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November 15, 2012

A REAL Thanksgiving Day 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The “petit” turkey seen here has on the bottom, in delicately painted gold lettering, “Peint Main, Limoges France, Rose Décor” – this tiny treasure resides along with my other similar gifted items from friends and family in a lighted cabinet in our home library.  No Disney juvenile item filled over crowded curio cabinet in any of my homes – yes, of course, this is a reference to chubby legally disowned/disinherited Disney obsessed Michigan nurse sister-in-law; this mention is just my way of again noting one more thing among so many that I am thankful for this year … I am not her or like any of her cohorts and trust me that is REALLY something to be very thankful for every day of the year. Oh my, such gratitude that fact invokes for me. One must always give thanks for that which exist, as well as that absent – in other words, when I think of the often referenced miscreant evil doer bottom dwellers hubby and I have been forced to deal with this last year, I am REALLY thankful we are not/nor ever could be like them … there but for the grace of G-d go I is what myself and my darling husband, along with our REAL family, friends and colleagues so often express when discussing THE REAL Evil Doers Club™.

Let’s get back to this adorable Limoge item, shall we?  It was a gift from a REAL concierge professional [not like the faux (in my “opinion”) self described “concierge” Chicago house/pet sitter company related to miscreant Michigan nemesis anti-Semitic couple/REALLY short father and brother-in-laws]. This well spoken, very attractive and elegant young man was my personal assistant and concierge in the early 2000’s. I adored him and him I. Along with the abundance of other things I give thanks for this year, I want to share a very poignant Thanksgiving related story about how and why this REAL gentleman blessed me with such a special gift.

I was the last of three children and only much wanted daughter born to my parents, Abraham and Mary, in their early forties. Needless to say, while not “spoiled” in any sense, I was indeed adored and given many opportunities, as well as special treats. My Father was determined that his children have the best of everything … education, travel, fashion, books, etc.. In my well appointed playroom was a custom made floor to ceiling dollhouse complete with furnishings, art replicas, miniature books and every accouterments a fine home would contain.  In this magnificent dollhouse on the antique replica Chippendale style table was miniature china – in the center, on a serving platter sat a “Papier-mache” well molded fully dressed turkey. For some reason that faux food item fascinated me – possibly it was the detailed carving but no matter the analysis, I simply liked seeing it sit on that table for twelve in my amazing dollhouse. My parents were firm in that material things while enjoyable and not to be without appreciation in life, were not ever to be more important than faith, REAL family and friends – this meant that especially my unsentimental quite modern Mother never believed in preserving the past through saved collectibles nor memorabilia. I took after my Father in being a bit more prone to wanting keepsakes to pass on to future generations. Needless to say, my darling Mama was not going to save a paper turkey – returning from University I asked where the dollhouse was and then what happened to the contents. Stored but not included were items like my petit bird was the answer. Certainly not a dramatic child/parent exchange – more humor and acknowledgement that my very erudite and quite clever Mother was not going to indulge her children’s need to falsely depend on the past for gratification of any sort. Obviously, I was a bit obsessed with such items – here I am, all these years later, detailing for you my darling readers the tale of a lost dollhouse turkey. No – not really – as this post is REALLY about that which matters most – being thankful for what is REALLY important in life. You see my personal assistant/concierge young fellow knowing this childhood tale took the time and expense to buy me the Limoges turkey box you see here … he traveled a great distance by cab to my 11 September 2001 hospital bedside to gift me this lovely item when I was recovering from successful in duct situ carcinoma surgery. This very kind person hoped his well chosen gift would lift my spirits and the remembrance of my childhood dollhouse joy would help my recovery – he succeeded in that attempt. Now that, on an otherwise horrific day, is REALLY a reason for giving thanks – surely you all agree.

