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January 30, 2013

Would a REAL Feminist Like Me Pose for Playboy … You Betcha!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tereza_Fur_Facebook2A few years after my first husband passed away in spring 2001, I was meeting someone for dinner at Philadelphia’s  wonderful Capital Grille restaurant in Center City. When I arrived my dinner companion was chatting with a group of gorgeous ladies … introducing me, these gals were sweet and complimentary toward me. Off to dine in the perfectly lighted to look your best dining room – you see this fine restaurant smartly has designed lighting that is quite flattering. After a delicious meal, I went to use the ladies lavatory … OMG – not the same lighting there and I audibly began bemoaning the fact that my 40+ face looked very different than I was told I did in the dining room. At that point one of those very attractive ladies that my diner companion had previously introduced me to joined me at the mirror. Having heard my concerns, this gal assured me that I looked just fine and then asked in a very polite fashion my age. I never lie and so told her 48. Wow she said – then expressed admiration and an invitation. Yes – An invite to come dance at the famous REAL gentleman club in my fair city of brotherly love where she worked. “Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!” I exclaimed. Why is my response worth noting you ask? The answer is that being REALLY multiple degreed – considering myself a seriously intellectual and well  read feminist would have precluded my being grateful at such a suggestion when I was in my 20’s or 30’s but then in my late 40’s – oh baby – such a nice offer. Of course, I did not desire nor need to take this generous offer seriously and I have no REAL dancing talent anyway. But still I will discuss and explain here why REAL liberation – REAL feminism means all choices for we women should be doable and equally acceptable … that is only if each is REALLY our own choice.

My erudition prone dear mother and I both joined N.O.W. at its inception – likewise, we mother and daughter team subscribed, read and gifted Ms. Magazine early on. In fact, my amazing mother used her so called maiden name as a middle name long before it was fashionable. My lineage of feminist thinking is solid – even my Bubbe was an atypical Jewish grandmother. Bessy Solomon was well read and REALLY smart … not necessarily as great a cook as other grandmothers but a force to be reckon with and admired. I have written in previous blog posts that my civil rights activist father, Abraham, was also a feminist – he thought no differently about my responsibilities nor opportunities as his only daughter, than he did for my two older brothers. By now my dear readers are aware of the fact that my second husband legally took my last name and have our children do the same and so for that and many other reasons, including his constant concern about women’s rights, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon is too a feminist and he has no problem being married to a REALLY strong and capable woman [this time, lol]. My best friend for over thirty years is a guy – my amazing “brother” Markie treats me as his complete equal and my many other male friends, colleagues and acquaintances treat me likewise – as an equal. One must ask if I am just lucky or do I just pick REALLY liberated men to be a part of my life or is it that I will not tolerate less than being treated equal? Answer probably a combination of all those factors. Still there have been times that one or more males have attempted to marginalize me – ignore and/or challenge has been my response … I have shared in other posts that I do not accept being the “damsel in distress” in meetings or anywhere else. My blog has also referenced more than once the many men who have been my heroes – rescuing and protecting me from REAL enemies – most recently from The Miscreants™.  Let me not be remiss here – women have also been my heroes and I theirs … gender not a prerequisite to REALLY supportive relationships. My being a feminist has not precluded dependency and need for help from men at certain times … more than can be enumerated here are the occasions when ,my husband, my best friend Mark Kronberger, my daily companion and driver Jim Baker, my male associates and colleagues have come to my defense – they have each unselfishly assisted and guided me. The difference between how my guys and those other women relate to far too often, is that those in my life never make me feel the lesser for their presence nor do I them. My male interactions are a sort of “right back at you” give and take in that I receive and I offer to/from these fine men the same in our codependency relationship status. The last few years have blessed me with a publicist, attorneys and quite recently writer/co-author Michael Charton – all guys who make my success possible while caring about me personally in a REALLY committed fashion. Far too many men to list – even acquaintances [some met through social media sites] that have meant so much to me and helped me in many ways. As it is with women in my life, these men have brought REAL comfort and joy to my daily existence. Truth be told – I experience absolutely no difference and no REAL gender gap between the ladies or the gentleman I have surrounding me. One must question whether that is on account of my own equality outlook or theirs – either way, it remains an informative aspect of my life that gender does not define my most important relationships. There is never any question as to the motivation of my male friends – I am VERY married and so there is never an issue as to the purity of my male friendships; you can easily understand that my own lifelong sense of dignity forsakes any male/female role confusion and that eliminates the possibility of faux or misunderstood intentions. Ladies – it is our job to make our position known – never let your own insecurity lead to a questionable friendship or work relationship with a man. I never feel objectified – not allowed in my life and no woman should accept less than a REALLY respectful and equal platonic bond with the men she includes in her world. Obviously, this also means we must all – men and women alike – fight the current and increasing misogynistic attitude/REAL war on women here in the United States and worldwide.

All right – now lets get back to Playboy Magazine possibilities. In my previous blog post I mentioned how my hair seemed to be developing its own meme on the internet … much chatter, especially from members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™.  Well now – that is not the first obsessed with me utterance from that group … a few years ago chubby legally disowned/disinherited Michigan nurse suggested my attractiveness [according to her friends on Facebook] was on account of all  “the work [I] had done”. Never bearing false witness – I immediately and happily responded by listing each and every medical, dental and cosmetic procedure I had, to date, completed. The requisite braces were 2x for me, breast lifted after in duct situ carcinoma surgery, a wee bit of knee [which were a little chunky from life long sports and running activity] and buttocks liposuction and then (most recent at that point) facial Thermage. I assured the Michigan idiot that more would be done ASAP and I would forward details and photos. Now let me assure you that REALLY good nutrition, no drugs, minimal alcohol, constant exercise, attention to skin, oral health, etc. + meditation and prayer all contribute to my internal and external well being and appearance. This is related to a potential magazine pictorial because after all I have been through, if after my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published, any REALLY classy periodical deems me a lady they want to appropriately and respectively include in their pages – I say YES! I must qualify that affirmative by saying there are still post pregnancy multiple must dos on face and body that will come first on my agenda – then we can take tasteful and hubby approved photos for Playboy and such!!!

BikiniTerezaP.S. Seen here is a REAL travel photo of moi … swimming in the Mediterranean Sea Resort near Tel Aviv Israel. I know – quite distant but all dear hubby will allow me to share at this point. I am working on convincing my darling that a close-up body photo of me is perfectly acceptable. Stay tuned – much “more” to come!!!

January 28, 2013

Faux Charitable Acts

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Upon three things the world stands: upon Torah, upon Prayer and upon acts of kindness.”

— Ethics of Our Fathers, Chapter 1: V. 2

Our Sons' Tzedakah BoxThat which instructs my acts of charity – giving to others – is informed by my Jewish faith, as others are by their Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Humanism, etc. faiths and philosophies. The Talmud is very specific in delineating that which is REAL and that false concerning good deeds, charity and acts of kindness … anonymous giving ranks first and foremost in G-d’s eyes as one is then REALLY without selfish or self ingratiating motives. Surely none of us – including myself is without avarice and need of affirmation when we extend a helping hand but blatant self promotion is definitely an affront to G-d if that is what one primarily seeks as a sort of repayment for a charitable act. In other blog posts I have written, presented and made mention of my REAL charitable involvements – even sharing my REAL documents, awards and letters of appreciation from such involvement  – thus I could and would never claim to have reached perfect Judaic posture by remaining unknown in those activities. However, my lifelong REAL devotion to REAL family, friends and worldwide causes remain far too many to list or be boastful about … yes, I consider it braggart and yet not necessarily a evil thing to “show off” such matters if the impetus is pure. The wrong doing is denoted (especially) when minimal and sparse efforts are apparently presented to create an illusion of charity, with no REAL unselfish intent. In other words, those thinking that all their REALLY negative and damaging and even criminal actions can or will be assuaged by a single or two good deed [REALLY nothing more than self-aggrandizing act] are quite delusional, for neither the legal system nor G-d forgets or forgives REAL evil.

