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July 30, 2013

America’s Middle Class Missing Those Halcyon Dynasty Years

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

DYNASTY LOGOIs my title here an oxymoron – no, not at all. For some time and through considerable reading – even study – my mind can not help but conclude that the working middle and solid middle class were perfectly content with their status and small sharing in the lives portrayed on the evening soap opera type 1980’s Dynasty television show. Oh no, you must be thinking – what possible analogy can that have to do with what President Obama recently discussed as the growing income gap crisis in America? Plenty I tell you for now and for some time we have dissipated and denied most any chance of even climbing onto the first rung of that exalted ladder toward grand wealth – why even quite a few already climbing upward through a two parent decent paying and benefit provided jobs have been knocked back down to nearly sub-par existences.

I have long believed that most middle of the middle Americans did not necessarily aspire to the complications that business ownership present … my own parents, husband and myself, other family and close friends have dealt with both the extraordinary opportunities and often daunting responsibility entrepreneurship create for an individual and even the entire family involved. Most good hard working middle class folks felt content and grateful for employment that allowed them a secure standard of living, fear from being homeless or penniless, with the extra expendable money to pursue the small pleasures of holiday parties, budget travel and comfortable retirement. A now and again moderate luxury expenditure or small assistance to educate a child for degrees previously never obtained in that family so much the better for these Americans. There was no envy or hatred for the wealthy or more educated for the working middle class felt their own modest dreams quite enough to claim happiness and gladdened hearts at that America promised and obtained to their wants and needs dream.

Gone, mostly gone is the standard of living comfortably for many in our nation and so there is now REAL anger – often misplaced and not correctly delineated toward the perceived well off. Enemies are now those perceived as greedy despite they too having worked hard and diligently to achieve success – frequently misappropriated blame is professed for explanation of who and why caused such personal economic failures for our fellow citizens. Are there guilty among us – of course, but mostly resulting from lack of REAL oversight and implementing of laws meant to control taxation and distribution of funds through corporation and governments alike. We must have a more logically and less finger pointing solution to the growing unevenness and disparity of American incomes … I am against the so called Occupy Wall Street movement and am convinced its very simplicity denotes a dangerous and meaningless attitudinal posture which will result in no progress toward fairness for all in this nation. Likewise, convincing one group of middle working class that another group – say union workers – are cause of their own economical problems is insane and a sure path to end the cohesiveness that this country depends on in order to function well. As President Obama just stated this week, the growing extreme income gap is fraying our society and our unity is disappearing. We each should demand others are paid fairly – economies are cycle structures and what is earned is spent and this creates another earning position and so on and so on. No doubt the other demand is that REALLY fair share of taxes – not more than fair – is paid by those fortunate to earn or inherit great wealth.

So back to the Dynasty television analogy I began this essay with – those days were seemingly copacetic for the elite showing their finery through drama and magazines, as well as the viewer and consumer. The couture designer clothes and wares offered to the privileged few could be morphed and presented for reasonable purchase prices to the many – satisfied with their obtained copied versions and elated at the REAL prospect that if working hard enough and if so desired they too could live the way those rich people did might, just might happen for them or their children one day was enough to make everyone REALLY happy to be Americans – lets now be determined to reestablish a system where that REAL or imagined status is at least a possible dream for many!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up book Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, many of the hows and whys I am both a confirmed capitalist and egalitarian union supporter will be fully explained.  For now I assure you if we meet I can sing union songs while wearing my REAL designer clothes – get it?

July 28, 2013

Prince George Marries A Nice Jewish Girl!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The following is – at least to date – a royal fable … perhaps, we will see what the REAL future holds, shall we?

Royal Jew daughter blog essayA unique East Coast, America family decides to add a daughter to twin sons who themselves were birthed in later years of the new millennium’s first decade via expensive and time consuming fertility treatments. This precious addition – the only daughter of a loving and successful Jewish Mother and Christian Father, is raised in the Jewish faith as are her two brothers. So much of her hereditary biography is quite special … to start, her very accomplished feminist Father legally took her Mother’s family last name and agreed that their children do the same. The inherited exceptionalism does not stop there – oh no, indeed it is long suspected that her brilliant learned genealogist Father’s Paternal Grandmother is a descendant of Polish royalty. No other Paternal family, except for a few distant cousins, exist [all legally disowned and disinherited by her parents]. On her Jewish side, the highest and most royal tribe is her lineage and probably the oddest fact here is her Maternal Grandmother is thought to be a distant relative of Albanian Muslim royalty. Yes indeed a rare and unique biography for this girl child born 2015 to an accomplished and quite well known couple. So it is that Morgan Rose comes into the world just two years after third in line to the British throne, first son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince George Alexander Louis.

