A REALLY Good Foundation is Not Always About Just Spanx!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuccessfulWoman_BricksI REALLY love Spanx … in fact, I wore a predecessor product for years – even though I was never overweight, was always exercised toned and wore REALLY well designed couture clothes [I even have/wore pregnancy Spanx]. But my darling readers,  this post is obviously not actually about slimming undergarments – no indeed it is about REAL life foundation and how you, like myself, can overcome The Miscreants™, THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ types [yes I know – you missed my referencing the REALLY dishonest loathsome bottom dwellers – well they are back]. Let me be clear – here is not a limited personal diatribe on those delusional nemesis hubby and I have so successfully thwarted nor is it meant as a singularly topic referenced personal manifesto. Instead I want to explain and inform, as well as inspire other women [and men] on the how and the ways to take what such ridiculous poseurs present to you and turn it around – into REAL solid, amazing accomplishments and glory. REAL solid foundations in life are not made of weak materials but instead tempered and strengthened by stress, supported by mortar strong substance. There is no room for despair in your efforts to defeat those hell bent on your destruction … build it up before they tear it down is my instructive life motto when relating to the destroyer class. Without fail, the opposition to your quest have REALLY weak foundations – you only need “search” a little to discover their REALLY troubled and sullied base. Do not allow chthonic stresses from unresolved perceived and falsely manifested tensions to be an obstacle to building your REALLY wonderful life.

Before going into my rather admittedly self congratulatory tone detailing how I persevered and was triumphant over enemies, lie tellers and  thievish idiots, I must emphasize that while yes, I at times seem to be  singularly blessed with REAL fortitude, I was also the beneficiary of the most spectacular and might I venture at times unprecedented support from many REALLY good and loving people. In many of my other blog posts, I reference my REAL family, friends, colleagues, acquaintanceship and even almost strangers who have aided and guided me through the morass that others attempted to have thwart my journey. The African proverb,it takes a village to raise a child” I often relate as that for me … it REALLY took a village to protect me and have my REAL successes made possible. I am overwhelming grateful to everyone – the absolutely stunning support I received while dealing with The Miscreants™ is almost indescribable – and we all know moi is not usually at a loss for words. Forgive my religiosity but G-d was in the mix my darling readers … my [Jewish] faith and the knowledge that the L-rd would guide me through to the perfect place was paramount both in comfort and plan – for those of you ladies and gents not prone to that idea, then some faith in an intrinsic  power is required to overcome the terror of lesser persons. The Talmud teaches that despair is the ultimate self-indulgence, for does not only G-d define REAL ultimate defeat and to that teaching, I never allow others nor should you, the opportunity to force you be less than your rightfully given self; possibly this ideal of self actualization is exactly why we Jews,  despite the horror of our nemesis attempts to destroy us,  are still vital, successful and REALLY present on the world stage – surely a lesson for all REALLY worthy people. Every brick thrown by my enemies – every insult and threat made was met with fierce counter action and reaction by myself, my husband and  those supporting us.  I, my devoted husband, my REAL family, loyal friends and brilliant colleagues all worked tirelessly to prove REAL  truths and deny the nefarious hate filled envious accomplishments of the loathsome bottom dweller miscreants. When they threatened bogus contact to others with tales they thought salacious, we made that contact first – in other words, we informed with all REAL details those our enemies thought we feared. I want you to understand that it takes REAL courage and fortitude to forge ahead against those hell bent on destroying your life – you must be bold and accept/acknowledge your REAL history [the good and the bad]; by doing so and being blunt with the REAL facts, your opposing evil doer can never win for you are thus the arbiter of your own unique REAL life narrative.

My husband and I never let any slight by our sworn enemies go unchallenged – nothing was left without equal and strong address. The minimally educated members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ suggested and posted a remark that my husband and I were Pavlovian reactionaries … dear G-d, a real guffaw moment for my team – it is them and not at all us who were victims of such manipulation; for my husband, myself and our supporters it was merely a REAL concerted determinant pledge that no slight would be left unanswered and in such The Miscreants™ self deluded life fiction was quickly dispelled for all the world to see.  The REAL truth concerning Pavlov type scenarios in reference to my situation was that the loathsome creatures became almost fun to tweak into various actions [although that was not my original intent] … if I posted/wrote in a blog that they seemed friendless – they posted a mention of friends, if I wrote about my REAL travel experiences, they posted their one or two same budget travel pictures over and over again, if I mentioned their minimal formal education, they remarked about their “higher learning” qualifications, etc., etc. – all seriously pathetic on their part, as it was therefore them and never myself nor my husband who became victims of such “classical conditioning” syndrome. Hence it was these jesters that became their own REALLY bad public relations advocate – made themselves seem foolish and REALLY insignificant to others. The lesson here for you is that those posing as decent, accomplished or worthwhile are most times the least of those things – in fact, more often than not these types of pretenders delineate and defeat their actual REAL minimal accomplishments through their self interpreted farce. You all know the type … those pontificating about how they have what “really matters” – actually it is what we all have – family and friends but for the poseurs the REAL fact is that is all they have and even that blessing a faux status accounting, for if REAL then these idiot types would never need to promote that as their proof of stability.