My involvement in charitable and outreach organizations are and have always been local, national and international … these categorizations are important as this too references what my Jewish faith demands concerning such endeavors. Judaism states that only when an individual REALLY takes cares of “their own” – their REAL family, friends and community – can larger scoped good deeds be deemed worthy of praise. In other words, doing good just to be faking appearances of worldly sophistication is not accepted as worthwhile – especially when one is a poseur and has also done some very disgusting and hateful acts simultaneously. Yes, I feel grateful for those few poor souls the “accidental” self congratulatory do gooder might have helped but there is no REAL glory in such subterfuges. We all – especially me – have seen/known the type who would probably never consider helping an inner city Detroit minority youth because no feel good back slapping would be forthcoming and yet that same faux character will do a group paid for Kenyon or Haiti [with REALLY minimal resulting benefits for those supposedly being helped that I have been able to discover] “mission” trip in order to get a one time photo op for Facebook or lure their delusional minds into believing they are a good person. You must trust me on this – I have the REAL facts on just such a (one in particular) member of my nemesis THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and I am quite sure each of you knows similar ridiculous types. Listen my dear readers, I and my husband have donated money, and dressed in gown and tux to sit through far too many to remember fund raiser charity balls … faces we were in crowds for photo-ops that helped raise awareness for that cause. But equally my REAL family, friends, husband and I have done multiple behind the scenes REALLY hard work for national and international programs. Also, as important – my husband and I have done nearly Herculean acts of charity and assistance for many of our REAL friends and family – for individuals we cared about and at times persons almost strangers that were in need.  I would be remiss to not mention that many have done similar heroic acts to assist myself and husband. Among my REAL family, friends and colleagues the many, many personal and public aspects of their charitable deeds are truly stunning – so many absolutely amazing efforts and acts of kindness and REAL unselfish tasks at their own expense to help others that I am in constant awe of these people who have blessed and honored my life with their presence. One example is when dear friend and the man that helps keep my beautiful outside, Dr. Richard Glunk, REALLY unselfishly flew to Haiti to help after the recent earthquake … my darling and talented friend, gave up substantial earnings from patients to attend to the victims of that horrible disaster. Nothing intrinsically wrong in any way with either quiet anonymous or publicly championed acts of charity but the REAL truth is if only the posed and affectation effort were part of who we were, then neither our communities nor G-d should look fondly on our efforts … no matter how well intended nor the few who had benefited.

As a practicing Jew, I assure you that even the most subtle anti-Semitism does not go unnoticed and I am REALLY blessed with REAL Christians in my life who also recognize such directed insult and intent from the loathsome … most recently from and by those of The Miscreants™ that we are suing and that law enforcement are investigating. These hateful persons have posted on social media sites [as I have detailed in previous blog posts] more than one pointed anti-Semitic remark. In fact, their insinuations and comments were so egregious that my husband insisted Prosecutors and our lawyers seriously consider including “hate crimes” charges and lawsuits against these enemies. This relates to charity in that they – particular one female definitely guilty of anti-Semitism toward myself and my children, manically posts/claims charitable deeds. In my blog post on 11 December 2012, Chanukah – Defeating Enemies through G-d’s Real Miracles! I shared biblical reference to those who thwart or hurt the chosen people, Israel and we Jews shall be punished by G-d. How is it then that this idiot woman thinks a one or two time faux postured charitable act which she narcissistically brags about, along with nearly illiterate bible Christian Facebook notations, will keep her from the wrath of the L-rd??? This “evil doer” Michigan female is not without company in that many do similar … why even the Nazis were said to love their families and give charity to those that would flatter their bogus and evil existences. Outrage was the tonality of the individual who once again saw my nemesis posturing her minimal good deeds on Facebook … considering the REAL truth my dear colleague is aware of concerning this creature and her cohorts, my non-Jewish supporter was furious when she spotted a faux display of “Christian” generosity by this vicious Michigan woman. After all, my Jewish faith – the foundation of all others – is not singular in condemning braggarts of charitable efforts – the New Testament in Matthew 6::3 warns “… do not let thy left hand know what your right hand is doing.”. You see REAL goodness is evident and fallacious effort eventually – most times by the perpetrators own words and misdeeds – exposed for the entire world to see and understand. In her book,  Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti,  the [Jewish] writer Amy Wilentz expresses a similar concern to my own in reference to the poseurs of self congratulatory charitable acts by Americans; her book and recent related NPR interview is enlightening as to explaining that despite some minor benefits to those being administrated to, no REAL selfless nor permanent accomplishments are left behind. Odd that my husband and I decided to purchase this book and then heard Ms. Wilentz being interviewed on NPR this week – as is so often the case for us, the stunning coincidence affirmed that we are not singular in being put off and suspicious of faux dictated quid pro quo “Christian” charitable effort as those showed off on our Michigan nemesis Facebook page … quite troublesome that our personal foe is not alone in such questionable activities. The answer is not to prevent honest and REAL efforts to help the world’s many struggling people – the answer instead is that we must not be false in our concerns nor demanding of return acceptance of a faith or philosophy as our paid currency!

P.S. The photo above is of the Tzedakah Box, which my Jewish faith uses to help our children learn the important values which are “The Foundation of the World this was bought for my twin sons, Aleksander Benjamin and Chase Josef Eliasz-Solomon … the ONLY REAL children of my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon. As always, I ask that you read my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! for all the REAL details on how my dear REALLY good Catholic husband became the Father of Jewish children – courtesy of me, his REALLY devoted and REALLY charitable Jewish wife. Also included in my memoir will be full and REAL details of what my husband and I decided to call our “caring and sharing plan” – that is what we will do for REALLY worthwhile REAL family and friends [never ever will any of The Miscreants™ benefit of course] at each year’s end as our blessing of personal fortune [from multiple endeavors] grows … proofing that old adage true “charity REALLY does begin at home”!

Note: There REALLY are too many to list … my multiple organizations and charitable efforts are at times overwhelming – rendering my email inbox full of daily messages. A particular important international cause that has gotten my considerable attention and determined need to travel the globe the last few years is … we/this group of dedicated individuals REALLY believe that next world [U.S.A. included] human crisis will be clean water. Please join me via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. in discovering what you can REALLY do to give the entire world’s population sustainable and available water. Among this decades old organization’s leading members are many dignitaries, artists of all disciplines [including actor Matt Damon], scientists, journalists, NGO (non government organizations – a long time favorite of mine in all things humanitarian) types, government officials, dignitaries, philanthropies of all sorts and everyday citizens who REALLY care!!!

