Holocaust Remembrance Days

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Born post Holocaust – in the 1950’s meant for me and other Jewish children an almost etched in DNA early knowledge of the Holocaust. Parents and teachers anxiously compelled to both inform and protect our youthful minds. No escaping the REAL facts that just a few years before our births there were those determined to annihilate our kind. So even today – as a Mother, Aunt and a friend to others children, I ask “What do we tell them and when?” Jew and gentile alike are to be informed, warned and learned in the scholarship of this singular horror because to forget or ignore is to allow a repeat of such despicable actions amongst our fellow human beings. Surely without comparison but not without similar occurrences, THE Holocaust has been morphed into other tragedies for other peoples and this must not be left unpressed by those of us able and willing to act in defense of those suffering. As we begin Yom Hashoah on 7 April – 8 April 2013 [27th of Nissan in my Hebrew calendar] which began in 1953 as an observance in memory of those perished, I ask you to read my words, feel the pain and pledge that no people shall suffer the same!

In the Jewish faith, life is valued above all else … no false idolatry of the dead is allowed and yet we honor and give eternal life through remembrances of those passed. Our Judaism informs and directs on all matters concerning life, death and mourning. Each year on the anniversary of a death, our loved ones light a Yahrzeit candle – which means a “soul candle“. I do this for many – grandparents, parents, my deceased brother, Albert and first husband, David who converted to Judaism in order for us to marry. Others are there too – Aunts, Uncles, cousins  and friends – all gone but never forgotten. Generation after generation through our Jewish ritual of naming children for those deceased and annual ritual remembrances, those gone before remain present in our life. A legacy to be boldly proud of and life stories to never be forgotten – this my dear readers is the way to defeat the haters – the Nazis who thought they could destroy our people. Each Jewish child born is a “slap” in the faces of our enemies. We are and will be here – triumphant despite the sorrows!

My own parents – especially my father, Abraham, explained that having already feared for my two brothers born at the start of Shoah in America still would having been born Jewish perished and so bringing another child [me] into the world after the end of WWII in 1954 was an act of almost joyful rebellion. Very clearly it was also explained that Israel existing was one of the main reasons my parents felt safe – even though living here as from birth U.S. citizens – in the  decision to have me. Trust me that as a Jewish Mother myself this is not extremist paranoia – oh no my friends, for when I decided to become a Mother again late in life with my second husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, I even now thought these same ideas. My husband, just like my own maternal family is not Jewish [my Mother converted but my second husband has not] – still he legally took my Jewish last name, agreed to have our Jewish children do the same, keeps kosher and observes all Jewish holidays, rituals, etc.. My husband for many reasons but one main one being his biological Michigan family being hatefully and dangerously anti-Semitic legally disowned and disinherited them and others.  If you follow me or know me personally then you are aware of the REAL horror and depth of Antisemitism my husband’s disgraceful family and equally G-dless couple in Michigan he grew up with and their family is guilty of concerning Jews. Fortunately, as I have in my life – he too has  REALLY amazing and wonderful Christian cousins who are REAL family to us. To that point, please know that conversely my/our  life is full and so richly blessed with many who are considered “Righteous Gentiles” – these REAL people of faith – my many and a few of my husband’s relatives, friends and colleagues who are those that defend and support the rights of my Jewish people, the existence of Israel and I have no doubt would risk fortune and life to save us should that “knock on the door” ever come again [G-d forbid]!

There are no words to REALLY and completely define the depths of my personal pain concerning the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust – none I tell you. I carry each and every day that pain – the knowledge of that horror where regular citizens of nations who lived, worked, schooled, participated fully were then slaughtered for NO OTHER REASON than they were Jewish. Imagine you today ignoring on account of not wanting to believe it possible that an extremist group here in United States [or wherever you are reading this] existing similar to the Nazis and then that entity rising suddenly to power. Next step to imagine is laws being passed in order to take your long held rights away – yes REAL laws just like those that some in America want to establish in order to marginalize certain demographics today. After that you need to conjure up REAL fear that anytime now they will come for first your business, your law or medical license, have you dismissed at University where you taught for years, fire you from a years long worked at job, confiscated your bank accounts and properties and finally think of that minute when they come to your home and take you and your family away. THINK IT NOW – FEEL IT – BE REALLY AFRAID … it happened to us Jews just that way and I am still angry but no longer fearful because when we say NEVER AGAIN  we REALLY mean NEVER AGAIN – not for we Jews nor anyone else – the genocides must stop everywhere for everyone or humanity is doomed!!!

Note: In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! among so many REAL life stories, will be the full details and REAL facts – even quotes by those my husband decided to call and we legally trademarked The Miscreants™ concerning their hateful antisemitism, their threats and more. One incident that will surely sicken you is that these members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™  wished my Jewish babies dead by not acknowledging they existed and by mocking our REAL pregnancies on social media sites, etc..  There is worse if you can imagine anything more egregious than mocking a REAL Jewish baby being born. One of these criminal cyberterrorists – a Michigan IBM employee among other threats wished me silenced by gas (leak). So much more will be made public in soon civil & criminal legal cases against these people & even lawsuit against IBM. For now you should know that along with the slander, defamation and harassment lawsuits soon to be filed and possible civil criminal charges, our attorneys and law enforcement are considering charges of hate crimes – yes my dear readers – a REALLY serious matter!!!


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    Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013 starts this evening. Tonight Nisan 27th arrives at sundown.

    Yesterday, I wrote a blog on this topic from this jester’s Catholic perspective of reflective respect . But I wanted to be able to embody a Jewish perspective for today. So I thought, “Why not have my wife ‘guest-blog’ for Stanczyk?” Therefore, I give you my wife and her blog (re-blogged from HeiressMommy.wordpress.com). Please enjoy.

    You can reach her blog from my blog-roll!


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