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March 30, 2013

From Prisoner of State to Head of State!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuuKyiWomen leaders are not spared from the wrath of the State imposed imprisonment – my hero, Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest in her country. Almost an accidental political operative – there by choice buy equally happenstance – this brave woman was both championed and at times reviled by her countryman. Courage a constant companion as she choose to be at risk and away from her family safely living abroad. Risking life and fortune not singular to males who decide to brave the “slings and arrows” of opposition to their causes. The difference I am often offended by is that the world ask how could a woman give up the security of a husband and children to put life and limb at risk for a bigger issue?  Why indeed would anyone – man or woman is my retort. Seeing as those one is seeking to protect and elevate are far too frequently those determined to destroy a leader such as Aung San Suu Kyi. Many in her nation of Burma have been critical of this woman’s decisions – her every move, her loyalties and ideals questioned by her nemesis.  Surely some criticism is legitimate but does not the singularly bravery and devotion of her elk deserve at least gracious consideration and respect despite an opposite view being held by others. To use the vernacular – this type of almost after thought of a mostly championed leader is REALLY a case of “you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t“.  May I suggest – trust me I know personally this to be true – that is a lesson to be well learned by us all, for is not often the same persons we defend, those who turn their backs and even reproach those of us having been their protectors. Certainly worth remembering this thought and with that precedence in mind, choosing to forge ahead only if for the purest of reasons – no dependency on glory from others should motivate martyrdom as that will surely lead to REAL imprisonment of spirit and mind.

I remember being uncharacteristically glued to the television screen while watching Nelson Mandela leave prison after 27 years in 1990 – great apologetic fanfare accompanied his release from captive South African apartheid. Amazing I thought – such grace and dignity. No, never would that would be my demeanor I instantly knew to be true  –  I could not display so much largess in the face of my lessors; those who had so degraded this great man, now at his side with deference was repugnant in my mind. And yet, Mandela’s sweet smile was tinged with a knowing that he had REALLY been the triumphalist in the world’s and G-d’s eye. Self satisfaction was my personal feeling that day – my parents even though not alive to see this great man’s freedom achieved, campaigned against and contributed toward defeating South Africa’s Apartheid system. I joined them and in fact protested outside  the D.C. South African embassy more than once. Too many arguments to recall were in my past concerning the horrors and injustice that defined that country for far too many years … my late husband [widowed in 2001] David cringed as I was reproachful at a cocktail party for IBM executives as to why their firm was still dealing/having a presence in South Africa despite others not doing the same in order to help end apartheid.

Not all leaders of nations once nor eventually imprisoned by the nations they have or go on to lead are as glorious a person as Nelson Mandela. Of course, that denotation is oft times REALLY “in the eye of the beholder” or some might say in the heart of ones syncopation group.  Napoleon Bonaparte is just such a fellow … leader and some believed savior of France was defeated and imprisoned only to escape and reign again. Surely there are still those in France who think this diminutive leader a hero and others not so much … guess it REALLY does depend on which side of those barricades your ancestors were during that French revolution.  Still one must acknowledge the strength and shear will a man like this must have had in order to persevere against the State operation that took him captive and imprisoned him. The analysis begs us to understand why some can and others can not overcome such extreme circumstances. I have traveled to France more than once and admit to having at times fallen victim to the romanticism of Bonaparte – many places remain to honor this general and evidence of his good deeds can not be denied in that nation.

My personal dictate is that REAL faith, REAL family, friends and devoted colleagues … an intrinsic knowing of ones worth is paramount to REAL freedom and these leaders I have referenced here, as well as many others, must have had that sense of destiny that only REAL self awareness provides. I promise that all the REAL and very detailed facts as to my own such journey toward what my dear husband says brands me Tereza Triumphant™ will be shared in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. As I have insisted to my co-writer, publisher and publicist – this book will not only tell my REAL story but must be a teaching tale for other REALLY good people. No matter if one is Head of State or CEO or other leadership role and no matter whether at home or in a public position – even those choosing a path unorthodox – none should be imprisoned by others evil misconceptions nor selfish motives and definitely never on account of another’s feelings of inadequacy as they will want to lessen you in order to feel better about themselves.. All who lead in whatever capacity must not fall victim to The Miscreants™ !!!

March 27, 2013

Nuremberg Laws REALLY Equal U.S.A. DOMA!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

LadyJustice My “mixed” parents adored one another … odd coupling they were but amazing together. They were a heterosexual Jewish and gentile mix; my father Jewish and Mother of Albanian Muslim and Italian Catholic family – who later converted to Judaism, making me very Jewish [you know how converts become zealots and WOW was Mother a REAL Zionist]. They married after – here is the REALLY cute part – after my Jewish Father, walked into a Temple University Christmas dance and picked up my part Albanian Muslim Mother in the late 1930’s – sounds like one of those Rabbi and Priest walk into a bar jokes, doesn’t it? No joking here because despite the odds against this union, they married, had children, became business owners, grand and great grandparents, politically and socially active – spending the next fifty years being absolutely spectacular together.

As many of you who follow me or know me personally are aware of – my second husband [I was widowed at 21 years of marriage in 2001] legally took my last name of Solomon – Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, for among other reasons, wanted to honor my REALLY special parents by becoming a Solomon in January 2012 – quite a legacy I am sure you will all agree. Oh yes, let me mention here that my husband is Catholic, I am an observant Jew and we agreed to raise our children Jewish, keep homes Kosher and respect both faiths at all times.

Now you ask – what does this lovely family biography have to do with U.S. DOMA  – the rights for ALL Americans to marry? You probably know already that I am very willing to tell you – so sit back and prepare to do the OMG stuff because I assure you that my words will inform you as to why REAL marriage equality for everyone in this great nation is the only REAL solution and the only REAL faith based option.

