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February 26, 2013

Its All About the Constitution [Stupid]!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

lady_justiceWe all remember – at least those of us old enough and interested in such matters – when our dear President Clinton told this nation in 1992 that it is all about the economy [stupid] and I agree – I often say if one can not feed their family, pay the rent and such, than political nuances are not going to be of any concern to them. Equally important to this great nation and even relevant to most things economic is our United States Constitution. Not just for those of us studying law or addicted to things like the latest Supreme Court decision [look I willingly admit to reading  in entirety the SCOTUS  legal decisions for fun – I know  – you are thinking how boring!!!]. Do not fool yourself my friends – this nation is only viable as long as it adheres to laws and not the dictates of each citizen’s personal passions or prejudices. Yes, as a Jew, I am fully aware of other nations that morphed their jurisprudence into an evil bastardized form to prosecute “legally” my people … the Nuremberg Race Laws are a horrific example of exactly how a legal system was perverted to do great harm. Vigilance must be constant – legal formats tweaked and changed but this does not equal allowing individual prerogatives to rule the courts of our great land. No, no, no – never should we be victims of a few self interest ideals in decisions of legal matters or rights of our citizens. The conversation today needs – make that requires – a committed and well informed involvement by each of us to assure all of us remain REALLY protected under the law. Here again, is why laws are an economic issue – one needs to be concerned that the old joke “the best justice money can buy” is not a U.S.A. reality. Lady Justice may be blindfolded but she has never been without insight. REAL justice must not be a mere academic treatise but a living and well tended to discipline. Let us examine the current present day concerns that face our legislatures and judges – you must not turn away for all of us are affected by the ruling laws in this country. I believe the extremist from all political sides are a REAL threat to modern judiciary – the imperative exist for attentive participation in relationship to all things legal. Do not fret, I will lead you down the path toward your rightful voice on such matters or at least peek your interest [I hope and pray].

Just this week Justices Sotomayer and Breyer rebuked a lawyer for racially charged “pernicious” language in a case concerning a Texas man’s drug possession conviction – this stands out specifically in relationship to my topic in that the Court declined to hear the case and yet found it necessary and warranted to admonish the prosecutor for allowing prejudicial evidence as a determinant factor. Paramount to our fair and balanced judiciary is to establish that while one may be guilty of a crime, they are not to be found guilty on account of unconstitutional factors. Justice Sotomayer was adamant that “substituting racial stereotypes for [REAL] evidence” was not to be tolerated in our Courts. Any stereotypes or the predetermined judgments about an accused individual actually nullifies the REAL power of our laws … one is always left wondering if someone is REALLY guilty or in fact, found to be on circumstantial evidence when bias exist. Him or her today could very well mean you or me tomorrow if only our fellow citizens or lawmakers preconceived notions of one or another group among us is to facilitate prosecutorial  efforts. Here we are at that proverbial “slippery slope” scenario – a steep and often quick slide down to the horror chamber of unequal and REALLY unfair court room dictates. What is called enforcement discretion – that which allows law enforcement and prosecutors to selectively decide on what is or not to be proceeded against is in need of constant oversight. We all have prejudices, we all have preconceived ideas and notions about others but what we all do not have is the ability to enforce and proceed legally against other citizens – hence the absolutely necessitous attitude toward those with such life altering responsibilities. Most do their work with “due diligence” but when a few become a threat to the very structure of our constitutionally established laws, all effort must be taken to seize the reigns in order to pull back the attempts that might very well destroy our nation’s legal system.

My heart and mind were gladdened by the amicus brief of 75 prominent GOP members – including President George W. Bush – filed this week to the Supreme Court in support of the constitutionality to allow gay Americans to have the equal right to marry under our civil laws. I and those like minded will defend all religions to do as their conscious see fit in this realm – no one will be forced to marry anyone in their faith but all must be allowed civil matrimonial equality. As the highest court in this land will review that legal matter during this year’s session, the Republicans who signed that legal brief are stating that despite rather conservative ideas about matters important to our country, they feel that the constitution is not the place to decide the right or wrong of that which all citizens are legally entitled. What is confusing to some is why moral issues like civil rights are the purview of courts and legislation but not who can or cannot be allowed to marry. It is really quite simple – the former is a REAL delineation from our Founders desire to have all  equal under the law and the latter exactly the opposite.

I see our United States Constitution as a sort of secular bible – our jointly held and guiding life in America legal manual. I am the benefactor of my wise Father who paraphrased often Blackstone’s formulation stating that “better ten guilty men go free, then one innocent fellow be punished or imprisoned“. This mandate broadens to civil areas as well criminal under our United States legal system and we must be attentive guardians in perpetuity or lose our way.  To allow personal prejudices to get in between our national community and those laws that govern us all would be not only destructive but a reactionary nightmare. Neither liberalism nor conservative constructs should be our ultimate defining national template – we absolutely must adhere to the REAL ideals of our Founders – that is to hold fast to the promise of REAL and complete equality. No matter your status, your background or your self perceived place in the American mosaic – you and I are the REAL gatekeepers of that most magnificent of human documents, The United States Of America Constitution!!!