19jAN2013 190F.Y.I. The lovely fashion photo I decided to share with you here is a wee bit of a “poke” at a certain [in my and my husband who knows this creature since his 20’s opinion] “manic fake Christian” Michigan miscreant female … you see, my sensibilities were as equally (slightly) offended when I saw this photo in my December 2012 Town & Country Magazine, as when I was shown [apparently still obsessed with me] Michigan chic posturing her “mission” Kenya photo with youths she supposedly cared about; we find her seriously delusional as to her own character because this same individual has been hateful, threatening and extremely anti-Semitic toward myself, my husband and our REAL children – not to mention insulated in her all white suburban middle of middle of middle American Detroit suburb home. No amount of sartorial symbols can obfuscate REAL evil nor lack of true compassion. By the way, this T & C photo’s model is REALLY far more attractive than loser lady from Michigan and still probably less narcissist egocentric … just saying!

January 26, 2013

Hair ♀ Sperm ♂ Quotient … Why Both REALLY Matter

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SomethingAboutTCameron Diaz demonstrates well in the movie  Something About Mary that hair♀ and ♂ sperm can be comically combined … in my own life apparently my nemesis are much concerned with both of these body parts. I know – my life is unique and I REALLY love it. You see there has been quite a bit of internet chatter in reference to my hair ♀ and my hubby’s ♂ sperm from The Miscreants™ ” and THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ and who my attorneys/law enforcement suspect are their cohorts; even in Court my hubby’s REALLY unattractive ex-wife made an issue out of my darling’s REALLY virile ♂ sperm by having him questioned as to how he got moi – his 50+ year old wife pregnant. By the way, my Court  buddies tell me hubby proudly displayed two thumbs up when questioned about my miraculous gestation status. Of course, we had marvelous technology and the most amazing fertility specialist assist us in achieving the goal of REAL parenthood so late in life – my blog, The Feminist Fertility Toolbox™ post of 31 July 2012 details and gives solid advice on the how-to for others wanting to do the same. Anyway, back to the obsession with my REALLY well coiffed hair ♀ and my husband’s super ♂ sperm – the envious bottom dwellers have gone nearly mad trying to figure out how I look so damn good and got pregnant at my age … luck, brains, determination and unlike them, REALLY good genes is probably at least part of the answer. Speaking of genetics – I REALLY hope evilness and stupidity is not easily inherited by grandchildren –  bad enough most [adult] offspring of The Miscreants™ seem equally low status as their parents, G-d forbid their grandchildren are as well … I personally find the multi-generational breeding of bottom dwellers to be quite frightening. Oh well, what can one say – maybe not all bad qualities get passed down through the generations … one can only hope and besides the other half of the genetic mix might just overcome the loathsome qualities The Miscreants™ could pass on to a grandchild/great-grandchild. The REAL fact is that unlike members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ neither myself nor my husband wish ill on others … unlike our enemies who put my babies in jeopardy with a *“evil eye”, we do not do likewise with their innocent unborn grandchild, as only G-d can be the final determinant of destiny and justice. The lack of hubris and innate awareness as to the L-rd’s universal oversight when one wishes ill on another is stunning in these middle of the middle bottom dwellers – call it ironic or justice or happenstance but more often than not,  life teaches harsh lessons to those determined to unjustly harm others. For now it is enough comfort for me that REALLY good people – like so many in my life – raise wonderful children and amazing grandchildren to brighten this world and make my daily existence full of joy.  I digress, for here the topic I want to explore is what quotients of all sorts mean and how you, like me, can benefit from such configurations. A bit of math and a lot of intuition is involved – trust me, you will REALLY enjoy reading my take on this topic my darling readers.

The term quotient is usually about math formulas – derivatives of two factors that then influence or determine a third. Everyone has heard of I.Q. [Intelligence Quotients] and I wrote about Pregnancy Klout in my blog post of 24 July 2012 – Klout is the quotient that those of us famous or infamous have as a determinant accounting of popularity and hence marketability [mine has been consistently high – shows you that all press – even lies and misrepresentations by members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ ” REALLY does $‘$ pay off when you are REALLY worthwhile like myself and my husband]. Other quotient status include Social I.Q. – how well one handles public interaction and personal relationships and there are many more types and venues that involve a comparative of factors that will result in the end result or applicable quotient derivative. Somehow my hair ♀ has gotten its very own quotient … my darling full time hairdresser and others I use when traveling equal mention on social media sites. Wow – great right? Truth be told, I like many ♀ women, have decided that only professional hair care makes one look REALLY well turned out on a daily basis. By now you know that a few of the female♀ miscreant types live in Michigan – I know they have hairdressers there because I went to a few and hubby’s home henna rinsed looking ex-wife lives in Pennsylvania – which for the most part [until mid 2013] has been my majority residence and thus I REALLY am sure there are hairdressers in that state. Why the hell these loser chicks ♀ do not take advantage of such services that they so obviously need is REALLY beyond my comprehension – even more confusing is why the concern with my hair ♀. Oh wait, sorry – the answer is pure and simple – they are nearly sick with envy about my appearance [which I work diligently on each and every day through exercise, nutrition, beauty/health treatments]; the female ♀ miscreants are so full of jealously as to deny any other ♀ woman’s REAL attractiveness, whereas as I am humble and admiring of other women ♀ who like myself REALLY take care of themselves and those with simple intrinsic beauty. I am not normally this vicious about other ♀ women – in fact I see beauty in most but damn it – these creepy chicks ♀ are so REALLY unattractive, and even the one who gives it a try mostly appears manic in Facebook photos, that one can not help but comment on their true ugliness. Just a side note – someone showed me, hubby and friends one of the Michigan miscreant holiday Facebook profile pictures – ALL in the room said OMG – she is so trying to imitate me [her half turned profile pose is almost exactly as my last blog post “Chat with Tereza” photo (until a few days ago, seen here) and her newly styled  hair, although not as well coiffed as my own, similar in style and even her cheap makeup appears to mimic my own obviously more expensive cosmetics]. What is it they say about imitation being a form of flattery – thinking this (M.W.) Michigan ♀ chick is just unstable and just a wee bit fixated on me.  Sad really – don’t you agree – that my very existence has invoked such obvious angst and frustration among the lesser types. Oh well – so be it. Yes I admit to not being without sin here in that I have been known to do a great imitation of hubby’s buck teeth, long nosed, low class speaking, nasal voiced/snorting [I swear – even my hubby’s family law attorney heard this bitch snort] ex-wife … I have been asked by and made a promise to  my gal ♀ pals that during our August 2013 REAL luxury cruise for my Goddess Crew™ [to celebrate ALL the gals ♀ in my life and promote my end 2013 memoir book/movie deal] I would do — 10 minutes routine of THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™  before the professional entertainment takes the stage for our final evening at sea banquet. One of my favorite audiences is at the Court where my husband’s ex-wife of nearly 20 years kept lying and attempting to get “child” support not REALLY owed her for adult offspring – my supportive friends there REALLY seem to love it when I do my hubby’s ex-wife mockery. Seriously, when I first met the ex-wife, I thought “How the hell could someone as attractive – both inside and outside – as my husband ever be married to this person?” … others seeing, hearing and knowing her have expressed exactly the same sentiment [including but not limited to her new found chubby Michigan nurse buddy].