Berlin in the winter of 1943 was the witness to a non violent demonstration that has come to be known as the Rosenstrasse Protest. This effort by the non-Jewish [“Aryan“] wives and in law relatives of Jewish men who were arrested and being deported on account of being married to gentile women was only part of the experiences that so called “mixed” couples were dealing with in Nazi Germany. Prior to this in 1935 at a Nuremberg rally, the Nazi party announced laws – yes REALLY , government administrated, legal and formalized Court stipulated dictates – stating that Jews could not marry nor have children with gentile German citizens. Here in the great United States of America we had Anti-Miscegenation Laws that segregated who could marry according to race – legal in some states until 1967. I know what you are thinking: “Oh no – surely, these horrible situations are not comparable to not allowing gay people to legally marry in U.S.A.!” – really I say in response – it is the same I assure you because civil laws are not to be subjugated to anyone’s prejudice and if they are, then you have Nazi rule or segregated pre-civil rights law America. On Tuesday 26 March 2013 the United States Supreme Court began hearing Hollingsworth v. Perry – they will need to decide if this great nation continues to deny equal marriage rights to all our citizens or do we follow REAL precedence law already decided and make equal REALLY mean equal once and for all. In 1954, which many have heard and seen my reference in this blog was what my civil rights activist Father, Abraham H. Solomon thought to be a REALLY good year … you see I, his long wanted only daughter was born that year on his March 5th birthday and Brown v. Board of Education was decided correctly in his opinion. Yes indeed – that is my unique family tonality – my birth and a civil rights SCOTUS decision on par – I love it. Anyway, that legal case decided once and for all time that separate is NOT equal in this country and so today asking that we allow gay citizens only civil unions and not full marriage rights is a legal affront and a waste of valuable time and money. To this point, I can not fully express my shock – despite thinking myself well informed on such matters – when I learned in a Villanova Law class that sexual preference is not a “protected class” in this nation … why dear G-d should a thing like being a part of LGBT community be any less a right than faith or race? Do NOT give me that bogus argument that sexual preference is a “choice” and religion and race is not. Does not one decide to be a certain religion? Indeed if you profess that sexual orientation is a choice, then religious prejudice is not illegal and if like myself, you agree it is akin to race in that you are born that way – well then my dear readers, we agree – no choice and hence needs to have full protection under the laws of this land.

So now – lets just all calm down and allow ALL Americans REALLY equal rights to marry, divorce, fight over custody of the children and all that REALLY fun stuff. If I am to appeal to your softer selves – a bit of tugging at your heart strings – please learn about the Love couple of Virginia [see Loving v. Virginia] … this black woman and white man were arrested and sentenced to a year in jail for being married because even in the 1960’s some in our nation thought that was a crime. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I REALLY will share each and every REAL fact about why issues concerning freedom of all sorts tugs at my heart strings, occupies my thoughts and motivates me to speak out so often. In the mean while, we supporting equal marriage assure all of you that no religious institution – not my synagogue, your church or mosque will ever be forced to marry same sex couples – only City Hall will be sharing in these REALLY joyous occasions!!!

March 23, 2013

REAL Freedom – Exodus to Glory at Passover and for ALL Time!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Cultivate the soul with hope; teach it to await the break of dawn with longing eyes.

Through its ordeals, the soul is softened to absorb the rains. Yet, nevertheless, Spring comes for those that long for it.

And so the sages say, “In the merit of hope, our parents were redeemed from Egypt.”

Longing for Spring
Nissan 10, 5773 · March 21, 2013
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson


Bob Marley’s Song Exodus says “Open your eyes and look within” – this I tell you is the REAL key to freedom. Last year at Pesach 2012/5772 [An Exodus for All! ,  8 April 2012] I shared here the journey that my husband and I had begun toward our own personally triumphant Exodus. At that time – January 2012 – we had already legally changed our last name, with my husband taking my Jewish last name of Solomon and having our children do the same. We also had already legally disowned and disinherited the often referenced (here) evil doer miscreants and more to define our own destiny and regain our glorious G-d given power. Additionally, in the last few months, we have finalized/ended for ALL time any obligatory connection to particular members of this group  [that is of course, except that which we are seeking FROM  them as damages in upcoming lawsuits]. Expensive, time consuming and at times exhausting but my dear readers REALLY worth it – as we now own our path – we are our only determinant factor in this life and all of you can do the same. REAL freedom comes only through never allowing others faux estimation of who or what you can or should be to dictate your life decisions. Slavery takes many forms – those holding you back, denying you your rights, insisting your voice be silenced and those wanting to marginalize you in accordance with their own erroneous perceived notions. None and I mean zero of these reasons should be allowed to keep you from REAL freedom. As I always say to the children and young people in my life … be honest, be brave and be your own Moses as a route to your rightful destiny. Here I will hint a bit of that which will be fully detailed in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – those ways in which I was a courageous freedom seeker – how I found an exodus and hopefully what each of you can glean from my journey to assist you on your own.

There is REAL human bondage … we Jews have many times throughout history been taken from our homes and communities to be unjustly imprisoned, placed in ghettos, concentration camps – tortured and killed. Obviously, no power of thought can free a person from tyrants hell bent on destruction and yet still I am firm in my believe that my people survived because even after such horrors as the Holocaust, we never let that define us in totality. We rallied, we immigrated to many nations, schooled, had families, became industry and national leaders – we birth modern day Israel. Lesson learned is that even the most horrific tragic historical incident did not destroy completely – no, as it was when we left Egypt, we Jews persevered. Sounding braggart and admittedly quite proud of my group – yes indeed but it comes with a knowing that others can do likewise. I boast often and use as tutorial the almost DNA ability that we Jews seem to have in reference to overcoming unimaginable life obstacles only to succeed beyond even our expectations.  Is it organic, learned or both – don’t know but I am grateful and hopeful for all people willing to NEVER give up, no matter the seemingly insurmountable odds one faces. The Biblical Exodus provides a template of nearly magical directive – Harvard MBA style instruction for succeeding – one just has to read it with eyes REALLY wide open. The bottom line is that which has been your imposed by others narrative need not be that which you accept as fate. Wandering in the desert for forty years not necessary either but accepting that the path to your own Holy Land may not be direct nor without delay REALLY is a prerequisite for an ultimate arrival. Yes it is naive – almost ridiculous to entertain the notion that one only need be REALLY positive in the face of  something like physical imprisonment – indeed there is sometimes no way out and yet if any chance remains for overcoming such circumstances only an internalized REAL belief in your own worth and ability will allow you eventual freedom. Takes work my friends – trust me that I know this to be a REAL fact and as I have so often discussed in other blogs, it takes REALLY supportive family and friends – oft times near strangers to overcome your own obstacles. Even that is a self defined scenario for only those REALLY open in heart and mind can receive the angels here on Earth that are able and willing to help you get to your promised land.