Morgan Rose is a trust fund baby and as such wants for nothing – still there is nothing taken for granted – not by her nor her older brothers. It seems the devoted parents of these three much adored children believe life lessons equally valuable to give their children, as are the private school educations, world travel and lovely multiple homes that they have been able to provide as parents. In this and some other distinct manners, Morgan is raised very much similar to Prince William, the late Princess Diana’s son and as he and his wife are raising their son, George. Yet another commonality is the public persona both Morgan and George’s parents and subsequently they have needed to deal with – secure in their own REAL truths, these children grow strong, happy and confident – determined, as were their parents, to be productive members of society. Now of course, both also enjoy the perks and luxuries afforded them by their families exalted stations in life – nothing wrong with that as long as good and balanced attitude maintained. So it is these two people grow up healthy and happy – then meet and fall deeply and forever in love. You ask how  – well is was actually a rather easy happenstance that brought them together.

Education always an important part of a Jewish upbringing, Morgan and her brothers are all headed to the the oldest university in the English speaking world, Oxford and unlike both his parents that met at Saint Andrews, Prince George being a very studious and scholarly young fellow choice is also University of Oxford. There it is – the meeting of a privileged American Jewish young woman and the British heir to the throne – he two years older being the more seasoned of the two and thus the more sophisticated in all things romantic pursues Morgan Rose with elegance and determination.The year is 2033 and his Father, King Charles has been on the throne for nearly thirteen years now – so young Prince George is currently second in line to ruling Great Britain and is mostly nonchalant at age twenty about that prospect considering the longevity that runs in the Windsor family. Never considering  the historical or political difficulties their union would present, George and Morgan decide to marry after a four year courtship – announcing it a few short weeks after the young lady graduates with honors. Oy veh moment for sure – but is works out quite well  and I will explain exactly how.

You see my dear readers the Act of Settlement of 1701 ONLY prohibits the monarch from marrying a Catholic – as Morgan Rose is 100% Jewish in faith and upbringing, even through her beloved Father is Catholic, there is no REAL legal obstacle to this marriage. Now of course their children being Jewish and not members of the Church of England is of great concern to Monarch and Parliament alike but liberalism rules the day here too – it is decided that a decree will be established allowing for any children born to Prince George and the now Princess Morgan Rose to sit on England’s exalted throne. After all, Jewish royalty goes back to King David and the great King Solomon – as such there has always been Jewish blood in the castle!

P.S. Now all of you my darling readers and followers must surely realize the template for this tale is a wee bit autobiographical in details of children and our family REAL history and circumstances. Do I hope and husband and I planning to add a daughter to our family ? The REAL answer is yes we would love and are attempting to have a daughter if G-d so blesses us and would I wish her the first Jewish Queen of England? That too is an affirmative answer of yes but only if she REALLY loves the King and would be willing to go through trial and tribulation and he for her – as my husband and I were for each other. In my soon collection of blog essays memoir HeiressMommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up tell ALL life story, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy! REAL detail of all both of subtle insinuation and pointed fact here will be included. Until then, Cheerio Good People – at least until my next blog essay that is!

July 26, 2013

National Security or Dude Has Our Stuff ???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

snowdenSilly me to think a high school drop out, narcissistic and brazen interloper would never REALLY have access to important government information. Well of course, we all now know that is exactly the case due to Edward Snowden having absconded with USA National Security secrets. Now this misanthrope somehow thought it his duty and right to “out” the United States for its wrong doings and overreaches concerning our nations data keeping. While yes, there seems much to be concerned about considering the post 9/11 Patriot Act and such that allows entire seizing without warrants of our phone records and emails, trust me, Snowden is not the one to guide and protect we the citizens of this Democracy toward an open and free society. Nope – not nearly the person who without self interest would give voice to the immediate concern of a “big brother” government where our privacy and rights might be decimated.