Happy me = 2013!!!
P.S. Someone asked me what I would do if after finishing law school, etc. I somehow managed to be nominated & confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court … well I first suggested I could never get past the confirmation hearings, as I would never tolerate being so disrespected. However, should I make it to SCOTUS – my first task I explained would be to go to a REALLY good tailor. My attorney friend obviously was confused – why a tailor he wanted to know. I explained to have my robe shorten, tightened & neck lowered … still confusing my legal buddy, I further explained because I want to be known as the “babe justice“. Why I was asked, as I am such a confirmed feminist & wouldn’t that be antithetical to such a life philosophy. Not at all I insisted because you use what you have – all of it I told my pal – to get REAL justice for ALL. Well there will REALLY be more about that and other REAL life facts in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!

February 24, 2013

Every February I Fall in Love with the GOP … Grand OSCAR Product!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Oscar-2013Money makes the world go around”  the song in Cabaret begins … yes indeed it is, happily, Oscar money generating time again. We should all be REALLY grateful that the U.S.A. entertainment industry provides a yearly venue that creates jobs, distributes contracts, does massive hires and creates wealth for so many varied vendors, artists, workers, etc.. You have those employed directly in the film industry – the actors, producers, directors, agents, scenery and makeup/costume designers, audio experts and more. The accessory and support areas of food, travel, car service, fashion, hair stylist +++ are REALLY too numerous to list. All are benefactors of Oscar time economy  but more relevant is the year round economic benefits to so many that our America film business creates. Along with this grandeur once yearly film business economic stimulus is the day to day movie tickets, refreshment concessions, DVD sales and attached product promotion licensees that all pay salaries to small business owners and average workers. Even the fashion and jewelry industries benefit from red carpet events … copies galore are instantly produced after each star studded couture viewing – sold to the waiting minions for much more reasonably priced aspired to attires. Reason enough to support this industry but there is more and you my dear readers/followers just know that I am itching and ready to explain it all to you here.

Shall we start with one of my favorite subjects – the law; in this instance Intellectual Property Laws. My brilliant husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon and I (jointly) own 30 trademarks and are forever watchful, as are our advisers of infringements on these products of our creation. The entertainment industry is and should REALLY be vigilant over their produced works – whether tangible like actual movies or an idea – all should be the sole property of those who had  developed, imagined and produced that thing. When you copy – engage in piracy [warez] – you are stealing from many people. Theft is theft … no delineation from you breaking into a home to rob from another person. All of you who know or follow me realize by now that I tolerate no such action – you try to take my ideas, my repudiation  or my right to be productive – I will sue your miscreant evil doer ass immediately. Why should Hollywood, et al. be any less determined to protect their property? Remember not only the REALLY few high paid stars are effected by such thievery – there are multitudes of workers whose livelihoods are lessened and even permanently destroyed from piracy theft. Trust me – you should REALLY care about this issue for yourself, loved ones and communities because all lose revenue from such egregious actions. Listen folks – I fully admit to being a purist on this topic; my late Father, who was a successful entrepreneur capitalist pro-union/labor activist [yes – all that and more] would admonish us/his  children and grandchildren for looking through a magazine or book too extensively before purchasing. Abe Solomon’s  well thought out theory was by doing that – deciding not to buy only after consuming the contents – we were taking away jobs – that is correct, using without paying destroys the economy – period. So you see I was born and bred to be REALLY involved in the legal world of economic rights and protection – it affects each of us no matter your locale, career or financial status. It is not just Hollywood that suffers from piracy theft.

Now – the REALLY glam  fun stuff plus a wee bit of sociology. I adore the arts, the creators, the skills, the fashion and the glitz. So very American are all the Oscar details. Where else can a just a year ago unknown actor be championed as the greatest star on earth? Up by the proverbial boot straps has always been the true grit of movie land – indeed we of modernity just love to build folks up, just to tear them down and yet, still inspiring each of us to see an upstart youngster or seasoned working actor make it big. Hollywood and Vine – the corner of stardom and obscurity present all possibilities as equals. Films inspire, comfort, teach, entertain and much more – salvation is found, direction shown and often much needed momentary escape given by going to the movies. Wow – who could ask for anything more? Us mere mortals copy speech, lifestyles, dress, seduction methods from what we see and hear at the movies – television as well but more so the big screen in that it REALLY is a bigger than life venue and as such morphs we watchers into its temporarily staged world ideal. Many REALLY important historical social issues have been addressed and affected by the movies … wars detailed, patriotism defined, civil rights situations made clear. Can we not therefore think of film as the world’s tutor – our modern day Socratic teacher is how I see the shared communal movie watching experience and resulting national and even international conversational debates. Communication made accessible is what the film industry gives the world – we can know one another more easily because a story is told and unfolded before our eyes when we go to the movies.

So here I am at a hotel blogging event – at an “undisclosed location” [not joking about that] – writing this blog post, enjoying events and looking forward to having a REALLY lively Twitter @HeiressMommy [Teréza Eliasz-Solomon] peripatetic chat with all of you as the Academy Award Oscars are presented live tonight!!!

P.S. Hubby and I and our “team” are thrilled that discussions are beginning for my memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! to be made into a motion picture … now what to wear on the Red Carpet – thinking my much admired Marchesa  [hello Mrs. Harvey Weinstein] would be a REALLY great choice for me and of course, jewels by the iconic Harry Winston. Stay tuned – my life is always REALLY getting more and more interesting. Enjoy the evening!