Salman Rushdie faced both threat of REAL death and the demise of his personally defined self when  in 1989 Ayatollah Khomeini declared that sentence on him. In his book Joseph Anton, a Memoir Rushdie muses in third person what that feels like – exactly how a person experiences such imprisonment of mind, body and soul. As I read this book over and over again I found sentences needing my rapt attention – highlighting with my marker those ideas I felt bonded to as a shared experience. In the prologue we read “How easy it was to erase a man’s past and to construct a new version of him, an overwhelming version, against which it seemed impossible to fight.”  Oh my I thought – that is which my husband and I fight, litigate against and will never tolerate – it is that which we hope and pray to assist others in never allowing to happen to them. No doubt if you follow me regularly and certainly if you know me personally, then you are aware that my husband and I are suing and will anyone who slanders or defames us … insult, argue, mock, hate us but never will we allow false statements to define us. Fortunately, jurisprudence provides REAL remedy and as writer Salman Rusdie did, so we too [as should each of you] disavow the loathsome who attempt our demise on account of their own REAL lesser status and their own REAL crimes. One must be vigilant – no retreat allowable in the face of those who would attempt to dictate and imprison your world. Too often others will force you into a sort of bondage constructed out of wrongly perceived narratives and farce. A REAL and true fact – I have the empirical data in my own life as proof – those REALLY accomplished, intelligent and worthy of your energy will never bond you to lies. The trick is to know who and who not to allow purview over your freedom … there are, as I am abundantly blessed with and Rushdie finds during his struggles, REALLY good, decent and amazingly accomplished individuals who will rally to guide you in your path to a REAL personal Exodus. Just this past month two of the most spectacular, dear and talented men have entered my world – joined my “team” and immediately were called upon to protect and guide me through yet another unjustly defined morass.  I know – vague I am being but rest assured ALL will be REALLY detailed/exposed soon and each of you will have [G-d willing] a WOW moment and through my story, you will reap knowledge usable in your journey to ultimate freedom and self determination.

There is no hyperbole – I have witnessed many times – in stating that just as the L-rd punished the enemies of the Hebrews fleeing Egypt by thwarting their effort, so my and your enemies are punished.  The REAL truth is that those REALLY hateful and in pursuit of my or your rightful place in the world are their own [self inflicted] defeaters. Fear not for those most judging are usually those with least to protect them … only the insignificant types will attempt to defile you and yours and as such their own dishevelment will be made apparent, which of course I am able and willing to assist with by exposing each of them for all the REAL demented and suspect things that they represent. I could write a thesis on this subject – as it is I am contracted to save much for my memoir but suffice it to state now that my own Exodus is every person’s journey and it does not matter whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Each of us experience external and internal bondage at some time but like myself, you must be brave, determined and without self pity in the face of obstacles placed as a deterrent by others on your path toward REAL and gloried freedom. I wish all REALLY good people a blessed and happy Passover 5774 and Easter holiday 2013 … may each of us find the REAL fulfillment being sought now and forever more!!!

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all my guiding angels … those in my life for many years and those newly added. Each of you are my REAL wealth – I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for you my family, friends and colleagues and I am determined [as I hope has been the case all along] to make it REALLY worth your while in return for all you have and are doing for me. I love each of you very much … you know who you are and I shall shout with honor each of your names, when allowed by my “handlers“. In the mean while, may G-d bless and keep safe those that have so blessed me and my REAL family!!!

March 20, 2013

My Heterosexual Love Affair with REAL Women!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Sappho_and_Erinna_in_a_Garden_at_MytileneNow don’t get all excited my darling readers … no salacious or sexual escapades will be discussed in this particular blog post. Mainly because there are none to describe in relationship to myself and other women. This is not a Lesbian tutorial nor a dismissal of those who are – in fact, a few of my best friends are in same sex relationships and I worked tirelessly for/am thrilled that this nation is finally going to be a REALLY equal place for them to live and love.  No I am not gay but I REALLY do love women. But oh baby – betcha my title got many REALLY interested. Glad I caught your attention because I know you will enjoy the whys and hows of how I am in love – platonic of course  – with many, many REALLY fine women. For those of you who read my blog regularly or know me personally, then it comes as no surprise that I am blessed with the most amazing female companionship – REAL family and friends, colleagues and associates of the female gender who I adore and they me. I have even gleaned the benefits of women I now consider REAL friends via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – women who have defended and protected me from slights or others evilness and have now become part of my life forever [G-d willing]. I am part of a club – that which is a gathering of REALLY worthy females and I am thrilled. Sit back and read carefully as I regale you with all the delicious  but never lecherous  details of my gal crushes – the famous and infamous among them.

Indulge me with a wee bit of divergent topic discussion here – still REALLY relevant to the idea being reviewed in this blog post however: One of the most ridiculous blogs I  have ever read is a Chicago gay guy’s diary which mostly includes who he sleeps with, what faux couture clothes he wears, what he is eating, how his cat behaves, how much he disdains his Mother’s lower middle class suburban lifestyle [which apparently includes and he hated shopping at Boscov’s] – all with the poseur “I” as primary genre. Rarely a political, sociological nor other than self word in his blog – in fact even when finally writing after 3 years about his dead sister, only how it affected him is detailed, despite the fact that he, his Mother and sister reaped nearly $195,000 each from a wrongful death suit after that poor (apparently nearly now) forgotten 20 year was killed.  My psychiatrist gal pal believes possible mental health issues [for which this person was indeed once hospitalized for as a teenager] are at play. Hmm … why bring that up here when the topic is my gal romances? Simple you see – I will never write such a narcissistic obvious neuroses laden diatribe in simple minded diarist form as the loser offspring of the woman who is my husband and my nemesis when what I claim to be describing is my caring for others. You know his kind – works as a waiter but insist on describing himself as a “writer” – despite never having a REAL book deal or any such prospect – relevant to my topic here in that this creepy guy also is constantly berating  and mocking those he has [gay] romantic affections towards.  So now with that off my mind … I do the opposite of Chicago legally disowned/disinherited, fatherless criminal vandal [oh my – how did that slew of hints come out of my lap top???] and champion my same sex crushes. Bet you dear readers thought my referencing The Miscreants™ was over – no, no, no but lawsuits beginning soon and law enforcement seem to be wrapping up investigations – now we will be sharing REAL news articles and such with you all – here and elsewhere. However thought a bit of comparative analysis is appropriate as one of the loathsome offspring of THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ is indeed gay – as my husband and I are huge supporters of the LGBT community, we are disgusted that an individual such as this self indulgent and REALLY delusional person could be thought to represent our gay brethren. Relevant here too is that the so called “friends” females of  THE REAL Evil Doers Club™  that this Chicago fellow is involved with  – these loathsome women really nothing more than cohorts in efforts against myself, my husband and our REAL family. These women by just about everyone aware of them determination are certainly not females worthy of admiration by any REALLY accomplished woman – they are the polar opposite  to the amazing women I love and am loved by. By observing these creatures, one can easily come to understand that not ALL of my gender are to be championed. Nothing genuine about such pretenders and definitely no core value to such women. But that is REALLY for times to come and trust me all will be made public – my REAL women friends will be by my side in triumph and victory then too.