Seems Mr. Snowden deliberately sought employment at our National Security Agency for the express purpose of being some sort of freedom information crusader – that alone must give pause for his REAL motivation, not to mention psychological stability. My main concern is how the hell this non degree, no formal education and probably psychopath got hired in the first place – other than that I worry that the REAL problem at hand of too much government seized information about we the citizens will now not be addressed with the seriousness and formality required. Dear G-d, almost seems conspiratorial … now if any of my readers tend toward that constant “they are plotting against us” attitude, I do not REALLY think the government conspired to have idiot Snowden look the fool so as to have partisan politics busied with him and not review the REAL problem evolving. The pejorative problem to act on is that modern technology has made it far too easy for person and institution alike to have purview over others sensitive documents  – this must not be tolerated by any of us – that must be issue for openness and juris prudence now.

Final analysis is that I do believe Snowden must be prosecuted, just as I am personally determined to successfully sue and have prosecuted the individuals who have attempted access to my/my husband’s information and thought it their right to share often bogus facts on social media. I also want a learned and studied review and if needed legislation, that REALLY protects us all – the people and the nation. In that sense, maybe the dialogue Snowden created can and will be the only positive legacy this less than stellar United States rogue citizen can hope for in the tomes of history!

P.S. In my now REALLY soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and publisher decided follow-up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy many of the REAL personal reasons [often discussed in my blog essays] of why those who seem to erroneously believe one’s information is their right to share or even make-up, etc. will be part of my life’s work -yes, I and my husband are determined to use our education and some of our resources to create dialogue and even laws that will deny and prosecute The Miscreants™ among us !

July 23, 2013

A Shop Where REAL Angels Dwell!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Country Charm FurnishingsThere are times in one’s life that define REAL wealth – no, not my much adored Louboutin shoes nor the wonderful luxury trips I have been so excited to have experienced nor the spectacular homes hubby and I are planning. No indeed, the REALLY valued moments are when another person embraces, consoles and protects. In my life that list has an embarrassment of riches and here in my previous blog essays you dear readers have been privy to those  individuals and their place in my life … life long friends, colleagues and others who have held me up against the winds of defeat. In this essay I have a place where you can actually go to meet one – no make that a family of those angels that have blessed me with their presence in my life.

There is a shop in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania  owned by my dear friend Stephanie, attended to by her truly wonderful husband Rich and their amazing daughter Alaina. No matter where you dwell, I suggest you visit to see not only the lovely offerings but experience REAL kindness and joy, like I have, by knowing these fine people. Surely, you all realize this is where I tell you that story- read on for it is an inspiring life tale that all will feel inspired by and gladdened for having read. Recently I found myself in a situation where I needed to be in residence close by to the last home my dear husband and I owned – so many friends and even family lived in surrounding areas but none exactly where I now needed to be. A little before noon that day I sent my friend Stephanie a text – having chatted through Facebook but not getting together for some time, it might have seemed odd to a person of lesser character but not to this fine woman. After some minimal explanation and discussion with her husband, Rich, I was accepted as a house guest. Welcomed with affection and respect by this wonderful couple into their home and comforted by their hospitality – not to mention enchanted by their young daughter. There were meals shared, chats enjoyed and laughter too – my stay there facilitating the task at hand and providing my husband and I the security then needed without feeling of imposition or over reaching … this singularly on account of the REAL and true dignity and grace of my friends. The ethics and morality demonstrated by this couple with ease and the quintessence that defines the life force for each of us resulted in my being able to continue with those things most pressing. Salvation possibly would be considered hyperbole by some but I say it is exactly that – in the REAL saving at a time of strife in ones life is of a redemptive nature and more so when done by those not necessarily life long companions to date.

I am to be envied for those that have come into my life – there are just too many REALLY special people to write about but a few need a notation in print and the owners of Country Charm Furnishings are those kind of people. Now go there – buy lots of wonderful things and of course, tell them Teréza sent you – who knows you and I dear readers might see one another at this shop where REAL angels dwell some time soon. By the way, you will thank me once having visited – for the items available and for having the opportunity to meet my friend, Stephanie, the proprietor.