February 19, 2013

Your Money Sequestered, While Congress Siesta!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

jailed dollar sign blogHeld hostage – Yes indeed that is exactly and realistically what the term sequestration means as applied to our national United States budget in reference to the current D.C. scenario. The legal implication – original intent and meaning of sequestering relates to holding properties until litigation decisions are made … sort of like my husband and I are hoping courts will do with homes, etc. owned by The Miscreants™ as our rightfully due damages/restitution from the lawsuits we are pursuing against them. Unfortunately, the jurisprudence definition of what it means to hold onto property and how it now is used with our government pocketbook are not a reasonable analogical situation. In 1985 the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act led to the adaption by Congress the idea of sequestration in an effort to reign in Washington’s spending habits. In theory this was to force all Congress persons to make their budget/spending votes and decisions a matter of conscious calculations, rather than a mere mathematical automatic agreement to increase spending. Well it is NOT working – it seems that present day circumstances are not REALLY so easily morphed into the simplistic tonality of what might have been an honest plan to reign in out of control Federal spending in 1985. Additionally, as with so many of this great country’s REAL problems – partisan politics and extremist attitudes have gotten in the way of REALLY substantial national financial planning.

Congress just left D.C. for a week – you my dear fellow Americans are facing a plethora of REALLY important and life altering changes if our friends on Capital Hill do not pass a budget stat. Defense, food safety, health, disaster response, national security, etc., etc., etc. will all be affected and all in a REALLY negative way. Consensus is that economic growth will be stymied by not passing the budget before the looming deadline. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office data supports passing a budget now. Not liberal nor conservative but all with REAL common sense approaches to our nation’s budget agree that this situation could be catastrophic  – in fact, that calamity outcome is specifically why Congress has avoided such an “off the cliff ” finality all these years. In the mix these days are the mostly ignorant almost hell bent on our collective destruction Tea Party types who got elected (somehow) to Congress – these extremist seem ready to prove their [uneducated] point that the U.S. debt is the most important matter at hand and it appears that no consequentially perpetrated result can persuade these blow hard politicians that not raising the budget will be disastrous. In previous blog post I detailed with REAL facts how the near obsessive compulsion some on the right have with what President Obama called “meat clever budget cuts” is a problem. I say- no, no, no – a country’s very complex budget is not, not, not like a family budget. That simplistic analysis by some in current day political life is archaic and has been proven by bi-partisan studies to be a fallacy.

Personally, despite being a liberal Democrat, I am not against so called “special interest” – after all, those interest are part and parcel of this nation’s structure. However, no one individual aspect of this representative republic should define nor derail the whole of our national finance structure … our economy is a interconnected and nuisance machine – no one part directs in totality the entire functional apparatus. Holding our tax dollars hostage – jailed and surrendered until those in power [Republicans in this particular case] get their way is near treasonous.  Our international friend and foe alike are watchful as to how the U.S.A. handles itself in all venues – we effect the world community and other countries feel not only beholding but rightfully involved in what and how we make decisions. It is grown up time for Washington D.C. – get REAL lawmakers and do your job now – pass the budget increase without further delay. We are watching you and believe me, know one will be grateful if the budget gets “balanced” but their police do not respond, their children get ill from consuming tainted food products, their life is endangered by driving on bad roads and by getting on less than well inspected aircraft, et al.. Let me be blunt about momentary vitriol balance budget rhetoric – it is like unprotected sex in that it might feel good at the moment but the morning after regrets and worries are a REAL bitch!!!

P.S. In my tell ALL  memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my REAL commitment to all things political will be explained – possibly to ad nausea. Anyway, stay tuned my dear readers – obviously I always have more to say!!!

Note: Go to to learn how to inform Congress – no matter your party affiliation that you want a budget passed before the March 1st deadline – PLEASE!

February 18, 2013

America’s Children Want You to Know We Either Pay Now or Pay Later!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

School_HouseI sat nearly paralyzed with disgust and a profoundly deep sadness while listening to National Public Radio’s This American Life story [Sunday, 17 February 2013, #487] about Chicago Harper High School.  Look,  folks – as my many blog post reference – despite privileges, I am NOT naive nor ignorant about what REAL America is all about. My civil rights activist (late) Father’s insistence that we, his children, not be unknowing of those less fortunate and my own determination to not, while enjoying my life’s many luxuries and benefits, be a proverbial “ostrich with head in the sand” concerning our national disenfranchisement of so many groups, has all kept me keenly aware of these unequal and REALLY divided States of America. While international concerns must and should be addressed in relation to young people’s plights around the world, how can we ignore or marginalize that which occurs routinely in our inner city neighborhoods? At best that makes us hypocrites and worse it makes us dangerously racist elitist and self defeating idiots. This great nation needs all its citizens to be attended to, guided and made whole – every life interconnects either directly or peripherally in some way and at some time. This post is not a liberal feel good manifesto or guilt trip – it is specifically a REALLY blunt assertion that all is not well for America’s young people and the end result will affect us all.

