding that G-d presented the tools in nature and science for us and all here to be real.

In a previous post, I wrote about being a bit of an egg head type gal – becoming nearly obsessed in 198o’s with the string theory. Reading all articles and the books published on this topic I, like others eventually calmed down and realized it was not the complete universal truth to existence and design. In The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene discusses the quest for the ultimate theory. Greene explains that even though our string theory excitement might have been justified, by 1985 physicists realized this was not one but five different ways resulting in theories that differed substantially. We superstring devotees could only be left, if sensible, admiring but again assured something bigger was the answer – no one threaded path to the the why and how of  it all.

Let me end by sharing what my Jewish religious G-d believing science [ along with so many other subjects] educated and extremely erudite, well read father taught me about eternal life: As matter does not ever dissipate, so we will always be present in life in this world and in the stars. As we all come from star dust, so shall we remain as particles in earth and spirit in hearts, as well as alive in remembrance of others. We therefore are eternal!!!

P.S. I look forward to sharing in my now finally decided on date soon to be released book,  Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! so much more about my wise parents, as well as how my husband & I are similarly determined to raise our twin sons, Aleksander Benjamin & Chase Joseph [+ any other children we are blessed with] with a love of science, nature & G-d.

August 10, 2012

You Know Your An Heiress If…

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Definition of an heiress is any female who inherits any sum or any item in an inheritance. End of story – period, but yes the assumed interpretation is of great wealth. For the ignorant [everyone surely knows who I am referring do by now] reading this –  read closely and pay attention and for G-d sake get a dictionary if need be. There are other acceptable heiress titles  … some Christian women described themselves as heiress to the L-rd’s kingdom, as in Romans 8:17  heirs and others are  heiress to a  legacy of some sort of talent or infamy or family activity – like the arts or politics. I am heir to over 5000 years of Judaism – the faith, the laws and Israel as my true ancestral homeland. For  members of a ruling noble class it is called heir/heiress apparent or presumptive. ALL are legal and legitimate. So here we are at one of my favorite topics – things legal … come along because you know that I have much to say on this subject!

When a female like myself inherits through the death of someone – husband, parents or others – any substantial sum or even a small amount of money – they are an heiress. I inherited money from both my deceased parents and again upon being widowed at nearly 21 years of marriage in 2000. De facto – that DEFINITELY qualified me LEGALLY as an heiress. Additionally, I LEGALLY became The Heiress™ AND HeiressMommy™ when myself and my brilliant entrepreneurial minded 2nd husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon trademarked these terms 30 March 2011 . He and I jointly own over 20 trademarks – including The Heiress Goddesses™ as of 13 September 2011 and THE Heiress™ [different from & in addition to previous in that THE is capitalicized here] which was  trademarked for us on 24 July 2012. The last two trademarks that relate to this blog posting are HeiressMommy Fashion™ and HeiressMommy Style™, both these, among others, were trademarked on 29 July 2012. Now here we go – hold on you lie spewing possible soon to be charged with civil criminal offenses and definitely being suing for slander, libel, defamation, harassment & copyright infringement losers: this is  important to note because we have a so called “internet ninja” looking out for copyright and trademark infringements [as well as misrepresentations or lies] in order to know when anyone uses that which WE OWN. All were given proper notice via social media, etc. and so even though out of our largess there were one or two benign non threatening women using similar words that we decided FOR NOW to leave alone, anyone else – especially if using for nefarious or threatening reasons will be SUED FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE – no exception if we, our many lawyers, advisers or publicist feel it necessary. Again, here is a tutorial – especially for those idiot miscreants  I reference so often – when you file a trademark/copyright and when, as  we did, announce appropriately  it on social media sites, including facebook and twitter the following words are stated and included: “I/We will henceforth protect this/these trademarks vigorously.” For anyone thinking they can slide by and not be challenged by us – oh are you sorely mistaken. We will DEFINITELY VIGOROUSLY DEFEND OUR RIGHTS!!!