P.S. As with so much I must remain vague about exact details and for that I apologize – all REAL facts will be shared in my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and the recently decided Summer 2014  Life Journey of Heiress Mommy.

July 19, 2013

Moral Infancy of Miscreants and Misanthropes

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

MoralityPillarsSome scientific research and empirical evidence suggest we humans are born with moral codes and others question if moral imperative is only learned and morphed from the surroundings and caregivers a baby is placed in from birth. Surely the obvious question of why then can a human develop so little or so wrong a moral code when another in similar circumstances presents REAL decency and exemplary character. The moral life of babies leads to significant and troubling questions for all of society. As I do, I believe you my readers will do also – that is think of those you know personally and the whys and wherefores of exactly how their egregious and even dangerous behaviors that often come with no remorse came to be a REAL and true fact. Others we all know are simply without moral sophistication – by this I mean they have no intellect to further think things about another REALLY relevant or worthy of dissemination. Oh you all know the gossiper, slanderer and defaming types … these simple minded rather distasteful persons assume false superiority out of their own insecurity and lack of REAL success and in order to thwart their own inner demons promote frequently exaggerated and erroneous falsehoods about others more accomplished than themselves. No doubt that eminence always attracts gossip – the however lies within how and why those without understanding decide to proceed. Why just think of the celebrity schadenfreude that is the pleasure purview of so many in our society – that build them up to tear them down mentality that gives some bizarre comfort to the masses in self perpetrated effort to assuage their lesser status as better and evenly placed among the REALLY achieved. It becomes apparent that is a result of where they realize in some quadrant of thought they will never be in a lifetime and so react in an almost struggling fashion against their own self loathing and defeat. Oh my goodness, do not I sound very pedantic and elitist here? Guilty as charged but there is a REALLY deeper and indeed heartfelt reasoning to my thoughts. I am convinced of a moral imperative at hand that is lessening in quantity those of higher purpose and the increasing far niente philosophy as more people fall into category of miscreant and misanthrope.

Modernity presents an all too easily posturing of goodness and I am quite sure many REALLY believe themselves of generous and fine character on account of gifts given, calls now and again made to an ill friend and even possibly an inconvenient errand or task completed in aid of another. These things are not without value but they are of minimum and minus the REAL herculean and unselfish effort that denotes inner character … the doing of that thing so out of norm and so without reward as to come from deep and unqualified giving – what I and even the Bible, as well as, societal analysts deem to demonstrate REAL moral character. Often it is that which one does despite an unfriendly relationship or an unevenness of reciprocation – that done simply because it is REALLY the right thing to do. I have been the blessed recipient of such largess and I proudly and humbly say the giver at various times of such sharing and effort. So much of my finally soon to be published memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy will be about those thinking they have the upper hand, know a secret, have the dirt on another – only to find out it is they disgraced and thwarted. There is no room for shame in ones life from infractions others want to denote as an embarrassment – you must own your REAL narrative, be prideful, find your voice – then and only then can you seek those worthy of presence in your life – those who have REALLY risen above moral infancy!!!

P.S. I know that my regular readers and personal friends, family and colleagues realize much of this blog essay is pointedly turned toward The Miscreants™ so frequently referenced in my writing … I am left no choice but to remain vague due to [G-d willing] soon to be started lawsuits, the ongoing law enforcement investigation and my book contracts. The massive REAL documentation and timelines myself, my husband, our attorneys and advisers have amassed will be shared at the appropriate time and these facts are something I hope and pray will assist others in seeking REAL justice against those of moral infancy who seek your demise for no reason but their own lack of intellect, success and character – stay tune my darling readers – I promise this will be interesting and educational and G-d willing, inspiring!!!

July 18, 2013

His Play Write, My Play Wrong!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Terrence McNally _Thomas KirdahlEarlier this Summer my husband and I were visiting with acquaintances near the small town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Passing the historic Bucks County Playhouse, our host mentioned their current production of Mothers and Sons by Terrence McNally – I enthusiastically told my day’s companions that I and my parents before me were huge McNally fans and that in fact, I believe I might have once met this genius writer at a Philadelphia event with my Father. All agreed it would be a wonderful idea to see his latest production  but time probably would not allow us that opportunity as the play only ran for a few more days. Nothing unusual so far but as with so much in my REALLY serendipitous and always interesting life there is a caveat to this seemingly simple and mundane occurrence.

