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June 24, 2013

My Walmart Miracle

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

bluedragonflyBeing a Liberal pro-union capitalist leaves myself, like my parents before me often conflicted. As such, while admiring Walmart’s amazing “rags to riches” colossal success story, I have been equally incredulous concerning their predatory business practices, employee almost usury positions and so many other legally marginal activity. Criticism of Walmart extends to important issues as environment and health … no trivial matters involved I am sure you dear readers will agree. In recent years some have been possibly unfairly critical of daughter Alice Walton’s hometown mega financed Crystal Bridges Museum – Arkansas some art officiants exclaim with disbelieving fervor and prejudice about that location gaining access and ownership to major iconic art work. Well – yes my East Coast elitist sensibilities strain at the edges to be kind about this event and yet I am gladdened and generous in feeling there too shall I and my family happily visit and hopeful those close by geographically will as well. Must not forget that as  a born, bred, raised resident and still [always will] maintaining Philadelphia residence, Ms. Walton’s attempted acquisition of our Thomas Eakins’s masterpiece The Gross Clinic from Thomas Jefferson University left me anxious. Still as finally was the resolution in having the money raised to save our hometown work of art, I as a reasonable person felt similar distaste for those in Philadelphia that had allowed this to occur, as I did for Alice Walton considering her attitude of take what you can for the right price. Anyway, painting safely residing still and permanently in Philadelphia. I am not a Walmart shopper – not REALLY a snobbery issue – all right maybe a wee bit of that – more not trusting their shelve choices and wanting to participate in furthering their overwhelming posture in the business world.

You are surely asking what miracle Tereza could possibly have had experienced at Walmart considering what I just told you. No question in my mind – you will see the glory of this story. On Father’s Day this year, my husband and family and I spent the day with dear friends – more extended family. This couple who are angels – representatives of all G-d’s hopes for in our relationships spent most of that Sunday attending to my and my dear husband’s whims and desires … one after the other Father’s Day celebratory gift was our to behold – many things brought us to tears. Selfless and without guile are our “brother and sister” Joseph and Suzie. Let me add also great fun – many guffaws when we are together. So after a day of gifts and joy, Suzie Q. said “Lets go Tereza – we need to shop for Father’s Day dinner“. Off we went – my gal pal and I to forage and return – both of us REAL doer types and so it was hot, sticky but a determined two woman that pulled up to a Super Walmart store. In we went and methodically purveyed the place – making joined choices and chatting away with the ease that comes as if we had spent a lifetime together. For now I will say, this fine woman has her own challenges in life and yet remains gracious, generous, loving, kind and great interesting company to be with no matter time or place.Wow – Tereza having fun in Walmart? Yes indeed – and then the conversation in produce found us in serious tone and I expressed things my friends already knew and cared about in my life … if you read me regularly or are a personal part of my world, no surprise we got to converse on The Miscreants™. Why on Father’s Day you might be thinking? The answer is recent REAL threats on social media, further slander and defamation, suggestion of sexual aggression/violence toward me by one on his Facebook page and even mocking of my Jewish faith [specifically how we/I write G-d] and more that will be in upcoming lawsuit depositions and possible trials. Not REALLY important for this post – what is paramount is that Suzie taught me much, guided me, assured me of her strength and forever commitment to our friendship – there in Walmart produce section, with tears in both our eyes, I told her she was a hero to me, a salvation not just in helping take such good care of myself and family but taking my hurt and soothing my soul despite her own burdens and struggles. So there we were – Jew and Christian embracing next to the peaches and cherries and knowing that we two were surely two of the REALLY  blessed women in the world.

In my first book – year 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! more will be shared and REAL “Oh yes, now I get it” for you dear followers moments about my “lucky me” life philosophy – why not – with friends like Suzie Q. would I ever dare to think otherwise?

P.S. Suzie dearest adores Blue Dragonflys and so this post’s accompanying photo is a globe covered by them … as they are doing, so I am sure this woman’s presence will be felt around the world – she has and will make a REAL everlasting difference. On a more immediate note I am thinking that we two gals must soon have a jeweled shared representation of this beautiful creature as a sort of sisterhood talisman to wear as reminders that REAL beauty does exist and dwells here in earthly form!

June 18, 2013

My “Special Relationship” With Justice Scalia

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

scaliaNo – nothing like a romantic relationship involved and not even the REAL closeness that apparently Justice Clarence Thomas has formed with his almost always voting the same compatriot Justice Antonin Scalia. And yet, the conservative jurist and I REALLY do have a bond – the love of law over thuggery. Most Supreme Court findings of recent times find me – a born and bred Liberal in direct opposition to Scalia’s decisions. But what surprise of surprises gladdened my heart when just this week he voted with the more Liberal justices to strike down Arizona’s draconian voter registration law. The prior week all nine SCOTUS members voted against private companies owning DNA – basically saying no private company can patent genes. While nuanced and I as a confirmed capitalist think might be an overreach, considering business should be allowed to profit for their effort and likewise fund research and development that benefit all, this too presents a true and REAL comfort that Justice Scalia [at least at times] cares more for the legal system of this great nation then his right leaning ideologue friends.

