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August 31, 2013

Labor Day 2013

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 LaborDay” …  Hungry people eating the stuff they raised, living in the houses they built, I’ll be there too …” says Henry Fonda near the end of the film Grapes of Wrath. On nearly every Labor Day growing up my late father and I read and discussed this iconic and historic book, as well as often watching the film together. I have written in other blog essays that I am the proud daughter of a successful business man who was also a union organizer – yes my dear readers, one can indeed be both.

The recent anti-union vitriol in this nation in nothing more than a political attempt to sway into action one group of Americans against another. The REAL and true economic fact is that organized labor has raised the standard of living for us all. History teaches well that companies responded to the pressing demands of unions even if not themselves involved. People seem to forget just how disposal workers were before employment laws began to be enforced. Injured at work meant goodbye to income and certainly no recourse to seek compensation for damages.

Yes I know that many of you truly believe that unions forced companies to close on account of costs and that your cost of living and purchases increased as well – this is pure nonsense I assure you. Simple truth is that REALLY healthy economies are a cycle of salary in, spending done and hence more jobs created. No matter labor, semi or professional status – if other folks do not have expendable and disposal incomes, then you will not have a position to receive yours either.

So do me a personal favor [you will thank me] my friends on this Labor Day 2013 – between the sale shopping, backyard barbecues, last beach visits – take some time to read Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath book and/or watch the old black and white film version. If you are lucky when I have you all over for a grand fête some day, you can hear me recite most of the very emotional ending soliloquy spoken by Henry Fonda, “  … wherever there is a hungry man, I will be there …”. Now go be a REAL American – support ALL our citizens in seeking security and good health and in doing so you will be reminded that we REALLY are our brothers and sisters keepers … so help me G-d!!!

P.S. In my year (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and recently decided Summer 2014, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, many of the amazing REAL details concerning my late father’s business philosophy – including how his legacy has influenced myself and my dear husband in making recent decisions – will be shared. Until then, get to task and help make our beloved nation a place where ALL can prosper!!!

August 29, 2013

Syria REAL Crisis vs. Israel’s Foes

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

syriaOutrage, many and varied emotional and often visceral reactions, deep concern, speculation and more seem the tonality these days concerning the recent Syrian humanitarian crisis. Surely warranted and not a bit misplaced are any of these emotions considering the number of refugees, injured and dead; However is it too little, too late and more pointed is the question of who and when is the REAL responsibility to be directed toward?

I have been to the Middle East many times – often dismayed by the proximity of Syria and other nations to my beloved Israel. There it is on a hilltop that one views Syria overlooking the only democracy in that region – does that mean we Jewish Zionist are thrilled with the Assad regime? Of course the answer is no. Still a logical mind must conclude that the rebels are no friend of the United States nor Israel.

Seems recent chemical attacks on Syrian civilians have finally created the scenario where “crossing the red line” drawn by President Obama and the European Union demands action. Why that needed to get involved one must ask? Is this an excuse to proceed militarily against Assad the dictator or a shame game of we of good conscious must react against a tyrant? Either way innocence citizens are being killed – for some time now the slaughter and displacement has been known to the world as Syria’s civil war rages on.

The title of this blog essay says much – is the present rants by press and government officials to do something about Syria REAL or reactionary? After all Israel is falsely and routinely criticized for atrocities proven non existent. In fact, it is Israel who helped Syrian refugees over flowing in neighboring Turkey or Jordan  and those attacked by chemical weapons – yes we Jews rushing in to care for those possibly our mortal enemies.

So much of my writing has addressed the lie tellers, the misanthropes and those misrepresenting REAL truth – this is equally important for individuals as for nations. For is not the faux or exaggerating verbiage of singular persons against another as dangerous and destructive as that we are most likely seeing on the world stage? The undeniable answer is a firm yes!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and the follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy the REAL and detailed explanation of why issues like nuances of the haters is so important to me will be shared.

August 27, 2013

Does Miley Cyrus REALLY Matter?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

mileyVMAMy husband and I are both feminists – each deeply concerned about what we believe is the REAL growing war on women, both here in USA and around the world. Our philosophies in no way means either of us want to dictate choices to the female gender … Free to be as one wishes should rule the day. This includes expressions of beauty and sexuality for women; however, as my wise husband stated after seeing news reports about the Miley Cyrus VMA performance:This is a case of women making their position in our culture more vulnerable and diminishes women’s values therein !”   [see why I adore this man].

