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May 9, 2013

T.V. Court America is World’s Circus Maximus

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

ChariotLights, Camera, Action!” is no longer singularly the call for a television drama or film production . Sadly it is now the directive beginning for sensational and often relatively unimportant REAL life crime scene and courtroom dramas. Rome’s Circus Maximus was the venue for ludi – the religious festivals that one might say deteriorated into the thrills and spills of chariot races and later man versus animal challenges. Seems to me the same proverbial raw meat “slippery slope” has occurred in U.S.A.  jurisprudence my friends. Why surely you can recall the O.J. Simpson trial being the birthing venue for the now constant rally round the television screen 24/7 latest sensational crime story. No matter the REAL societal significance or lack thereof, this entire nation – even world – seems drawn like the proverbial moth to flame when presented with criminal or at times civil legal matters and subsequent courtroom dramas get into the public arena. We are in REAL danger of taking our eye off the ball folks – so many pressing and serious life matters to be addressed and yet the news uses precious resources to give us massive public access to crime scene and court room happenings. Why we must ask – what is the motivation besides shear voyeurism that has created this, to me, very troubling societal posture?

Vitriolic fervor – passion beyond the norm is what we see these days as the public reacts, comments and even protest legal case verdicts.  Of course, there has always been a certain level of titillation and news focus on crimes of the infamous and famous but social media has allowed for a world stage where all the viewers feel perfectly comfortable inserting themselves as judge, jury  and executioner. Without hesitation individuals will call in to Court television coverage to condemn a jury decision, second guess a schooled judge and even critique police/detective work. No question that redress by those not directly involved in a matter of legality is as old as the system of laws – the REAL difference in our present massive 24/7 Cable, Facebook, Twitter and such atmosphere is the proliferation of joined efforts by strangers in an effort to direct and decide what results come from the halls of justice. Trial by public opinion is not the place we want to go – no my dear readers for that is without a doubt the road to REAL damnation. What prejudice, personal premeditation, ignorance will determine the fate of those being tried – isn’t this a frightening idea? You must agree with me that the almost “feeding the lions”  tonality of constant barrage coverage of each and every latest courtroom drama is at best uncomfortable and at worst a serious deterioration of our legal system. My oh my – law as entertainment is no longer a good movie or play but a REAL life imitating art imitating life and equaling not REAL art but a public circus. Myself – I am deeply concerned that we can not go back to a studied concentrated effort to right wrongs in accordance with our legal system. We need to get a grip on the mass emotions and seeming rightful privilege to nonchalantly determine what is good or bad law.

I need not convince you by my written words alone  – just think back and try to remember the 2011 Casey Anthony trial. Dear G-d, what public focus and REAL angst that tragedy produced day in and day out … a child, Caylee Anthony dead, reasons unknown and yet the wonderful America justice system REALLY did work and allow a jury of her peers to decide the fate and outcome. Agree or not – that is how it should work and none of us will be content otherwise in the end if polls decide guilt or innocence. Now we have the Jodi Arias  situation – WOW – strangers cheering her conviction outside the court house. What REAL business is this legal drama to the general public … we have to believe that those so hell bent on voicing opinion in this kind of news story are either without vice or terribly bored. Flip I am being here but not lacking in concern. In my mind the other  obvious issue is why the community surrounding these crime scenes are not as easily made to get involved in bigger issues like child neglect, homelessness, environmental deprivation, government budget cuts  – all that might have effected the original demographic that produced the criminal tragedy that now is so important to them.

There is every right for the citizenry of a nation and even the entire world to review and weigh in on matters of law. However, under no circumstance will humanity benefit from hysterical and uneducated participation through social media in matters of law. We must be careful and reign in this run away train – always and completely being respectful of the system that our own democracy has created. Yes oversight and constant vigilance against extremist attitudes are mandated in jurisprudence but that swinging pendulum must not be allowed too wide an arc. In my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be REAL and heartfelt detailing of why I care so much about the scales of justice. Until then I ask that you stay involved but not without thoughts of what REALLY matters most – that is a fair and balanced land of laws, which  is best for all of us!

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