Tereza Jan 2013Lets talk about hair shall we? My own nutritionist and other professionals writings suggest that mental health illness, along with physical maladies can manifest as a presentation in “bad” looking hair … hair that is REALLY unhealthy in appearance and I have to say [have seen many photos as REAL proof] that all three of the female 50+ adult members [yes there are junior versions as well] of The Miscreants™ ” have very straw like, unnatural kinky for Caucasians, rough looking hair. Hmm – just saying. Now I readily admit that personally I have zero hair styling talent and thankfully professionals have always been available to make me look good but still there have been a few times in my life where even my limited self styling abilities had moi looking much healthier in the hair department than loser miscreant chicks no matter a now and again visit to a salon they might have indulged in somewhere in their middle of middle neighborhoods. All my professional hairdressers and my dermatologist tell me that I have been blessed with genetically REALLY good hair … hubby and I have speculated for some time that poor DNA might be at the core of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ ” maladies, physical lack of attractiveness and mental problems but who knows, it could be environmental or something else that will be made transparent in upcoming civil and possible criminal litigation situations we are REALLY pursuing against them. I admit to being blessed – having at one time and now planning the same soon, a professional hairdresser actually stop by my home almost daily and always prior to special events … the last nine years it was almost daily visits to my dear goddess friend’s salon for styling, color, conditioning, trims, etc.. Even when traveling I arrange in advance for professional hair stylist but this post is not about my advantages – all of which I am grateful for – it is instead about the total insanity that the jealous envy of my nemesis has perpetrated on social media concerning my hair ♀ … mocking that I REALLY do have a professional hairdresser at all times and even suggesting I wear a wig [which I do not]. Oddly, my own Philadelphia suburban hairdresser has long time clients who are not fashionista or well off or have book contracts like myself … in other words only the loser miscreant females seem to think it an oddity that one frequents a  hair salon or has a consistent hairdresser in ones life. Oh well, you darling readers will see for yourself when trial photos and my book pictures are available … although my own attorneys think The Miscreants™ ” women will be advised to “spruce up” by their lawyers in advance, lol. Oh yes, one more thing – the NYC trichologist [medical hair & scalp specialist] I have seen a few times advises that cheap cocktails and beer guzzling is not good for skin and hair … hint to women ♀ of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ ” and their young daughters [yep – them too – I have seen REAL photos of these junior miscreants gals ♀ throwing back/consuming lots of  booze and of course THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ own daughter was sanctioned at Drexel University for drunkenness of which I am in possession of records I subpoenaed on that and other matters].

All right – now we will discuss the other quotient topic at hand [no pun intended] – that is my hubby’s REALLY attractive and REALLY virile ♂ sperm. I am serious … the lab that did our fertility testing determined that my man’s swimmers were very healthy, vibrant, had great motility and were REALLY [at least now – hint – more in my book] genetically sound. You see on account of our ages [hubby in 50’s but 5 years my junior] and because we suffered a tragic miscarriage when first married in 2003, we and my doctors decided both my ♀ eggs [which thank G-d I was still able to produce with medication assistance] and my husband’s ♂ spermatozoa should be tested prior to IVF/IVM procedures. Even the medical professionals were impressed … we two are blessed with REALLY excellent genetic health even at this stage of our life. Ok – back to my darling lover boy’s ♂ sperm and the glory of my being able to finally give him the children he always desired and deserved. Expensive, time consuming and often uncomfortable – but we two were determined to have children; I will detail all REAL scenarios and facts in my end 2013 memoir but suffice it to say here that nothing and no one was going to stop our quest for a family. I will share that my husband considers our children his ONLY offspring and he has made it a REAL legal permanent fact that they are his ONLY REAL children – anything else was a youthful error is how he explains it and he thanks G-d the legal system provided a venue to make it a REAL fact [legal disowning, 100% legal disinheritance and legal name changing, et al.] that those children born to our marriage are his ONLY children. Never mind that for many reasons and at many times he actually has doubted that his ex-wife’s three children were his biological offspring – no matter because now, thanks to our/our attorneys efforts, the law says they are now and never again can ever be named as the children of my husband. I know my readers will be very interested in that part of my book – much to learn for many. On a funnier note, I got a call last year on my  iphone that began with “Hello, is this Tereza? We are calling about your husband’s ♂ sperm.” – Well of course I responded with my usual quick humor “Why, what has it done now?”; it was actually the medical facility where we stored hubby’s “item” in case we wanted to fertilize more eggs [we actually still have more already frozen fertilized eggs for which we are now considering a gestational carrier to help us add to (my personally carried/gestated) our twin sons as siblings].

For now – my considerably attractive ♀ hair and my hubby’s great ♂ sperm are safe and REALLY content – looking forward to a REALLY blessed and happy life. I think you will want to keep reading my and my husband’s blogs because our story continues to get more and more interesting. Thankfully, our REALLY inspired life is never detoured by the cacophony of ridiculous and hateful rhetoric and so hubby and I – as always – are moving forward in our productivity. By the way, I hope you all enjoy my various hair styles … obviously not the most important thing in life but it is still nice to be REALLY well coiffed and it is definitely a plus to have REALLY active ♂ sperm at our REALLY nice  homes. In my memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include some of my own REAL hair photos and possibly a few of The Miscreants™ female REALLY unattractive hair photos as well … you my darling readers can be the judge but for now I will continue to REALLY love my hairdressers. Stay tuned – thinking hubby and my combined hair and sperm quotient might just get its own popularized meme soon!!!

*Note: While this, like some of the others I have written, blog post is meant to be somewhat humorous and yet still informative … do not think the idea of REALLY evil people, who my husband nor I ever harmed or even cared about, attempting to harm us – defame, threaten and harass us – is not a serious matter. As you my dear readers know we are pursuing multiple REAL lawsuits against The Miscreants™ and law enforcement is REALLY actively investigating possible civil criminal charges against them. As a Jew, I believe that the idea of what we call a Kineahora (“evil eye”) was issued against my babies by these devils [other cultures have similar attitudes and terms for such disgusting acts], which is not to be considered trivial … the REAL fact is that such loathsome tonality about my pregnancies and children could have manifested into REAL harm – more REAL details in my book. For now G-d and the legal system will deal with my enemies!

January 24, 2013

Me and Davos

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

World Economic Forum in DavosMany gals dream of traveling to luxury resorts … which I have REALLY frequently done. Other ladies dream of dining in fine bistros … which I most definitely REALLY have done. Still others of the female gender dream of shopping in the best and most glamorous stores … which I have also REALLY often done. Quite a few women dream of having a REAL full time hairdresser … which you my dear readers know I definitely am thrilled with REALLY having. Of course, most women – I included – dream of a good marriage and children … which I have been blessed to REALLY being able to have achieved. For me, one of the to date not yet realized dreams has been (for many years) to be attending the Davos World Economic Forum that occurs annually in the Alpine beauty of Davos, Switzerland during the month of January. I believe my desire to participate in this important event probably first began in the mid 1980’s but at that time it was mostly the purview of government officials and economist types. Fortunately for me, recent years have opened Davos to other disciplines and individuals from varied spheres of influence. My dear father, Abraham, thought I might consider a post graduate degree at our Philadelphia iconic Wharton School because my interest in world economy and its affects on humanity seemed evident. But alas, except for a few Temple University undergraduate courses [statistics, econ 101, etc.] and peripheral non-credit graduate school participation, I did not pursue a degree in finance. Choosing medicine and law was a tried and true chosen pursuit instead for a nice Jewish girl like me … and yet I never waned from desires to participate in Davos and other similar events because I REALLY believe all things human are economic in one or another sense. I have morphed into sort of “renaissance” type – for this much credit is owed to my wise erudite parents who promoted an eclectic life. Never resting on ones laurels so to speak was the tonality of the household I was raised in and me likewise with my own. So it is with new found opportunities [book deal, et al.] that I asked my dear publicist to include Davos in my life “bucket list” asap. Allow me to enlighten and inform you on the why and wherefore – the REAL importance to all humanity – that venues like Davos present. Who knows maybe you and me will be meeting up in the great halls where such weighty matters are discussed … besides, I have been to Switzerland and I can assure you that the skiing there is marvelous.