Jurist prudence became our ally – we legally changed our last name [you are by now aware that with great effort and expense my husband took my last name of Solomon], we legally disowned/disinherited loathsome individuals, we worked with many attorneys, law enforcement, investigators, a publicist, etc. to make permanent our winning status. Energy is definitely required – all stones must be upturned when one is facing REAL evil. REAL success is that which is created against all odds – my heartfelt advise is to fight with dignity and consternation against each and every attempted attack on your well being. Do not coward in the face of those determined to hurt you by their own defeatist attitude … the jealously that promotes those who want you brought down is akin to stealing in that they will lie, cheat and work toward making their own insignificance obliterated by taking your grandeur away. If a evil doer thinks they can insult or shame you – beat them to that task – announce your REAL self in all its complexity and rest assure the nemesis will fear and retreat as their own history is most assuredly a sullied narrative of which they REALLY fear exposure. It never fails – those throwing stones, are the ones living in the most fragile of glass houses.When The Miscreants™ referenced things they thought were shameful to me – I wrote about those REAL facts, when they lied – I exposed them, when they threatened – myself and my husband contacted authorities, etc.. I have mentioned more than once that REAL lawsuits are being organized and even possible civil criminal charges being pursued against these horrible people – this was never necessary for if only they had melted into their marginal existence, no attempt from our more loftier place to deal with them would have ever been made … you see then, that evil brings REAL retribution and for myself and my husband that means using every legal means available to protect ourselves and our REAL family. The very issues THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ thought would undo us, actually caused others to rally to our side and promote our success … odd how tables turn when REAL goodness abides ones life as it has mine. Since childhood, many have titled me a sort of “lemonade gal” – you know I turn lemons into REALLY sweet nectar. Well my darling readers – never more than now in light of attempted wrong doing by the loser miscreants – they made me more popular and more accepted than ever before [not to mention my book publisher REALLY loving the controversy].

So my friends – in conclusion and as the photo here states … my REALLY educated directive is as follows: take every damn brick thrown at you and go build with dogged determination and willful glee your REALLY strong internal and external homes. Fear not your own REAL truth – know that without fail the enemies life story are always far worse for why else would their REAL unhappiness cause such fervent hatefulness toward you and yours. People who are REALLY worthy of G-d’s love and your time never pose as if  blessed – only those internally aware of their lesser status that fear your being better attempt such [photographic, etc.] false presentations … the old adage about “thou protest too much” holds valid here, as those you battle attempt faux establishment of their life status. You must have REAL allies but also REAL self awareness and the security that you rights are paramount and no other can define you unless allowed. Let the REAL joy that is your G-d given right break through the barriers your nemesis construct to bind you. Trust me that most folks will rally to your cause , as REALLY decent people see evil for what it is – that is when those without G-d’s grace and those without a REAL self determinant existence want to steal your peace and your REAL place in the universe. Now go get em … fight your battles and build your dreams without fear of the brick throwers!!!

P.S. My end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will be full of all the REAL details – nothing left unsaid or obfuscated. Stay tuned – gets more interesting each and every day. Sadly, the slights against my enemies that I profess to you dear readers, mostly go unnoticed by them and their kind because large multiple syllabic words are not of their purview – possibly one should gift them a convenient to use Thesaurus, lol!

Note: Here is yet another proven fact that my life has no degrees of separation … Spanx founder  Sara Blakely’s husband is part owner of NetJet – which hubby & I thought might be a REALLY good fit for our REAL private plane travel/who we had REAL conversations with about a future contract [yes another “poke” at The Miscreants™ who seem, as with so much else, obsessed with the fact that moi has access to private plane transportation – Oy Veh]!

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