America wake up – our children are being killed and gun violence is only a method but the disease is deeper and more insidious. While indeed better enforcement of gun laws will obviously eliminate some access to deadly weapons, the REAL problem is our national malaise, indifference and even moronic uncaring disconnect from those other than our own insulated group.  Violence is an everyday milieu  – our movies, television shows, video games, etc. all glorify the “might is right” tonality that inspires action at all costs in our young people. Obviously much needs to be done to curtail the ideas that social media promotes in the lives of America’s youth but there are more fundamental REAL problems that must be addressed as well. There is a REAL war going on in this country – our young people are fighting for their lives and no foreign entity – no terrorist extremist is involved; the enemy is within – it is us and if left unattended this cancer will spread to all of us for in the loss of one, the demise of many comes to eventual fruition.  Do not delude your bourgeois mind into thinking it is “those people” who have such problems in their schools as that highlighted on NPR American Life this week … no, no, no – it is not drug ridden, sloven lazy communities that this report focused on.  Certainly not wealthy and for the most part struggling parents and neighborhoods have been the center places for horrific and ongoing student violence but many are hard working and striving for that all glorified “American dream“. There is at most schools, as with Harper High School, dances, football and for this Chicago school and other similar the most amazing, devoted and super heroic teachers/staff – yes my dear readers, the REAL average U.S.A. high school experience at play. Yet students die routinely from gang violence and fear walking home or sitting in parks or even their own front porches – can we really tolerate losing an entire generation to such tragic endings? Trust me – we all pay $$$ – coming in or going out … why not just face the hard facts and get to work funding outreach and empirical studies to get to the base root of this American tragedy? Put the money into these children in productive ways and then you will not need to spend tax dollars prosecuting, jailing and caring for them long term in hospitals, etc.. If not the moral imperative as your impetus, than let the practicality at hand rule your decisions on this national matter of urgently needed action!

P.S. In my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will explain why my husband and I despite planning on private school and (G-d willing) Ivy League University educations for the children we struggled to have so late in life, both REALLY believe [as my parents did] that all Americans should contribute to a national education system. Real estate geography should not determine a child’s quality of education in this nation. After all, “separate but equal” was declared inherently unconstitutional in 1954’s Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education … by the way, my activist father said my being born and that wonderful legal finding made 1954 a REALLY fine year in history – at least to him and my Mother!!!

February 16, 2013

A REALLY Good Foundation is Not Always About Just Spanx!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuccessfulWoman_BricksI REALLY love Spanx … in fact, I wore a predecessor product for years – even though I was never overweight, was always exercised toned and wore REALLY well designed couture clothes [I even have/wore pregnancy Spanx]. But my darling readers,  this post is obviously not actually about slimming undergarments – no indeed it is about REAL life foundation and how you, like myself, can overcome The Miscreants™, THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ types [yes I know – you missed my referencing the REALLY dishonest loathsome bottom dwellers – well they are back]. Let me be clear – here is not a limited personal diatribe on those delusional nemesis hubby and I have so successfully thwarted nor is it meant as a singularly topic referenced personal manifesto. Instead I want to explain and inform, as well as inspire other women [and men] on the how and the ways to take what such ridiculous poseurs present to you and turn it around – into REAL solid, amazing accomplishments and glory. REAL solid foundations in life are not made of weak materials but instead tempered and strengthened by stress, supported by mortar strong substance. There is no room for despair in your efforts to defeat those hell bent on your destruction … build it up before they tear it down is my instructive life motto when relating to the destroyer class. Without fail, the opposition to your quest have REALLY weak foundations – you only need “search” a little to discover their REALLY troubled and sullied base. Do not allow chthonic stresses from unresolved perceived and falsely manifested tensions to be an obstacle to building your REALLY wonderful life.

Before going into my rather admittedly self congratulatory tone detailing how I persevered and was triumphant over enemies, lie tellers and  thievish idiots, I must emphasize that while yes, I at times seem to be  singularly blessed with REAL fortitude, I was also the beneficiary of the most spectacular and might I venture at times unprecedented support from many REALLY good and loving people. In many of my other blog posts, I reference my REAL family, friends, colleagues, acquaintanceship and even almost strangers who have aided and guided me through the morass that others attempted to have thwart my journey. The African proverb,it takes a village to raise a child” I often relate as that for me … it REALLY took a village to protect me and have my REAL successes made possible. I am overwhelming grateful to everyone – the absolutely stunning support I received while dealing with The Miscreants™ is almost indescribable – and we all know moi is not usually at a loss for words. Forgive my religiosity but G-d was in the mix my darling readers … my [Jewish] faith and the knowledge that the L-rd would guide me through to the perfect place was paramount both in comfort and plan – for those of you ladies and gents not prone to that idea, then some faith in an intrinsic  power is required to overcome the terror of lesser persons. The Talmud teaches that despair is the ultimate self-indulgence, for does not only G-d define REAL ultimate defeat and to that teaching, I never allow others nor should you, the opportunity to force you be less than your rightfully given self; possibly this ideal of self actualization is exactly why we Jews,  despite the horror of our nemesis attempts to destroy us,  are still vital, successful and REALLY present on the world stage – surely a lesson for all REALLY worthy people. Every brick thrown by my enemies – every insult and threat made was met with fierce counter action and reaction by myself, my husband and  those supporting us.  I, my devoted husband, my REAL family, loyal friends and brilliant colleagues all worked tirelessly to prove REAL  truths and deny the nefarious hate filled envious accomplishments of the loathsome bottom dweller miscreants. When they threatened bogus contact to others with tales they thought salacious, we made that contact first – in other words, we informed with all REAL details those our enemies thought we feared. I want you to understand that it takes REAL courage and fortitude to forge ahead against those hell bent on destroying your life – you must be bold and accept/acknowledge your REAL history [the good and the bad]; by doing so and being blunt with the REAL facts, your opposing evil doer can never win for you are thus the arbiter of your own unique REAL life narrative.