Well now lets us get back to moi  – shall we? I am a flaming – some might say obsessed sexually with my REALLY sexy husband  – heterosexual female.  But you must understand that if I were a Lesbian – I would still be REALLY crazy about the women I will describe here – only I would be dating them with any luck. In previous blog posts like, The Goddess Crew™ [26 August 2012],  I shared my blessing of REAL lady friends – women near and far who are my constant support and glory. Like all young girls, there were for me many schoolmates, club friends, cousins and more to bond with in my youthful girlfriend style – the sleep overs and constant bestie types companions all through primary school years and even into college and graduate school. The friends that were bequested on account of a familial relationship equally important and into young adulthood and newly married status female compatriots always served as my stability. Lucky me to have guys as friends too but the girls and women who were there to cuddle, to commiserate, to run to my side – oh those sweet darling ladies of my life who still pick up the pieces when I break a little and I them – these are such a REALLY sweet refrain in my life. Intimate is the only way to define those relationships between us gals because many times it is just that – intimate and REALLY personal. Women will clean another if ill, help coif and dress without embarrassing, feed and administer care if their friend is ill and counsel during struggles. Again, I must be 100% truthful – I have men who have done the same for me but no more REALLY platonic intimate relationship can ever exist then that between two women who REALLY love one another. So yes my readers – I have real “crushes” on my gal pals – love, love, love my lady friends in so many ways and so very deeply – no equivocation about it – these are REAL love affairs in my very full and REALLY blessed life.

Now lets chat about my head over heels admiration and at times almost groupie like affection for the famed past and present who share my XX chromosomes.There are  writers, poets, historical figures, politicians  journalist, activist and others in my fondly held in my heart  repartee – so many women  to admire throughout history and into present day modernity. I fall madly in love and force everyone around me to listen about my respect and fondness for the women of the Bible, the leaders of nations that I enthusiastically read about like CleopatraCatherine the Great, Golda Meir, etc., etc.. In other posts I list each tome that capture my attention concerning these women. I fall into a trance while following life stories of famous, well known and those more obscure women who created and discovered so many contributions to this world. I have had a plethora of “Oh my” moments – wanting to know everything about these women and not to forget their names – all this and more has been a REAL love affair for me. Not all my gal crushes are long gone – there is our late Jacqueline Kennedy, Coretta King, Secretary and hopefully future U.S. President Hillary Clinton , our magnificent current First Lady, Michelle Obama, my feminist template Gloria Steinem and all the female members of the United States Supreme Court. Two of my Jewish “sisters” in the political world must be remembered too – Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz [like myself a breast cancer survivor] and the brave courageous Gabby Gifford – both women deeply connected to me and I do love them very much. Likewise, I fawn over artists and entertainers – some not main stream like Marina Abramovic and others quite popular like Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler and the like. I am especially fond of my equally litigious – sue the slanderous and defaming bastards similar to me, Catherine Zeta Jones … yes indeed, this beauty and her husbandman Michael Douglas are like myself and my husband – no such offense should go unchallenged is our shared philosophy with this star couple. Why even my JAP “sisterSarah Jessica Parker has me smitten … talented woman who struggled to become a Mother [like myself having achieved REAL pregnancy and now considering gestational carrier to grew our wonderful family] and NYC dweller are two things we soon will have in common. I admire and workout to Beyonce, Adele and the more Avant- garde Nora Jones. I can not live without hearing classical music performers , such as violinist Lindsey Sterling. Being a  fashionista  type and filling my closets with REAL couture has me adoring designers like Diane von Furstenberg [like myself – she is a REAL Jewish Princess] and Donna Karan , Stella McCartney – both also Jewish ladies [bet you did not know Linda McCartney was Jewish and therefore so is daughter Stella]. Not being huge TV viewers in our homes leaves me pining for the erudite news provider and commentator Rachel Maddow and her similarly astute female news types – including Andrea Mitchell who I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago. I can not leave out entrepreneurial types like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer – so much in the news these days.  Being a life long athletic type and sports enthusiast I am also a huge fan of women like American ulta runner Diane Van Deren  – I have been a runner for almost 45 years now and she/others inspire me each day. There are my lady sports heroes that can not go without mention – recently retired basketball coach, Pat Summitt, among them. There are so many women who I adore … I respect and admire – far too many to list here.  Sadly, I also have my “if only we had met ladies” like dear lost too soon Nora Ephron, who I wrote about in my post, Losing Nora Ephron [27 June 2102] and others I will now never meet but always honor in memory. There are others that my heart and mind simply can not help but love – the young Malala Yousafzai who was shot in Pakistan for her blog and desire to be educated – now happily back to school and still a voice of power. Girls and women throughout history making a difference – bravely and sweetly changing the world – how could I not fall in love over and over again ?

Now here is my most recent creme de la creme moment concerning gal crushes. I have always adored, admired and respected the actress Ellen Barkin … I am a HUGE fan. I follow her on Twitter and am determined to have her at one of my book signings if she will honor me by accepting my invites – NYC of course – when my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published. Anyway, I retweet her often and last week sent her a message of affection and noting that I frequently ask myself what would EB do or say? OMG!!! She responded with wonderful and very caring advise. Obviously, I saved that – my newest talisman to take out when the times are tough. By the way,  I woke my family in those early a.m. hours excitedly saying “Ellen Barkin sent me a Twitter message!”. My dear husband and later that day, friends and colleagues were happy for me – as they should be because Ms. Barkin is a REALLY great lady – and I REALLY love her.

