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August 1, 2012

As They Say – Denial Is NOT Just A River in Egypt!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

My, My, My – there is More, More, More to hint about in my blog posts. Yes indeed, those my husband and I have taken to calling the miscreants are at it again. Sad really – their level of denial an obvious result of their small life. One must be compassionate and understanding that these folks, who except for a few trips and a child/inlaw living in for them what is a big city,  pretty much are born, live and die in the same place. Of course, many people have lived that way and yet been sophisticated enough to understand that life for others [for whatever reason] is bigger and grander than they could ever hope for themselves – and so I find myself needing to discuss denial and ignorance once again. Interesting is that Ignorantia juris non excusat – which basically means ignorance is no excuse in the legal world  – is important here because our attorneys suspect these individuals that we are suing and who law enforcement is aware of will claim ignorance as a defense. They are sure to say they did not know leaving threatening voicemails or posting suggestive gun toting facebook profile photos can be considered an issue.  As I have extensively explained in previous blog posts – one can insinuate, mock, brag to, insult or warn but never threaten with an “or else” type insinuating  message or similar statements, etc..

I can understand if you my readers/followers have grown weary of the innuendos to these loathsome creatures … trust me, I am too. But as my advisers and support team continues to insist, they can not be allowed to go unchallenged unless and until the harassment, libel, defamation and slander stops – or at least until after we meet them in Court later this year. You see, everyone can relate to my situation … who has not had to deal with jealously and those hell bent on denying reality and as such being determined to interrupt others journey to glory. I write often in an informative and instructive tone as to how my husband and I have not and never will allow anyone to deter us from our destiny. We are so blessed by G-d, in so many ways that it would truly be sinful to not thwart the enemy in pursuit of our rightful place in this world. Oh yes, flowery and dramatic words – but it is exactly as I have written in reference to how we live and what we do daily in comparison to what these enemies at our gate are doing with their rather simple [beer drinking, suburban hot tub, associate degree life]. I know my snobbery is showing but it is singular for these types that delude themselves into thinking they are in a good and productive place and that others – as we are so successful – are not. It is them who have a reverse “we are just as good as someone who has a book deal, etc” attitude that belies a dangerous insecurity and issues that cause these type of people to be so troublesome. Oy veh – our prayer is just to have the legal system deal with the threats and misrepresentations through law enforcement protection and punitive lawsuits against these lesser humans. A bit harsh you say … oh no, trust me – you will ALL agree when MORE is shared/ALL is told in my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  I look forward to seeing all  you darlings at the bookstores near you, on TV/radio interviews and in the magazines and newspapers. Getting my Montblanc pen refurbished to sign autographs for each of you – with love, of course!!!

P.S. Do NOT worry about myself & family because we have EXCELLENT security & a GREAT support system + address undisclosed to the miscreants.

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