Election 2012 – Why Little Billy & Susie REALLY Want You to Vote for Obama 2012!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Ok – here is the deal: Little Billy and Susie – 12 year old brother and ten year old sister – come home from school one afternoon to their sweet Cape Cod, single family, suburban white picket fence home to find middle of middle of middle American as apple pie Dad and Mom ready for a family chat. These cute kids think – hmmm … new dog, Disneyland this Xmas break, in-ground pool we have been wishing for??? Nope – none of these on the agenda – only an economics lesson. You see Dad and Mom have taken to heart the Tea Party current GOP/Romney and Ryan mantra of “it is the debt, stupid”. Like any good and decent folk would do, this suburbia couple decides to start at home with addressing the debt issue. After all, if a 1% job creator like Mitt thinks that is our great nation’s most compelling problem, then surely it must REALLY be the case. With the 2012 campaign barrage of commercials and Fox “news” as their tutorial, Dad and Mom have made some life changing decisions – now to tell the kiddies the REALLY good news.

Son, daughter – Mother and I have decided to change our family life style in ways that will definitely leave you dear children with zero debt when we die” says Dad smiling. “Debt?” both children ask in unison. Obviously Billy and Susie are confused – why are our parents discussing such grown up and boring stuff with us they are thinking. Mom, sensing her dear offspring’s disconnect, answered quickly, “Yes my darlings we – no make that all of us – will be sacrificing a bit in order for you two to be debt free when our time comes to pass from this earthly life”. Still having difficulty comprehending, both brother and sister just stare as their parents begin to detail the why and how life changes for their family will leave this country and them as individuals much better off in their adult years as proud U.S. citizen.

The list of family cut backs that this Dad and Mom explain are as follows: First they are going to sell home sweet home to eliminate that monthly mortgage payment, which despite the mortgage tax deduction, they think too costly considering what upkeep cost for homeowners are these days. After all, these G-d fearing parents who don’t buy that global warming stuff, explain that for some reason the L-rd has decided more bad weather ahead and that will mean home repairs as trees fall and floods occur – believing as conservatives do that there is nothing people can do to stop it, Dad and Mom fear those very expensive home damages they will have to pay for if they keep the family homestead. Before kids can speak, Mom and Dad tell them about the cute three bedrooms, one bath garden style apartment they all will be calling home soon. Grant it the schools in their new neighborhood are not quite as good but these parents are sure their children will make the best of their education anyway. Second, the new monthly paid for SUV has got to go – leaving family’s only vehicle the paid off 15 year old small sedan – public transportation will suffice when Dad and/or Mom need that vehicle for work … kids will learn to appreciate the wait at bus stops that affords them time to get acquainted with their new neighbors. Third must do austerity measure is about the college fund for Billy and Susie – Dad and Mom decided to use that to pay off credit cards in order to not have those monthly bills drain the family income – besides the kids are smart and can get scholarships or join the army and get college paid for that way when the time comes. Fourth is that parents will no longer pay monthly health care insurance fees because Romney assures us that no one in America goes unattended when ill – he explained that a call to  911 will take you by ambulance to a hospital emergency ward any time. Of course, no more expensive music lessons or sports activities unless grants are found [wait – no grants will be available under Romney plan – oh well] or somehow free and certainly no family camping trips – walks in the local park [if Romney does not privatize those because then entry fee not doable on this family new budget plan] will have to be ok for Billy, Susie, Dad and Mom. Oh yes – there is one last thing needed to get the family budget under control – little pooch Skippy has to go but not to worry because being so adorable surely he will be quickly adopted once placed in the local ASPCA. You see – just like the Republicans, this Dad and Mom realize quality of life does not REALLY matter as much as being debt free.

YES – this quite insane scenario is exactly what the Republicans are suggesting on a grand scale level for America. Under a Romney/Ryan administration there will be no federal funding for education, little for infrastructure, minimum if any for medical and health assistance or research, no national arts programs, no federal oversight departments like EPA, HUD or even Department of Education, all assistance programs will be eliminated, Social Security and Medicare will be privatized, national emergency services will also be privatized and more but dam it – we will be debt free – if it is the very last thing this nation does …. I mean REALLY last thing because U.S.A. will be only a shell/remnant of its great self if Romney/Ryan win and the Congress is majority Republican.  We all know that Mitt lies continually but he and his extremist cohorts have let it be known – their REAL truth is to CUT, CUT, CUT everything – everything that made this the great nation it is … this is the proverbial slippery slope my dear fellow Americans – vote straight Democrat November 2012 as if your life depended on it because it REALLY does!!!

P.S. I know what you dear readers are thinking – why no mention of evil doer miscreants in this blog post? … Well here it is: The legally disowned/disinherited younger Michigan “brother” of my hubby [I use quotes because my dear husband REALLY freaks out if anyone suggest he is related to this sloth creature or others in that Michigan, Chicago or Pennsylvania (what a REAL tech expert friend of ours recently titled as a) “den of vipers”] has Romney as a “like” on has Facebook page. Yep, this despite both his parents having been employed all their life as union members in the Detroit auto industry that Democrat Obama saved and Romney said could rot in bankruptcy. Indeed this is exactly the type whose family most needs government programs because his three goofy kids are surely getting grants and government subsidized loans of some sort + his Disney obsessed “scrape booking” chubby nurse wife probably did/doing the same. Trust me that these Michigan middle of middle families I so often reference are definitely NOT entrepreneurial types nor are in anyway creative investors and as such will most definitely only or mostly have social security as the full or majority source of their retirement income/need Medicare for sure … go figure this NEVER 1% moron voting for Mitt, lol. Now remember there will be more REAL details about those pest miscreant types in my memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!.

Note: PLEASE – also vote for my dear gal pal – the amazing, lovely, brilliant and REALLY good person, Kristin Cabral for

Congress in Virginia 10th District (perhaps make a donation to her campaign). I will love you even more if you do this wise thing my darling Virginia readers and then when I doing a 2013 book signing in your area we can celebrate Congresswoman Cabral’s many successes on behalf of her constituency!

P.P.S. I just wanted to thank NJ Governor Christie for his decent testimonial to President Obama’s Emergency Management style and leadership. Good thing one candidate (Obama in case you did not know) wants to keep FEMA. Keep America REALLY Safe – President Obama DEFINITELY has your back U.S.A.!

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  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to
    a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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