A Shop Where REAL Angels Dwell!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Country Charm FurnishingsThere are times in one’s life that define REAL wealth – no, not my much adored Louboutin shoes nor the wonderful luxury trips I have been so excited to have experienced nor the spectacular homes hubby and I are planning. No indeed, the REALLY valued moments are when another person embraces, consoles and protects. In my life that list has an embarrassment of riches and here in my previous blog essays you dear readers have been privy to those  individuals and their place in my life … life long friends, colleagues and others who have held me up against the winds of defeat. In this essay I have a place where you can actually go to meet one – no make that a family of those angels that have blessed me with their presence in my life.

There is a shop in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania  owned by my dear friend Stephanie, attended to by her truly wonderful husband Rich and their amazing daughter Alaina. No matter where you dwell, I suggest you visit to see not only the lovely offerings but experience REAL kindness and joy, like I have, by knowing these fine people. Surely, you all realize this is where I tell you that story- read on for it is an inspiring life tale that all will feel inspired by and gladdened for having read. Recently I found myself in a situation where I needed to be in residence close by to the last home my dear husband and I owned – so many friends and even family lived in surrounding areas but none exactly where I now needed to be. A little before noon that day I sent my friend Stephanie a text – having chatted through Facebook but not getting together for some time, it might have seemed odd to a person of lesser character but not to this fine woman. After some minimal explanation and discussion with her husband, Rich, I was accepted as a house guest. Welcomed with affection and respect by this wonderful couple into their home and comforted by their hospitality – not to mention enchanted by their young daughter. There were meals shared, chats enjoyed and laughter too – my stay there facilitating the task at hand and providing my husband and I the security then needed without feeling of imposition or over reaching … this singularly on account of the REAL and true dignity and grace of my friends. The ethics and morality demonstrated by this couple with ease and the quintessence that defines the life force for each of us resulted in my being able to continue with those things most pressing. Salvation possibly would be considered hyperbole by some but I say it is exactly that – in the REAL saving at a time of strife in ones life is of a redemptive nature and more so when done by those not necessarily life long companions to date.

I am to be envied for those that have come into my life – there are just too many REALLY special people to write about but a few need a notation in print and the owners of Country Charm Furnishings are those kind of people. Now go there – buy lots of wonderful things and of course, tell them Teréza sent you – who knows you and I dear readers might see one another at this shop where REAL angels dwell some time soon. By the way, you will thank me once having visited – for the items available and for having the opportunity to meet my friend, Stephanie, the proprietor.

P.S. As with so much I must remain vague about exact details and for that I apologize – all REAL facts will be shared in my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and the recently decided Summer 2014  Life Journey of Heiress Mommy.

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