My husband and I never let any slight by our sworn enemies go unchallenged – nothing was left without equal and strong address. The minimally educated members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ suggested and posted a remark that my husband and I were Pavlovian reactionaries … dear G-d, a real guffaw moment for my team – it is them and not at all us who were victims of such manipulation; for my husband, myself and our supporters it was merely a REAL concerted determinant pledge that no slight would be left unanswered and in such The Miscreants™ self deluded life fiction was quickly dispelled for all the world to see.  The REAL truth concerning Pavlov type scenarios in reference to my situation was that the loathsome creatures became almost fun to tweak into various actions [although that was not my original intent] … if I posted/wrote in a blog that they seemed friendless – they posted a mention of friends, if I wrote about my REAL travel experiences, they posted their one or two same budget travel pictures over and over again, if I mentioned their minimal formal education, they remarked about their “higher learning” qualifications, etc., etc. – all seriously pathetic on their part, as it was therefore them and never myself nor my husband who became victims of such “classical conditioning” syndrome. Hence it was these jesters that became their own REALLY bad public relations advocate – made themselves seem foolish and REALLY insignificant to others. The lesson here for you is that those posing as decent, accomplished or worthwhile are most times the least of those things – in fact, more often than not these types of pretenders delineate and defeat their actual REAL minimal accomplishments through their self interpreted farce. You all know the type … those pontificating about how they have what “really matters” – actually it is what we all have – family and friends but for the poseurs the REAL fact is that is all they have and even that blessing a faux status accounting, for if REAL then these idiot types would never need to promote that as their proof of stability.

Jurist prudence became our ally – we legally changed our last name [you are by now aware that with great effort and expense my husband took my last name of Solomon], we legally disowned/disinherited loathsome individuals, we worked with many attorneys, law enforcement, investigators, a publicist, etc. to make permanent our winning status. Energy is definitely required – all stones must be upturned when one is facing REAL evil. REAL success is that which is created against all odds – my heartfelt advise is to fight with dignity and consternation against each and every attempted attack on your well being. Do not coward in the face of those determined to hurt you by their own defeatist attitude … the jealously that promotes those who want you brought down is akin to stealing in that they will lie, cheat and work toward making their own insignificance obliterated by taking your grandeur away. If a evil doer thinks they can insult or shame you – beat them to that task – announce your REAL self in all its complexity and rest assure the nemesis will fear and retreat as their own history is most assuredly a sullied narrative of which they REALLY fear exposure. It never fails – those throwing stones, are the ones living in the most fragile of glass houses.When The Miscreants™ referenced things they thought were shameful to me – I wrote about those REAL facts, when they lied – I exposed them, when they threatened – myself and my husband contacted authorities, etc.. I have mentioned more than once that REAL lawsuits are being organized and even possible civil criminal charges being pursued against these horrible people – this was never necessary for if only they had melted into their marginal existence, no attempt from our more loftier place to deal with them would have ever been made … you see then, that evil brings REAL retribution and for myself and my husband that means using every legal means available to protect ourselves and our REAL family. The very issues THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ thought would undo us, actually caused others to rally to our side and promote our success … odd how tables turn when REAL goodness abides ones life as it has mine. Since childhood, many have titled me a sort of “lemonade gal” – you know I turn lemons into REALLY sweet nectar. Well my darling readers – never more than now in light of attempted wrong doing by the loser miscreants – they made me more popular and more accepted than ever before [not to mention my book publisher REALLY loving the controversy].

So my friends – in conclusion and as the photo here states … my REALLY educated directive is as follows: take every damn brick thrown at you and go build with dogged determination and willful glee your REALLY strong internal and external homes. Fear not your own REAL truth – know that without fail the enemies life story are always far worse for why else would their REAL unhappiness cause such fervent hatefulness toward you and yours. People who are REALLY worthy of G-d’s love and your time never pose as if  blessed – only those internally aware of their lesser status that fear your being better attempt such [photographic, etc.] false presentations … the old adage about “thou protest too much” holds valid here, as those you battle attempt faux establishment of their life status. You must have REAL allies but also REAL self awareness and the security that you rights are paramount and no other can define you unless allowed. Let the REAL joy that is your G-d given right break through the barriers your nemesis construct to bind you. Trust me that most folks will rally to your cause , as REALLY decent people see evil for what it is – that is when those without G-d’s grace and those without a REAL self determinant existence want to steal your peace and your REAL place in the universe. Now go get em … fight your battles and build your dreams without fear of the brick throwers!!!

P.S. My end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will be full of all the REAL details – nothing left unsaid or obfuscated. Stay tuned – gets more interesting each and every day. Sadly, the slights against my enemies that I profess to you dear readers, mostly go unnoticed by them and their kind because large multiple syllabic words are not of their purview – possibly one should gift them a convenient to use Thesaurus, lol!

Note: Here is yet another proven fact that my life has no degrees of separation … Spanx founder  Sara Blakely’s husband is part owner of NetJet – which hubby & I thought might be a REALLY good fit for our REAL private plane travel/who we had REAL conversations with about a future contract [yes another “poke” at The Miscreants™ who seem, as with so much else, obsessed with the fact that moi has access to private plane transportation – Oy Veh]!