Nothing financial to date has been gained from our trademarks and copyrights, other than wonderful book deal contracts for both myself and my husband [yes, unlike certain individuals who call themselves writers/blog about working on their “book” – we REALLY have contracts for two blog essay end 2012 published books & of course my tome memoir being published end 2013 – written with a co-author & professional writer my publisher has assigned me]. The other possibilities these trademarks/book deals have now afforded us are the movie/TV deals we have recently began formal discussions about. As  we own the trademarks and copyrights, it is our singular legal right to use them in any way we see fit. Wow – I am obviously just a wee bit vitriolic about this topic – as are my lawyers, my dear publicist, my advisers, publisher [although they are loving recent controversy  – good for books sales they tell me], my financial planners, my extended family and many REAL  friends. Oh yes, law enforcement and government agencies and Courts also got very interested in the miscreants internet fraudulent faux writings, facebook postings and such – amazing isn’t it, how the proverbial tables turn in life and yes what they say about payback being a REAL bitch is happily true in this case. Funny thing is I nor my husband on account of a previous lesson learned [detailed in my 2013 book Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] ever do anything without consulting attorneys, publicist and other professional advisers first – it comes with the territory and we are thrilled to have so much professional support.  I know – again vague innuendos – sorry my darling followers and readers but mine is not a life to be shared freely until litigation complete this Fall, recent possible civil criminal charges against those often referenced evil doers fully investigated (ongoing now) and my 2013 book is published. Sadly, for some reason, my and my husband’s  perseverance and success obviously bothers the lesser class a great deal but husband and I will NEVER be deterred from our inherit rights and so here is a bit of history on the subject of heiress and heir status, as well as how, like we did, to fully legally disown and disinherit all unworthy types. Lets get started…

The definition of inheritance is varied. There are legal and financial terms to be considered –  that which is most usually referenced by the terminology. Also are religious and sociological aspects, in that different faiths consider one or another link to who shall inherit when and what … wealth,  title,  et al.  .  In our U.S. law one can legally fully disown and disinherit ALL relatives – the only exception is leaving child support for any minor/under 18 years of age “children” [yes darlings those are quotations as not all presumed children/those whose name may have you on birth certificate are really your progeny – another time on that and a bit detailed in my my 2013 book]. Adult children can fully, totally and completely be 100% legally disinherited. Any good attorney – as ours did – will suggest (although we told them first) to actually do a formal noted specific name by name [as we did with my husband’s previous spouse and her 3 children]  or/and relationship categories [as we did with siblings, their spouses, aunts, uncles, nieces & nephews & cousins, etc.] disinheritance in your will … it is not enough to leave someone out – assurance can only be complete by enumerating all you wish to inherit nothing. Even aged parents should be disinherited [we disinherited my husband’s 80+ year old father] on account of a possibility where you and your children perish and subsequently that older parent dies leaving your money to his or her heirs that you were not intending to receive anything. So it is that we detailed who – one another and OUR (together as couple) children ONLY are beneficiaries, followed by a few friends/extended family, our pet Labrador and a foundation we plan to set up in order to honor my parents – the Solomon Family. Not only did we detail who was to inherit but also exactly who was NOT – as such we decided to legally disown and disinherit ALL of my husband’s biological family. As you my supportive and very intuitive readers/followers are aware of – especially those who are also personal dear friends – my dear husband not only legally [January 2012] took my last name to honor my family, have our children be named that but also to further distance himself and protect us from most of his own biological relatives. Ours is certainly a horror story – the loathsome creatures were without redemption but even if not as gruesome as those we disinherited – everyone should consider a “technical” disinheritance of relatives so as to prevent any complications or challenges to wills. A great lesson can learned by reading the book (as I have) Mrs. Astor Regrets. This book and others teach that one must take care to be proactive in protecting your wealth (large or small) from usurpers – do this no matter what others may think when you take your rightful option to permanently eliminate “family” as your heirs.

