“Paper Tigers” of North Korea!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

PaperTigerWhat North Korea called the “Lips and Teeth” relationship it had with Mama China is over  … no more REAL synoptic support mechanism exists between the two.  North Korea is definitely flapping its lips these days but China will not bite their perceived nemesis – not U.S.A. nor others.  None-the-less, the “securocrats” amongst us are anxious to ramp up rhetoric and increase fears that North Korea is the next big threat to world security – yes they have nuclear weapons and of course, this enemy nation is without the need to behave as a world worthy partner but can anyone seriously believe North Korea can successfully wage war on the United States or our allies? I am NOT a pacifist – not in any sense of the word – what I am is a sensible reactionary and as such think all efforts to stop nations like North Korea from dangerous activity must happen but the bellicose rhetoric by the United States is just so much hot air. Do or don’t do is my life motto – as a proud American Zionist, I tell you the enemy must never go unchallenged but neither should they be taunted with no REAL determination to carry through at the base level. Far too often individuals and nations react with hyperbole and yet still do not go into action against threats. REAL bullies, and trust me I know REAL bullies, need to be reproached constantly and thwarted efficiently or they just keep coming back for more.

We have been down this road before folks – Cuba still off limits on account of a misconceived notion that we will starve them out of Communism. Nope – has not worked for now over fifty years and yet we leave a perfectly good off the shore of Florida trading partner languishing just to satisfy rhetorical arguments long irrelevant.  Certainly North Korea is a more dangerous character than Cuba but not dissimilar in that the U.S.A. can cultivate quite easily through strength and active, persistent investment and persuasive carrot stick activity both these isolated spots. Now that China is actually more capitalist than not, it is only a matter of time that we and them can join together in a virtual, if not actual, overtaking of North Korea. Why then the hyperbole and huge cost efforts to detain this impoverished war mongering small country? Money, money, money REALLY does make the world go around – people everywhere need to eat, be sheltered and more. Modernity has technology flooding the entire planet with information via internet, smart phones and the like – making it much easier to infiltrate the minds and hearts of previously brainwashed nation states. The United States and our allies need only educate the citizens of those places most determined to destroy us and themselves for the effort. Yes I know – what about terrorist types? Simple answer is – kill them but that does not mean getting us killed in the process. Why go to war and kill innocents, when intelligence can determine the who and where of those leading their masses into war against us? Not simply done but surely doable – President Obama proved that with the demise of Bin Laden, Gaddafi and others of that elk.

North Korea MUST be dealt with swiftly – no question but not with false posturing nor spineless bravado. If you follow me or know me personally, then you are aware of my husband and my determination against our own personal nemesis, The Miscreants™. How does this relate to North Korea you are asking? Well it does my friends in that my husband could have and 100 years ago would have punched these evil creatures in the nose but instead we left no remark unanswered, no crime or threat unreported, no slander/defamation stated without filing a lawsuit – in other words, we acted decisively, continuously and smartly to defeat and keep defeated these REAL enemies. No our work is not done – we have employed and have been personally embraced by REAL professionals to aid in our defense. Much expense and energy goes into our plan but REALLY well worth it as triumphant our life is and becomes more so each day. The comparison to a nation with nuclear arms like North Korea might be stretching it here but you must believe me that our personal enemies are just as lethal and my husband, I and our “team” just as justified in our ongoing effort to stop the horror once and for all. Our 100% legal efforts – through attorneys and law enforcement – has already reaped benefits as THE REAL Evil’s Doers Club™ have apparently retreated from social media to hide and be marginalized back into their minimalist life. The work for us is not done and the financial damages we hope to gain from upcoming lawsuits will hopefully – through press coverage – stop others from lie spewing and harmful actions against REALLY good people like ourselves. So you see my analogy is a good one … U.S.A. must be forceful against North Korea, as my husband and I have been against our sworn enemies – never turn away and never let a threat go unpressed

Look – North Korea recently entertained former basketball star Dennis Rodham and the CEO of Google. Obvious to me that this “paper tiger” REALLY wants to be the world’s new kitten. As for the nemesis I fight this day – why yes they too are as useless and weak as a “paper tiger” but my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will REALLY detail just how REALLY dangerous such seemingly insignificant persons can become – and just how to beat them at their own sick games. Let us – the great U.S.A. – fight all nemesis as my husband and I do our personal foes; that is with the constant self assurance that G-d and the angels are REALLY on our side … now that is a REALLY powerful thought !!!

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  1. All this bellicose behavior, started by a bad haircut.

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