I find the 2013 theme of this annual forum interesting – “Resilient Dynamism” that was described by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the event as “the ability to respond to the many global risks we currently face, and to seize the opportunities it provides.”. It is this broadly stated task that the 2,655 academics, business leaders, government officials, politicians, artist types and want to be world shapers will be discussing this year in Switzerland. The world truly has become one in economic terms – it used to be said that “when the United States sneezes, the world caught a cold” but now it is equally a truism that all nations get ill on account of one small corner of the globes bad health. Unkemptness in one local market can result in a worldwide economic pandemic. Modernity denotes that we all are REALLY our brothers and sisters keepers – no going back folks – we are in this global market together forever and we must address the good and bad as such. Now there is no need for some of you to get xenophobic at this point … I am NOT in any way suggesting that neither our nor any other nation suspend its individual currency or singular economy. Instead I am insisting we all grow up – the current and permanent world economy denotes a shared and interactive planetary effort. Surely, we Americans realize that fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere entails a global effort … our embassies being attacked equally denoting of the need to engage outside the U.S. borders in all venues. Not only humanitarian imperatives but economics necessitates world involvement – after all, we REALLY need trading partners. Simply put – if other nations are stable and prosper, they can buy our stuff – then we have more employment and entrepreneurial stability. Yes, I know – sounds selfish and a bit predatory but it is simply math … all countries when vital in economic terms will be good partners on the international stage. One only need examine the post WWII Marshall Plan to understand we prosperous nations would and did fund the economies of even previously sworn enemy nations – it was not a purely humanitarian selfless act that led America to rebuild Europe and Japan after WWII. What post war U.S.A. and our allies realized was the undeniable fact that only by improving the economic status of other nations would the world ever be REALLY stable again – defeating the ultimate evil of Nazi fascism was not going to be enough to restore the global populace to productivity. It is fully a compatible scenario with the current fight against global radical terrorism that we prosperous nations be forward thinking and actively supporting building other countries and our own economies … Germany is the perfect offspring example of what we did post WWII to ensure a vital European economy that would then affect positively America’s and the world financial markets. In an upcoming blog post I discuss the idea that “charity REALLY does begin at home” but not with full success if the larger community suffers.

JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, addressed perfectly the banking situation during an opening panel discussion at Davos this week.. Dimon said that what the banking industry needs “is not more regulation or less: you need good, strong and proper regulation.”. I agree – the stupefying argument from extremist on the very liberal left and the very conservative right sides of political diatribe both suffer from too much tunnel vision and self interest motives. Still the adage “too big to fail” that banks invoked four to five years ago when begging for U.S. Federal bail outs is ridiculous … if you are so large as to be without self regulation or discipline, then maybe your business structure is outdated or possibly too burdensome for society. Reasonable legislation and strong oversight must rule the day – serious and sophisticated discourse is only avenue toward proper administration of the world’s economy. Some liken a national budget to a family money plan … yes and no – there is definitely the salient point that one needs to set aside funds for all eventualities whether a family or nation. The comparisons the groups like America’s so called Tea Party in their insistence that we not raise our U.S.A. debt ceiling in order to force budget cuts – as they suggest families do in order to pay necessitated bills – is quite absurd. The REAL fact is a national budget is much more like a business than a family – it is the need to spend money to make money that companies know to be true that is more similar on account of a nation’s need to fund growth to develop their economies. No need to look further than Greece to understand that austerity measures REALLY do not work … it is simply math – persons receiving subsidies spend those funds on goods and so businesses thrive and money circulates. See – simple – right? Well not really a simplistic theory but still proven to be a historical truism.  Anyway, I will definitely be putting my opinions into play when I finally get that dream to come true … me at Davos World Economic Forum by 2016 or 2017 – surely doable after my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!   is published. You must trust me – my being there will be no more an oddity than this year’s included Major League Baseball star Derek Jeter being a guest at a Davos luncheon sponsored by Pepsi!

P.S. What no mention of The Miscreants™ you say … all right – listen: There is no possible way those idiots know what Davos even is and I REALLY know they have never read my favorite generalist periodical The Economist, which by the way is NOT a economics tome but instead a world wide and multiple topic amazing erudite and REALLY enjoyable magazine. On a REALLY serious note, folks in the know have shared with my very protective husband and I that Davos is a secured venue … which reassures us members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ would not be a threat during my attendance. Stay tuned – obviously I will be blogging about my eventual Davos invite, as well as the entire swell group of attendees, great food and skiing there. Question now is – what shall I wear???

January 20, 2013

A REALLY Well Regulated Militia or Why the 2nd Amendment Is Misinterpreted

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

We The People .. ConstitutionThe Founders did not intend nor anticipate each and every citizen of The United States of America to have in their possession multiple deadly weaponry. This nation was created at a time when the “right to bear arms” was reasoned as a response to an oppressive overload – Great Britain. Additionally, America was to be the place where all citizens – no matter status – could and would have the ability to defend themselves but we must remember that this was at a time when no real authoritative protective body like police, National Guard, et al. existed in order to protect and defend the entire populace. So you see this madness – arcane idea – that all of us should be personally and individually armed as if in the military is not what the Constitution allows for or defines as legal. Trust me that I am not in anyway a devotee of passivity … I am a committed proud American Jewish Zionist and as I have written in other blog post, as a victim of crime [vandalism, threats, etc.] I REALLY believe in self defense. In fact, I admonish women who suggest they would be unable or unwilling to use lethal force to protect themselves … I would never hesitate in that type of situation. So you see this blog post is not the usual so called “liberal bias” rhetoric to have all guns taken from law abiding Americans … no, no, no – it is instead my law school and well read/studied take on the REAL issues concerning reasonable and necessary gun control. My sensibilities are informed by my own historical Jewish plight – I, more than most, fear government overreach and would never endorse living under extreme Federal legislative control in reference to ones ability to protect their home and family. This however does not mean unbridled and unlimited gun ownership – contrary in that the good and the evil now, unfortunately, have equal access to deadly force without fully enforced laws and guidelines and that renders many helpless victims.

The 2nd Amendment, as all our original Constitutional structured laws, was meant to be interpreted and reinterpreted as the young nation grew and morphed. Supreme Court justices who rally and pontificate about “original intent” often have me chuckling as they seem almost to suggest meeting in séance fashion with our Founders. Of course, most who claim 100% adherence to the Constitutional design negate all inference to the Founders own diaries and writings suggesting otherwise … one can ask if that is a convenient lapse in scholarship or an attempt to ignore the REAL truths that this great country is based on. We have become an armed camp – never sure where and when our fellow citizen will take their and our life into jeopardy. The recent Sandy Hook tragedy [see my blog post Bless the Beasts and the Children, 16 December 2012] has opened a serious dialogue about gun control in D.C. and of course, as expected the National Rifle Association is lobbying to stop any/all attempts to regulate more effectively who, when, what and how gun ownership in U.S.A. occurs. Ignored is the reality of other nations – including my beloved, enemy surrounded ancestral homeland of Israel – who regulates well and has almost zero accidental or mass murders fatalities. Must we not at least ask – why are other countries so unlike our great nation that has almost weekly tragic gun deaths and in some inner city places like Chicago, daily loss of life to gun violence? We do not ask because of REALLY great extremist public relations efforts and the capitalist aspect that is perpetrated by gun manufacturers … thus it is simple fear and profit at the core of America’s gun problem. Poor simple minded Americans have allowed themselves to be prodded like cattle into thinking they autonomously  believe they need massive guns and ammunition in their homes to be REALLY safe … again neither my husband nor I are against personal legal gun ownership for those not a threat to others and for  those capable of safe and responsible actions concerning firearms.