Famous and infamous – the stories of those who are and others considered to be heiresses are plentiful. True life tales plus books, plays and movies tell the story of trails and tribulations that come along with such a denotation.There are the many heiresses of the Edith Wharton Era. These ladies were revisited this past January 2012 as New York celebrated the 150th birthday of this upper crust ultimate New York insider who chronicled by novel and such the goings on of heiress types. Some of the real women Edith Wharton described were actually heirs to large fortunes, while others perceived as such on account of familial relationships or proximity to the well heeled. Husband and I never need worry that the now legally disowned and disinherited “family” nor there friends that we are forced to deal with will ever be confused for our kind … there is no mistaking the lesser among us who not only have no substantial amounts of money but also no class and certainly no good breeding. No my darlings – while yes I am a snob about brains, class and definitely morals – I am usually not at all that way toward lesser wealth or poorly educated types [in fact some of the miscreant’s children actually have 4 year college degrees – no Harvard, Princeton or Yale involved however]. What I am noting here is that our peripherally formerly related persons and their friends are in no way able to pass for any where near the upper echelons of society. Even their budget travel photos and a faux Kentucky Derby [which I myself attended 2x, wearing couture designed hats] church going hat will not convince anyone class lives at their home. Yes this a hint – a pointed and directed remark but don’t you just love guessing of whom I write and are you not all anxious to read my 2013 book, watch and listen to TV/radio interviews where I tell ALL – name names, etc?

One of my favorite heiress women is the Mother of news man Anderson Cooper – who by the way, was considered someone I would be comfortable having interview me some time ago during a certain “situation” which will, of course – you all know what I am going to write here – be discussed in my 2013 book. Anyway, it is the amazing Gloria Vanderbilt of whom I write so fondly. A child born to a complicated background  – a woman that never let scandal or family predators take her off task toward a life of love, children and interesting careers. I, like her, will not live  a small life on account of lies, jealousy or others idea of what I deserve to be or have. I have it all – the husband, the family, friends, colleagues, interests, career, etc. but most important, as it is with Gloria, I have determination and a love of life. I pray that I too, like this refined cultured lady,  will live a long life filled with new adventures despite some sorrow and a few set backs along the journey.

No article would be complete on the subject of heiress without mentioning the often dubbed poor little rich girl, Barbara Hutton – Woolworth heir and among other things, married once to Cary Grant. Hers was a life terribly tragic in most arenas.  I am so blessed to have only minimally fallen victim to the sort of naivete this heiress did so many times – I have learned and grown, as well as been protected by devoted family and friends from repeating her similar mistakes of too much generosity and selflessness. Insecurity and doubt have never plagued me as it did her. Hutton seemed to never find REAL love nor absolute contentment. Unlike this heiress, I have found the most glorious REAL  love … married twice to good men who both adored me. This beautiful  Woolworth heir and I both married young the first time. The difference is my first marriage lasted nearly 21 years when I was widowed far too soon. Then magic happened – I remarried my soul mate only 3 years later. He is truly the most amazing, brilliant, moral, devoted to me above all else man, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon. What more could any type of heiress ask for???

P.S. PLEASE know that my 2013 memoir is about my quite amazing and blessed, while complicated life. One publisher suggested my memoir will be Eat, Pray, Love meets Erin Brockovich. The miscreants, usurpers and evil doers referenced far more than I care to will only be a small part of my story – and even then only on account of the danger they present to myself, husband and children. Obviously the litigation/law suits and certainly any possible civil criminal proceedings against them must/will be written about in my book. Likewise, at the point my darling husband enters my life in 2003 – those he tragically knew/was related to and were so harmful and evil will be included [their REAL life issues and ALL our opinions and facts about them to be detailed] as they, not us, have inserted themselves into our life … not visa verse. We wish them no harm – only justice from the legal system & G-d as their due!!!

August 9, 2012

A REAL Intellectual’s Guide To The Wizard Of Oz!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Having known one two many wicked witches as of late in my dealings with miscreant types leaves me quite interested in L. Frank Baum’s real intent and meaning when writing The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz in 1900. The popular movie starring Judy Garland while close in tonality does not exactly depict the deeper meaning nor life philosophy of the original book. A world entering WWII was ready for a value based tale and so the big screen version was a well received and reinforcing message entertainment vehicle … America wanted to be reassured that you can go home again. Was Baum defining or promoting or even endorsing populism, progressivism – possibly theosophy? Are these ideas ascribed to the book no more than an intellectual overreach – for did not L. Frank Baum write himself as an introduction to his book The Oz Chronicles (volume 1), Chicago, April 1900, that his work,  “aspired to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out.”?

