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March 10, 2017

The Killing Fields – Trump Style!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I remember again and again the phrase “the horror, the horror” in Joseph Conrad’s book The Heart of Darkness … Is that heart or should it be plural – hearts – what now leads this nation … Is that who President Trump is and what the current GOP is all about? Evidence seems to indicate the answer is a definitive YES!

One might think the title I decided on for this essay – The Killing Fields – is a bit of hyperbole however there has now been Executive Orders by President Trump as well as Republican Congressional Bills and attempted rescission of other laws that in fact will destroy lives – possibly leading to death in more then a few cases. Not much better than actual ending of a life are those decisions that will so affect health, education, housing, environmental factors and employment protection that life quality and viable years will be destroyed for a great many citizens of the United States – even having international dire consequences in certain circumstances.


Women, the LGBT community, seniors, children, people suffering from both physical and mental health issues, those disenfranchised by poverty and disabilities, immigrants and anyone else with serious life challenges are all at risk from the ideas and plans that President Trump has begun to put into place since his January 2017 Inauguration. I find it difficult to create a hierarchy for concern – the troubling daily life situations along with the growing Constitutional crisis the Trump Administration has presented are mind boggling … None the less nothing can be set aside when contemplating the importance and real damage this Presidency and the GOP majority lead Congress brings to our nation. Are not the evisceration of the EPA, school lunch programs, educational initiatives, women’s reproductive rights, laws protecting minorities and members of the LGBT community all equally a matter of concern that there is a turning back of progress? Isn’t immigration policy based on religion, pretense that racism no longer necessitates civil rights laws reason to fear the lessening of that which differentiates our country from those where ideology rules? Obviously the answer to these questions is yes – now what to do about the Trump/GOP agenda becomes the important topic for discussion and issues demanding intelligent and diligent focus by those of us willing to honestly face the difficult task at hand – that being no less then the saving of democracy and the values we in 2017 who want decency and equality for all people hold dear!

January 23, 2015

Hackers, Bullies, Terrorist and Miscreants

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Until you [me] admit you are the same and no better than us … We will …”

— Michigan woman, about me,  on Facebook

SecurityThreatNorth Korea or someone decides we the people of The United States of America can not see a less than spectacular film “The Interview” … Worse is the company producing the film, Sony, had all its internal and sensitive business computers data hacked and emails shared – making work product basically impossible not to mention causing relationships to be strained. Why? Well blackmail was the basic reason behind this but of course pure and simple it was an attempt to control others – to dictate and direct by whomever thought their right to reign supreme over all they decided was distasteful. Do we or Sony capitulate, fight back or seek legal recourse? Sadly Sony caved in and then voices were heard including President Obama’s that said “No – not us – nor we a free people will allow such manipulation!” Finally as my husband, I and support team have done for five years in our determination to thwart the efforts of miscreant bullies, the public drew a proverbial line in the sand … The movie was released and just as I have experienced those not previously supportive became champions of the cause.

Bullies are terrorists and the next incident by ISIL and Al Qaeda related individuals resulted in murder. Paris France was the scene of twelve cartoonist and editors being gunned down in their offices because others thought that the only solution and punishment to be accorded for that which was found offensive. The slaughter continued in a Paris Kosher grocery store when hostages were killed within hours … We Jews all over the world felt deep horror and remembrances of that which has been our plight throughout history – murdered simply because of who we are. I was targeted by nemesis also simply because of who I am and who they wanted others to believe I was … Out envy, hate and their insecurity my personal antisemitic nemesis targeted me for the last five years with both the ridiculous and dangerous – even illegal activity in effort to malign and worse myself, husband and family. Did they threatened our life – answer is yes in many REAL ways.

On the business front the Morgan Stanley employee who recently stole and released clients information is similar to what a Michigan man and his wife who I never met and my husband has not seen nor spoken to in over twenty years did [along with stalking, threatening and harassing]. This couple who has been under investigation and we are close to filing long worked on lawsuits against laughingly took since disproved, erroneous and old no longer factual information to display on Facebook in effort to silence my husband and I as well as make it seem we were other than REALLY are …Interesting is that the State of Pennsylvania where my husband and I live has themselves joined in effort to prosecute the man involved as he either hacked or used their since changed information as if factual. When his IBM employer was notified of his activity and our concern he possibly made them liable via using work computers they agreed to full investigation and review of his not adhering to their company “social computing guidelines“. There is much more that relates to my own struggle and successes that are similar in effort to defeat and have legally punished those just like the company employees who believe releasing either valid or erroneous – not verified information is either their right or only means to make their otherwise marginalized existences more important. Fortunately my publisher has contracted yet another book singularly on this topic after Court cases complete. Suffice it to say – all experts involved including Court Psychologist advising us agree along with their own possible personality disorders my nemesis are as terrorist in that they want to control that which and who they envy and hate … Their self righteous pretense laid exposed by their own life narratives and actions.

