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February 1, 2013

Climate Change Anyone???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Sandy_LibertyContemplating land purchases is now and forever more fraught with speculation and analysis as to what the weather conditions will be in the future. No longer are we United States land of pick up and move on a whim types … no more easily made or impulsive decisions concerning a beach house or coastal homestead. Oh no, you argue – just the natural course of nature and not at all different from our previous generations choices on where to live. You are saying that only if ignorant or determined to avoid the obvious – recent catastrophic weather patterns like Hurricane Sandy means times they are a changing and not in a positive sense in relationship to our planet’s environment.

Personally I REALLY do not care if you believe in the facts as they relate to man made damaging environmental factors … the non science types among us are hell bent on denying the truth, which is our weather systems are worsening. The most egregious factors are from the profit at all costs scenarios – you know the story by hearing repetitive and demonstrative explanations on things like “safefracking. Never mind that the exact process used to retrieve natural gas from shell is admitted to be a tedious and complicated process nor acknowledge the sink water catching on fire where homes are logistically close to fracking sites … these issues should be quite enough to tread cautiously into this territory of energy production. The impetus to create and develop remains a positive human endeavor but never should the dangers that are inherit in progress be ignored or marginalized. There is no doubt that mankind’s expansion and glorious inventions have changed/altered our planet’s climate – not always avoidable but definitely needed to be addressed.

In the last few decades most areas of the United States have experienced a higher frequency of storms and weather related disasters than ever before in recorded history. Likewise, global weather patterns are becoming more volatile and unpredictable – polar ice caps melting at an alarming rate, sea levels rising, tornadoes/hurricanes happening where previously unheard of – all this and much more is the norm in recent times.  Our planet’s entire ecosystem is morphing into an unrecognizable pattern – species and plant life disappearing at a disturbing rate. All this and yet, even though scientific sound empirical data has shown REAL proof, there are naysayer types attempting to thwart all efforts to correct course to stabilize ecological matters. Why the partisan almost religious anti-environmental fervor?  Obviously some financial issues abound – those profiting from status quo and others seeing too much future expenditures occurring to right environmental problems. Population growth and modernization of previously undeveloped countries is adding to pollution and further straining resources – the ever increasing national and international competition for natural resources [like water] will undoubtedly present global strife. The simple solution must lie in the amazing technological advances of the last thirty years – computers and internet brilliance can allow interactions among disciplines needed to solve our planet’s ecology dilemmas. No political or self interest group should be allowed to warrant delineation from the critical task at hand – there is REAL climate change and yes, I am going to state, REAL global warming. Political correctness nor fear of alienation should keep we humans from forging ahead to a REAL and practical/sustainable plan to save our ecology from doom.

All politics is local” the saying goes – but any part of our nation affected by weather disasters must be considered a crisis for the entire country. I say both the extreme left with their all corporations are evil attitude and their opposite extreme right who think unbridled and self  monitor capitalism should define environmental controls are equally ridiculous. The stunning  Congressional Republicans refusal to fund Hurricane Sandy New York  area disaster relief was madness – the idea that regional proximity was the determinant for help with federal funds was not only alienating but radically and dangerously divisive. For years the standard operating procedure has been to allocate $$$ for all natural disasters – no matter where in the U.S.A.. Truth is those funds usually were needed and appropriately given to particular States where repeated weather circumstances caused damage. Not to go unmentioned is Katrina in 2005 – horrific neglect and slowness to respond highlighted the blind eye attitude toward certain groups … minority and poor citizens were marginalized and even lost their life on account of New Orleans government ineptness and the then Bush administration denial of federal responsibility. Lessons were surely learned and indeed responses to such happenings made better – yet here we are in 2013 still bickering in D.C. as to how and how much relief for the New York and New Jersey area is to be distributed.  The October 2012 hurricane caused damage in the Caribbean, mid Atlantic areas, the North East and into Canada – surely testimony that large and otherwise not related locations are then bounded together by a weather pattern. The environment is a inter-connective situation … what effects one part of the country – in fact the world, affects all its inhabitants. What school child has not heard the idea that a butterfly’s wings flapping can cause a breeze across a continent? We are REALLY our brothers and sisters keepers – as well as the stewards of all living creatures on Earth. Benign neglect will not be acceptable and it is up to each and every one of us to “bully up” and address the inevitable climate change problems … difficult, complicated but certainly not impossible a task – we must and can continue to grow, prosper and still save our planet from ecological disasters. G-d gave us this amazing gift of a world full of glorious resources and we are obligated to sustain it or reap the ultimate wrath – not by the L-rd but by our own wrong doings!!!

P.S. PLEASE join me in supporting Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds … my own choice is through The Jewish Federation Relief Fund but there are many to choose from – we Americans are a charitable bunch and we help when the going gets tough. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will detail the REAL reasons that my dear husband, Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon and I have designed/are developing our own “Caring & Sharing” program.

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