So I end this post with respect, affection and admiration for all the REALLY great broads of the world – past and present. Sending each my virtual xoxoxo and wishes for G-d’s blessings because maybe, as the song says, It’s A Man’s World but the lyrics also include “but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl !”!!!

March 18, 2013

Mr. Obama Goes to Jerusalem

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

T in Israel embassy for march Obama blogBarack means “blessing” in Swahili and the similar word in Hebrew, “Baruch” denotes the same  and so with that in mind, I watch as our 44th President travels to my Jewish ancestral homeland of Israel this month with ideas and plans to bring blessings of stability to the region. Oy veh – been there and done that is the tonality and apercu of such efforts. Maybe it will be different this time? I think not as the naivete of the United States and other nations presents an almost deafening lack of REAL awareness as to what reality is in the Middle East.  I love you President Obama – I campaigned and contributed twice, worried about you and consistently championed/worked in support of your plans for America but oh darling, Israel is not your play toy and you nor any other U.S. President gets to dictate that sovereign nation’s policies. Trust me – I REALLY get it – we need to embrace all people of the Middle East but that does not equal tolerance for those hell bent on Israel’s destruction and annihilation. Never again REALLY, REALLY, REALLY does mean never again. So lets chat – discuss – dissect and analysis what this President REALLY needs to understand and consider as he journeys to a place that I  have visited more than a dozen times – Israel and the rest of the very complex Middle East.

Foolish and mislead is anyone who believes the strife in the Middle East is based on religious intolerance … it is not and never has been a G-d issue. In fact, we Jews and Muslims lived amongst one another for centuries … each in constant argumentative postures toward Christianity and yet it is that preeminent faith that exists in those counties attempting to dictate the outcome of Middle East conflicts. Odd don’t you think – considering what REAL history defines as militaristic approaches from outside forces in that region from  Rome, France, Britain and Germany  – followed and currently the United States. The REAL consternation for everyone is real estate and what we all know is the predication that informs it is all about location, location, location – this location is oil rich and posed perfectly between many nemesis at battle for that resource. No need for angst nor demand for purity of intention as far as the whys that bring so many to focus on Israel’s positions in relationship to its many hostile neighbors – modernity demands no pause for analysis of true or underlying motivation in this matter. The only REALLY important subtext is survival and how Israel as a prosperous, productive and enlightened world stage contributing nation will stay viable. Do we allow [as Diaspora Jews] the delusion of security in our countries of birth or do we face the hard and difficult truth that ours is a narrowly accepted – one might even say tolerated – presence throughout the world? Despite my people being high income earners, successful in academics, scientific and artistic areanas, business and government/politics, Jews are still the “other” and I REALLY believe that without Israel, we would be subjugated to much worse. So it is with this serious concern in mind that I implore my fellow Jews and all people of good conscious to REALLY be involved – in a honest and forthright review of the whole truth of how Israel must be treated and addressed concerning its difficult situation.

I am a proud American Jewish Zionist … a liberal democrat politically and am proud to acknowledge the genealogical fact of my maternal Albanian Muslim heritage. Quite a package – don’t you agree?  My heart is gladdened that President Obama has agreed to visit [on this 2013 trip to the Holy Land] the grave of Herzl – our founding Zionist. Why should this bother the world or even our enemies? I answer on account of erroneous and prejudicial perpetrated myths of what Zionism stands for – is the knee jerk reaction and disgusting suggestion that it represents apartheid not based in antisemitism? I say it is totally and completely a matter of hatred toward we Jews and Israel that causes so many ignorant persons to see Zionist attitude any differently than America patriotism, French chauvinism, et al.. Are there racist Zionist – indeed but there are racist everything in this world. Still no one complains when any nation other than Israel demands the right to protect itself, thrive and exist without constant barrage from its sworn enemies. Surely we Jews nor Israelis must adhere to a route toward perfection – we are flawed, as are all people,  but we are G-d’s chosen … not a braggart statement but instead of a REAL plead that the rest of humanity acknowledge our gloried history and all that we have and continue to contribute.

Cleverly I can quip that Israel no more has to divide Jerusalem nor not have its national capital there, then the Unites States need give back D.C. to the Native Americans; likewise neither would anyone tolerate my suggestion that California’s lower parts be ceded to Mexico – same with other of the lower West Coast States. Equally ridiculous would be for me to suggest that fine northern U.S. neighbor of Canada need not have a territorial divided border with checkpoints between us and them. Believe me if Mexico or Canada were shooting rockets into the U.S.A. we would invade immediately – so why does not Israel have the same rights to self determination and protection? I think we all know the answers – not singular but obvious … it is the Jewish State and there is oil in there them hills [Arab territory that is]. Let me tell you plain and clear – I have heard it with my own ears when I was in Geneva at a brunch (in the 1990’s) with Saudi royals types – the dirty little secret is not any of the Arab states [not the Saudis, not Jordan, not Egypt – who by the way are ALL in one or another way, friendly with Israel] want the so called Palestinian as residents in their countries – none I tell you and truth be stated it is Jordan that is the REAL homeland of that group of individuals. From the founding of modern day Israel in 1948, all people – of all faiths have been welcomed to live there, if willing to be peaceful residents.  The religious and civil liberties of Jews, Muslims and Christians have had equal protection under Israel jurisprudence. Our Knesset, unlike any other government body in the world, allows elected officials from a population determined to take over Israel – yes my readers, the Israeli government has Arab Knesset members [since 1949]. Tell me – is that a nation not inclusive? Hmm … seems there is an obvious answer of apparently not at all – Israel wants and has demonstrated in many forums its willingness to live peacefully with its neighbors, within and outside its legal borders. Why then, all the faux angst about my ancestral homeland – think about it and get back to me. I will be waiting while admiring the greatness of Israel … our many, many, many technological developments, medical breakthroughs, glorious arts and culture. Come visit – you will REALLY love the land that G-d choose for we Jews!!!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Woman Life! I will share all my REAL Middle East travel experiences, as well as my REALLY unique genealogical background. for now – Shalom my darlings!!!

Note: Please allow me to acknowledge and give my affectionate gratitude to ALL the many Christian and other organizations that defend, protect and REALLY love Israel – and ALL its inhabitants. As it is written, G-d blesses those that do so – Amen!