My current and now forever REAL family reality is that we [me, my husband and children] need professional protection on account of The Miscreants™ I write about so often. So you can understand that I am in no way denying that one should be in control of their own and family safety – instead what I am REALLY stating is that well regulated means just that – a detailed and reasonable situation so that ALL citizens can be safe. Think about all I have shared with you … the 2003 extensive home vandalism by my husband’s ex-wife’s three children, the death phone threat to my husband by her then teenage son and that boy’s [now 20 something] hospitalization for violent behavior/school terrorist threats in high school and more recent internet/voice mail threats from THE REAL Evil Doers Club™, etc. – all this in my personal life would not render myself silly enough to think people like these nemesis should ever have the right to have guns nor that husband and I and those protecting us should be unarmed. The years of wrong doings and involvement with a group that many news outlets and Los Angeles Courts have deemed dangerous that my husband’s ex-wife is a member of, along with her children’s documented illegal activities and obvious [according to psychologist we discussed matter with] personality disorders, plus the [what my one West Coast colleague has termed] “reign of terror” against my husband and myself on the internet this past year by her and her Michigan/Chicago and other placed cohorts leaves us fully aware of the need for protection – likewise, renders us troubled/talking to law enforcement about being sure these enemies have no access to firearms. The legal professionals, REAL friends and family in our life are all in possession of a notarized letter in which my protective husband insisted on stating that if we, our children and even our dog fall victim to other than REAL natural causes, then the individuals/our sworn enemies that I reference so often are to be investigated. After all my husband and I have REAL reasons for concern:  along with all the other many varied REAL threats, one of those [Michigan female] we are suing and law enforcement is investigating  posted a Facebook profile photo of her holding/shooting a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, simultaneously posting Facebook rants about “evil doer club meetings” coming to Pennsylvania for such meetings where until recently my husband and I maintained our majority residence, plus another same time frame Facebook profile photo of evil doer Michigan club “meeting” with bold text “more to come in 2013, 2014…”. Our concern is so extensive as to have our REAL home addresses/ownership of our REAL properties legally inaccessible and those close to us signing non-disclosure forms/sworn to secrecy about where we REALLY live now and in the future … we even use Post Office Boxes for mail. Hopefully, my REAL story makes you realize that there is need for extensive background and situational review of those owning guns – after all, on the surface our nemesis seem quite safely “middle class” but if you know me personally or follow my/my husband’s blogs and other social media sites, then you surely are aware of the REAL danger these middle of middle America individuals present in my life. Truth is when my husband, I and our attorney pursued a Legal Protection/Restraining Order we advised the Court of all these REAL facts and also of those we knew had hunting guns in their home where those threatening us lived or had access to … all this I write is in an effort to explain that my own very troubling situation informs me that some should and some REALLY should not be protected by the no control ideas of the NRA. Indeed a complex scenario when considering who is and who is not allowed to own firearms. Confusing and difficult but not impossible for a great nation like ours – we the people of The United States of America must deal now in an intelligent fashion with the REAL intent of our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment!!!

P.S. Everything I reference concerning my own situation is 100% legally/fully documented, recorded, subpoenaed, etc.. I mention this REAL fact so that no one need foolishly believe my words are hyperbole … stay tuned my dear supportive readers – all will be REALLY detailed in my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! and my dear husband insist all legal documents/articles from past and current and those happening during the upcoming civil and possible criminal cases dealing with our nemesis be posted on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, as well as his being determined to take out full page newspapers ads with links … justice and admittedly, a little legal payback finally in play as our reward and resolution!

January 15, 2013

Inauguration Rejoicing 2013

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

InnaugurationAs my husband and I prepared to brave winter weather four years ago to be present at the historical first Obama inauguration my mind was mostly on my Father, Abraham. His years of civil right activism were finally being rewarded with REAL equality and the glory of America’s destiny realized. When my Father marched with Dr. King on D.C. in 1963, I as his little girl had to stay home, in Philadelphia, anxiously waiting for him to return with tales of unity for America and now REAL triumph was at hand because our wonderful nation had finally completed the REAL promise that all men are created equal. Or had we? I ask because I have spent six years – two campaigning and four during Obama’s first administration defending and explaining that this man is REALLY an American [even carrying a copy of his birth certificate in my valise for a while]. So much valuable energy has been wasted on just proofing Obama is legit – no matter that this very capable brilliant man killed Osama Bin Laden, got rid of Gaddafi, felled other terrorist, ended Iraq war, saved our economy, passed iconic health care reform, dealt with natural disasters and so much more … still idiots are questioning his rightful place in our government. Personally, I am exhausted from doing public relations for my candidate/the 44th President of the United States of America but here I go again – tearing up and gladdened that my country is smart enough and brave enough to reelect and see inaugurated for a second time our homegrown, mixed race, multi-cultural  son, Barack Hussein Obama. May G-d bless America and all her citizens!!!

This is a short blog post. I, as you know my dear readers, always have a lot to say but for now I am happy that the United States of America is such a REALLY great nation and that [G-d willing] the next four years with Obama as our leader will prove productive and promising. Please read my previous post Democracy REALLY Worked in 2012!!! [7 November 2012] and Election 2012 – Why Little Billy and Susie REALLY Want You To Vote for Obama 2012! [1 November 2012] that reference why I REALLY believe in President Obama. For now, I am just hoping my own brilliant publicist and D.C. friends can get hubby and I a State Dinner or two invite … thinking Poland for my genealogist spouse and of course, Israel for me. Cross fingers – REAL invites and photos (as others have been) will be seen here if those things happen in the next four years. I promise that all my REAL political involvement will be detailed [again – as it REALLY was in my 29 August 2012 blog post, The Political Life … From Womb to Tomb!] and REALLY documented* in my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!.

Sep2012 255

P.S. A funny side note – my dear friends at the great Premium Luxury Rentals   car and more REAL luxury full service company kept hearing me threaten, during this last campaign,  to place one of my car Obama 2012 magnets on rental cars or limos that they sent for me   … being REALLY amazing folks, and being use to my passions for those I REALLY believe in, no one at this special company seemed to mind. Love you Max and Cheryl!!!

*F.Y.I. The Miscreants™ – specifically to ignorant legally disowned/disinherited chubby ignorant Michigan nurse and her cohorts … ALL our awards, letters, invitations, etc from famous and important individuals and organizations are 100% REAL and not “printed out from internet” – that facebook remark from you is now a part of $$$ we are seeking in our lawsuit against you and your friends [slander/”shedding a false light” is REALLY serious legal business – see you in Court]. One can only assume folks like you must be quite familiar with faux documents/made up stuff – as you seem personally well versed in such matters – just saying!

