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March 7, 2013

I Have Just Entered An Alternate Universe … Rand Paul Made Sense To Me?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

RandPaulDroneTea Party types see the bogey man everywhere – suggesting that we liberals – particularly President Obama are coming to take every citizen’s guns away and such. Well has not and never will happen. Our current President is not a socialist and does not want to social engineer this great nation. What we should all REALLY be concerned about is overreaching Presidential powers as a precedence because that so called Manchurian candidate might one day reach the White house and then we will be in REAL danger of losing this democracy. Our Republic is fragile – as are all nations structures – supported only by constant vigilance of the populace and those elected to make the most important decisions. REAL problems are now coming to the fore concerning that which was started by the Bush administration post 9/11 … that is the then and now increase in losing our civil liberties in some faux attempt to gain security. Well folks – it ain’t working!

On March 6th Rand Paul [R – Ky] filibustered the old fashion way … he talked for over 13 hours [with a bit of help from others] in an effort to defeat the appointment of John Brennan as CIA chief. Now mind you – that was all pretense because even Senator Paul admitted that Brennan would be confirmed and indeed it was only a thinly disguised anti everything Obama posturing. Still, as Rand Paul stated, both sides of the aisles [Democrats and Republicans alike] are becoming increasingly alarmed by the expanding Presidential powers. Here is where I know the extremist GOP types are 100% wrong – this President is never going to tread lightly on our civil liberties but whose to say the next President will not. My dear readers -we have a REAL drone problem in the U.S.A. and yes it is happening under my beloved President Obama’s administration. There is the good, the bad and the REALLY ugly aspects to this troubling scenario – international and national situations that absolutely must be addressed – the REAL proverbial “slippery slope” is quite frightening when one considers just how invasive and REALLY dangerous the use of drones can be. The Nation Magazine detailed just what is wrong with this administration’s so called “drone policy” but the right wing hyperbole insinuating that President Obama is using his power to target U.S. citizens is fallacy. That bogus rhetoric is meant to define Obama as the problem and in that misdirecting us, the voters, from the REAL crisis – who, when and why should domestic surveillance drones be used. Likewise, in what foreign war effort should America use drone weaponry as a means to deter or destroy our sworn enemies?

Our wonderful Attorney General Eric Holder seemed perplexed and uncharacteristically at a loss for words when asked about our current domestic drone policy. In my opinion this was not because our AG had anything to hide but instead on account of this administration not REALLY knowing how to appropriately define or outline with specificity our drone policy We, the voting public, must weigh in on this topic – no ostrich with head in sand position any longer acceptable. Now I am fully comprehensive that most of my fellow Americans struggle just to get by – live a REAL life. However, many seem perfectly able to fit into their regimen ridiculous diatribe about faux conspiracy theories and such I feel reading up on this extremely important REAL matter is not too much to ask. Do NOT take your “eye off the ball” my friends for there REALLY are those hell bent on distracting us from the REAL task at hand. We all are obligated, if able, to be informed and at the very least vote for/select into office those most capable of addressing such important and life altering issues. Freedom is not free and certainly not to be left unattended. Do your part and get involved now because the much feared Orwellian Big Brother has arrived and it might very well be a drone hovering over your home quite soon!!!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share the details of how post graduate work led me to REALLY consider studying at our War College + how much I enjoyed reading the weapon specialty magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly for a few years. Yes indeed – I am a REALLY tough glamour type … so, as Joan Crawford famously once REALLY said: “Don’t *** * with me fellows… !”.

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