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August 8, 2012

Our Modern Day Historical Love Story!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called ‘woman,’
for she was taken out of man. ”

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

–Genesis 2:23-24

When I die … hopefully as a very old, well coiffed, couture clothed,  hell on wheels tough ass broad – I will be giving G-d thanks for so many, many things. Mine has been [to say the least] an interesting life – full of more ups than downs. One of my own coined remarks concerning life difficulties is: I have had more than some but much less than most. The material things – the travel and events that others can only dream of experiencing, have been plentiful for me. More important is that I have been blessed with REAL friends and REAL love. I often tell my best friend, Mark K. and his wife [my REAL sister] Susan K., that even though we knew one another since college, it was not until I went through a horrible experience [all in my hopefully soon  book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] did I get to know – though this couple – the glory of deep, devoted and unwavering friendship. These are definitely my extended family and we share everything – now looking forward to the glory days with them and the others who believed and supportive me and my husband through it all and against all enemies. So here I am at the title of this blog post – about myself and my amazing husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon – for ours is truly a modern day historical love story. Our tale easily comparable to those throughout time that are written about and repeated often. We were joined by G-d, sustained by love, completed by deeds and shared task and united in effort to thrive, produce, do good and fight ALL evil. Oh my, again such flowery and dramatic tonality in my writing – but trust me my darling readers and followers that you will agree here and definitely after reading my 2013 memoir – that my marriage is worthy candidate for a template of what a REAL relationship should be in this complicated world.

Adam & Eve were not what you think. While courting my darling husband sent me Mark Twain’s The Diaries Of Adam & Eve. The biblical idea of this first couple will never be the same as you read the nuances and often reflective thoughts of these two love birds. In fact, my hubby and I have decided to include quotes that the clever Twain has ascribed to Adam & Eve when we renew our wedding vows on the tenth anniversary in November 2013. Like these two, my husband and I sincerely believe G-d was our match maker – we were destined to be man and wife, to procreate and bond through eternal life. Other couples surely felt the same and others, also like us, unable – no matter the problems or difficulties – to be apart. We had the need and absolutely conviction that ours was a relationship meant to be in this world. Cleopatra & Antony could not deny their love even though an empire was at stake – these two thwarted enemy and friend alike to be together. In my life, that choice was also made – my husband and I denied all others  – those evil and determined to break us apart. Unlike Cleopatra & Antony, my husband and I will live [G-d willing] a long life together surrounded only by those loving, supportive and as devoted to us as we are to them.

Now here the comparison of my marriage to historical love stories gets really surreal – for you see my Hebrew name is Bathsheba, her beloved was David [my first husband’s name] and my last name, which is also the legal last name of my now husband and our children [made official in Court, January 2012] is Eliasz-SOLOMON. As my husband and I produce children, who are Solomons – it is as that other Bathsheba & [her husband] David did  in producing their wise King son Solomon. My husband Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON is as wise and great as King David and I am sure our twin sons will be good Jewish exceptionally men, as their son Solomon was as a Jewish King. Yes, I am prejudice – my husband is the most amazing man in the world and I am grateful to be the mother of his ONLY children.

The most famous royal couple in history, known as the Catholic Monarchs, are Isabella & Ferdinand (video). I despise their reign of terror/their Holy War that forced Spanish Muslims and Jews to convert, leave or die – who even if converted were abused throughout Spain. However one can not help but be impressed by the joint solidarity of shared ruling these two had throughout their married life. My husband and I are equal partners as well – in all endeavors and are never anything other than united in effort to build our own little dynastic family life. We too will fight any usurper who threatened our union but unlike Isabella & Ferdinand we are liberal and fair unto all people unless evil and truly unworthy.For Chester Michael and myself it is a primary fact that no other person will ever divide us and as such we remain a force unconquerable. I suppose that the Spanish monarchs saw their joining similarly – sad that they could not have been as G-d demands toward ALL people of Spain during their reign. No denying that a united front allowed Isabella & Ferdinand to succeed beyond any other nation at that time – for my husband and I the same has been true as each day success seems to grow for us and we protect our family at all cost.

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert are a royal couple I much prefer to see my marriage to be like in how these two benefited others by their combined decisions. As my husband and I have designed our life to be not only beneficial to us and our children but our extended family, friends and community as well, so did Victoria & Albert for the British Empire. Like Victoria, I am in a powerful position these days and for the foreseeable future and it is my husband, like it was Albert, who guides me toward the right choices and directs my decisions on all matters. The young Victoria wrote in her dairy on 11February1840, the day after her wedding:

… how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a husband!

— I too give thanks to have such a husband as mine to grow and accomplish much in this life.

Another British royal love story to be noted as undeniably special is that of Prince of Wales & Wallis Simpson. To give up a kingdom, a throne and status unequal for a woman is to have demonstrated real love. Whatever my opinion of these two – the rumored Nazi sympathies and such – I relate easily as my husband legally disowned and fully legally disinherited ALL his relations in order to protect me and our children. My husband legally took my last name and had his/our children do the same as an honor to my parents and to further and permanently distance himself/us from those unseemly, threatening and not beneficial to our life plan. The difference between the Prince of Wales & his American wife, Wallis Simpson and us is that my husband gained a ruling place by his choice. Yes, my darling readers/followers I am again being vague and yes ALL/EVERYTHING will be detailed in my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – rest assured the outcome is magnificent for my marriage. When King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson he stated it was because he could not do his job without her by his side and that is the same as what my husband tells me often when expressing that my presence is the how and why he can live happily. Reciprocation is as true – for I also can not live well or happily without my husband at my side. We get Edward & Wallis – giving it all up for love seems quite sane to us.

My husband’s writes of our love and of me in his blog Stanczyk – Internet Muse.  The Polish King Jan III Sobieski & his wife, Marysienka is who my husband most analogizes to our blessed and special marriage. Their very literate love letters during the King’s absence while waging military campaigns makes my husband reminisce about our love letters from a few days after we met until we married only three months later. This 17th century Polish royal couple lived a long life with many children – this is my Polish husband’s wish for us.

I relate my love story/marriage to famous currently talked about couples also – the Clintons, Obamas, movie and sports stars because like them my husband and I have been forced to tolerate and deal with miscreants, misanthropes, vandals, usurpers and lie spewing loathsome individuals – yes, those are apt descriptions that are shared by my friends, extended family, attorneys, advisers and even law enforcement and investigators helping us. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Again, you darling readers and followers must trust that ALL will be FULLY understandable after my 2013 book is published, TV, radio and magazine interviews out and lawsuits and charges that are filed written about in many venues – as with everything these days there will surely be much internet coverage as well.

Our modern day historical love story is a tale of salvation – we frequently discuss how we each resurrected the other from situations not conducive to our value or life destiny. The union of our two souls produces a strengthened singular oneness that is truly not to be defeated by any circumstance or usurper, no illness or strife nor happenstance could break the bond of my marriage. The biblical to death do us part is something my husband and I take seriously. Equal is let no man put asunder – and so it will remain until we pass from this world and join through an eternal life as one forever more!

P.S.  I fret about teasing my readers & followers – unable to share EVERYTHING on account of ongoing litigation and now/recent civil criminal charges that are being pursued against the often referenced miscreants plus book contractual obligations. Let me reassure everyone again – ALL will be completely detailed in my book and interviews and also trust me that you will be amazed and impressed about my historical love story … how we met, how we loved, how we persevered and how we triumphed beyond any one’s possible idea of what would be for us as a couple. It is a great example of G-d’s blessings, irony and REAL love in a REAL marriage [don’t you wonder about my constant REALS – more to come]!!!

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