January 12, 2013

REALLY Worthy Narcissism versus REALLY Jealous Types

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

A narcissist is someone better looking than you are.  – Gore Vidal*

4TwitterHmmm, what can one say about those who readily brand others – persons more achieved, braver, more attractive, stronger, energetic, et al. than themselves as narcissistic.  Well now – psychologist suggest that is on account of their own insecurity, envy and delusional jealously and I can assure my dear readers that all those possibilities are correct. You see it is a well proven fact – detailed in psychiatric and sociology tomes – that the lesser and most dangerous among us are apt to deny REALITY of others who they fear, are inferior to and simply can not comprehend as their own life experiences are so marginalized and limited. At the very core of those who define others as narcissistic is a vulgar attitude and violent precept that is REALLY only a primal sense of their own inadequacies. Yes, my darlings – we are definitely discussing The Miscreants™ I write about so often. It has been brought to my attention that the miscreants of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ are still in the realm of their self perpetrated fantasy life … thinking others like me, my husband, REAL friends, family and colleagues, as well as many of you, who are REALLY living life to the fullest and achieving much are somehow narcissistic. Let us examine these phenomena and finally put to rest the bottom dwellers diatribe that they use to assuage their multiple deficiencies and REAL insecurities. Without any doubt – those hell bent on obfuscating our REAL achievements are not to be tolerated for they will deter your success in order to feel better about their own life failures. Unlike you and me, envious individuals can not tolerate even the smallest REAL accomplishment of others – no matter if it is a humble undertaking or a grand public occurrences … and yet, they somehow believe their own now and again minimal life effort should be championed. I ask that you read my words carefully – this is a REALLY important life affirming blog post that I sincerely believe can guide others toward my own “overcoming all obstacles” life story that ones jealous enemies often set out to destroy … I am always victorious against the loathsome types and I know that all REALLY worthy individuals can be too. There will be no retreat from myself, my husband or those supporting us – unless and until The Miscreants™ 100% cease and desist or are incarcerated or made bankrupt by the lawsuits we shall surely win against them – I will continue to address their rants; I want all my followers to know REAL goodness always prevails against those unworthy of G-d’s grace. Since I began writing about this topic many of you have shared with me your own story of dealing with evil persons similar to those I write about from my life – I am honored that you confided in me and REALLY feel that my strength can help each of you overcome your own miscreant types.  This post is meant as a follow-up accessory to that I shared on 16 August 2012, titled Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Misanthropes and Miscreants in [MY] Everyday Life!.

We have all seen babies cover their eyes pretending something does not exist just because they can not see it; in fact empirical studies show us that infants really believe an object is no longer real if they can not feel or see it personally. Wow – easy analogy right? My own nemesis can not possibly comprehend having, as my husband and I do, a widely read blog, REAL book deals, owning trademarks/patents, the miracle of my IVM babies late in life, our lovely old and soon new amazing homeS, unique exotic luxury trips, opportunities for private plane travel, etc. – all that hubby and I have and are REALLY being blessed with – so of course, they deny our reality. Get it? Neither can my nemesis fully comprehend that which is not material in nature – the beauty and joy of REAL sacred (till death do us part) love my husband and I share and the life changing friendships with the most spectacular people that we have been given a chance to experience in our life. Being REALLY productive – always working toward new and interesting goals as my husband and I do each day is somehow daunting to our nemesis – truly they seem to find such goal oriented living incomprehensible. They never have any REAL glory or REAL success or REAL worthy experiences and so like the infant they deny those things even exist.  Pity the fools for being so ignorant of REAL facts – as I have referenced often in previous posts, mine is not a perfect life nor one without fault but even the mistakes have led to glorious circumstances and REAL blessings and in that REAL truth is the magnificence of my REAL world; whereas, the delusional bottom dwellers I/my husband have been forced to deal with are total failures in life mostly on account of their REAL denial of their own reality. It also must be mentioned that mere projection – in other words, the REAL narcissistic personality disorders of accusers – is usually apparent in these troubling situations. Those of you who follow me or know me personally are quite aware of the faux posturing that The Miscreants present with repeated budget travel photos, posed bad taste attire, pressed wood type and Disney home décor, fake college degrees [like the non existence Bachelor and Masters Degree hubby’s ex-wife, THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ claimed to have on her daughter’s Drexel University application] or if legitimate, then from minimally acceptable school degrees and so many other nearly insane attempts to present themselves as REALLY achieved, when in fact they are anything but accomplished individuals. Now seriously – who is to be diagnosed as possibly being mentally unstable … easy to surmise – it is those obsessed with me and others like me who have REALLY managed to reach great heights. The bottom line is types like The Miscreants™ can only feel good about themselves by denying others REAL greatness – sadly this common emotional and mental malady is far too frequently displayed among our fellow humans. Happily there are many others who champion REAL achievements – those that encourage we who seek more and more in life and many who, like so many in my life, support us and help thwart all enemies as we strife toward loftier goals.

My own nemesis seem to be so mentally unwell as to suggest REAL documents are faked … they suggest legal and commemorative items my blog has presented in photos were otherwise. My oh my – either [probably the case] they nor anyone they know has ever received REAL awards, letters from important people and such or they are REALLY as ignorant as they appear by denying documented proof as reality. I know what you must be thinking – these idiots deny what their own eyes are seeing – how could that be? Well dear readers it is true – my enemies are so self loathing as to not believe others, like I are the opposite and have thus created a life like mine where special groups and people acknowledge my worth. My enemies even seem bewildered and not understanding of the true wonderfulness of my nearly 4000 Facebook and Twitter friends that gladden my heart, expand my horizons and even defend me against The Miscreants™. Complicated and yet simple in that those who are not REALLY happy can only feel comfortable by denying that others like me and you are content – many psychological analysis reflect the deep serious nature and resulting damage poor intellectual reasoning like those of The Miscreants™ can create for society. In previous blog posts I reference and discuss the legal aspects of  “shedding a false lighton someone – also detailed in other posts are the lawsuits and possible civil criminal charges we are pursuing against The Miscreants™ because they have threatened, lied, libeled, slandered, harassed, defamed and misrepresented facts about myself and my husband; my Jewish faith demands [Old Testament law] retribution and punishment for crimes of slander and libel … no surprise that current civil laws mimic those of religious moral codes and dictates. The entire world needs to address and take as seriously as myself and my husband do the hateful acts of those, like our enemies, that attempt to demean and deny REAL truth. For a person of unimportant status – with no REAL faith in G-d to attempt diminishing of others that are gifted, determined, blessed and decent is a true affront to the universe as their disgusting efforts portray a lack of humanity that defiles the very nature of existence. Almost like a “black hole” in space The Miscreants™ try to swallow the REAL goodness that others perpetrate through REALLY good deeds –  these evil types must never be ignored nor allowed to act on their nefarious goals … thank G-d the justice system has created legal venues to right the wrongs of such pathological beings.

Another sociological and psychological aspect to be considered is the adage my own very erudite and wise Mother voiced – that is “those who so easily accuse others of cheating, telling lies, theft, etc. are those that are REALLY guilty of cheating, telling lies, theft, etc.” … yes, more than not, it is proven that the accuser is actualizing their own character – sort of self tattle telling by describing another to be exactly as they REALLY are themselves. Trust me – my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will give full attention [in a Chapter or two] of REAL documented facts that prove The Miscreants™ guilty of exactly all the things and much more that they have falsely stated about myself and my husband and other REALLY good people. Tragic that these bottom dwellers were raised so poorly as to indulge in concentrated formats against those of us striving to do REALLY important things with our life – my parents and I with all the children in my life insist on an appreciation of those achieved and accomplished … an admiration that is not false idol worship but instead realistic acceptance that some are indeed special and that is what everyone can gleam from in some positive way. In the end, I have grown from my unfortunate exposure to my self- loathing enemies and I and others in my REALLY blessed life have learned in detail that which is so egregious in these evil types as to be avoided at all costs. Admittedly, those on my “team” are constantly shocked at just how jealous and delusional miscreants of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ can REALLY be … stay tune dear readers because my REALLY wonderful best is yet to come!!!