Just a few days later I found myself attending a meeting with the acquaintance of myself and my husband that had previously suggested we all see the play. As we walked to dinner where the plan was to discuss possibilities for my husband and my new venture, my companion realized we were quite near the Playhouse. We strolled past the billboard in front where I fawned over the play’s announcement – again expressing my admiration for Mr. McNally and the star, Tyne Daly. On this very hot East Coast evening in very high heels I was led by my evening’s host down toward the small gathering of the play’s professionals and arriving theater goers. It seemed [now and for future discussions a bit odd] that my host had previously met Thomas Kirdahy who apparently was involved in the play’s production in a very prominent way and as such introduced me  to this extremely charming man – my introduction led to questions and after discussing my law studies and growing family, the chat turned to my upcoming books and blog. Mr. Kirdahy seemed interested and of course, I was only too eager to suggest he write down my contact information and take a look – as you are doing right now – at my blog essays. I was thrilled that he agreed and was careful to note the exact title of my work and then there was a small discussion that maybe my work could be a play someday along with my publisher’s plan for a movie. Oh my, I was thrilled and took the offer of free lemonade the playhouse was serving while being both beaming and excited.

Melting in that evening’s extreme heat and now anxious to both not wear out our welcome and also get this Friday night’s dinner meeting completed, I agreed to sit for a moment more at the the table where the play’s principals were waiting for curtain call outside – it was then that my “play wrong” faux paus occurred – I received a second introduction that went like this: while still standing I heard, “Tereza, this is Terrence“. I leaned over to shake the kind looking gentleman’s hand saying “Nice to meet you, what do you do?” Graciously my new acquaintance answered “I write plays” and then as I sat down said, “That must be interesting“. Yes I did – I said that to a man I have admired for many years and for some reason my dinner companion  – which I would have done if visa verse – did not take it upon himself to gently prod by reminding me that this was Mr. McNally [more in future writings about my later concluded reasons for that]. It does get worse my dear readers – after this ridiculous totally unexceptionable social misstep, I began to chatter away about my own writing – actually suggesting that Mr. McNally might enjoy reading what was then my most recent blog essay titled “My Special Relationship with Justice Scalia” – it was obvious we were both probably political Liberals and so there were a few guffaws about that essays title. Still oblivious we bid farewell and walked to our dinner reserved restaurant. Only then did it dawn on me that I had just met one of my favorite writers – an award winning and quite heroic gentleman. Oh my G-d, Oh my G-d, Oh my G-d … yes indeed that was my moment of  “I can not believe I did that”  happening.

There is a rather sweet follow up to this debacle. The next day I found that a special friend of mine and his husband were in fact seeing that evening’s production of this play. The day after my friend posted on Facebook photos of himself with Mr. McNally and Mr. Kirdahy and Tyne Daly – the play’s star – all of whom my wonderful friend and his husband seem very well acquainted with. Another Oh moment then as I realized I did in fact know that Mr. McNally and Mr. Kirdahy were married – having read that in the New York Times, etc.. Well now – I am fond of saying that I don’t do embarrassment  – no that feeling is not in my emotional repartee. My life instead consists of realizations when wrong or offending another, that sincere apology is required, a life correction one might say is to be pursued as a regretful action might have been my mistaken course. With this in mind, I am thinking of just the right gift and note to send the couple of McNally and Kirdahy as explanation and apology for that hot Bucks County evening’s “can not believe I said that” moment!

P.S. In my year (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and following Summer 2014 Life Journey of Heiress Mommy I hope to detail all the REAL facts of how dear husband and I ended up even being at that place, at that time that created circumstances leading to my meeting the great Terrence McNally – hint is that all did not turn out well with certain unseemly characters involved but still quite thrilled that I did meet the play write and his very accomplished husband, Thomas Kirdahy. As with so much in my life, my hope and prayer is that what is so blessed in my life through trial, tribulation and the subsequent REAL triumphs will help guide others to that gloried path!