One can not help but look to the characters in both book and The Wizard Of Oz 1939 movie to define modern problems – who is the leader, the suppressor, the hero, the proletarian, the victim in the Oz scenario? Easy you say – poor Dorothy and Toto far from home and lost and her Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion all pathetic put upon creatures. Who then are the winners – the rulers in Baum’s story? Can we believe the good witch is the ultimate victor as she is good and beautiful – so obviously filled with grace that we instantly know hers is a happy existence. Likewise, we automatically know that the wicked witch is ugly, mean and jealous – all the characteristics of a deeply unsatisfactory life. The ultimate king pin is of course, the Wizard himself – and yet in the end no more than a pretender – grant it ultimately having a kind heart and rather benign position. Too easy it seems to categorize and delineate by types – there is a two sided view to Oz participants – one simple and obvious and the other very complex and nuanced.

REAL life is also nuanced – what might appear a negative is frequently the best of what life has to offer and things that on the surface are deemed “normal” often turn out to be hiding less than decent motives or even sinister issues. We all know those who declare “life is good” are many times hiding insecurities and their own belated awareness that theirs is a less than exciting and definitely not successful life – a case of “thou protest too much”.  For my husband and I it has been dealing with much lesser types who think they can judge us on issues their small minds could NEVER comprehend – usually we are both tolerant of such pretenders but as in OZ, evil must be exposed and thwarted. So it is for many, like us, who face misanthropes that lie for selfish or insecure reasons. Dorothy knew you can not ONLY wish bad away – you must actively and with righteousness pursue justice against those who would deny your rightful due. The famous yellow brick road is actually introduced in Baum’s second book, The Marvelous Land Of Oz. When you doggedly follow your own unique path and deny all challengers on your “yellow brick road” there may be pauses/rest stops needed along the way but determination and the knowledge that you are going in the correct direction will surely lead to the destiny of your dreams. The trick is to never ever ever allow haters to place pot holes on your road home. Often easier said than done but like myself and my wise husband you must be not detoured no matter who is getting in the way.

I was recently informed that a certain [shall we say] delusional type was for some reason fond of the Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow. Well now let me assure you that this particular middle of the middle of the middle person has no idea that Scarecrow’s aliases include Socrates Strawman or that his eventual titles were His Majesty The Scarecrow and Royal Treasurer. True, not many do but for this individual the complex insinuations would leave her stunned. As with many among us, her attempt to be humorous or pointed sadly back fires … in that she does not have a REAL brain nor clue to what is REAL. My friends, colleagues and family almost feel guilty at the gifted chuckles such individuals seem determined to provide us via social media – of course, they have also provided material for attorneys, law enforcement and investigators – the ultimate Shakespearean two sided drama of comedy and drama come to mind. Without a doubt many of my dear readers and followers also face enemies who profess decency but live deceptively and with hatefulness toward others – possibly they have fear born out of their own insecurities and inferiority complexes. Don’t we all have neighbors or colleagues who do the budget travel routine and then fancy themselves sophisticated when in reality they are the ultimate bourgeois tourist/aptly described with the coined phrased “Ugly American” middle class travelers? These folks return to their insular hometown life – typical setting travel photos in hand –  falsely secure that they are worldly, when in fact they are insignificant and unchanged despite a trip or two abroad. These types will still and always be what they were as children in middle America”s far too frequently small and narrow minded place. Unlike Dorothy, such deluded individuals, return from their journeys no more aware or informed as when they dine at the local beer joint or chain food neighborhood restaurant. And yet there are others we all know who venture only short distance but somehow gain insight through REAL learning and REAL relationships. It is NOT the so called middle class by income I demean here – instead it is that middle class mentality, which is far too often a danger to REAL progress. What to do when faced with loathsome creatures you ask? Do as Dorothy did and as I/my husband do – persevere in a glorified G-d given life and NEVER allow evil to defeat you. As was Kansas in The Wizard Of Oz so is your ultimate destiny worth the struggle and the battle and as the characters who bonded together to reach the Emerald City – you will bond and find REAL like minded loves and friends and support systems if only you have determination and the will to get to the home place you deserve and desire. You must remember that the scholarly interpretation of that green colored place is illusion based on an insufficient value and that should be the caution for all us of REAL value as we seek our ultimate place of contentment. Do not be as those who delude themselves into thinking theirs is a REAL place – never waver on account of the poseurs  – for if you do the miscreants triumph and that would be offensive to G-d!!!