March 16, 2013

Speaking Yiddish with a Irish Braugh Accent?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Chaim Herzog and  Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh were childhood friends … one the sixth President of Israel and the other fifth President of Ireland. How so,  you ask? Answer is both men were born and raised in Ireland – both Irish lads. Believe it or not moment for many is that yes there are Irish Jews – REAL Jews who happen to be born into and of Irish nationality. The history of Jews in Ireland extends back at least one thousand years  – denoted well in Ulysses by James Joyce’s Bloom, as well as other great literary works. Other constructiveness of the two comes from the intermarriage Irish Jewish unions having (literally) given birth to famous and well known  people like Daniel Day- Lewis [married to Rebecca Miller – daughter of the great American Jewish playwright Arthur Miller], actors Mathew Broderick [husband of my sister JAP Sara Jessica Parker] and Daniel Radcliffe (yes Harry Potter is Jewish), Brooke Burke [American actress, model, dancer and like myself, breast cancer survivor] and more that celebrate this combined heritage. Not unique really in that we Jews are a diaspora – spread far and wide to every corner of the world , where roots are settled and families grown. This week we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2013 and who is not Irish on that festive day – we all feel the warmth, the gaiety and boisterous commonality that this  holiday provides our communities.

The earliest reference to Jews in Ireland goes back to the Annals of Innisfallen,  in the year 1079. So yes we Jews are noted in mid-evil Irish historical records – there we are as merchants crossing the sea from France. In 1232 King Henry III gives the Jew, Peter de Rivel office of Treasurer/Chancellor  of Irish Exchequer, ports, coasts and “custody of the King’s Judaism in Ireland“. We Jews seem to have made permanent residence in Ireland around the fifteenth century. After that – as in so many parts of the world, we established ourselves as merchants, academics, as lawyers and doctors and even government political operatives.  Often welcomed and at times facing prejudice but still comfortably living and thriving beside our Irish neighbors of Christian faiths. Persecution and wars have driven we Jews to many lands – Ireland no different and so it is that the Russian pogromsboth WWI and II had us fleeing to and staying in adopted nations like the Emerald Isle. There are synagogues and Jewish museums in Ireland – which I have happily visited. Ireland has a Chief Rabbi – presently Rabbi Mirvis who succeeded Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks in September 2013.

Modernity has presented Ireland with difficulties that we Jews cared about deeply … my own Father, Abraham that I write so often about,  made it his [as did many Jews] business to weigh in on and contribute through many organizations a solution to that nation’s so called “The Troubles“. As my REALLY wise Father explained to us [his family], the Irish people suffering is all our sufferings as any man or woman or child in a struggle to exist diminishes every one of us dwelling here on earth. For we Jews and Israel the intrinsic knowing of REAL prejudice and denying of equal status in a nation where we lived for many years is a far too often dealt with reality – in that we saw our Irish brethren torn asunder between Catholic and Protestant sectors. My first husband, David Colin, who I was widowed by in 2001 after almost twenty-one years of marriage was a WASP – yes and part of that denotation was Irish Protestant [other part English and Norwegian]. Dear David converted to Judaism and so one might say that I created a Jewish Irishman through marriage. I reference this fact here as a specification toward how REALLY interlocked  seemingly divergent groups can end up being. My country of citizenship – the great U.S.A. produces so many interfaith and multi-nationality people that to not care about any other nations difficulties is a REAL “fool’s paradise“.

On a REALLY personal note – my dear parents Abraham and Mary Solomon, were involved with the Israeli Bond Drive in the 1950’s and so attended events for that effort – there/through that undertaking, they met and friended Lord Mayor Robert Briscoe of Dublin and corresponded with this fine Irish Jew often. I was told he frequently quipped that he spoke “Yiddish with a Braugh accent” and so I dedicated the title of this blog post to him. So let us toast the Irish in us all this weekend – wish well those living in that lovely country and say Mazel Tov to those Irish REALLY happy Jews amongst us. As for me – no beer drinking involved but still loving the parties and parades – celebrating and enjoying the Irish today!!!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will detail my REAL travels and REAL very eclecticism life activities – including that I fly-fish – yes this REAL JAP fly fishes and I REALLY have in Ireland  Scotland and Wales [among other places]. Here is a photo from my last REAL Ireland trip in late 1990’s – lakeside trail tour (from river) of a newly restored Gothic Church. Looking forward to returning quite soon – I promised Irish friends a book signing event there next year.


Note: I dedicate this blog post to my dear supportive and REALLY amazing friend Valerie Corbett … a citizen of Ireland and a tireless friend and activist in support of all things Jewish and Israel.  Hers is a REALLY Christian soul – I love you dear lady and am looking forward to visiting soon with my growing family – will be my REAL third visit to the magnificent Emerald Isle!

March 10, 2013

Birthing History!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


I was planning to begin this blog post by listing and detailing the current horrors being perpetrated against females throughout the world … acid in the face for perceived sexual promiscuity, bullet in the brain for going to school, vagina probed before being allowed to terminate a life threatening pregnancy, a 2012 U.S. political candidate suggesting rape not REAL if one gets pregnant during that act, etc., etc., etc.. My goal was to shock you my dear readers and then highlight why all REALLY caring people should care that this is National Women’s History Month in U.S.A. and that last week we celebrated International Women’s Day.  Here I sit in my home study – while my family is peacefully sleeping – accompanied by my usual companion, the BBC radio overnight broadcast on my beloved NPR. If you know me personally or follow/read my blog regularly, then you surely are aware that my life (to say the least) is one of REAL serendipitous delight and angst … by that I mean that so often the oddity of that which occurs or presents itself in my daily life is uniquely timely. And so it is in these early morning hours as I sit at my desk composing this post that the fine British voice announces that the next story will be on a sensitive topic concerning the nearly 30, 000 yearly female genitalia mutilation that are being performed in England amongst certain demographics of its immigrant population. No concentration possible now – not as I listen to details that I have read about before but remain still shocked and disgusted by on hearing how even infant females are being mutilated in the name of religious and cultural mores and perceived familial rights. Of course, the report ends and BBC moves onto politics and the world weather report. Hmm … REAL question is – how exactly do I have my thoughts move on now? You all know that I will find a way no matter how mournful I am now feeling because oh baby, I have lots to say on REAL feminism and REAL equality.