The serendipitous wonderful and very interesting part of what my and my husband’s miscreant nemesis did was use either false, not verified, erroneous and since changed information against us … We even arranged through interested venues legal “gotcha Trojan Horses“.  Results were as expected – they and others who confessed were inspired by these people [which makes them accomplishes] thought as one consultant described their attempted “reign of terror” would defeat us and somehow give them power … Same as terrorist believe. Quite the opposite happened … While living full and productive lives my husband, I and supporters [some professional, others personal and even very unexpected individuals] made a studied, organized and determined plan to push back and win against these individuals … We have and are winning and I since have decided to make as one of my life works helping others with less resources and support also defend and defeat hackers, bullies, terrorist and miscreants.

I need to thank so many individuals but also Facebook, Twitter, Go Daddy, Sprint and even IBM for their effort and in some cases direct action in helping my husband, I and attorney in pursuing both justice and resolution … It was hard work on my and my husband and attorney’s part – many hours in addressing and professional efforts [tracing, subpoenas and more] but not only has it been and more soon beneficial to us personally – it will as well others as we move forward with books and both national and international plans to make it illegal and unprofitable for enemies of decency to succeed!

NOTE: Every single word above is documented and legally verified – including a detailed dated timeline as proof of who was attacked [us] and who was guilty party [our nemesis] … Threats and harassment and social media rants and posts by nemesis ALL saved and stored on over 50 disks – copies in hands of attorney and many with law enforcement [as well as my publisher]. Both disks and all related documents stored both on laptops and in secure storage unit where management/company well aware of threats referenced above … We pay for this as we fear fire or worse considering the three then teenage children [one now deceased] of my husband’s ex wife [divorced 1995] criminally vandalized our home 2003 … The continued REAL threats and law enforcement/psychologist advise makes us concerned not only for our family safety but these legally important documents being stolen or destroyed by known group referenced here. So as you my readers can clearly understand while persevering and succeeding against this evil group of individuals, both vigilance and extreme caution has and will be taken. Trust me – as will be made clear through press coverage of legal proceedings and my book – what I describe in this essay is mild and certainly far from the full depth and width of the attacks and criminal acts against myself, husband, family and even friends. The totality is frightening – lessons beyond ones normal comprehension and still that which we, you and the world MUST address as modernity allows more and more attacks through technology … A gift of progress used by those either unstable or just pure evil individuals in ways destructive. It is incumbent that we, the victims, not fear our own REAL life narrative nor exposing these enemies of humanity – rally as my husband and I decided and in doing so rise to hero status so that you and future generations can live without fear!

May 24, 2014

How Memorial Day Was Created (2014)

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

blacksoldierscivilwarFreedmen that were African slaves become gladdened by the prospect of Lincoln’s vision for life in America and so decided to commemorate their Civil War fallen comrades in Charleston, South Carolina on 1 May 1865. Calling this day of remembrance a May Day celebration and marking it with flowers and song – cleaning up unmarked graves – telling America that freedom had come from this second revolution of sorts all lent idea to what we now acknowledge as Memorial Day. Societies have been commemorating war dead throughout recorded history – my own Jewish faith deems necessary remembrances as a way to define who we are and to give eternal life of sorts to those gone. Not to be confused with morbid nor sullen grieving, the memorializing of brave citizens who gave the ultimate sacrifice for an ideal is seen as both honor and lesson for that nation they died to save. Such service to ones community remains unequal in valor, which is why days of recognition abound around the globe.