P.S. Now who do we think will play the wicked witches I deal with and reference so often in the movie version of my  book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern  Super Woman Life!??? Surely you my darling readers and followers have a few suggestions – you can send me your ideas and questions [via email] by going to  “Chat With Tereza” option on my blog –  we can discuss my blog or even gossip a bit. Love & blessings to my friends & my family & remember G-d is watching you to my enemies. Shalom!

P.P.S. I am sure all my readers & followers have noticed my continuing use of REAL references …while I use that word in a sincere & I hope appropriate context – obviously there are other more pointed reasons. As always, ongoing litigation [court documented], possible civil criminal charges against certain individuals due to recent events and my book obligations leave me unable to detail here or be more specific. You darlings must trust me that it means something & I promise you will enjoy finding ALL out in my 2013 book. In the meanwhile, feel free – as with my other repeated innuendos, to “Chat With Tereza” via email with your guesses – I would LOVE to hear what & who you think it is in reference to and the same with the term my clever brilliant husband insist so perfectly describes those so bothersome in our life – the MISCREANTS – any ideas about who they are also a welcomed chat topic!!!

August 8, 2012

Our Modern Day Historical Love Story!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called ‘woman,’
for she was taken out of man. ”

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

–Genesis 2:23-24

When I die … hopefully as a very old, well coiffed, couture clothed,  hell on wheels tough ass broad – I will be giving G-d thanks for so many, many things. Mine has been [to say the least] an interesting life – full of more ups than downs. One of my own coined remarks concerning life difficulties is: I have had more than some but much less than most. The material things – the travel and events that others can only dream of experiencing, have been plentiful for me. More important is that I have been blessed with REAL friends and REAL love. I often tell my best friend, Mark K. and his wife [my REAL sister] Susan K., that even though we knew one another since college, it was not until I went through a horrible experience [all in my hopefully soon  book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] did I get to know – though this couple – the glory of deep, devoted and unwavering friendship. These are definitely my extended family and we share everything – now looking forward to the glory days with them and the others who believed and supportive me and my husband through it all and against all enemies. So here I am at the title of this blog post – about myself and my amazing husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon – for ours is truly a modern day historical love story. Our tale easily comparable to those throughout time that are written about and repeated often. We were joined by G-d, sustained by love, completed by deeds and shared task and united in effort to thrive, produce, do good and fight ALL evil. Oh my, again such flowery and dramatic tonality in my writing – but trust me my darling readers and followers that you will agree here and definitely after reading my 2013 memoir – that my marriage is worthy candidate for a template of what a REAL relationship should be in this complicated world.

Adam & Eve were not what you think. While courting my darling husband sent me Mark Twain’s The Diaries Of Adam & Eve. The biblical idea of this first couple will never be the same as you read the nuances and often reflective thoughts of these two love birds. In fact, my hubby and I have decided to include quotes that the clever Twain has ascribed to Adam & Eve when we renew our wedding vows on the tenth anniversary in November 2013. Like these two, my husband and I sincerely believe G-d was our match maker – we were destined to be man and wife, to procreate and bond through eternal life. Other couples surely felt the same and others, also like us, unable – no matter the problems or difficulties – to be apart. We had the need and absolutely conviction that ours was a relationship meant to be in this world. Cleopatra & Antony could not deny their love even though an empire was at stake – these two thwarted enemy and friend alike to be together. In my life, that choice was also made – my husband and I denied all others  – those evil and determined to break us apart. Unlike Cleopatra & Antony, my husband and I will live [G-d willing] a long life together surrounded only by those loving, supportive and as devoted to us as we are to them.

Now here the comparison of my marriage to historical love stories gets really surreal – for you see my Hebrew name is Bathsheba, her beloved was David [my first husband’s name] and my last name, which is also the legal last name of my now husband and our children [made official in Court, January 2012] is Eliasz-SOLOMON. As my husband and I produce children, who are Solomons – it is as that other Bathsheba & [her husband] David did  in producing their wise King son Solomon. My husband Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON is as wise and great as King David and I am sure our twin sons will be good Jewish exceptionally men, as their son Solomon was as a Jewish King. Yes, I am prejudice – my husband is the most amazing man in the world and I am grateful to be the mother of his ONLY children.

