Goddess Crew™ !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

No words and simply no worthy soliloquy can describe adequately my gal pals – our relationships. It must be stated that equal are my male friendships and in fact my two best friends – part of my REAL family – are a husband and wife. Mark and Sue K. , who I have written about before, are a couple who are my hero saviors. Markie and I together since he 18 and I 21 years old and then “we” found Susie a short time later.  Seriously, my Markie had the good sense to marry the finest woman in the world a few years after college and we are all better for his choice. Susie K. is the woman who as maid of honor stood by my side as I married the wonderful Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon on 29 November 2003 – her husband, my Markie K., walked me down the aisle that lovely snowy evening. Sweet Sue was everything to me during some very difficult times – sister, mother, best friend, adviser and confident and along with her amazing husband did more for me as their friend than anyone in the world. So goddess Sue K., I love you now and forever and Markie too. This post however is singularly about the women, like Sue K., in my life … the unbreakable bond that G-d has given me with the ladies who love me and I them so dearly. It is also an important message via Dr. Seuss and my dear M.I. goddess that “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!“.

Friends and acquaintances have many different levels in a life …. very close – those really more like family [G-d knows blood is NOT always thicker than water], those who a part of a particular genre – like school, career, clubs and such and others gotten through a situation – met during a hospital stay, on social media sites, etc.. I have so many of ALL categories – each a true blessing but the Goddess Crew™ is special … these are my REAL sisters. I came up with the term Goddess Crew™  and one day an adviser suggested to myself and my husband that we trademark the phrase [yes, hubby & I REALLY LEGALLY trademarked & copyrighted 28 items – 6 just got legal notice of today & OMG, 5 are just too dam funny]. Thinking a shared Goddess Crew™  product line someday but more about that later in this post. The point is we gal pals act as a support system in varying styles and tones – there have been days when these ladies lifted me above the the woes caused by evil doer types with such love and concern, that I felt as if G-d were holding me close. I definitely have that deep OH MY feeling when my dear friends do and say all the right things to me during a difficult situation. A word – as when one or more say “don’t worry, WE will get through this Tereza”, a touch, a smile and more to soothe my worries is always available from all or one of the Goddess Crew™. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter old or more recently made gal pals also embrace, rally and defend me in many ways – there are posts, private messaging and even calls, text and emails from the newly acquainted in my life on many days that bring REAL joy into my world. Even messages of warning when one of my social media goddess friends sees an evil doer [recently self proclaimed but definitely NOT legal trademarked by them at least – more about that at another time] link or lie or insult somewhere – WOW – such devotion to me is very humbling indeed. I joke that I feel like there is an army of goddess types at the ready to go into “battle” for me against those pest miscreants I reference so often – likewise I for them. We are going to have one great fete asap with ALL my REAL goddesses [and the supportive fellows in my life too].

My main goal in this post is to have each of you actually have a visceral feel of  the glory which is my women friendship experience  – I will try through that which I am able to invoke with my words and phrases. These are the gal pals who know EVERYTHING … the good, the bad and the ugly as the saying goes. The women often different in many ways than me and yet exactly the same in an effort to love, respect and protect one another. The friends that never let you miss a beat – take those midnight and 5a.m. calls, drive you places they have no time to go, listen to the same story over and over again, tell you the REAL truth no matter what you think or feel, pamper you, feed you, help dress you at times and just plain love you no matter the consequences. Yes – that is what my gal pals and I do for each other. Of course, there are ups and downs and certainly variation on the theme so to speak but never a wavering from the friendship commitment. Time and distance not ever a deal breaker with these women – neither an argument or disagreement or even the now and again disappointment when one another of us is less than perfect. There are frictions from time to time – there are stops and go periods when one of us might need a time out but there is NEVER a breakup that is not easily repaired. Also important are there are no hold backs – no deceptions no matter the opinions of one another – ALL is known and ALL is accepted. This is not to say without judgement as we are of different backgrounds and faiths and ethnicity and political persuasions, etc.. The glue is love and respect – admiration and an awareness of each others intrinsic values. Not necessary to forget the occasional slights or disappointments but always forgiving in the end is the key to longevity of friendship and while not perfect – always the best that a REAL friendship can offer. In an earlier blog post, REAL Friends I Have Known And Loved!!!, I define friendship as scholars have and religions denote – life itself has depended on that shared human experience and so its importance can not be exaggerated. And of course those every morning 5 a.m. calls I have with goddess A.B. – even when she was in Italy are more poof that the very tonality of daily life is often defined by friendship.