This has been and continues to be the REALLY fortunate tone of my whole life – the most amazing occurrences during difficult times and spectacular human beings come into my REALLY blessed life – over and over and over again my life is enriched by G-d’s abundant blessings. As my parents taught me and I my own children, one must have the mind to understand, the faith to believe and the heart/soul to experience REAL gifts – that which matters most in life. I am deeply grateful for being the type of person who is able to realize what is REALLY important – appreciate what REALLY counts and NEVER be deterred by the evil types among us. The goal and task I present to you here is to not avoid trouble or strife but instead to travel through toward a better place – a place of gratitude and appreciation for that which you know is REAL and true. This will make each and every day one of Thanksgiving – not always easy but definitely always worth the experience. Oh how I wish this November 2012 holiday themed blog of mine could share all but as before,  I still must remain selective in sharing every detail … the still ongoing litigation and possible civil criminal charges against THE Miscreants™ and my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! obligation limits me for now. Suffice it to say – you must trust me on this – my life journey demonstrates that while blessed from birth with much, I still suffered and REALLY overcame many obstacles later in my life – only to always end up with an abundance of blessings and G-d’s grace in my life.  In fact, my advisers often quip that you can not write very well the stuff of my REAL biography through fiction – only the odd serendipitous quality of reality could have provided such an amazing life story. Unlike the nemesis you read about in my posts, my life need not include a faux demonstration or delusion of status because the truth – good and bad – is so REALLY magnificent. No subterfuge for me – I am thrilled with my reality and pray my REAL life story will comfort and inspire all REALLY worthy people … allowing each day to be a Thanksgiving celebration!!!

Now go hug your friends and family – call those in distance places with affectionate gratitude and help those among us less fortunate this Thanksgiving 2012. Know that I am giving thanks for my soul mate – my husband and the fact that modern science made it possible for us to have children together so late in life, for my REAL family, dear devoted friends, always supportive colleagues, associates and acquaintances  – all who REALLY comfort me and enrich my life in so many ways. I give thanks as well for the legal system and law enforcement professionals who have guided and protected us in  dealing with the “enemies at our gate” this past year. I would be remiss to not mention that I am also eternally grateful for our dear sweet Labrador, Princess Java Argus – yes dear canine; you too will have turkey and fixings again this year. May G-d bless all REALLY good people of the world, this great nation and our leaders.   With REAL joy, I lift my crystal glass to toast you all – hoping we share another year of REAL gratitude and days of giving thanks together!

BTW: My lovely glass will only be filled with non alcoholic beverage for moi is now considering more IVM babies to add to our Eliasz-Solomon family – having read in one of our many pre-natal books that certain substances like alcohol and cigarettes, etc. may affect, among other issues height, my hubby says does not want to take chance that our sons will be extremely short insecure guys like one Michigan bottom dweller [who calls himself/has others refer to him as “Big Al” – lol] and his even shorter – we are talking basically “tiny” – son. You see, my hubby somewhat seems to remember the mother of extremely short son only giving up smoking when this offspring was conceived … anyway – does not matter if my hubby’s remembrances are correct – our only concern is that it seems that short Michigan father, who is part of self acknowledged THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ is insecure about his life and that possibly is due to height problems or as some mental health professionals have suggested to me, impotency problems and we are having to deal with that because it seems to cause him/them to be dangerous to us. As far as maternal issue – what only REALLY matters here is that I would never take risks with my pre-natal health status.

P.S. I am REALLY hoping my dear 80+ Michigan father-in-law is well and will be enjoying Thanksgiving 2012  … knowing [he shared with us often] how, although as he assures us they are very nice folks, he dreads being “dragged” to his chubby nurse daughter-in-law brother’s home each holiday. Not to mention how tiresome Dad tells us he finds being with – again although treat him kindly – his stepson and that man’s overzealous, biblically misinformed preachy born again Christian wife [get this – she REALLY believes Dearborn, Michigan has instituted “sharia law” and she also expressed thinking chubby nurse and her goofy husband have a bad marriage and no G-d in their life … yep – go figure that these bottom dwellers are all now “close”]. Anyway, the REAL tragedy here is why the Michigan miscreant chubby nurse and her goofy husband and their three “sub-par” (in my and my husband’s “opinion”) and routinely intoxicated according to what others tell us appears on Facebook kids can not – as Dad Eliasz expressed wanting so often to myself and my husband during phone chats these last nine years – just have him as a guest for holiday to their own tiny [overcrowded with multiple pets] abode is beyond hubby and I; one supposes selfishness, laziness or just plain disregard for what this kind senior REALLY needs is the sorrowful answer. If only we could convince this sweet man to move in with us … he would have his own suite of rooms and be doted on appropriately – maybe G-d will make that a reality but if not, hubby and I will figure out a way to see him as soon as we are advised it is safe for us to travel to Michigan. Stay tune dear readers – this and more REAL situations will be discussed – when appropriate here in my blog and certainly in media outlets as mine and my husband’s books are published and court dates begin happening.

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