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September 8, 2013

Remembering the Dinner in Saint Petersburg with G20

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

20130908-071428.jpgThe historical surroundings appropriately magnificent for meeting of the most important economic world players – a palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was the working dinner setting this week for the 2013 G20 summit. This gathering of nineteen nations and the European Union Finance Ministers, along with major international banking entities has in the past staved off world financial collapse, bullied up failing national economies and initiated programs designed to create development among impoverished countries. Sounds like all things money are to be the menu du jour most would agree but not quite in that these meetings often are used to bring to the fore other world issues. Oh my, what is one to do when the gathering of the most influential types is subjugated to current events like the Syrian crisis? Apparently the answer this year was push it aside or at the most give it a chat up until 2a.m. during the so called working dinner.

You have read my opinion here before concerning the “middle of middle” folks in America … Busied [probably as they should be and the others of us more involved are to some extent as well] with the mundane insular aspects of their lives being either too selfish, too preoccupied or just not intelligent enough to care about world economics. The REAL truth is most people – certainly most in the United States know nothing of the G20 and in fact, not even that this organization exist. Why does this matter you ask? Well honestly not all that much except the misinformation and reactionary response of the ignorant among us is becoming deafening and one might say even dangerous. In the previous paragraph I write with some disdain about our President bringing the Syrian crisis – a war and humanitarian morass – to a conference where world changing financial issues are to be the at the forefront. No fool President Obama or any other leader to know that over emphasis on current tragedies through news venues perks the senses of the masses. Simple sociological analysis proves no matter how remote and disconnected a subject matter to the task at hand, the very vitriolic nature of some issues will gain attention. Do I sound elitist? Maybe but more dismayed – shaking my head in a oh my fashion that the intelligentsia of the world allows such public fare to distract time, energy and resources from a matter of studied scholarship to the news at 6.

The G20 was designed to study and promote high level discussion of policy issues pertaining to international financial stability. Indeed a war torn Middle East – which obviously includes Syria – might be reason enough to include its situation as topic for discussion. Such periphery inclusion is still, in my opinion, a dilution to the issue of the global economy. My main concern and plea for those involved and those of us interested enough to care is a watchfulness that not allow the important venues of the world to fall victim to the common place. Syria is without question important and should be dealt with but like many other world crisis, it must not be allowed to be elevated and interfere with other and possibly more important global concerns.

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow-up book, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, much will be detailed about how I got to care about all things global will be shared … for now lets say it happened at my childhood dinners in Philadelphia!

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