Lets discuss the term goddesses, shall we? Once a devout Jew, like I am , suggested that my use/trademark and copyrighting Goddess Crew™ was antithetical to our faith. Not at all I explained for the goddess ideal is present throughout biblical history – the woman of virtue an ever present Judaic idea and one could say goal. Last Mother’s Day [2012] my gentile husband presented me with a vase from a Hebrew Book Store /Gift Shop, with “A Woman of Valor, who can find her? Her worth is far above rubies” painted on it [he brings/send me flowers often and so thought a special vase appropriate]. This phrase comes from the Hebrew Hymn, Eshet Chayil and is a denotation of that which is the ultimate in a wife and mother – all women. who are energetic, righteous and capable.  To realize the idea that my husband sees me as the great King Solomon in the 22 verse poem with which he concluded the book of Proverbs (31) saw virtuous women is a compliment – one I likewise feel about the women friends in my life. I have been asked to define what I think is a REAL goddess – to me ALL good women – those of REALLY good intentions and pure hearts are indeed of the goddess breed. Any woman who is REALLY loyal, faithful, can sacrifice without need of flattery, give without demanding to be repaid, REALLY is unselfish in her loving toward husband, children, friends and others, does not use subterfuge for gain and no matter the harshness of others can still be gracious – there is more – these type of women are goddesses to me. My husband is amazed and often expresses that seeing me and my female friends care for one another so well has shown him for the FIRST time in his life how REALLY decent women can behave. Likewise, my gal pals and I look after each others husbands and children – fretting over struggles or hurts that might have affected the men and children in our life.  I readily admit to the sometimes naughty times of fun in mocking a miscreant type by mimicking a tone or voice or checking out a particularly unattractive photo of someone loathsome. Not our finest moments when we are forced to lessen ourselves to the levels of a few bottom dwellers but oh my, the shared confidences are totally necessary and never breached.

My gal pals have gone through so much with me and I with them. We have counseled and consoled. We have helped and assisted in tasks, events and projects. We have cared and comforted – nursed through illness and such. In efforts dealing with school, careers, legal matters, et. al. a goddess from this crew will always show up and help. For my life – there was help during sorrows, struggles and defense of me against ALL enemies. I was accompanied to my later in life fertility treatments and then to OB appointments when hubby was going to be late or out of town on business.  More than once one of my goddesses wiped my brow and cleaned up after my preggie upset stomach episodes – never once acting uncomfortable nor put out by that effort. Fun and laughter in every venue – whether grand lunches or simple snacks – belly laughs is the tone of our shared get togethers. My whole life has been one of close female friendships – far too many to enumerate here. As an adult and until today, there are old and more recently met women who make my life sweet and secure. Being Jewish, standard baby showers are not done – a bit of superstition in not wanting to flaunt before G-d that which is still not completed. So my darling gal pals, even though quite a few gentile/Christian, figured out a way to respect that Jewish idea and still celebrate my over 50 gestation miracle. Here you see photos of the private restaurant gathering the ladies in my life arranged – gifts and gaiety all evening. Those who could not attend also sent more gifts than any twin boys ever had before, making our home nursery overflowing with toys, clothes, books, and more from all these loving REAL Aunties of our twin sons, Aleksander and Chase. My mostly Shiske ladies did a REAL mitzvah that evening – as they have many times and yes a few of them even learned to OY VEH over the years. Equally poignant is when one of my Catholic ladies buy me a Jewish inspired gift [like the Menorah glass for my still Catholic hubby’s Xmas tree ornament from lovely goddess M.I.] or ask details about my faith or the meaning of a Hebrew prayer [often  & always with respect from goddess C.R.].

Baby Shower

Some of my crew are serious glam gals – in the arts, fashion and beauty industries. Appearance and dressing up a shared effort and in fact one of closet friends is my hairdresser of nine years – who frets that once hubby and I are mostly New York residents at year’s end, I will be “cheating” on her with the likes of Frederic Fekkai in NYC. Somehow my hairdressers, stylist and make up artists and even dermatologist/plastic surgeons have become like family [male & female] more than one time in my life – easy to love those that make you look good. Even in a non professional mode we of the Goddess Crew™ will attend to each others appearance – often suggesting a look, shopping for and with one another or accompanying to fittings no matter the distance. Always at the ready to lend an accessory or piece of jewelry to make each other look more special – there are also the lovely gifts of special items for wardrobe and even adornments given as token of friendship. We never miss a holiday, birthday or when we became gal pals anniversary – each with a gift, card, email, call, text, cake, gathering and so on to denote the occasion. There are REAL writers/published authors, politicians, elected officials, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, writers, hairdressers, make up artists, stay at home moms/homemakers, scientists, decorator [D.B.], jeweler [N.C.], fellow student/study buddy [A.D.], running companions and many more types of goddess types in my life. These gal pals are as varied as possible and I find a great gift  in their differences as each affects me in a way bringing to the fore a new attitude and style  – while ALL a REAL sense of deep and abiding friendship.