*Oh baby – I have photographic REAL proof … not to be narcissistic but I REALLY am much better looking than females of The Miscreant™ group!!!

[Hoping to see you all in person at my end 2013 book signings & movie premiere asap]

P.S. May I suggest reading William J.Mann’s recent biography Hello, Gorgeous –Becoming Barbra Streisand … a REALLY inspiring biography about my beautiful and talented Jewish “sister” that brilliantly details how she overcame the naysayer verbiage by always knowing intrinsically her own REAL worth and the way Streisand never allowed the lesser types – like The Miscreants™ – deter her from fulfilling her destiny nor enjoying her life!

F.Y.I.: This is for chubby Michigan [legally disowned/disinherited] nurse … when one refers to a city on the right side of the United States, it is a East Coast city or Eastern Seaboard of United Stares city; whereas, the term you used “eastern city” refers to a place in The East – that being where I am sure you NEVER traveled to/that is in Eastern Hemisphere [Asia, China, India, et al.]. Dear G-d how frightening to think that you as a nurse might equally misunderstand physicians directions … now that is REALLY scary stuff!!!

January 10, 2013

XX Chromosome is REALLY Shining in the 113th Congress!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

113Congress_WomenBella Abzug (D-NY, 1973-77) famously stated, “This woman’s place is in the House- the House of Representatives.”. Apparently America agrees more now than ever because January 2013 saw a record number of females sworn into both the House and the Senate. In total 101 across both chambers of the new 113th Congress were women – 20 in the Senate and 81 in the House presented a progressive and comforting tonality as the oath of office was administered by Vice President Joe Biden. Still I am troubled that there is still an awe struck denotation that so many women are in the United States D.C. legislative body … should not 2013 mean that is the norm and not some WOW factor? As my followers/readers are quite aware of by now – I am a unabashed feminist; my last blog post, Atlas with a Vagina [31 December 2012] and others prior detail my determination about and concern with the state of XX chromosome in all arenas. None-the-less, my heart was gladdened to see so many of my gender in the photo (shown here) celebrating becoming a part of this great nation’s lawmaker process this month in Washington D.C.. Still we need to examine the REAL history of women in U.S. national politics – it did not start recently and it must be furthered in the future – men and women alike should champion inclusion of both sexes in the magnificence of what our Founders saw as a unique peoples Republic, in order to have a REAL democracy that thrives and prospers for all Americans.

1916 saw the first woman serve in our United States House of Representative – that was when Jeannette Rankin of Montana took office. Four years after Rankin won that election the 19th Amendment was ratified – finally giving women the right to vote nationally. In 1922 Rebecca Felton of Georgia became the first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate.  Between 1935 and 1954, thirty-six women entered Congress … this America depression and war year’s period, followed by the post WWII upheaval in our nation’s fabric, presented many challenges for women lawmakers but they prevailed and helped guide and sustain our nation.  The era 1955-1976 was tumultuous and life altering for all Americans – it ushered in phenomenal changes and a new brand of female politician that included the wonderful first African American lawmaker, Barbara Jordan. More modern times gave us Geraldine Ferrara [also first female Vice Presidential candidate who I had the honor of meeting during that Mondale campaign], Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, our dear brave Gabby Gifford and first Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi to name just a few woman in Congress. Almost 100 years of D.C. female presence as lawmakers – so why are we in 2013 still struggling to get women elected to Congress or the White House? As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details” – I REALLY believe that not only male chauvinism, misogynistic attitudes but equally my own gender’s reluctance to own our ambitions for a political life is why there is still, in 2013, such awe and OMG attitude about the 101 females in the 113th Congress. The issues must be examined, dealt with and thwarted that are keeping us gals from being the norm in all legislative bodies – at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

My writing makes clear that I do not indulge in the “damsel in distress” persona – it gets one nothing but temporary compassion and never results in REALLY important outcomes. A woman needs to be an equal partner – willing and able to pull her own weight and hold down the fort in a singular and determined fashion. We women insult our men by attempting to utilize our feminine ways to get support or be cared for  – this is often unintentional or inadvertent but no matter the etymology, the end game is we females lose out because no REAL gain is had by being a less than an equal person. My strong feminist opinion relates to politics in that often the elected female is what I term a “mommy politician” … you know the type – the women who runs for office on account of some single child or family oriented issue. Not that there is anything wrong with that impetus but far too often there is no REAL ideal of wanting to be in elected office for the same reasons men give – which is because we want it bad and we desire to be engines of major change in legislative offices. No pause nor hesitation about goals should deter females from full throttle attempts to run for elective office – we women must take gender out of our life plan equation and that includes plotting a future in politics.

In her book Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women’s Changing Lives, psychiatrist Anna Fels astutely explains that women need to actively imagine their own destiny as so little is mapped out for them by society. I was blessed with parents who made clear all things were possible – no gender indication because I was their daughter; in fact that sort of nonsense of delineating by gender as to what my tasks and accomplishments were to be was not tolerated. Another book, No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, by Gloria Feldt, the former director of Planned Parenthood suggest that because girls are socialized to be reactive rather than proactive they grow up to be women not use to asking for what they want. I REALLY am concerned that we women wait for and very much need affirmation in order to overcome obstacles and push forward to our goals – listen folks, while affirming comments are quite nice and I admit to being thrilled that I get more than my fair share of complimentary comments, I do not depend on it to motivate me. Damn the flatteries – know thy self and go for it is my motto. Why any woman would think the men in our life want to spend their valuable time and energy coddling us at every turn in order to get results at home, in the workplace or anywhere else is beyond me – that being said, nothing I have accomplished would have been easy without my dear erudite father, my supportive feminist husband, my best friend – a guy, my many other male friends and colleagues but they all realized I could and I would do the heavy lifting no matter what circumstances were present. Trust me – more than once I have been rescued by my guys but I have often been the rescuer as well; likewise, my gal pals and I have rescued one another. Oh my – dear “sisters” – please grow up – be all that you can be and never ever let your gender be the reason for not succeeding. There REALLY is no valued currency in being submissive – feigned weakness is not attractive. Do not tolerate discrimination but neither allow nor promote it by your own feminine posturing. Let us look forward to the day when no specification of the sex of members in Congress will be so important as to make bold headlines in my beloved New York Times!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my own lifelong political involvement and an actual run for office will be explained in REAL detail. Additionally, I have been asked to develop/work on a series of novels that grew out of an NPR 3 Minute Fiction Contest I entered last fall … while not winning, my Potus Tara Edward-Saks™ fictional U.S. President got attention – hubby and I trademarked the name/idea and now I am working on the story of our first female Jewish POTUS [yes my darlings, The Miscreants™ will be included – their delusional low thinking minds apparently believe strong women who are REALLY making a success in life (like myself & many of my readers) are “narcissistic”  – psychologist advise me that is on account of their self loathing & jealously … oh well, stay tune for many more REAL facts about these ridiculous insignificant characters]!

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