There is surely a need for continuity that promotes year after year efforts as we attend to the memories of those lost in battle – who we were, are and will be as a people made clear in some way through this activity. Of course, for the immediate family and friends that a soldier left behind this shows a much desired communal recognition that appreciation and value is denoted for that loss. Years pass – generation after generation attempt awareness of history and so until this day, each and every service person’s death throughout the history of the United States is included in Memorial Day ceremonies. Pride is foremost and a knowing that duty was served even in controversial battles like Vietnam – for those we ask to fight are not to be ever sullied by the politicians or leaders choices. Without question many have been too easily forgotten and marginalized – I began this post with mention of the African-American slave who fought beside others in our nation’s Civil War. There is no question that it took many more years – even post WWII for these REAL Americans to be treated with full and equal honor for their heroism in battle.

For myself and all Jewish families those that fought in World War II are especially close to our hearts for there is no confusion that we would not exist had those heroes not fought to keep safe the world from Nazi destruction. There is no hyperbole in my stating that humanity only survived because Americans and our European allies destroyed the enemies of G-d during the 1940’s. Tears come easily to me when thinking about those killed while fighting against Germany in order to prevent the world and my people from ultimate annihilation  Every time I meet a family that lost a fighting soldier in WWII or a veteran I tell them of my REAL gratitude, shake their hand, request an embrace and express my REAL belief that I owe them my life. Not all wars are as honorable in purpose as WWII and not all the resulting scenarios as glorious in tone but most are at least for America purposeful and with decency at the core; mistakes and miscalculations have and will happen as long as people fight but we must learn and attempt betterment if REAL gratitude is to be expressed for those we remember on Memorial Day and so that they shall rest in eternal peace!

 Note: I want to make mention of my pride that my first father-in-law [widowed 2001] was a decorated WWII Air Force Colonel, Oxford & George Washington University Professor, Hall of Fame Senior Tennis Player & so much more … now laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Also there interred is my paternal Uncle Milton Solomon, a decorated Army Officer & later International Business Entrepreneur. While of different faiths, these two wonderful men not only share being an important part of my family history but in common this great nation and its gloried history of the struggle for REAL freedom throughout the world. Amen I say!!!

September 15, 2013

Is Quantitative Easing TOO Easy?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

QEFools rush in, where wise men never go  ...” is not just a wonderfully romantic Frank Sinatra classic. No indeed, but it just might be the prefatory reasoning that the Federal Reserve uses in deciding not to  continue with QE in the fourth quarter. Are you wondering what exactly that term means? Break it down folks – they ease the quantity of available funds in our country by supplying more to banks and other financial lending institutions, while keeping inflation stable [not lowered] and as such not promoting over borrowing of easy money. Often misunderstood and frequently used as a political football, this economic tool has in fact helped rally the U.S. financial situation for some time now. Called both a tool of the rich in consideration of their ability to handle inflationary condition more readily than the middle class and equally suggested by others to be a socialist manifesto in the always present rant about governmental pejorative concerning involvement in private banks. The standard operating quandary these days is politicians piggy backing as a publicity stunt any suggestion by this Obama administration to do redirection of economic factors. Truth is not even members of Congress, let alone the general public, have full purview and comprehension of processes like QE, etc.. I say learn REAL facts or get out of the way because this nation is headed either to complete and long lasting stability or a forever more dissolution of a strong and vibrant fluid economy – one that works for most of our citizens and allows international involvement to be a REAL growth factor or an economy that marginalizes many and limits world participation.

In June of this year Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake promised to end Quantitative Easing in 2014 – why?  The REAL answer is nervousness that the proverbial “slippery slope” is just around the corner where our debt ceiling or the perceived debt ceiling will rise out of control by government over spending. I subscribe to the “you have to spend money to make money” theory – simple business structure explains that to produce goods or profit, one must invest. Well our government is investing in us – we the people get to use the eased funds for loans both private and commercial and the cycle continues in hiring, research and development, etc.. The bogey man debt ceiling mantra is destroying any ability for a REAL and reasonable consideration of what needs to be done to stabilize and grow the U.S. economy. Add to the vitriol and panic, the far too referenced situation in other countries like Greece where cradle to grave subsidies caused run away inflation – well now, warning, warning America! Nonsense I say – we are not any where near a socialist structure in this nation – there is a substantial tax base and if we invest to help create REAL living wage [not minimum] jobs more and more spending will be able to create a ongoing cyclic situation.