The most famous royal couple in history, known as the Catholic Monarchs, are Isabella & Ferdinand (video). I despise their reign of terror/their Holy War that forced Spanish Muslims and Jews to convert, leave or die – who even if converted were abused throughout Spain. However one can not help but be impressed by the joint solidarity of shared ruling these two had throughout their married life. My husband and I are equal partners as well – in all endeavors and are never anything other than united in effort to build our own little dynastic family life. We too will fight any usurper who threatened our union but unlike Isabella & Ferdinand we are liberal and fair unto all people unless evil and truly unworthy.For Chester Michael and myself it is a primary fact that no other person will ever divide us and as such we remain a force unconquerable. I suppose that the Spanish monarchs saw their joining similarly – sad that they could not have been as G-d demands toward ALL people of Spain during their reign. No denying that a united front allowed Isabella & Ferdinand to succeed beyond any other nation at that time – for my husband and I the same has been true as each day success seems to grow for us and we protect our family at all cost.

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert are a royal couple I much prefer to see my marriage to be like in how these two benefited others by their combined decisions. As my husband and I have designed our life to be not only beneficial to us and our children but our extended family, friends and community as well, so did Victoria & Albert for the British Empire. Like Victoria, I am in a powerful position these days and for the foreseeable future and it is my husband, like it was Albert, who guides me toward the right choices and directs my decisions on all matters. The young Victoria wrote in her dairy on 11February1840, the day after her wedding:

… how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a husband!

— I too give thanks to have such a husband as mine to grow and accomplish much in this life.

Another British royal love story to be noted as undeniably special is that of Prince of Wales & Wallis Simpson. To give up a kingdom, a throne and status unequal for a woman is to have demonstrated real love. Whatever my opinion of these two – the rumored Nazi sympathies and such – I relate easily as my husband legally disowned and fully legally disinherited ALL his relations in order to protect me and our children. My husband legally took my last name and had his/our children do the same as an honor to my parents and to further and permanently distance himself/us from those unseemly, threatening and not beneficial to our life plan. The difference between the Prince of Wales & his American wife, Wallis Simpson and us is that my husband gained a ruling place by his choice. Yes, my darling readers/followers I am again being vague and yes ALL/EVERYTHING will be detailed in my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – rest assured the outcome is magnificent for my marriage. When King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson he stated it was because he could not do his job without her by his side and that is the same as what my husband tells me often when expressing that my presence is the how and why he can live happily. Reciprocation is as true – for I also can not live well or happily without my husband at my side. We get Edward & Wallis – giving it all up for love seems quite sane to us.

My husband’s writes of our love and of me in his blog Stanczyk – Internet Muse.  The Polish King Jan III Sobieski & his wife, Marysienka is who my husband most analogizes to our blessed and special marriage. Their very literate love letters during the King’s absence while waging military campaigns makes my husband reminisce about our love letters from a few days after we met until we married only three months later. This 17th century Polish royal couple lived a long life with many children – this is my Polish husband’s wish for us.

I relate my love story/marriage to famous currently talked about couples also – the Clintons, Obamas, movie and sports stars because like them my husband and I have been forced to tolerate and deal with miscreants, misanthropes, vandals, usurpers and lie spewing loathsome individuals – yes, those are apt descriptions that are shared by my friends, extended family, attorneys, advisers and even law enforcement and investigators helping us. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Again, you darling readers and followers must trust that ALL will be FULLY understandable after my 2013 book is published, TV, radio and magazine interviews out and lawsuits and charges that are filed written about in many venues – as with everything these days there will surely be much internet coverage as well.

Our modern day historical love story is a tale of salvation – we frequently discuss how we each resurrected the other from situations not conducive to our value or life destiny. The union of our two souls produces a strengthened singular oneness that is truly not to be defeated by any circumstance or usurper, no illness or strife nor happenstance could break the bond of my marriage. The biblical to death do us part is something my husband and I take seriously. Equal is let no man put asunder – and so it will remain until we pass from this world and join through an eternal life as one forever more!

