National Security or Dude Has Our Stuff ???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

snowdenSilly me to think a high school drop out, narcissistic and brazen interloper would never REALLY have access to important government information. Well of course, we all now know that is exactly the case due to Edward Snowden having absconded with USA National Security secrets. Now this misanthrope somehow thought it his duty and right to “out” the United States for its wrong doings and overreaches concerning our nations data keeping. While yes, there seems much to be concerned about considering the post 9/11 Patriot Act and such that allows entire seizing without warrants of our phone records and emails, trust me, Snowden is not the one to guide and protect we the citizens of this Democracy toward an open and free society. Nope – not nearly the person who without self interest would give voice to the immediate concern of a “big brother” government where our privacy and rights might be decimated.

Seems Mr. Snowden deliberately sought employment at our National Security Agency for the express purpose of being some sort of freedom information crusader – that alone must give pause for his REAL motivation, not to mention psychological stability. My main concern is how the hell this non degree, no formal education and probably psychopath got hired in the first place – other than that I worry that the REAL problem at hand of too much government seized information about we the citizens will now not be addressed with the seriousness and formality required. Dear G-d, almost seems conspiratorial … now if any of my readers tend toward that constant “they are plotting against us” attitude, I do not REALLY think the government conspired to have idiot Snowden look the fool so as to have partisan politics busied with him and not review the REAL problem evolving. The pejorative problem to act on is that modern technology has made it far too easy for person and institution alike to have purview over others sensitive documents  – this must not be tolerated by any of us – that must be issue for openness and juris prudence now.

Final analysis is that I do believe Snowden must be prosecuted, just as I am personally determined to successfully sue and have prosecuted the individuals who have attempted access to my/my husband’s information and thought it their right to share often bogus facts on social media. I also want a learned and studied review and if needed legislation, that REALLY protects us all – the people and the nation. In that sense, maybe the dialogue Snowden created can and will be the only positive legacy this less than stellar United States rogue citizen can hope for in the tomes of history!

P.S. In my now REALLY soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and publisher decided follow-up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy many of the REAL personal reasons [often discussed in my blog essays] of why those who seem to erroneously believe one’s information is their right to share or even make-up, etc. will be part of my life’s work -yes, I and my husband are determined to use our education and some of our resources to create dialogue and even laws that will deny and prosecute The Miscreants™ among us !

3 Responses to “National Security or Dude Has Our Stuff ???”

  1. Yes, Mr. Snowden is a delinquent. I find it ironic that many conservatives, who would want others prosecuted for this, see Snowden as a hero. Yes, Snowden has to be prosecuted, if we manage to get our hands on him. Wonder about Julian Assange as well. It’s a breach of trust. You can complain about spying on Americans, but that’s for the courts etc. Snowden in some ways, acted like George Zimmerman. The jury is still out on whether someone in our intelligence services will lose their life. Who appointed him as intelligence neighborhood watch?

  2. Ms SuperMom

    While I have sympathy for people who’ve had their digital identity, tampered with, misused, or their identity stolen this is precisely why the abuse of privacy, the unconstitutional vacuuming up of all digital communications must be stopped.

    You can understand the absolute abdication of responsibility by Congress when you closely examine Congressional behavior over the arc of the (Assauge-Manning-Snowden) drama to date.

    Congress found, nothing to object to in the Bush-Cheney HumanRights abuses done in our names. Even under the current president the continuation of too many of the excesses of the Iraq-Pakistan-Yemen-Somalia-Afghanistan wars at the behest of powerful near east interests.

    Two congressional voices again and again called into question the excesses of the security state. They found no eager ears among their Legislative colleagues, there was no room for debate – Lobbyists walking in lockstep with their pet Congress person could find no reason to slow the gravy train.
    If it can be done, it must be done. We did not lose our Constitution fighting two world wars , why fighting less than a few thousand stateless brigands must the whole world be made of glass, except our “democratic” people’s government.

    Now with war videos released we find the whistle blower undercharge and the murderers walking free. Messages showing State Department “Gone Wilde” working scheming at the behest of corporate miscreants. And popular wisdom is to assess blame on the information releaser not on those who have misused the power of government to bully nations for CORPORATE INTERESTS.

    Whether you refer to Assauge, Manning, or Snowden, we are now at least debating this RUSH TO ENCODE all digital communications. When you consider the commercial data net, adding its digital snapshot adding in the array of governmental data points the data held on each of us, is truly breath-taking.

    While a odd assembly of Congress persons nearly came together to rein in the NSA’s over reach. We have yet to fully debate the ramifications of a digital doppelgänger. Even if you have no doubts about the integrity of the current administration. We’ve already seen a near Palin vice presidency. Who else might we need to trust in these offices. Above the law, with unlimited budgets, unlimited ability to jail or even worse would you readily hand that information to ANYONE in public office.

    There still are no checks and balances on these powers now. Freedom may have found a scruffy ally. Solidarity & Peace

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