So in conclusion I ask my government to ease our path – do not fear and do not falter from the REAL task at hand and please do not fall victim to public opinion. These days the drum beat of social media and one note news outlets is deafening in relationship to REAL facts and REALLY necessitated actions. Just think how dire our situation will be America if the Feds do not stay involved – surely run amok privatization got us into this morass in the 2000’s and under President Obama so called government intervention saved our collective asses – auto industry for instance. Still caution needed and we the people need to get educated and be the ombudsman of sorts or at least start electing to Congress those REALLY interested in the sophisticated academics needed to run this place!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and more complete follow-up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy my life long – yes cradle on – reasons for caring about issues like the economy will be explained. Not too difficult to understand considering I was born and bred in a business family and my dear father hoped one of us would go to the Philadelphia located iconic Wharton School of Business – who knows maybe the grandchildren my husband and I provided will do just that!

September 8, 2013

Remembering the Dinner in Saint Petersburg with G20

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

20130908-071428.jpgThe historical surroundings appropriately magnificent for meeting of the most important economic world players – a palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was the working dinner setting this week for the 2013 G20 summit. This gathering of nineteen nations and the European Union Finance Ministers, along with major international banking entities has in the past staved off world financial collapse, bullied up failing national economies and initiated programs designed to create development among impoverished countries. Sounds like all things money are to be the menu du jour most would agree but not quite in that these meetings often are used to bring to the fore other world issues. Oh my, what is one to do when the gathering of the most influential types is subjugated to current events like the Syrian crisis? Apparently the answer this year was push it aside or at the most give it a chat up until 2a.m. during the so called working dinner.

You have read my opinion here before concerning the “middle of middle” folks in America … Busied [probably as they should be and the others of us more involved are to some extent as well] with the mundane insular aspects of their lives being either too selfish, too preoccupied or just not intelligent enough to care about world economics. The REAL truth is most people – certainly most in the United States know nothing of the G20 and in fact, not even that this organization exist. Why does this matter you ask? Well honestly not all that much except the misinformation and reactionary response of the ignorant among us is becoming deafening and one might say even dangerous. In the previous paragraph I write with some disdain about our President bringing the Syrian crisis – a war and humanitarian morass – to a conference where world changing financial issues are to be the at the forefront. No fool President Obama or any other leader to know that over emphasis on current tragedies through news venues perks the senses of the masses. Simple sociological analysis proves no matter how remote and disconnected a subject matter to the task at hand, the very vitriolic nature of some issues will gain attention. Do I sound elitist? Maybe but more dismayed – shaking my head in a oh my fashion that the intelligentsia of the world allows such public fare to distract time, energy and resources from a matter of studied scholarship to the news at 6.

The G20 was designed to study and promote high level discussion of policy issues pertaining to international financial stability. Indeed a war torn Middle East – which obviously includes Syria – might be reason enough to include its situation as topic for discussion. Such periphery inclusion is still, in my opinion, a dilution to the issue of the global economy. My main concern and plea for those involved and those of us interested enough to care is a watchfulness that not allow the important venues of the world to fall victim to the common place. Syria is without question important and should be dealt with but like many other world crisis, it must not be allowed to be elevated and interfere with other and possibly more important global concerns.

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow-up book, Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, much will be detailed about how I got to care about all things global will be shared … for now lets say it happened at my childhood dinners in Philadelphia!

August 29, 2013

Syria REAL Crisis vs. Israel’s Foes

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

syriaOutrage, many and varied emotional and often visceral reactions, deep concern, speculation and more seem the tonality these days concerning the recent Syrian humanitarian crisis. Surely warranted and not a bit misplaced are any of these emotions considering the number of refugees, injured and dead; However is it too little, too late and more pointed is the question of who and when is the REAL responsibility to be directed toward?

I have been to the Middle East many times – often dismayed by the proximity of Syria and other nations to my beloved Israel. There it is on a hilltop that one views Syria overlooking the only democracy in that region – does that mean we Jewish Zionist are thrilled with the Assad regime? Of course the answer is no. Still a logical mind must conclude that the rebels are no friend of the United States nor Israel.

Seems recent chemical attacks on Syrian civilians have finally created the scenario where “crossing the red line” drawn by President Obama and the European Union demands action. Why that needed to get involved one must ask? Is this an excuse to proceed militarily against Assad the dictator or a shame game of we of good conscious must react against a tyrant? Either way innocence citizens are being killed – for some time now the slaughter and displacement has been known to the world as Syria’s civil war rages on.