February 11, 2013

What’s a Jew to Think When a Pope Resigns ???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

PopeBenedyktXVINot being very big on television viewing, my husband and I have National Public Radio tuned into our homes and cars most of the time. Our daily wake-up time is 4:30 a.m. – first thing I heard on BBC overnight NPR broadcast  [11 February 2013] was that the Pope had resigned. My – was I still too tired to comprehend the fine British voice that was relaying details about this historic occurrence or was I, like most, REALLY caught off guard? Let me just state that I know to tread lightly on topics concerning the Vatican and all of Christianity – we Jews are well schooled in being rather reticent on making public statements and pronouncements referencing our Christian brethren.  Sadly, I am afraid we are not given the same dignity and respect … far too often those not Jewish are anxious to express their rather ignorant personal opinions about my faith and Israel. So be it – I believe that all faiths are purview for a world conversation – after all each of us in the human family is affected by the others actions and believes. Still, what is it to me if a Pope resigns?  No matter  my outsider status, surely my readers know I will be more than willing to pontificate (no pun intended) on this weighty matter.

The REAL historic facts are that the Christian faith was birthed from Judaic roots … begun as a, shall we say, alternative Jewish viewpoint and not open to Gentiles in its original configuration. One can ask – is it singularly the who is the REAL Messiah issue or much more? That rather insidious discussion is for another time – here I will share my own and if I can be so bold, what most Jews feel in respect to the Pope.  Personally, I remain indebted to Pope John XXII – he convoked Vatican II and therefore liberated us by finally stating the REAL truth that we Jews did NOT “kill Christ” – that was the Romans guilt alone. I am proud to say that my Jewish Father was a member of an advisory group for the World Affairs Council that helped inform Pope John on such interfaith issues from the United States perspective. All Jews feel that the prior Pope Pius XII and WWII Vatican did not do enough to save us during the holocaust … that egregious hurt is softened on account of the many “righteous gentiles” who risk their own life to save us from Nazi horrors. Modernity presented all the world with much beloved Pope John Paul II – not always in agreement but none-the-less sure this kind man wished for only the best for his flock and the rest of humanity. His replacement [the current Pope Benedict XVI] being a German and admitted “Nazi Youth” was at first quite daunting for us in the Jewish community – consequently, proven a decent man and outreaching to all faiths, the current Pope allowed dialogue and continuing joint efforts between all religions. Now a resignation – certainly the ongoing pedophilia scandals cause for consternation but does anyone seriously believe that prompted such a untimely decision.? I think not  – I for one often champion all the amazing REAL charitable work that the Catholic Church has done … truly Herculean efforts on behalf of many and I am saddened that many chose to ignore the positive in light of scandal.

Today’s announcement while surprising is not without precedence – four previous Popes voluntarily resigned in the last thousand years and those were often scandalous in nature or resulting from violent and deciduous events. My confusion is as to why some – not many of my Catholic family and friends – feel so offended by the normality of tone when discussion occurs in relationship to the so called “Holy Sea“. The reality is we humans, while children of G-d, are flawed … we falter and we err but we are still glorious creatures. To that point, as my devout and REAL Catholic dear husband suggested when hearing the Pope’s resignation news, the idea that four previous popes resigned is given to remembrance of the Philadelphia story of The Four Chaplains who perished to save others in 1943 on the ill fated Dorchester ship during WWII; these G-d inspired heroes are men I was taught about by my multi-faith, diverse ethnicity parents early in my life and I have referenced them many times to others since. My husband’s reasoning and with which I concur is that the faith of four individuals can be a binding adherence amongst diversified factors – the four resigned Popes were part and parcel of their historical REAL human times, as were the four chaplains in their decision. Overall, I can hence answer my titles question – what is a Jew to think when a Pope resigns – it is that as all people of REALLY good character and love of our fellows, I think only that he and his flock should be blessed by the grace of the L-rd now and forever  –  Amen!!!

P.S.  In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be many interesting REAL facts about my very divergent background. One relevant funny story is that as a small child I believed that G-d must have changed the color of the smoke at Vatican city that denoted the choosing of a new Pope  … in other words, I thought that when G-d decided who was to be chosen, he changed the color. Only after questioning my learned Father, did I understand the smoke’s color was changed by men as a signaling that the new Pontiff was decided on. Cute – right? By the way, for what it is worth – I hope and pray that the powers that be select a man of color from a third world nation to be the next Pope – that is my totally unsolicited vote.

February 10, 2013

Heart Day 14 February 2016

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 “Poetry Heals the World Inflicted by Reason.”

Novalis, Author & Philosopher (1772-1801)



The 14th of February is a Saint’s Holiday and I even though Jewish, like most, indulge in the romanticism of Valentine Day celebration. Gifted trinkets, fine chocolates, candle light intimate dinners and such, plus the sundry of family, friends and children heart day acknowledgements always seductive and great fun.  This annual occasion has a peculiar denotation for me … one that I find rather humorous although having developed on account of a serious matter and yet, as with so much in my life, the final outcome was REALLY full of love.  Again, as often is the case, I must remain limited in scope shared here but all will REALLY be explained in my memoir, Heiress Mommy …  A Modern Super Woman Life!. For now I give you one of my *favorite love inspired poems – dedicated to my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon.


The voice of my beloved! Behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.

My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth

at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

The fig tree putteh forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance,

let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedth among the lilies.

*Note: This poem is included in a book Selected and Introduction By Caroline Kennedy, The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. My dear husband gifted me a copy and then I to a few of my special dear gal pals for Holidays 2008 because poetry REALLY does heal and inspires our souls!

