The Political Life … From Womb To Tomb!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tsk, tsk, tsk – shame, shame, shame! Oh my, so much vitriolic chatter about vaginas and fetuses during and since the 2012 political season. This blog post was going to be solely about my birth till my final rest political involvement … obviously via my parents at the start and forward. But dear G-d why the hell are the extremist current GOP and those pest Tea Party types, so dam determined to have prenatal political involvement? Why is what lies between my considerably attractive legs [true but still an inside joke – you will understand when memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published]  being made more important than what is in my heart and brain? In my previous post I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! I detailed my very determined feelings that NO one has rights to my reproductive organs. Now I must assert my willful stance that no NO one will marginalize or deny me a political life – not on account of gender nor religion nor ethnicity nor party affiliation. Here we go – my long history and love of the political life. Some joyous, some exhausting and a bit unhappy but ALL affirmation that I am REALLY involved and here to stay. For your listening entertainment, I have included Sinatra’s Kennedy campaign song, High Hopes – just click here (on song title) to listen while you read my take on such matters.

I come from a very long line of REAL activists and progressively involved people – social issues and politics mother’s milk. Other blog posts have described my parents devotion to liberal issues since they first married in 1939 and for the rest of their nearly 50 years together … my Mother involved in one last campaign without my father who died in 1987 – she joined me in meeting and supporting Michael Dukakis 1988 Presidential campaign. We went together to meet and hear Kitty Dukakis [his  Jewish wife] at a historical Philadelphia synagogue and to quite a few rallies that year. I gave the children in my family small Dukasis dolls and dressed my great niece in Saks 5th Avenue red, white & blue + campaign button attire. Alas, President Dukakis was not to be and so here you see a photo of my mournful self after losing that election so badly. Don’t think I socialized for a  week when Bush, Sr. beat my guy that year. I have also written about and actually been interviewed for another blog where I discussed my late father’s civil rights activism – proud to tell everyone that he, among other activities, marched on Washington D.C. with Dr. King. Each of my parents were Democratic committee people and my mother Judge of Elections in Philadelphia. Dinner table conversations and Sunday brunches were full of chats on many topics – always social and political concerns included. Being Jewish, involvement in such issues are not uncommon – throughout history despite being a minority in every nation, we, the Jews, have always been a part of the politics where we are diaspora. A mandate of our faith is to always be aware and to participate in the community – this leads to a necessitated effort to be a part of movements involving change. Although faced with overwhelming prejudice, we the Jewish minority make our voices heard and donate/support candidates and programs that are mostly of the Liberal persuasion. The Book, Why Jews Are Liberal, is a recent expose where the author Norman Podhertz  discusses why people like my parents and others in the Jewish community although very successful entrepreneurs, choose progressive stance in their politics. Ok – true the Dukakis thing did not work out very well but I still believe in those same open minded REAL American ideals – yes Liberal but NEVER extreme. As my wise learned mother was fond of saying when the [not] so called Moral Majority was prominent in the 1980’s, “If they were not so extreme and just plain crazy, we on the other side could be much more moderate – we Liberals are reacting to their actions in kind and with vitriol.” – as always, my Mama was correct. So you see I am a born and bred politico gal.

I am the self appointed family archivists proudly assuming the task of keeping years of political memorabilia from my parents.  There are so many precious and framed mementos of my own involvement as well that which I treasure of my family. Buttons and posters from many varied Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, Senate, Congress and Presidential campaigns are safely kept – each a memory of their strong concerns and determination to make a REAL difference. My husband and friends impressed by all that my parents did and were – until their passing, sophisticated and involved in world events. Although not strictly political in tone,  my childhood first is the letter from Jacqueline Kennedy thanking a 9 year old me for Kennedy Library contribution my parents sent in my name to honor her slain husband, President John F. Kennedy.


Prior to Dukakis was my 1984  involvement in campaigning for the wonderful Walter Mondale for President … thinking my fellow citizens did not REALLY want the good guys to win when this fine man lost that White House bid. I look daily at the wall above my desk where my matted and framed Joan Mondale thank you note is hung – thanking me for my effort despite losing. I mourned the loss of Eleanor Mondale last year, who I had the privileged of getting to know a bit during her father’s campaign and of course, I sent my heart felt condolences and love to the Mondales when their daughter died much too young. Never to be deterred I continued on – local, state and national campaigns  – for me those being an always must do. Of course, Mondale gave us the amazing first female V.P. candidate, Geraldine Ferraro – who I met when invited to a rally at the Philadelphia Bourse, after the V.P. candidate debate where she and Bush, Sr. [Reagan V.P. choice] had a back and forth. Oh my, defeat now on two fronts – no Democratic President nor first female V.P..