The title of this blog essay says much – is the present rants by press and government officials to do something about Syria REAL or reactionary? After all Israel is falsely and routinely criticized for atrocities proven non existent. In fact, it is Israel who helped Syrian refugees over flowing in neighboring Turkey or Jordan  and those attacked by chemical weapons – yes we Jews rushing in to care for those possibly our mortal enemies.

So much of my writing has addressed the lie tellers, the misanthropes and those misrepresenting REAL truth – this is equally important for individuals as for nations. For is not the faux or exaggerating verbiage of singular persons against another as dangerous and destructive as that we are most likely seeing on the world stage? The undeniable answer is a firm yes!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and the follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy the REAL and detailed explanation of why issues like nuances of the haters is so important to me will be shared.

July 30, 2013

America’s Middle Class Missing Those Halcyon Dynasty Years

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

DYNASTY LOGOIs my title here an oxymoron – no, not at all. For some time and through considerable reading – even study – my mind can not help but conclude that the working middle and solid middle class were perfectly content with their status and small sharing in the lives portrayed on the evening soap opera type 1980’s Dynasty television show. Oh no, you must be thinking – what possible analogy can that have to do with what President Obama recently discussed as the growing income gap crisis in America? Plenty I tell you for now and for some time we have dissipated and denied most any chance of even climbing onto the first rung of that exalted ladder toward grand wealth – why even quite a few already climbing upward through a two parent decent paying and benefit provided jobs have been knocked back down to nearly sub-par existences.

I have long believed that most middle of the middle Americans did not necessarily aspire to the complications that business ownership present … my own parents, husband and myself, other family and close friends have dealt with both the extraordinary opportunities and often daunting responsibility entrepreneurship create for an individual and even the entire family involved. Most good hard working middle class folks felt content and grateful for employment that allowed them a secure standard of living, fear from being homeless or penniless, with the extra expendable money to pursue the small pleasures of holiday parties, budget travel and comfortable retirement. A now and again moderate luxury expenditure or small assistance to educate a child for degrees previously never obtained in that family so much the better for these Americans. There was no envy or hatred for the wealthy or more educated for the working middle class felt their own modest dreams quite enough to claim happiness and gladdened hearts at that America promised and obtained to their wants and needs dream.

Gone, mostly gone is the standard of living comfortably for many in our nation and so there is now REAL anger – often misplaced and not correctly delineated toward the perceived well off. Enemies are now those perceived as greedy despite they too having worked hard and diligently to achieve success – frequently misappropriated blame is professed for explanation of who and why caused such personal economic failures for our fellow citizens. Are there guilty among us – of course, but mostly resulting from lack of REAL oversight and implementing of laws meant to control taxation and distribution of funds through corporation and governments alike. We must have a more logically and less finger pointing solution to the growing unevenness and disparity of American incomes … I am against the so called Occupy Wall Street movement and am convinced its very simplicity denotes a dangerous and meaningless attitudinal posture which will result in no progress toward fairness for all in this nation. Likewise, convincing one group of middle working class that another group – say union workers – are cause of their own economical problems is insane and a sure path to end the cohesiveness that this country depends on in order to function well. As President Obama just stated this week, the growing extreme income gap is fraying our society and our unity is disappearing. We each should demand others are paid fairly – economies are cycle structures and what is earned is spent and this creates another earning position and so on and so on. No doubt the other demand is that REALLY fair share of taxes – not more than fair – is paid by those fortunate to earn or inherit great wealth.

So back to the Dynasty television analogy I began this essay with – those days were seemingly copacetic for the elite showing their finery through drama and magazines, as well as the viewer and consumer. The couture designer clothes and wares offered to the privileged few could be morphed and presented for reasonable purchase prices to the many – satisfied with their obtained copied versions and elated at the REAL prospect that if working hard enough and if so desired they too could live the way those rich people did might, just might happen for them or their children one day was enough to make everyone REALLY happy to be Americans – lets now be determined to reestablish a system where that REAL or imagined status is at least a possible dream for many!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up book Life Journey of Heiress Mommy, many of the hows and whys I am both a confirmed capitalist and egalitarian union supporter will be fully explained.  For now I assure you if we meet I can sing union songs while wearing my REAL designer clothes – get it?