Evening Out

Of course goddesses give birth to goddesses who give birth to more goddesses and therefore I have young and even mini version to love and enjoy.  The daughters and now granddaughters of my friends are equally precious in my life. Young and adorable – smart and endearing – these young women and the little girls join us of the Goddess Crew™ in respect and support, comforting and fun times. Nothing pleases me more than to hear the words Auntie Tereza or in a few cases “Queen Aunt Tereza” to which I am meant to respond with “Yes, Princess Danaya & Rowan” [these are the under 5 crowd].  True I have lovely biological nieces and nephew, as well as great nieces and nephews but the beauty of these “adopted” ones is the generous voluntary love, admiration and attention they shower me with and I them. My being able to gift these youngsters – help with a school project, treat to a elegant fancy lunch or just message on occasions or times of need – is a REAL pleasure and honor for me. My husband and I are firm in the idea of a chosen extended family – made up of friends that join those related by blood that we decide and have specifically chosen to include in our life journey. I have so many memories and photos holding the babies of my gal pals, cuddling with their children and grandchildren – and as time has passed with their college age and even adult offspring. What joy to watch one of the goddesses children marry or to rush to hospital to see a gal pal’s first grandchild or more come into the world. Like their mothers and grandmothers these younger versions often call me early morning or late evening just to chat or often to check in when they think I might need a little special attention – no lovelier sound than a young voice “Hello, how are you Aunt Tereza?”. My cup truly does runneth over with the most amazing women friends of all ages and I am deeply grateful for every single one. Pictures I treasure show me cuddling, playing in a tent and being a Jewish Mrs Claus one Xmas morning at 6a.m. with the children and grandchildren of goddesses – never a no from Auntie Tereza is the motto apparently. Being often the only Jewish lady in this group I am the Bubbe [ grandmother type] and do not mind that aged denotation one bit. So much joy – such  a fullness these girls and women bring into my life – it is an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to G-d I feel. Let me say it is reciprocated,  and not only to my children but even to our female Labrador Princess Java Argus – you see some of the goddesses are not particular dog people and yet they worry when my pooch is not well, run errands to fetch her special organic food and treats and even offer/promise to stay with her if an emergency arises where we can not get our sweet pet to her spa boarding place. So you see REAL women with REAL special babies and REALLY amazing children/daughters are in my REALLY exciting life each day. These young females are ALL REALLY classy too – never a vulgar nor suggestive Facebook/Twitter posting – all do REALLY well in school and have a life full of REAL faith, decency and respectful attitudes – they are my own little Walton type family group and I adore them ALL.

As I embark into the world of having my books published, the Goddess Crew™ will come along and who knows maybe [we talk about it often] my husband and I REALLY/LEGALLY [hint to you know who] having trademarked Goddess Crew™ will lead to something entrepreneurial. Now lets see – shall it be greeting cards, totes, mugs, clothes – oh, all of it I guess with a logo attached and success shared with my gal pals, of course. My blog essay book end 2012 will not be as big a task as the book tour for Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! publication end 2013 but the goddesses are already committed to travel and fun on that part of my life journey. After all, a REAL crew works together in a REALLY classy and REALLY productive way. So here is to ALL REAL goddesses – hoping your crew is as sweet and gorgeous as mine. By the way, the gals are already discussing who will play each of them should we get a TV/movie deal done!!!

P.S. One of my goddesses absolutely adorable 20 something goddess daughter LOVES The Golden Girls and so for my REAL  gal friends and especially A.I., here is the song, with all my love, Thank You For Being My Friend!!! [Note: whenever I reference a song in one of my blog posts – you can listen while reading the rest by simply clicking on the song title – enjoy].

Connie & Tereza

P.P.S. Oh yes, one more thing – please note there is not a chain food restaurant nor fake cocktail nor beer bottle in any of my REAL friend photos – my nearly 4000 darling readers and followers surely got this hint [wink, wink]. Also, important to mention my continuous use of REAL/REALLY – fun isn’t it, to guess the whys of my inferences but hold on loyal followers – you will be rewarded once my 2013 memoir is out, interviews done and such – ALL will be REALLY known in full and we can celebrate at a REAL book signing near you [I admit this insinuating stuff is so much fun]. Until then – keep reading, commenting & “Chat with Tereza” via email link on my blog wall. Shalom my darlings!!!

NOTE: I use mostly [only] first & last name initials of my goddesses above on account of wanting to protect them from the miscreants – at least until my book tour/interviews, etc. – where some or all at various times goddesses will accompany me … you see these REALLY fine woman ALL know EVERYTHING & as such my husband & I have decided to protect their privacy for the time being. After all, it is enough that they are worried & concerned about our well being & appalled at the types of loathsome individuals we are forced to deal – we REALLY care about our friends & so, for now, initials will have to suffice.

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