If my attempt at clever quip concerning Justice Scalia seems irreverent – trust me that is not the case. I grew up in a family and hope to do the same with my own children where dinner topics included issues involving the highest court in the land, among many other rather erudite and complex matters. My political parents instructed that the most important deciding factor as to who one should vote for to be President [besides, of course, being a Democrat] was who that person would place on the sempiternal defining role in our Supreme Court. Hence even before studying law myself, my conversation often entailed respectful animadversion of jurist on every level. The role of judges is almost unprecedented and unequal in importance and purview – we rise and fall as a civilized nation on their dictates and decisions.

In conclusion, I readily admit to being a bit o a geek – I actually enjoy reading entire SCOTUS Court decisions. REALLY not shocking as I the last of three adored children – the only much prayed for daughter, born on my beloved Father’s March 5th birthday – was told by my civil rights activist Father that besides the year he married my Mother, 1954 was the best year of his life. Why you Ask? It was the year of my birth and just a few months later a Supreme Court case my Father had worked toward and supported was decided correctly. In May 1954 Brown v. Board of Education – this landmark United States Supreme Court case declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students was unconstitutional. Wonderful I am sure you agree that my amazing parents cared so deeply about not just that their children got a good education but all of Americas children as well. Good thing Daddy did not name me Brown in honor of this seminal historic event. Anyway, hoping everyone will read my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! to know all the REAL details of my REALLY interesting journey – with all things legal and more!

June 13, 2013

No Links, No Photos Equals REAL Security?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Seems the world is full of tattle tells – are those among us so willing to discuss that which is private simply misanthropes or dangerous types needing to be addressed through legislation and the courts?

Well now – personally I never allow those hell bent on my destruction to go unchallenged when they post lie filled slander … Lawsuits are my friend. There is even reason to pursue legally those that might even share a REAL fact if is done for nefarious reasons. The personal has surely now become the general as just this past week a National Security Agency employee shared with journalist top secret information that could very well breach the safety of our nation and allies around the world. This life lesson is a intentional tutorial because oh baby, destroying another person – no matter if it is intentional or not – will reap punishment. The grandiose idea that you must tell what you perceive as REAL truth in personal, business, government or community may not be your glory of moment after all.

So I write this post with no links and no photos – just that you be sure to read my year end book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! to know why such important issues REALLY do matter to us all!

June 4, 2013

Lucky Feminist Me !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

MRS_NWHMSomewhat difficult to determine all the reasons why – the blessing of good fortune, happenstance, circumstance, right place at right time or just possibly what I reap, I have sown scenario but the men in my life are feminist. Yes my darling readers either REAL feminist or at the very least respectful of my being one. Come to think of it, the men that I feel the most closeness to allow for the full scope of who I REALLY am – at times completely in charge, other moments very much in need of support, still others where – well not often – I throw myself into their arms [real and theoretically] for protection and directive oversight. Best of all worlds is what I seem to have. Asking why or how moi got so damn lucky? Hmm … probably a combination of there being no other option, a bit of plain old luck and putting out there that which I expect to get back.

Please do not think this post is going to be another blah, blah, blah tutorial others of my ilk often write in an effort to dictate the life plan of women and their guys – nope, it is my REAL and honest descriptive self analysis and a portion of my own  hopefully inspiring life story, along with what else is relevant in historical and current terms, that will somehow help the ladies and gents reading this get to that perfect balance where REAL respect is achieved. Here is an aside – both myself and my REALLY feminist husband, who if you read me regularly or know us personally, are aware legally took my last name and agreed to have our children do the same – are angry about the state of women here in the great U.S.A. and around the world. In her new novel The Woman Upstairs [a MUST read], Claire Messud writes about “the furies” – that being simply the furious tone we women should have concerning the still oppressive and often dismissive attitudes toward us despite education, earning capacity and such. Pissed off is what her main character is and hubby and I think most women should be – if not about ones own individual circumstance, then toward the other women less fortunate and certainly undeniably oppressed status to various degrees. We women are far too often the worst enemy of ourselves and others of our gender – less supportive of another woman is much too usual the posture seen in the work place, politics and community. Is it jealousy or fear? Not sure exactly but the lack of REAL connective and unified presentation against misogynistic attitudes is daunting to me. Of course, there are the absolutely amazing efforts by women to continue that which my beloved feminist Mother’s generation began … Still fighting to pass Equal Rights Amendment here in U.S.A., working for decent wages and health care here and around the world for women and girls, those striving to elect more American women to political office and even to get the National Women’s History Museum finally built in Washington D.C. – to name just a few of the ongoing and long sought after items involving women. Additionally, there are famous and well placed women attempting to enlighten and raise not only awareness but funds to help our gender – just this past weekend Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and other entertainers performed and sponsored the Chime for Change event in London to raise the consciousness of the world through song about justice, health and education for girls and women everywhere. All in all there is a REAL effort but we gals need more definitive action by everyone to get it right – to the place where gender REALLY does not matter any longer.