P.S.  I fret about teasing my readers & followers – unable to share EVERYTHING on account of ongoing litigation and now/recent civil criminal charges that are being pursued against the often referenced miscreants plus book contractual obligations. Let me reassure everyone again – ALL will be completely detailed in my book and interviews and also trust me that you will be amazed and impressed about my historical love story … how we met, how we loved, how we persevered and how we triumphed beyond any one’s possible idea of what would be for us as a couple. It is a great example of G-d’s blessings, irony and REAL love in a REAL marriage [don’t you wonder about my constant REALS – more to come]!!!

August 6, 2012

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper And My TWO Husbands!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Nanosecond, nanosecond, nanosecond … it takes ten nanoseconds to “shake a lamb’s tail” but more time for me to tell you why being an egg  head chick has gotten me married to two amazing computer advance degree guys in my lifetime – which got me an introduction to the amazing Grace Hopper and a gifted nanosecond from her. Yes I like the brainy fellows and apparently they really like me too. My first dear husband, David, who I was widowed from at nearly 21 years of marriage in Spring 2000, worked for IBM and his father, The Colonel was a brilliant computer specialist, Pentagon official, Air Force officer and senior citizen ranked tennis player [is honored in the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame]. It was my dear father-in-law who got me, his science interested daughter-in-law, an invite to a reception where I was introduced to and fawned over Rear Admiral Grace Hopper … lucky me must have charmed this brilliant lady because she reached into her pocket, pulled out a bit of wire, twisted it and handed it to me saying here dear is a nanosecond. WOW!

My parents thought ALL areas of science, history, art and so on should be a part of their daughters and sons education … both my parents, like myself and my second (married in 2003) genius husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon [who has a Masters in Computer Science], were feminist. My husband and I agreed at the start of fertility treatments that our sons AND daughters would all have the same exposure to hard sciences. Our plan is to follow my parents example with our twin sons and any other children G-d blesses us with by having excursions in nature and home projects that ignite an interest in science. My father got me a salamander, which I named Solomon The Salamander and so even though quite the Jewish Princess, me as a little girl loved experiments and reading about things that in those days were usually reserved for boys – not in our home – myself and my brothers got exactly the same direction and opportunity.

I studied speech and then medicine at Temple University [where I graduated from] and other Philadelphia learning  institutions and then, much later/plan on finishing soon, law. As a woman wanting to learn about everything – for me to be able to chat with a woman like Grace Hopper who seemed to never allow her gender to even be part of her professional conversation was a thrill. Around the time I had this wonderful experience [early 1980’s] I had begun to give serious thought about a possible doctorate in science and being a Zionist/huge admirer of Israeli military, actually considered applying to the War College. I know you can not picture this JAP couture dressed, professionally coiffed, manicured Democrat at such a place and only those who know the REAL me could. People I was closest to understood that for me the draw was that science and military combined can actually be a peaceful endeavor – by adjusting the program from destruction to intervention the U.S. and other nations have brought military personnel into peace maker status. Of course, I have a bit of a macho side too – in fact, I had a subscription to Jane’s Defence magazine because I enjoyed reading/learning  about military hardware.

