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February 19, 2013

Your Money Sequestered, While Congress Siesta!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

jailed dollar sign blogHeld hostage – Yes indeed that is exactly and realistically what the term sequestration means as applied to our national United States budget in reference to the current D.C. scenario. The legal implication – original intent and meaning of sequestering relates to holding properties until litigation decisions are made … sort of like my husband and I are hoping courts will do with homes, etc. owned by The Miscreants™ as our rightfully due damages/restitution from the lawsuits we are pursuing against them. Unfortunately, the jurisprudence definition of what it means to hold onto property and how it now is used with our government pocketbook are not a reasonable analogical situation. In 1985 the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act led to the adaption by Congress the idea of sequestration in an effort to reign in Washington’s spending habits. In theory this was to force all Congress persons to make their budget/spending votes and decisions a matter of conscious calculations, rather than a mere mathematical automatic agreement to increase spending. Well it is NOT working – it seems that present day circumstances are not REALLY so easily morphed into the simplistic tonality of what might have been an honest plan to reign in out of control Federal spending in 1985. Additionally, as with so many of this great country’s REAL problems – partisan politics and extremist attitudes have gotten in the way of REALLY substantial national financial planning.

Congress just left D.C. for a week – you my dear fellow Americans are facing a plethora of REALLY important and life altering changes if our friends on Capital Hill do not pass a budget stat. Defense, food safety, health, disaster response, national security, etc., etc., etc. will all be affected and all in a REALLY negative way. Consensus is that economic growth will be stymied by not passing the budget before the looming deadline. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office data supports passing a budget now. Not liberal nor conservative but all with REAL common sense approaches to our nation’s budget agree that this situation could be catastrophic  – in fact, that calamity outcome is specifically why Congress has avoided such an “off the cliff ” finality all these years. In the mix these days are the mostly ignorant almost hell bent on our collective destruction Tea Party types who got elected (somehow) to Congress – these extremist seem ready to prove their [uneducated] point that the U.S. debt is the most important matter at hand and it appears that no consequentially perpetrated result can persuade these blow hard politicians that not raising the budget will be disastrous. In previous blog post I detailed with REAL facts how the near obsessive compulsion some on the right have with what President Obama called “meat clever budget cuts” is a problem. I say- no, no, no – a country’s very complex budget is not, not, not like a family budget. That simplistic analysis by some in current day political life is archaic and has been proven by bi-partisan studies to be a fallacy.

Personally, despite being a liberal Democrat, I am not against so called “special interest” – after all, those interest are part and parcel of this nation’s structure. However, no one individual aspect of this representative republic should define nor derail the whole of our national finance structure … our economy is a interconnected and nuisance machine – no one part directs in totality the entire functional apparatus. Holding our tax dollars hostage – jailed and surrendered until those in power [Republicans in this particular case] get their way is near treasonous.  Our international friend and foe alike are watchful as to how the U.S.A. handles itself in all venues – we effect the world community and other countries feel not only beholding but rightfully involved in what and how we make decisions. It is grown up time for Washington D.C. – get REAL lawmakers and do your job now – pass the budget increase without further delay. We are watching you and believe me, know one will be grateful if the budget gets “balanced” but their police do not respond, their children get ill from consuming tainted food products, their life is endangered by driving on bad roads and by getting on less than well inspected aircraft, et al.. Let me be blunt about momentary vitriol balance budget rhetoric – it is like unprotected sex in that it might feel good at the moment but the morning after regrets and worries are a REAL bitch!!!

P.S. In my tell ALL  memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my REAL commitment to all things political will be explained – possibly to ad nausea. Anyway, stay tuned my dear readers – obviously I always have more to say!!!

Note: Go to to learn how to inform Congress – no matter your party affiliation that you want a budget passed before the March 1st deadline – PLEASE!

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