Being our own worst enemy surely applies to women’s current problems – if you want it all, then do it all – that is if like myself, fortune has smiled on you through education, etc.. There are our sisters with no REAL choice … place of birth and other factors rendering them incapable of having choices and so the rest of us must step up and do it – yes, make not only our circumstances and successes doable but be sure legislation here and government actions around the world insure the well being of all women. Dear G-d … when I hear women spout nonsensical things like “I am not a feminist – I love taking care of my husband and children” – well me too and he for I but that does not in any way excuse ignoring the REAL problems of women being denied choices in all areas of life and without any equivocation does not pass for reason to claim ignorance about the growing apparent recognition of things like sexual assaults in the United States military and more similar ongoing egregious actions against women. Listen folks, I bake, I love my family, I am a bit of a high maintenance Princess type but I also handle business and finance for my family and often friends, I am involved in politics, am a writer, athletic type and many more things but what I am not is foolish enough to allow society to define me – then why would I ever allow that to be the case for another women? I ask the ladies reading this to remember that all are affected by laws and tenor of community – her today babe, you and your daughter tomorrow in an oppressive world. To the guys reading this, my hubby is a REAL man who is not afraid to look after the homestead quite well, being a researcher and brilliant writer while doing so – and when someone offends or attacks his woman [me] he is a lion defender of his brood – no question about his manhood, trust me on that. What matter is it if man or woman does this or that task – we are each the better for the others accomplishment and only by working in unison will a family, community, country and the world get better, healthy and more equal for all!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  many details about my late Mother’s feminism will be shared – how she told me it began as her personal outlook on life, etc.. For now please take a look at the picture connected to this blog – it is a dedication that my husband and I are endowing for her at the National Women’s History Museum, which I hope you all will consider making at least a small contribution in honor of a woman you REALLY love and visiting once open.

June 2, 2013

My Daddy’s Romance with Environmentalist Rachel Carson

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

rachel-carson-silent-springMy dear erudite, brilliant, activist Father was crazy about environmentalist Rachel Carson – a REAL crush in my opinion is what Daddy had for this forerunner in the filed of conservation. Therefore it was not odd that at twelve years old one of the books he insisted I read and then, as was par for our family structure, we discuss was her iconic book, “Silent Spring“. Well dear readers, Rachel Carson had no idea how REALLY dangerous the manipulation for evil and lack of concentration of biodiversity would become with the current ever growing advancement in technology. Now if you are a Luddite reading this, just take a deep breath and proceed with an open mind for REAL and honest dialogue must – absolutely must – be continued on issues of the lessening of species, crops and biological diversity on this planet; likewise there must be applied efforts to maintain and yes, control both man-made and natural destruction of our varied ecosystem if we are to survive. Not hyperbole but REAL and serious documented factual reality – there is a terrible problem that we humans need to address immediately and no slanted nor political viewpoint should be allowed to dictate the direction we take.

Something called the “conservation of variety” was a prevalent and definitive focus during the Cold War between U.S.A. and the Soviet Union.  In his New York Times op-ed, Ecology Lessons From the Cold War, Jacob Darwin Hamblin discussed that it was nothing short of than a strategy for human survival that made necessary scientific investigations and planning should the worse case scenario occur – the frighteningly titled “Mutually Assured Destruction.  The Cold War [mostly] over but oh my, the REAL war to save the world’s ecological diverse stability is ever growing and I assure you, none of us – no one – will win unless all of us get involved now. Saving whales or pandas, a rare fish – yes that too but crops, water systems and every damn contingency or sub system as well has to be protected and even morphed into a stronger lineage if so determined in order to be able to withstand environmental changes. What choice is there? Does any one REALLY believe G-d wants us to just go along, to get along? Well, tell me please because that is an insane attitude and my Jewish faith demands care taking of this gloried nature that the L-rd granted us purview over. If your own faith suggests destruction for an entry into nirvana – I want you to be REALLY quiet because otherwise someone will  – no make that someone must – get you mental health treatment asap or incarcerate you to be sure you do no harm to the rest of us. Yes, I know what you must be thinking – something like, “OMG Tereza, that is so extreme!”. You betcha because the ignorant among us are causing delay and defunding for REALLY necessary scientific research and development to save us now and future generations. I say if anyone disagrees and wants the so called “end of days” sped up – go for it – I mean take your single life out of the equation asap and leave the rest of us to do REALLY what G-d wanted and that is save his beloved creation. This is an ethical and moral imperative and not a philosophical ideal my friends and you will be deemed guilty of complicity if any less than supporting environmental preservation is your life choice!