July 16, 2013

Trayvon Martin — Our American Son!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 220px-TrayvonMartinHoodedWhen my dear husband and I decided to go through very expensive, time consuming and often stressful fertility treatments in our fifties in order to become parents, we also choose to do sex selection. For various reasons – one being that my husband always dreamed of having sons – we felt it would please us both if our first babies were boys. Again, I need to remind my readers as I have in previous blog essays, of the fact that my husband legally took my last name and agreed our children would do the same. Similar reiteration is appropriate here in restating that my husband legally disowned and disinherited his entire family … except for a few dear distant cousins, we felt his family neither safe nor worthy to be a part of our life. This brings me to the extreme differences in our backgrounds: Whereas I come from a well educated, accomplished, business owning, erudite, well traveled, progressive, Liberal East Coast – some might even say “elite” family – the opposite is true of my husband’s Michigan family. His estranged family members are narrow minded, racist, very anti-Semitic, semieducated, colloquial, working class group  – not pull yourself up by the boot straps types at all. In fact my husband is the first to have a Masters Degree and own his own company in his family and those are only two of the exceptions in his life compared to those who he feels sad to be biologically related to or know in any way. Other differences between my husband and myself are that I am Jewish [as are our children], with I am proud to say maternal Albanian Muslim ancestry – my husband is Catholic. What is astonishing is our commonalities … love of books, REAL travel, the intellect and even what might be considered the mundane in style, art, fashion, cars, et al ..  Surely you are wondering what all this has to do with the murder of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman’s trial? There is much in our upbringing differences that REALLY relate poignantly to this American tragedy.

Please attempt to understand my idea that my husband – considering his unfavorable lineage and ability to overcome that background – is my “canary in the mine” – you know that which miners placed first to determine the REAL circumstances at hand. As such when my dearest pronounces something to be racist – I without question accept that as a true and REAL fact … nothing in my husband’s all white prejudiced filled Midwest family would preface him thinking these things as an automatic response – more likely for myself as consequence of my family tonality and my late Father’s civil rights activism. So it was we wept together when Trayvon Martin was stalked and murdered and now it is we are sharing disbelief and outrage as George Zimmerman was found innocent on all counts in a Florida courtroom.

Studying law [finishing classes soon, G-d willing] and having my husband be my study companion allowed us the purview of discussing the legal aspects of this case … our own attorneys and family/friends who are lawyers equally interested in weighing in. Most, if not all of us, deciding the Florida Stand Your Ground Law to be an overreach and unnecessary – in fact dangerous. Nuances abound in any presentation of standards within jurist prudence but law school 101 is definitive in determining that one can not pursue  even when REALLY attacked – another person. Conclusion seems readily understood when one understands that there is no legal justification for what George Zimmerman did that night when he followed Martin and then killed him during what he claims was a struggle.

My husband and I are blessed with many African American friends – many professionals and quite successful. I mention this class factor to emphasis that we worry about their sons as racism seems still a factor concerning their very ability to live safely despite their living in upscale neighborhoods and attending private schools. Trust me my dear readers  – all of us as parents need be fearful as young teenage boys are unpopular no matter their particular demographic. What determines any groups alienation among the other in a community is often determined by whims and speculation brought about by nonsensical momentary historical factors. As we learned of the not guilty verdict, my husband asked me if our Jewish sons might some day be targeted on account of who they are – no way to know and neither can we be confident that our great nation is REALLY equal and provides REAL justice for all. The solution is this conversation must go on and in that we can honor the Martin family and allow Trayvon to have his short life gift America a worthy legacy for all!

Note: In my soon book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and the follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, all the REAL details of my family life and why my husband and I care so deeply about all the Trayvon Martins will  be shared!

July 7, 2013

My Time In Egypt

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

New Years Eve, 31 December 1980, found me and my first husband, David,  in Egypt – on our honeymoon and just having left Israel after three weeks. Not just any usual or routine sight seeing – no indeed as we were there as special guest to celebrate the Israeli-Egypt Peace Treaty that had been ceremoniously signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat in Washington, D.C. 26 March 1979. Welcomed as an American and Jew to the newly and soon to be turned over fully from Israel to Egypt Sinai was both a privileged and unique position to be in during those halcyon days filled with promise of shared interest between the two nations. What followed was the horror of Sadat’s 1981 assassination and still his replacement Mubarak allowed a stable continuance for the peace with Israel and relationship with America as a status quo acceptable while not perfect. Having been to the region more than a dozen times I was aware of what could be described to be a saturnine nod in light of underlying discontent in Arab nations – so there was fallibility in the precept of Western nations faux surprise when the so called Arab Spring erupted in 2010.

