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September 7, 2012

Reason We Democrats DEFINITELY Have Better Conventions!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I am not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat“, Will Rodgers famously said. Well baby, we are definitely organized lately. Will Rodgers also said, “Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans.” Not true any longer – this year we ALL agree President Obama MUST be reelected this November and to be honest I am not sure all Republicans agree that Mr. Romney should win in 2012.

As the child of life long devoted and very politically involved Democrats, I have seen my diversified and 100% inclusive party bicker, fracture and quite frankly screw up royally when it came to winning – not always getting our message across in a salient fashion nor always being true to the party ideal. Like any big complicated family – between intermarriage, varied faiths, different races and every dam branch of the American lifestyle conceivable being at our table, there were times nothing got done and certainly no elections easily won. But that changed when Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992 and again 1996. We Democrats got our act together and brought it home – home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A few blog posts ago in The Political Life … From Womb To Tomb! I detailed my own personal political life journey. Oy veh, characters and defeat plenty for any one life but glory and exaltation abound in my effort as well. The undeniable feeling that we Democrats have determination that no matter the differences between us, we are all REAL Americans makes the struggle and squabbles worth it – worth it all. No greater feeling of patriotism can be had then knowing that even though you might dislike and certainly never want to break bread with your compatriot, you will fight for their right to exist as you can in this great nation. This year the Republicans gathered in Tampa, Florida and we Democrats in Charlotte, North Carolina – both parties attempting to convince the electorate that they and not the other should occupy the White House next year.

Now let us discuss the party – the gathering – the coming together every four years that we Americans call a convention. Wow have things changed over the years – no more the surprises, the floor fights nor nail biting aspect of who will be the nominee. Instead what goofy or unpleasant speech will be made or what gaffe will be highlighted and repeated over and over and over again on the internet – these are what keeps the political operatives up at night concerning conventions recently. Glamour galore – very pretty and with great entertainment value – this can best describe both parties conventions. But you have to admit, we Democrats are much better at throwing this kind of event. A rowdy bunch maybe – still the lack of uniformity we Democrats have and yes I believe, absence of rigid attitudes like our Republican brethren have, definitely give way to unfettered excitement and true American enthusiasm at our annual gathering. True both Republicans and Democrats are basically throwing a pep rally at these conventions but they are as different as – oh I don’t know – shall we say, a church picnic compared to a college homecoming? Yes indeed, we Democrats may be a wild bunch  but we have learned to get our act together and put on a truly great show as we nominate our Presidential candidates every four years.

Goose bump factor – thrills and chills – you gotta admit that is what the Democratic convention gifts. Yes, I admit the Republicans for their devotees probably create a feel good atmosphere but really now, there is no denying we Democrats invoke tears and create that loving feeling over and over again during our conventions. Each party trots out the sad life story telling folks in an effort to humanize their candidate and each, of course, has speakers that truly believe in their party message. But I must ask you to admit, that it is singularly we Dems that invoke the REAL American ideal of we are ALL in this together and we shall overcome. Is the message or the medium more important? Oh my, that is the eternal question but may I suggest that in Convention rhetoric the presentation is often the core value that is the true message – as such the tone is very important and I say the Democrat tone is one of inclusion and hope/promise for this great nation. Maybe the Republicans love U.S.A. as much but they certainly have of late shown themselves to be disdainful of many groups that make up our mosaic society. Sad really because in my childhood days, Republican versus Democrats was more nuanced – never us versus them at all costs as it seems today. No longer are there the proverbial two sides to this political argument – now it really is such a dramatic difference that no equalization can be postulated between the two parties. Yes both conventions are stage craft – slick Hollywood type productions but there is no ignoring that the Democratic convention, especially this 2012 event, severely differentiated between two views of our great nation.

True I have said – privately until now – that often after being on national and even local campaigns there are times I do not believe everyone should be allowed to vote … fleeting feeling but still when one realizes ignorant and hateful types vote equals your own more loving and generous vote – well then, it has caused the shameful thought to enter my brain that some are just too ignorant to decide who leads us. My better self kicks in and I coming to my senses, I know only democracy where all are included will sustain this grand experiment we call the U.S.A.. That realization is another reason I could only ever be a Democrat – for my party is singularly inclusive – the good, the bad and the real ugly invited in and allowed a voice. Frank Sinatra did a public service song once, What Is America To Me – it speaks to this very ideal that ALL are to be equally and fairly included no matter how distasteful the others of us find them. That is America – maybe not a real melting pot – probably more like a chunky stew these days but still we are all in one big family meal time. This great nation must not ever allow any party to so divide us that the outcome creates another civil war – yet some in the so called Tea Party of the Republican party, have suggested just that as a resolution to our problems. So when watching these 2012 conventions – be honest, which one showed that despite vast differences, ALL Americans are in this together? No denying it was our Democratic convention that demonstrated solidarity for ALL types in this country – it was we who made it perfectly clear that no American shall be denied a place at the table on account of race, religion, gender, ethnicity nor sexual orientation. We Democrats may not always love one another but we never try to kick each other out of our party nor our Convention.

In my last political blog post, I mentioned running for local township office a while ago – finding out we were pregnant, my husband and I decided to have me withdraw – proud to say I still got nearly 100 votes anyway. Recently I was approached to consider running again, for a more prominent office, after a few things settled in my life – all that will be detailed in my 2013 book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. Very flattered and yes I agreed to meet with these folks some time soon but as I explained in that previous post, I prefer to be a king or queen maker – behind the scenes debater, promoter, financial backer/contributor  and campaigner because I could not/do not stand for lies, slander nor defamation – assume, as husband and I are now in process of doing against those miscreants [yes, got them mentioned even here], we would be forced to sue and reproach the lie telling types that seem to proliferate during campaigns. So what does this have to do with conventions? – plenty because so much puffery and so much real misrepresentation seems acceptable at these events. Now mind you both parties do their fair share of truth bending but oh my, the Republicans definitely came out the champions in that ugly contest this year. The GOP convention practically accused we Democrats and more specifically President Obama of selling out America to a foreign entity. Odd don’t you think when one considers Mr. Romney’s business history of outsourcing jobs and his $$$. This is not to say individual Democrats never exaggerate the negative character of our opponents – that is not my particular style because my philosophy is that the REAL negatives of my opponent are quite enough to highlight the differences. Still one must admit, the Republicans go way over the top in insult us – nearly calling we Democrats devil worshipers and anti G-d. Well not REALLY that important I guess. But I must and surely will not be the first to ask the Republicans … do you hate Obama more than you love America/are you hoping for U.S.A. to fail just so you can win back the white House? No need to answer – seems obvious enough that on some level, sadly, the answer is yes. So you see – more reason moi will probably, almost surely, never run for elected office. Does not mean I am going to miss any more Democratic conventions though … answer is NO, even though I was resigned that babies, school, book contract and moving kept me from accepting my invite this year. No matter what, I am going to be [G-d willing] wherever my party celebrates four years from now … hopefully at the convention where we nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of The United States Of America!!!

P.S. Shout out to my peeps who messaged me from North Carolina, including our twins Auntie Lori K., to dear Kristin C., running for Congress in Virginia [who will need to re-inscribe books she sent our boys, Aleksander & Chase with Congress Woman Auntie when she wins in November], to Honora P. and all my other darlings so involved and so devoted to being a part of this great America election process … you all inspire me & make glad my heart!!!

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