Many of my previous posts reference that both my parents were feminist … my Mother, Mary Rose L. Solomon born in 1914 being a early ERA supporter, NOW member and devotee of Ms. Magazine. My husband Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon legally taking my family last name and having our children do the same – more REAL testimony as to my pro-woman existence. Another REAL truth is that my erudite husband writes and comments almost as frequently as I do about the current attacks on women – the world situation and here in America where the extremist Tea Party types and GOP continually vote against important issues concerning women – like the recent controversy on Violence Against Women Act that they fought to sideline. So yes I am REALLY a lucky born, bred and living well the life of a REAL feminist – I am CEO, CFO and more of all things concerning my and my husband’s ventures. Fond of saying we are one another’s saving heroes and recipient heavy lifters in times of trouble – my husband rescues me and I him equally. Both of us are deeply concerned about the REAL current and seemingly growing “war on women“.  Why the push back now? Surely most modern men and women embrace REAL equality of the sexes and so the issue remains as to exactly what is causing so many to want to ignore the REAL increasing problems of violence, marginalization and lessening status for women in the world today. Economics most probably a part of some determined to take away the gains made during the last half century until today where more and more women are receiving professional degrees, heading Fortune 500 corporations and such – still no REAL grass roots efforts to secure our rights  or enact legislation and force Courts to find in favor of women in litigatory arenas. Now do not get me wrong – us gals are part of the REAL problem. We want it all but not to REALLY do it all … I wrote in another blog post that I do not do the “damsel in distress” routine. While yes I am surrounded by REALLY supportive men – men who without their presence in my life, most things would not be so easily possible. – there is to be stated and considered the caveat that I am equal in readiness to complete all required tasks and that my friends is REAL liberation.

I love all things jurisprudence … I took to studying law like the proverbial “fish takes to water“. I adore that the Supreme Court of the United States of America [SCOTUS] has three amazing current female members. Still why is it that the Equal Rights Amendment [ERA] I referenced at the beginning of this post  by mentioning that my own Mother who died in 1987 was supporting for years still has not passed into law – why is the journal our dear brilliant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg assisted in founding, The Women’s Rights Law Reporter, still battling for that to occur? Well you are saying …blah, blah, blah – no my darling readers – no excuses any longer acceptable – no complex explanations will be tolerated. We need – no make that we must get laws on the national and international legal tomes making women REALLY equable and acts of violence against women REALLY punishable to the full extent of the law. Each of you must come to the full realization that equal rights for women liberate men as well – to that point ladies – no bullshit from us can any longer be tolerated either. You get what you give … can not be free to be you, if men are not also free – in other words, claiming as my husband’s ex-wife did the inability to work [in order to contribute her fair share to her other daughter’s discovered only part time college attendance] after her 20 year older daughter was killed but then partying and traveling only weeks later, is just not kosher. Be REAL or be denied is what we females must make our mantra … fair is fair as the saying goes and so we step up and we demand equability and then we live it for REAL. When a woman uses obfuscation of reality and seeks consideration solely on her status as a woman, she deters those of us striving and willing to do the work needed. Stay at home, work daily or a combination of both – all are valid feminist situations but not having it both ways … do or don’t do ladies but do not get in the way of REAL progress toward protective equal status for women. So my dear ladies  – excuses and justifications just will not cut it any longer – we need to move on, move up and rule all the days of our lives. While pushing forward remember that during the 2012 U.S. election cycle there was a rather popular poster that had these words: “Women brought all politicians into the world and we can vote them out of office too!”.  Yes indeed, we gals birth the world, make history and so we can make it REALLY equal once and for all time … here, there and everywhere REAL women and the men who REALLY love us must unite to make our place in this world safe, secure and REALLY ours!!!

P.S. In my finally soon published & long anticipated tell all memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! many REAL details of my feminist causes will be included. For now I ask that you to join me, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton and others to support and finance the building of Washington D.C. Women’s National History Museum – which I am proud to say, as of today, I am listed as a participating & contributing member – my first donation was made in honor of my late feminist Mother, Mary Rose Solomon, with my love & gratitude!!!

Note: May I recommend reading the new book by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Lean Inyou can thank me later!

March 7, 2013

I Have Just Entered An Alternate Universe … Rand Paul Made Sense To Me?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

RandPaulDroneTea Party types see the bogey man everywhere – suggesting that we liberals – particularly President Obama are coming to take every citizen’s guns away and such. Well has not and never will happen. Our current President is not a socialist and does not want to social engineer this great nation. What we should all REALLY be concerned about is overreaching Presidential powers as a precedence because that so called Manchurian candidate might one day reach the White house and then we will be in REAL danger of losing this democracy. Our Republic is fragile – as are all nations structures – supported only by constant vigilance of the populace and those elected to make the most important decisions. REAL problems are now coming to the fore concerning that which was started by the Bush administration post 9/11 … that is the then and now increase in losing our civil liberties in some faux attempt to gain security. Well folks – it ain’t working!

On March 6th Rand Paul [R – Ky] filibustered the old fashion way … he talked for over 13 hours [with a bit of help from others] in an effort to defeat the appointment of John Brennan as CIA chief. Now mind you – that was all pretense because even Senator Paul admitted that Brennan would be confirmed and indeed it was only a thinly disguised anti everything Obama posturing. Still, as Rand Paul stated, both sides of the aisles [Democrats and Republicans alike] are becoming increasingly alarmed by the expanding Presidential powers. Here is where I know the extremist GOP types are 100% wrong – this President is never going to tread lightly on our civil liberties but whose to say the next President will not. My dear readers -we have a REAL drone problem in the U.S.A. and yes it is happening under my beloved President Obama’s administration. There is the good, the bad and the REALLY ugly aspects to this troubling scenario – international and national situations that absolutely must be addressed – the REAL proverbial “slippery slope” is quite frightening when one considers just how invasive and REALLY dangerous the use of drones can be. The Nation Magazine detailed just what is wrong with this administration’s so called “drone policy” but the right wing hyperbole insinuating that President Obama is using his power to target U.S. citizens is fallacy. That bogus rhetoric is meant to define Obama as the problem and in that misdirecting us, the voters, from the REAL crisis – who, when and why should domestic surveillance drones be used. Likewise, in what foreign war effort should America use drone weaponry as a means to deter or destroy our sworn enemies?