My first married lady [sans parents] political foray was co-hosting a cocktail party in the early 80’s for the first African-American candidate for Philadelphia Mayor,  Wilson Goode – who won and so I happily went to his inauguration. Yes, I know what your thinking – first Mayor to bomb his own city and yes the MOVE incident was horrible but hey, he was still a “good” guy and I liked him a lot. Thinking at this point that I am not a big time political winner – oh no, I campaigned for/supported and donated $$$ to – met and stayed in touch with one of the most successful U.S. President in history – it is, of course, William Jefferson Clinton of whom I write. True, apparently, I am NOT the ONLY Jewish gal Bill liked but I was never a White House Intern. Enough of that cigar chatter – truth is, the man was a GREAT President and our nation was served quite well by the Clinton Administration. My new Clinton goal is to soon participate, contribute to and support The Clinton Foundation – wanting very much to be of service in an organization so perfectly poised to help this troubled world. My other Clinton connection is Chelsea husband, Mark Mezivinsky – his Philadelphia Jewish parents and family acquaintances of my own. More important is that as I have been lied about – so have the Clintons, except I not being a politician can sue the asses off the lie spewing loathsome loser miscreants – pretty descriptive, yes? I ran for local office a few years ago in the township where my husband and I lived from our marriage in 2003 – when my husband and I  found out I was pregnant, I withdrew but still got nearly 100 votes [saved that document for our children]. Since I decided no office is worth my accepting slander or defamation – my hats off to the folks who do but never for me – I will be a “king or queen maker” instead. No political subject blog would be complete without mention of the 2000 Gore/Bush debacle; I believe that the Supreme Court had no business deciding an election and yes, I think the decision was wrong but I am an American citizen and so accepted that George W. Bush was President. Of course, I do not think those 8 years turned out very well for this great nation. Don’t think much about the obvious next choice in my political life – I admit supporting the very admirable John Kerry and now disgraced John Edwards in 2004 was not the best of times for myself or other Democratic political types – oh well, things got a whole lot better when Barack Obama showed up.

Fertility treatments decided on – my husband suggested I get involved in the Obama campaign in 2008. At that time we also, as a couple, decided I should pursue the law school education I always hoped for – hubby dear helped me study for the LSAT and I did surprisingly well after being absence from school since my REAL University [yes another miscreant hint] Bachelor and Masters Certificate, etc. over 20 years past. I decided a post bachelor paralegal degree was a good legal career try out – not for me/a little too secretarial and so I decided to apply to REAL law school during that course at Villanova University. There have been stops and goes and I will finish in the next year or two [G-d willing] when children settled. What has happened is the realization that I have an aptitude and I  LOVE the field of law – took to it like the proverbial fish in water. Happily my candidate won – I was at polls and local DNC headquarters that November 2008 all day /into late evening and then thrilled with an invite to Obama Inauguration [my framed invitation seen  in previous blog post]. After that I went to class in order to become an official Democratic Committee person but babies and school, as well as planning our moves/blog and book writing made me decide to be more behind the scenes. In my blog post, Fighting Intolerance And Hate With A Heart Full Of Compassion!!!, you can see my ACA Presidential signed and framed certificate – that support back up and involvement in helping to pass so called Obama Care is much more for me than elected office. So here I am today again supporting Democratic candidates – as I did in 2012 my dear gal pal running for Congress in Virginia and of course, President Obama’s reelection. Now if only I can convince Hilary Rodham Clinton to run in 2016 – I will know what my political life plan is for at least 12 more years!!!

P.S. I adore getting those little personal items from candidates I support – the White House, Senate, etc.  – those holiday cards, congratulatory letters and thank yous … I keep EVERYTHING – so if any miscreants or/and misanthropes [bet you darling readers thought I could not possibly mention them here – well I am good at my work] think they will get to lie about myself, my family, husband or children when we sue them in Court – think again, we are REAL and all we write REAL, with 100% proof. No fake “Masters” degrees, no one time social cause activities, no lame attempt to prove involvement in charity food events, etc. for us. I suppose one must be thankful that those types are at least attempting to do some good in this world – as one adviser friend recently told my husband, we are apparently motivating the loathsome to showcase their limited life accomplishments and be better people. Stay tune my dear readers/followers – this is going to be a GREAT fact filled and fully documented story!!!

4 Comments to “The Political Life … From Womb To Tomb!”

  1. The closest I have to knowing any of these folks was knowing a cousin of Mayor Goode. Don’t think you will convince Hillary to run. I keep telling you, you should run.

  2. As we discussed my dear, supportive, very special friend – with your wise counsel, I am willing to [maybe] entertain running – only if you are on my team dear tusconmike!!!!

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