February 8, 2013

NO G-d in Tax Code and NO Exemption from Laws

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

politics-religionWe are on the proverbial “slippery slope” my friends concerning religious organization demanding exemption from the iconic Obama Health Care Reform Act [ACA] . Trust me that this will not work out well for faith based efforts in the end … no nation can exist or tolerate the dictates of a religious body – history has proven as much. The intermingling of religion and government will most surely hurt religion more drastically than visa verse. I, as a practicing Jew, want ALL faiths protected and to do that in a non homogeneous nation like the United States must mean no religious oversights to our laws. Only an adherence to civil  programs without the individual particulars of any one religious doctrine will guarantee a permanent and REAL safeguard for faith based institutions in our great country. It is without question America’s unprecedented heterogeneity in nationality, ethnicity, race and religion that is our REAL strength and glory – no one group must ever be allowed to determine or deny the whole of our diverse populace under the guise of religious freedom.

The tax exemption 501(c)(3) for any/all churches and religious organizations is a farce. By now, surely my readers have come to realize that my husband and I were forced to tolerate a bogus almost “ponzi schemed” group that claimed such status while dealing with his ex-wife; this woman claimed fake college degrees via this spiritual organization and even that she was becoming a minister through them and hence should not be mandated to contribute to her children financial [considering her supposed future ministerial low income work]. Does anyone seriously believe or accept that such a quasi religious organization should be allowed to claim tax exemption status? The question of what is and is not a REAL religion means that no faith should be allowed to opt out of civil taxes, for does not the faux faith based group give pause to those of REAL stature. In other words, who exactly decides the legitimacy of a particular religion? I say the members and as I want no control over others religions or they mine, we need to end this joint acceptance of faith get out of paying taxes scenario or face the eventual demonetization of one group by others. To REALLY preserve faith in America, we must ban religion from all government decisions. No I am NOT a socialist and most certainly not an atheist but only a realist – as a Jew, I am sadly only too aware of governments deciding which, if any faith rules the nation. To prevent yours or mine from being denied equal national status, all religions must sensibly agree to stop attempting legislation activity via the pulpit.

The very idea that the Catholic Church or Orthodox Jewish groups or any other group is attempting to opt out of paying or even allowing women access to coverage for birth control under the health care reform act is maddening – dangerous and unconstitutional. Law school 101 informs us in the Establishment Clause that government shall not promote any one religion in the United States – one must therefore ask, how is allowing opting out by a religion from a federal stature not endorsing that faith. Passive endorsement is still a form of promotion … by making an exception for any religious group, we the people of the United States of America are indeed making a statement that we agree with that faith’s promoted philosophies. My personal ideal is to REALLY protect all religions – the established ones and yes, even the fringe new age types – for is not my brother and sister’s right as precious as my own? Obviously, here in the United States the answer is undeniably yes. However, that does not mean I should be forced to finance that which I do not believe in – neither in the affirmative nor negative aspects. Nothing in the Obama administration health care laws/proposal forces any religion to actively or placidly support that to which their faith objects … no, no, no – the only REAL requirement is to offer any employee the personal option and choice for a particular medical coverage. There is no denying that women are the target of these demand exemptions by the church and others – no access to birth control coverage equals almost a form of female bondage and that can not be allowed in this country.

So my solution – for what it is worth – is all faiths pay taxes on property, income, etc.. If that happens then REAL consideration for private decisions concerning what an employee is offered can be logically discussed – until then, if my tax dollars are supporting your organization, my voted into office legislation decisions rule the day. Of course, as it stands now – religions still have tax exemptions and in that reality, we must insist all is equal as far as federal laws concerning health care coverage. No faith based organization is being forced to accept that which they find offensive but only and singularly to allow its employees equal rights under the laws – the same laws that govern each religion’s very existence here in this REALLY free nation!!!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will REALLY detail why all things “under the law” matter so much to me!!

February 5, 2013

My Favorite Abrahams; What REAL Honesty Looks Like

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

LincolnThoughtfulBeing REALLY honest … lets say and agree that means not telling untruths, not cheating, stealing nor [as the Bible states clearly] never being slanderous or defaming. Jurist Prudence defines “shedding a false light” as dishonestly misrepresenting as if fact issues concerning another person and hence subject for litigatory initiations. Yes my dear readers – all relevant to my/my husband’s ongoing issues with The Miscreants™. Truly astonishing is the fact that these individuals, like so many I am sure each of you know personally, are guilty of REAL lies and yet accuse others without proof of falsehoods; oh well, that is for upcoming trials and my end 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! to detail. This post however is not about those dishonest, hateful and delusional nemesis we are REALLY suing/having law enforcement investigate but instead about my wonderful Father, Abraham H. Solomon and President Abraham Lincoln, as well as the patriarch of my [Jewish]  people, Abraham.

