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April 7, 2013

REALLY Huge Mistake !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

BIG MistakeThere is a scene in the 1990 film Pretty Woman where previously dressed shall we say shabby provocative Vivian [played by Julia Roberts], who is now a well coiffed and couture clothed lady, walks into a Rodeo Drive boutique that had a day prior turned her away. Well now – needless to say – here was a case of “payback is a REAL bitch“; she asks if they remember her being there before and then informs the uppity sales woman that they indeed had refused to wait on her, which was a “Big Mistake … HUGE!“.  Yep – love, love, love it. Never been a scenario I usually had to deal with as my life afforded me [literally and otherwise] purview to most high end fetes, establishments, etc. but there have been others that I defended against such malice prejudice and marginalization. Recently on account of those often referenced in my blog posts as The Miscreants™ lies and misrepresentations of myself and my husband, a moment or two presented itself where I had my REAL “team” inform [planning how best to inform still others] those wrongly directed that they had made a REALLY huge mistake – because baby you should all know that I vote, shop, purchase and acquire with my $$$ and I will see any slanderous, defaming harasser in Court. Equally 100% true is that I and my husband REALLY “reward” those who support us and help in defeating the lesser types – those hell bent for whatever misconceived notion or illegal wrong doings against us and other REALLY good people will NEVER ever benefit [not one dime no matter how ill or desperate] from my and my husband’s bounty. I will not forgive nor forget and even though my and my husband’s life plan includes something we have titled our “caring & sharing program“, none of the enemies we write about so frequently will be benefactors of our REAL generosity – not EVER I tell you will there be a hand out or gifting, for these creatures had choices and made the wrong turn by turning against the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you“.

Now if you know me personally or are my regular follower/reader, then you are aware of my contractual inability to share all the REAL details here … mostly on account of my year end memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! publisher obligations and likewise, the legal and other advisers warning me to stay relevantly mute on specifics until members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ are successfully sued and thwarted. Still I can express to you the pathos of the situation and the grand feeling that comes from intrinsic knowledge concerning my own REAL life narrative, as well as knowing the REAL horrific and less than stellar life stories of my nemesis. True to fact is that old adage – my morphed phraseology presented here: “Those with REALLY glass houses are somehow foolish enough to throw stones“. Why oh why I will never understand but it seems more true than not in that those like my husband and mine sworn enemies – of which he having once been “related to” or knowing since childhood, is in procession of REAL salacious facts about these creatures – dare to lie, slander and attempt with bogus suggestions to defame us. WOW – stupid surely you agree?

Look folks – I am hesitant to delineate too far the analogy within this romantic comedy film but REAL truth be told, it does give voice to an age old situation concerning our human need to unfairly and oft times too quickly rush to judgement – many times to find out that which we thought to be true was REALLY anything but the facts of the matter. Modernity has birth even more avenues of deceit through social media venues and I thank G-d I have the REAL means and most amazing support to fight that battle for myself and others. Yes I must remain vague but trust me – I am the great avenger in this ongoing dialogue. My husband, myself, our REAL family, friends and colleagues have decided and committed ourselves to never letting any slight or lie or such go unchallenged. 100% legal revenge will be my reward + a life REALLY well lived. Additionally, my received $$$ damages from those having caused my pain or denied me my rights will surely help soothe my angst. For now – stay tuned and do not let the bastards get you down. If you like, please  go to “Chat with Teréza” option on my blog wall and tell Mama Teréza who and what has attempted to define you falsely – I shall comfort, commiserate and advise!!!

P.S. My own REAL “Big Mistake … Huge” payback to evil types is my own REAL life narrative that consist of my REALLY amazing husband, children, family, friends & colleagues but I do readily admit my REALLY glamorous lifestyle, my REALLY  magnificent [planning to be in a short time in Architectural Digest & more] homes, my REALLY luxurious past, present & future travel experiences, etc., etc., as well as my REAL upcoming book tour/its movie red carpet moments, et al. are  a kind of REAL “sweet revenge” – in and only in that a life REALLY well lived will cause those delusional bottom dwellers to REALLY be eating their blackened hearts out!!!

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