I am frequently reminding folks that business comes after the word, ‘show’ in reference to the entertainment industry. Profit is the assumed motive for any product – so if it sells, well now then it makes perfect sense to do it. The faux outrage about moral standards in reaction to vulgarity is frequently misplaced – shut the television off, do not go to see the film, do not buy the music, etc. is my standard advice. As far as role models for our children – my husband and I are that   and only those we decide as such for our children – not stars or sports figures. True, I worry about those youngsters without parents to guide them and insist the one common denominator of school take up that task.

My REAL fear is that young women are defining themselves singularly by appearance and sexual desirability. This syndrome can be delineated as a consequence of movies, television and magazines representation of the female ideal. We feminists struggle mightily to teach an alternative as possibility for life where all aspects of life prove a healthy and fulfilling direction. Having it all means attending to and developing all parts of your person. Mind, body and soul need tending to and females are lessened by suggestive demonstrations like that of Ms. Cyrus this week – not because it was sexy but instead because it was simply not entertaining, just offensively vulgar. True art that includes a grown up woman being desirable must combine respectful and tasteful representation of the full female gender. This “twerking” behavior has the potential to put young women at risk when they try to emulate Ms. Cyrus and the young women are not in a committed relationship. In today’s world, sometimes even a committed relationship is not enough protection for a woman who is attacked based upon her sexuality. Ms. Cyrus do you really want to be the root cause for another young woman’s misery when she attempts to emulate you in these public outlandish vulgar expressions?  I wish it did not matter.

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life ! and follow up book, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, all the REAL details of why my husband and I are so supportive of women’s rights will be shared. In the mean while, remember your mother was a woman!

August 25, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Eliasz-Solomon ™

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

By now everyone knows my dear and most amazing husband legally took my last name and agreed our children do the same. Most have read or know personally the reasons were many … As our court application stated it was to honor my very special family, have our children carry that name and to permanently and legally distance ourselves from dangerous and vulgar persons my husband had the misfortune to once be related to. More about this in other blog essays and my upcoming books. I reiterate this fact to show that Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon ™ and I are REALLY one – united in all things now and forever. Both proud and determined feminist that willingly do as the L-rd instructed in forsaking all others for our spouses.

So it is that we live, love and even work together – created our own shall we say dynastic structure that has become inclusive to those wonderful and devoted REAL family, friends and colleagues supportive to our efforts. Important and instructive to state that our rather large world involved life also includes the mundane and very ritualized home life of prayer, family, work, exercise, travel, social events and such. Often exhausting but always rewarding are our busy days and nights. Of course, we were blessed with some worked for and a few unexpected opportunities like published books and proposed resulting movie and/or television venues – both of us tasking diligently in writing blog essays and more. Joined in all things as partners is the REAL source of our REAL success.

Undoubted is the fact that many of my dear readers and certainly those in my personal life are familiar with our REAL battles against those g-dless and even considered by professionals as dangerous. Triumphant we are and graced by protective people who join in the journey we two have been on toward REAL grandeur.

Look back over my previous blog essays to see many where I detail other historical couples that have persevered against evil and usurpers to reign happily. Not necessarily to be sitting on thrones or famous for achievements are all these pairings – for REAL family unity is equally a proven wealth when created against the tides of destructive forces. As always, I end too this blog essay with hope you will be instructed and inspired by my upcoming year (2013) book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and recently decided Summer 2014, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy. For along with my REAL and detailed life story, these will include the without question exemplary love story of Mr. & Mrs. Eliasz-Solomon ™ … So help me G-d!!!

P.S. If you Twitter, then please follow us  @MrMrs_EliaszSolomon ™  as well as our individual pages @MrES   and @MrsES !

August 18, 2013

Abraham Marches on D.C. !

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Wake up Dear – father needs to speak with you“,  was how I was awoken in the dark to see my father, Abraham H. Solomon, sitting on the side chair near my bed late  August 1963. Fifty years ago this month my civil rights activist father wanted me to know that he was leaving our Philadelphia home to join Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   for the 1963 March on Washington D.C. .  Being very close to my father,  I asked if I could come along and became concerned when the response was ‘no’  as father felt these were troubling times and he could not assure my safety. We shared a prayer and bid farewell – even at nine I knew my father needed to leave to pursue with others justice for those suffering and I was proud.