P.S. In my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be details on my late Father’s early environmental activism and the irony that sadly a environmental poison [asbestos despite being only a so called white collar guy] ended his still vital [in his mid 70’s life], as well as , how those he loved and loved him are determined to legally and in other ways continue his fights for REAL justice and care for all living things!

June 1, 2013

Messy Mass(ive) Media

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

13498662-finger-pointing-a-an-mass-media-word-cloud-on-blue-backgroundSeriously – are you joking with the almost self delusional idea that anyone REALLY cares about your choices for clothes, food, furniture, etc.? Oh my. how elitist of me but indeed my rather insulting question has a quite serious undertone. Worse still is the idea that any loathsome person thinks it fine to take a photo and share on Facebook, Twitter and such of a complete stranger – accompanied by opinionated comment or two. Simply rude , bad form and I hope leading to lawsuits and legislation forbidding this ever increasingly egregious activity. Now if you want to convince yourself that the world cares to see that which your deem of importance despite your less than effective life status – be my guest or seek therapy asap. One personal example is an individual hubby and I suing/law enforcement investigating proclaiming himself a “writer” with no book deal and a blog consisting of his retail clothing work place photos only – it has been suggested to us, along with his other activities, that this probably can be diagnosed as grandiose delusions and that has many frightening implications. Still the privilege of delusion is  just that – your right to be, as long as no REAL crime occurs [in the case we are dealing with REAL crimes of vandalism by him and more did happen by the way]. However, if you find it reasonable to take liberties with another person’s image and post that photo anywhere without permission – other than of course public figures and even then there are legal limitations – well then, if there is REAL justice – see you Court. Thinking I am a litigious sort – you are correct in that analysis and trust me, I plan to make this and other similar situations concerning slander, defamation and intellectual property rights part of my life work. Growing concern about privacy has already led to lawsuits – how and where and even why someone’s “stuff” is shared already under legal review. The harm and thievery that comes from the indecent and lesser types activities among us in their effort to possess that not theirs, insult/mock those they know little of, if anything at all, ascribing attributes or lack thereof to others and the shear “no holds barred” attitude presented on social media sites needs to be challenged … I volunteer.

Unless you are famous or REALLY talented in a particular field, only those near and dear to you, care about the choices your Instagram and Pinterest venues present. Nice sharing but certainly no demonstration of creativity and as that is the case, the false sense of accomplishment that some gain from these processes is delineating REAL worth and value from those more worthy of our collective focus. I worry that the next generation will think the faux bloggers that mostly post photos of other person’s wares and products might misconstrue that as something intended for scholarship – well not REALLY but still troubled that our youngsters will not seek that which directs them to learned presentations instead. Without REAL text and analysis one gives little thought to the basis for that suggested as informative or instructive. Here it is and there it goes seems the tone of quipped comments under a self created photo shoot – no questions asked about the creator or impetus any longer required it seems. Of course, not all of us nor even the majority limit scope of intake to the quickened social media sites … Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ can often allow for REAL discourse, interaction and worthwhile exchanges, as well as sharing of ideas.

Ethical and moral consequences must also be a consideration in this discussion – is not decency and manners something worth including in things mostly entertainment? The arts are to be respected, along with REAL news journalism – to not do so is a REAL “slippery slope” toward the dimming of society, not to mention the elimination of outlets for growth and development of those areas that affect us all to some extent. Technology has made way for more inclusion – a sort of world wide communal participation potential and yet there are still demographics denied entry; who and how the offerings will be distributed needs careful oversight if even more divisiveness is not to occur around the globe. Concerted effort by governments and organizations privy to the resources that can make a REAL difference and keep progressive our intellectual human advancement need to be ever watchful – research, development and the highest levels of educational offerings must be maintained or we all just one or two quick smart phone snap shots away from REAL ignorance!

P.S. In my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  all details will be shared about my love affair with lawsuits … yep, you slander, defame or harass me – you repeat, post or misrepresent me and mine on or from social media and I and my husband and our amazing REAL “team” of attorneys and advisers will REALLY see you in Court – this is not a totally selfish  modus operandi  for I believe others can and will benefit on account of the “line is drawn here” effect my very soon to be public posture will create!

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