My minority voiced opinion that the Arab Spring was not the championed revolution that is glorified by American ideals of liberty left me marginalized and often criticized. Not supportive of dictatorships in any form and yet with my real life experiences in that area of the world, sadly informed by scholarship and observation that swiftness would leave dangerous voids and not the perfected people’s constitutionality style rule morphed from established democracy type governments as the United States. And so it was the the first democratic election in Egypt found the Muslim Brotherhood  in charge – obviously I feared extremism against Israel but was more convinced that the difficult day to day necessitated governing aspects of utilities, jobs and such would not be fulfilled by a theocratic administration. I think the same for all nations including America where religious extremist Christians attempt through elections and legislation directorial powers over civil matters.

The only successful route to prosperity and away from chaotic anarchy is a secular government that protects all the people – all the religions, ethnic groups and nationalities that dwell within its borders.Too often the focused religiosity of any otherwise fairly chosen leadership dilutes asset and concentration on the day to day needs of the people. Hence and this past week Egypt had a military coup d’etat and now may possibly be facing an internal civil war of Islamist extremist against the rest of its population. Stability must be maintained in that nation and all others – so yes, I do find myself both as an American and as a Zionist Jew hopeful that the military now overseeing Egypt will be fair in guiding that important Middle East country toward REAL Democracy – its secular history and magnificence of ancient world importance begs for our wanting this for them no matter where in this world one resides.

P.S. In my year (2013) end book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up life journey Summer 2014 book there will be what I hope is an interesting description of why my pride in being an American Jewish Zionist includes affection and gratitude for my Mother’s Albanian Muslim ancestry as well!

July 1, 2013

The Year of SCOTUS

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

DC_IMG_0825-IMG_0853_Supreme_Court_at_NightThere is a 1960’s song “I’m Your Puppet“- a romantic song of the ups and downs of a relationship. Last week I felt like that about The Supreme Court of the United States of America. They pulled my strings and played with my emotions. First tears and frustration as the Court announced the tearing down of the Voters Rights Act of 1965 – something near and dear to me as my late Father had worked for and been made triumphant in its passing. This law prohibited states that historically had been found to impose ” … to deny or abridge the right of [any] citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.”. What world are the five justices living in who found this no longer  problem is beyond me – in fact during the last two election cycles proof positive of this still being a problem was documented. People died for this right to vote as equal citizens and now I saw that being once again possibly denied – tears I shed and felt my own dedicated civil rights activist Father dishonored. So it was that I mourned this 2013 case Shelby County v. Holder decision.

Typical of many relationships, SCOTUS yanked my chain during the very same week by striking down DOMA and Prop 8 – issues my husband and I cared deeply about as we are supporters of REAL equal rights for all Americans, including the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) citizens. Justice Kennedy joined the Liberal wing of the Court in deciding that this was a matter of equal protection under our constitution. I told everyone that I was having a party in my heart knowing that under civil law no one could be denied the rights and benefits of marriage. Now do not get upset dear conservative friends – no one is going to force your place of worship to perform same sex marriage ceremonies – no, no, no, but the civil ceremonies are to be made available to any two legally appropriate age Americans. Lets not forget that in Nazi Germany my husband who is Catholic and myself, a Jew could not wed and in this nation neither could individuals of different races until quite recently in many States.

I have been asked why do I care so deeply about either of these issues – after all, I am neither African American or gay. Simple really – all injustice frightens me. Surely the history of my people – the Jews – have taught that the serendipitous and spontaneous decisions by a majority to marginalize a group for factious reasons can become and are dangerous to the society as a whole. No peace would I find if having an insouciance toward my fellow citizens’ plight – fond of saying me/they today and you/yours tomorrow. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  and follow up life journey book I pray and am hopeful many will come away with a REAL sense of why justice for all is justice for each of us!

P.S. I dedicate this post to my friend David Shaw and his husband – as he feels about that marriage, I feel about my own. That is for both David and I the emotion that our mates are those people that both of us can not imagine having lived other than married to … we share the feeling of  “Oh my  – what if I had not met you my dear husband?” Now that is REAL love!!!

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