Our wonderful Attorney General Eric Holder seemed perplexed and uncharacteristically at a loss for words when asked about our current domestic drone policy. In my opinion this was not because our AG had anything to hide but instead on account of this administration not REALLY knowing how to appropriately define or outline with specificity our drone policy We, the voting public, must weigh in on this topic – no ostrich with head in sand position any longer acceptable. Now I am fully comprehensive that most of my fellow Americans struggle just to get by – live a REAL life. However, many seem perfectly able to fit into their regimen ridiculous diatribe about faux conspiracy theories and such I feel reading up on this extremely important REAL matter is not too much to ask. Do NOT take your “eye off the ball” my friends for there REALLY are those hell bent on distracting us from the REAL task at hand. We all are obligated, if able, to be informed and at the very least vote for/select into office those most capable of addressing such important and life altering issues. Freedom is not free and certainly not to be left unattended. Do your part and get involved now because the much feared Orwellian Big Brother has arrived and it might very well be a drone hovering over your home quite soon!!!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share the details of how post graduate work led me to REALLY consider studying at our War College + how much I enjoyed reading the weapon specialty magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly for a few years. Yes indeed – I am a REALLY tough glamour type … so, as Joan Crawford famously once REALLY said: “Don’t *** * with me fellows… !”.

March 4, 2013

My REAL Birthday Connections!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

IMG_0865Having two sons – Sidney (nearly 20) and Albert (nearly 14) – Abraham and Mary Solomon, after getting to a place they considered accomplished and secure, decided it was time for that baby girl they always wanted. Yes, that baby girl would be me. Despite being in their early forties and I laughingly always said, my Mother probably thinking this will never happen but going along with my Father’s desires to have a daughter, got pregnant. Indeed I was the girl child they and my two brothers had hoped for – smart me came early  – being born 5 March 1954 on my dear Father’s 42nd birthday … I was much wanted, much adored and always REALLY happy to be in the Solomon family. That multiple cultural, multiple ethnic, many faiths family was a REALLY interesting and exciting place to grow up. I give thanks to G-d each and every day for the happenstance of my birth … grateful am I that I was blessed to be born a Solomon. There are not many who do not already know that my amazing husband legally took my last name January 2012 – agreeing – no make that insisting that our children have that legally hyphenated last name as well … so we are the unique Eliasz-Solomon™ family now and forever more. What is REALLY in a name it is often asked – everything I assure you but that legal and moral tutorial has been already discussed in my previous posts and most probably will be again. Here though on the occasion of my 2013 birthday, if you will so kindly indulge me, I would like to  share with you my dear readers only a few of the reasons why my REAL birthday connections are so REALLY amazing.

IMG_0843The Hebrew/Jewish calendar has my birth date different than my father’s … ours is a not a set in time but instead lunar solar determined placement of dates. As such only in the widely accepted Gregorian calendar am I my Dad’s birthday buddy – that is just perfect because we two shared yearly celebrations plus a denotation of our Hebrew birth dates separately. I tell everyone when asked how to best describe my childhood  is that it was a “thinking person’s upbringing” … by that I mean, while great fun and much laughter plus many, many REAL excursions and such – there was a constant aspect of scholarship and learning – what many call “teaching moments“. This familial detail is resonant for the topic of my shared with father birthday on account of even that being a venue for lessons – the whys and wherefores of accepted dates in human history, as well as the poignancy and recognition of a life begun always taught and meant to be REALLY understood in our family.

Mine was a large, multi-generational extended family … many aunts, uncles and cousins. We all were REAL family – never a specification of 2nd, 3rd, half or whatever – just REAL family. It is interesting that the much referenced THE REAL Evil Doers Club™/The Miscreants™ one member [legally disowned/disinherited Michigan nurse] I am told recently posted on Facebook that she never even knew she had a paternal family until accidentally finding out at sixteen … one must wonder if such dysfunctional upbringing and lack of familial continuity is reason for her obvious [in my and others opinions] mental health issues – her jealously and hatefulness of those like myself,  who unlike her, are so blessed with REAL families. Proof that if not addressed one will certainly develop REAL life long relationship problems on account of family childhood issues. As Tolstoy stated, “Happy families are all alike; unhappy family in its own way.” – while I believe all families, no matter happy or not, are unique, I too – like the great Tolstoy – see that REAL happiness like that of my family is surely that of similar others – for we while different know the absoluteness of love and comfort, and of the glorious connections that devoted family affords one in life. If you follow me on Facebook or know my personally, then you would have seen the massive amounts of cousins, et al. photos I keep dear to me – birthday parties and more settings are abundant with REAL family and friends from all the 59 years of my life. Likewise, you all know by now that I consider close friends to be my “extended family” and many have been nearly my lifelong companions – those more recent no less important and equally precious to those from biological determination.

TerezaConnieWell now, I found a lovely lady friend – member of my Goddess Crew™ for a few years now, who shares my birthday. This great looking gal started out as my brow designer – we clicked and then one day while Connie R. chatted with my hubby, it came to her realization that we two were birthday “sisters” – both born March 5th [different years]. Since that day, we have shared great joys – her daughter weddings, my baby showers, dinners and luncheons, laughter and tears, professional accomplishments, her engagement/upcoming May 2013 wedding to dear Mike G. and some sorrows – her beloved Mother’s death last year, her fiance’s health scares, my dealing with REALLY evil nemesis, etc., etc.. The picture here was taken at her bridal shower fete just this past Sunday [3 March 2013] and the joy you see is REAL friendship. This REAL birthday connection makes a place holder that manifest a reality that a birth date is what we begin our life with – a marker that can be daunting for some but for me a glorious recognition that I am here – I am REAL and I am still living each day fully. To have others close to me that also came to be on March 5th allows a broadening of my REAL self, as I embrace their presence in my life, I am enriched and made more sturdy. As Beyonce sings in her song I Was Here – I have and will leave my mark – each of you, in your own way, should insist on the same!!!

P.S. Must remind you my dear followers and readers that my end year 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will be full of REAL and interesting details – the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me G-d – about all my birthdays and so much more. Stay tuned – the years are getting better and better and REALLY better for me – all great fodder for a REALLY good read!!!

Note: One more thing … seeing as the REALLY evil & REALLY obsessed with moi loser nemesis seem to still be taking a peek at my writings & such, I inform them that the photo of me seen here [at top of this blog] is NOT photoshopped, NOT retouched & taken just a few days before my 59th Birthday – on Friday, 1 March 2013 – this is what a REAL woman who is REALLY loved looks like – so there!

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