All who knew my dear Father made frequent quipped reference to “honest Abe” … Abe Solomon, like Abe Lincoln thought REAL truth [not faux postured too often pretense of truth] paramount to a life well lived. As the wonderful Spielberg movie, Lincoln, examines our 16th President’s ability to know what is honest and what only a guise for nefarious underpinnings, so did my Father. For is not REAL honesty that which is not only truth based but equally without self delusional and oft times dangerously evil intentional effort? Neither my Father nor Lincoln were naive in thinking one could be blatant in truth telling in the face of REAL evil doers – more subtle and sophisticated honesty made a must by ones nemesis. Of course, we all know that [as my very erudite Mother often said] old adage, “those who are REAL lie tellers, always think others are as well”; so true as is proven often when investigating the REAL underpinnings of ones accusers.   Being REALLY truthful, as Lincoln and Abe Solomon were, is a mindful task. This does not equal statements that are false or obfuscating  but instead adherence to REAL facts that best form a coherent and positive tonality. Fortunately – as I reference often in my blog – not only moral biblical dictates but modernity legal systems present recourse to those so sorely dishonest among us. How my own amazing Father and President Lincoln managed to deal with the REALLY loathsome lie tellers who posture as otherwise, is a lesson I gleam from daily.

Judaism has as its founding father, Abraham. A man not perfect nor without failure and still the person who birth a nation – we Hebrews who gave the world monotheism and REAL codified law. The Jewish patriarch, like my Father and Lincoln, had many troublesome lessers to deal with – honesty always at the forefront of all these men’s efforts and yet each had amazing and REAL success on account of their innate ability to recognize and properly deal with the unseemly enemies they faced. I am REALLY blessed – so many REALLY honest men in my life  … my own husband Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon is unique in his own [now legally disowned/disinherited] family as he and his dear Father are the ONLY truly honest males in that group of individuals. I and others are often rendered bewildered as to how my husband came from such dysfunction but then was not Abraham singularly blessed among the early Hebrews as well. I do not reach too far in my comparable analysis that REALLY good men like my Father, President Lincoln and my husband are similar to the Hebrew patriarch in their fortitude and determination to thwart all REAL evil doers, whilst maintaining their integrity.

P.S. It was not lost on myself or my siblings that our Father being compared to Abe Lincoln and our dear Mother’s name being Mary was interesting. However, even though I am convinced Mary Todd Lincoln was misunderstood and unfairly maligned, my feminist amazing equal partner to my Father in all things, Mother was the opposite in personality to our 16th First Lady. Oh yes, one last thing  – in my opinion, the Oscar should go to Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and all nominated for the movie Lincoln!!!

February 3, 2013

The Empatheia and Pathos of Super Bowl Sunday

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Feb1T2 024The Greeks knew it well … as we do for American Football, they too experienced the conflicting feelings of empatheia and pathos. We love and hate the sport – wringing our hands at the violence and recently discussed REAL physical and lifelong – even fatal – occurrences that result from playing football. Drawn like the proverbial “moth to a flame“, we humans adore the rough and tumble competitive spirit that even dangerous activities present. I personally enjoy ALL sports … playing them, watching them and cheering players on. In previous blog posts I detailed REAL facts about how sports drew me to my husband and he to me, my own multiple sports activities, my hopes and demands that my children like and participate in sports of many kinds. The problem is I am quite aware of the danger – the unnecessary perils that a sport like football creates for its players and so I am conflicted. Still here I am preparing for Super Bowl Sunday 2013 watching and party time. What’s a erudite gal like moi to do – ok – right side/left side brain dilemma today. Lets talk about it – shall we???

A quite  complex and inter-connected Football History brings us to Super Bowl XLVII. Our current game can be traced back to early versions of Rugby Football and something titled Association Football – both originating in varieties played in Britain. The so called Father of American Football is Walter Camp. My favorite – college football grew in popularity and became the dominant American sport in the first half of the 20th century. Professional Football began in earnest during the year 1892. In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formed – two years later the name was changed to the National Football League and then in 1960 its rival, the AFL [American Football league] was established. All this while the 20th century world experienced multiple wars, a Great Depression, leaders assassinated,  migrating families, societal upheavals and technological advancements that changed the entire world. Possibly the fact that a football game is a dependable seasonal “may the best guys win” event is one reason it stayed and grew while the world morphed and changed so drastically. No matter education, income level, race, religion, national origin nor locale – all Americans can sit and watch two football teams go for the goal –  a unified tonality for we the extremely diversified American populace.

Like so much in my REALLY interesting and REALLY unique life – I have only a few degrees of separation to this year’s Super Bowl. You see – probably know by now if you are my regular readers/follower that my husband, among so many other REAL accomplishments, is a recognized and widely admired genealogist  He is Catholic, I and our children Jewish – as such my husband decided a few years ago to add Jewish genealogy to his already well known Polish work. When we attended the Jewish conference in Philadelphia a few years ago, I took it upon myself to attend the lecture of and introduce myself to Stephen Morse, inventor of Intel chip and for sometime a renowned and very prolific Jewish genealogy expert. Since then my husband, Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon has spoken to and been at other conferences with Dr. Morse – most recently in Utah.  Well now – his colleague, the  Intel co-founder, Andy Grove wrote a book, Only the Paranoid Survive that the 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is a huge fan. Wow – I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I read that on 31 January 2013 in my daily Wall Street Journal.  Erudite brawn is always a plus – macho brain power a grand Aphrodite, even in the world of professional football.

So as I prepare to watch the 2013 Super Bowl – enjoy requisite fete with hubby and friends, I will be reminded during the much anticipated half-time show [and share with you in my planned memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] why Beyonce and I have so much in common … wife, mother and insisting our men “put a ring on it” !!!

P.S. My stats hero, Nate Silver was not conclusive in today’s Sunday New York Times … oy veh – was hoping at least this genius could predict offense or defense would win the day this year – guess we just have to all stay tuned until the final touchdown.

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