I mention my two husbands …yes, I am blessed – married twice [basically all my adult life] to two amazing, brilliant, well educated and totally in love with Tereza guys. It seems moi has a thing for computer men – as I wrote earlier both David and C. Michael have advanced computer science degrees. My first husband was with IBM for most of our nearly 21 years of marriage and my now (2nd) genius husband and father of my children owned his own computer firm [first and still only member of his so called “family” or childhood Michigan friends to ever own a business or ever have an advance degree] when we married in 2003 and then/until a few years ago was a Data Architect consultant famous in his field. One anecdotal story concerning my Oracle expert rather famous husband Chester Michael happened to me at a Villanova computer law class, where I was learning to use Westlaw & Lexus Nexus  [boy has that come in handy for me – more in my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] – at one point somehow the professor realized who my husband was [then his name was Chester Michael Eliasz but since January 2012 he legally took my last name & became Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon] and was very impressed, to the point of almost asking for me to get hubby’s autograph but settling for my promise to give my husband his business card. My husband is now stay at home Dad and my Web Master and is working on our over twenty trademarks, pending patents and copyrights plus attempting to continue as a consultant in the computer industry. This blog is Chester Michael’s design and he is a integral part of all my endeavors – partner, adviser and all around always smartest guy in the room person, along with being my LSAT tutor.  I love that both my husbands love that I am smart too – no little woman bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen role for me – although I love being pregnant and do not mind some baking time either and yes barefoot on the beach a happy time too. The point is both David and C. Michael [husband 1 & 2] knew having a intelligent and interesting wife would make theirs a happy life … my husband and I not only laugh but talk constantly about all sorts of topics, including Grace Hopper and her being the originator of term “debugging”. See I got that point into this post …yep, there was a moth [real insect kind] in a computer and when Hopper was asked about how they go it out, she apparently coined the term right there and then. Just thought you my readers might enjoy that tidbit … see why I am so great at cocktail parties and soirees – I know lots of stuff. I could never be married to someone who did not indulge my variant interest … for example I was really into the String Theory for a while and yes, husband #1 and #2 not only made sure I had books on the topic but found and discussed endlessly with me the principles involved until I finally got over that particular science fetish. Are you thinking that this gal enjoys HARD science fellows – your are correct – I do but they must also love the arts, design, opera, plays, culture, sports, travel and the whole gambit of what this big world offers.

All my readers and followers are by now quite aware that I believe far too many individuals limit their life experiences to minimum and safe venues – traveling a bit but never reaching for more than the status quo – staying in or very near their hometown from birth to death. People like this spend their energy convincing themselves that theirs is a really good and productive life …. and indeed it may be in that they raise children, pay bills, do some church or civic events but they never [in my opinion] really make a difference for themselves or anyone else. There is a definite however and exception I feel compelled to mention here – I personally have close and dear people I absolutely adore who also, like those small minded folks I so disdain, have chosen to live their life in or near the place they were born and likewise have time for mostly just family and such but these individuals are NEVER demeaning nor insecure enough to attempt denying those like myself who have chosen bigger and grander existences. Probably not one of my best analytic points but let it be known that because my loved ones are able to deal with truth and grandeur, my husband and I have and will include them – as they wish – in our travels, events and it seems not avoidable soon to be celebratory lifestyle. This gets me to the issue of those who attempt to minimize us who do reach for the stars and who do at least give effort to seeing and being part of the bigger picture. Oh my, here I am  again thinking of those much too often mentioned miscreants hubby and I are needing to thwart … true those folks are the very, very middle of this great nation but dear G-d do the rest of us really, really successful and oft times famous folks have to tolerate their pest like  intrusions. Um, science and philosophical questions here, don’t you think? Enough of that – as a few of my advisers said this past weekend while reprimanding me – I should not have such kind largess concerning the misanthropes – one must remain vigilant to the efforts of such evil doers. And you my dear readers thought I could not possible get  a mention of the much referenced enemy into this science and marriage topic blog post – well I am good at my work – surely you will agree.

As I write this hubby and I are listening to BBC radio and we are keeping eyes on our ipad as the Curiosity Rover lands on Mars – we woke even earlier than  our usual 4:30 A.M. daily wake up time in order to be  a part of this scientific event – same as when CERN announced the so called g-d particle recently. For us it is a matter of being a part of a G-d inspired large universe where all things matter – in science, in history, in arts, in religion, etc. – mostly in our love!!!

P.S. In my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my complete life journey – EVERY REAL detail will be shared and no challenge left unanswered. I so look forward to offering an example of survival and glory with all my followers & readers – hopeful that my complicated narrative will give an example of how G-d’s grace and my own dogged determination, along with the blessing of a devoted husband, supportive family and always there for me group of friends/colleagues can make anything possible … in a nanosecond.

P.P.S. My sweet 1st husband, David is currently interred with my parents and beloved brother Albert in a cemetery outside Philadelphia. My 2nd husband, Chester Michael & I have decided on a Mausoleum in our soon to be home state of New York – for us, our children and growing dynasty to have a final resting place. The plan is to move my parents, my brother AND my 1st husband David there as well [#2’s idea actually] – so you see me & my TWO husbands will have eternal rest together … trust me, there will never be a #3 for me because once you have had the best, no need to try any of the rest.

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