Well now, that day was not REALLY unique in the Solomon household – father having gone to other such demonstrations, etc. .  Often the infamous and famous sat at our dinner table in deep and serious discussion concerning important national and international topics relevant to the day”s news – frequently involving the pressing civil rights of this nation”s minority community. As a Jewish American family there was always the imperative impetus to further rights of other minorities and those oppressed. My Father always walked the walk so to speak – Abraham H. Solomon supported the  NAACP,   Voting Rights Act of 1965  and more. His legacy leaves we his family proud and enlightened … each of us continually striving to be just a small fraction of the great, moral and decent REAL man he was.

When I campaigned for Barack Obama the first [and second] time I knew and others close to me realized that I felt it my duty to fulfill my father”s REAL destiny by seeing an African American reach the highest office in this land. Actually, my husband shared that many of our dear family, friends and colleagues told him they fretted over my feelings should we have lost the 2008 Presidential election. Yes that is how deeply I felt communication with and responsibility to my late father – knowing this was REALLY the right thing for America.

 Free at last, free at last, thank G-d almighty …

— I Have A Dream Speech

Those words are not yet a fully realized ideal,  but that iconic historic speech is finally becoming a truly achievable possibility – this I promise my father, Abraham who is still dearly loved and always missed by many!

P.S. I am proud to have been invited to the 50th March on D.C. Anniversary, 24 August 2013. There will be more about that in my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and even further detailed in the the follow up, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy! Another important topic in my two books will be why [only] one reason my wonderful husband decided to legally take my last name and agree our children do the same was his being REALLY impressed by my parents and honored to carry their name forever – trust me, they are equally proud to have him and our children be Solomons !

August 13, 2013

Mackenzie Bezos’ Husband Bought The Washington Post !

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

BezosI see the comparisons … Yes indeed there are quite a few between myself, my amazing husband and Mr. & Mrs. Bezos. Lets see – shall we? Mackenzie Bezos  and I are both wives, mothers and writers. Her and I are each blessed to be married to REALLY smart and creative men and both our marriages demonstrate REAL partnerships. Of course, like us, the Bezos are obvious bibliophiles. For myself, growing up in a erudite family where the New York Times, Washington Post and other such periodicals were the mainstay of our life being well informed was rather easy. For my husband sadly his upbringing did not afford the same intellectual opportunities; it was his own singular brilliance and impetus that allowed for similar learning and growth. As such we are in sync, despite such disparate backgrounds, that our family and household be like my own Philadelphia childhood instead of his back in Michigan. So how does this relate to Jeff Bezos‘   recent purchase of The Washington Post ? Answer is simple REALLY – it is my fear  of loss of REAL news and more.

Jeff Bezos has prevented the demise of a quality newspaper. I am thrilled, as the previous owners – the Graham family  – also seem to be. This is a man of substantial means, resources and innovative talents – all that can help the paper survive and thrive.

I and many others fear a prejudicial editorial influence by owners of papers.. Surely Rupert Murdoch  is one prime example – when he bought one of the other papers that are a must read in my life – The Wall Street Journal  – many, myself included,  fretted that his particular slanted and most believe extreme conservative ideology would adversely effect the contents. Allow this Liberal capitalist to state so far WSJ is still a well written business oriented [with a bit of more personal fun stuff as of late] product. In other words, so far, so good.

In his letter to Washington Post employees, Jeff Bezos, shared his hopes for the paper to be a force of informative and worthwhile reporting. He also promised that neither his behemoth company, Amazon  nor other endeavors would play part in the direction taken. Of course, vigilance and ombudsmanship by the public and organizations formed for such oversight remain a must. For now at least, there will be a paper that G-d willing continues to produce REAL news instead of the much too frequently offered these days,  tabloid fare!

P.S. In my upcoming memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy! more of the REAL reasons the  Bezos and Mr. & Mrs. Eliasz-Solomon are similar will be detailed – for now, join me in reading more well written newspapers like The Washington Post!

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