July 7, 2013

My Time In Egypt

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

New Years Eve, 31 December 1980, found me and my first husband, David,  in Egypt – on our honeymoon and just having left Israel after three weeks. Not just any usual or routine sight seeing – no indeed as we were there as special guest to celebrate the Israeli-Egypt Peace Treaty that had been ceremoniously signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat in Washington, D.C. 26 March 1979. Welcomed as an American and Jew to the newly and soon to be turned over fully from Israel to Egypt Sinai was both a privileged and unique position to be in during those halcyon days filled with promise of shared interest between the two nations. What followed was the horror of Sadat’s 1981 assassination and still his replacement Mubarak allowed a stable continuance for the peace with Israel and relationship with America as a status quo acceptable while not perfect. Having been to the region more than a dozen times I was aware of what could be described to be a saturnine nod in light of underlying discontent in Arab nations – so there was fallibility in the precept of Western nations faux surprise when the so called Arab Spring erupted in 2010.

My minority voiced opinion that the Arab Spring was not the championed revolution that is glorified by American ideals of liberty left me marginalized and often criticized. Not supportive of dictatorships in any form and yet with my real life experiences in that area of the world, sadly informed by scholarship and observation that swiftness would leave dangerous voids and not the perfected people’s constitutionality style rule morphed from established democracy type governments as the United States. And so it was the the first democratic election in Egypt found the Muslim Brotherhood  in charge – obviously I feared extremism against Israel but was more convinced that the difficult day to day necessitated governing aspects of utilities, jobs and such would not be fulfilled by a theocratic administration. I think the same for all nations including America where religious extremist Christians attempt through elections and legislation directorial powers over civil matters.

The only successful route to prosperity and away from chaotic anarchy is a secular government that protects all the people – all the religions, ethnic groups and nationalities that dwell within its borders.Too often the focused religiosity of any otherwise fairly chosen leadership dilutes asset and concentration on the day to day needs of the people. Hence and this past week Egypt had a military coup d’etat and now may possibly be facing an internal civil war of Islamist extremist against the rest of its population. Stability must be maintained in that nation and all others – so yes, I do find myself both as an American and as a Zionist Jew hopeful that the military now overseeing Egypt will be fair in guiding that important Middle East country toward REAL Democracy – its secular history and magnificence of ancient world importance begs for our wanting this for them no matter where in this world one resides.

P.S. In my year (2013) end book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up life journey Summer 2014 book there will be what I hope is an interesting description of why my pride in being an American Jewish Zionist includes affection and gratitude for my Mother’s Albanian Muslim ancestry as well!

June 2, 2013

My Daddy’s Romance with Environmentalist Rachel Carson

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

rachel-carson-silent-springMy dear erudite, brilliant, activist Father was crazy about environmentalist Rachel Carson – a REAL crush in my opinion is what Daddy had for this forerunner in the filed of conservation. Therefore it was not odd that at twelve years old one of the books he insisted I read and then, as was par for our family structure, we discuss was her iconic book, “Silent Spring“. Well dear readers, Rachel Carson had no idea how REALLY dangerous the manipulation for evil and lack of concentration of biodiversity would become with the current ever growing advancement in technology. Now if you are a Luddite reading this, just take a deep breath and proceed with an open mind for REAL and honest dialogue must – absolutely must – be continued on issues of the lessening of species, crops and biological diversity on this planet; likewise there must be applied efforts to maintain and yes, control both man-made and natural destruction of our varied ecosystem if we are to survive. Not hyperbole but REAL and serious documented factual reality – there is a terrible problem that we humans need to address immediately and no slanted nor political viewpoint should be allowed to dictate the direction we take.

Something called the “conservation of variety” was a prevalent and definitive focus during the Cold War between U.S.A. and the Soviet Union.  In his New York Times op-ed, Ecology Lessons From the Cold War, Jacob Darwin Hamblin discussed that it was nothing short of than a strategy for human survival that made necessary scientific investigations and planning should the worse case scenario occur – the frighteningly titled “Mutually Assured Destruction.  The Cold War [mostly] over but oh my, the REAL war to save the world’s ecological diverse stability is ever growing and I assure you, none of us – no one – will win unless all of us get involved now. Saving whales or pandas, a rare fish – yes that too but crops, water systems and every damn contingency or sub system as well has to be protected and even morphed into a stronger lineage if so determined in order to be able to withstand environmental changes. What choice is there? Does any one REALLY believe G-d wants us to just go along, to get along? Well, tell me please because that is an insane attitude and my Jewish faith demands care taking of this gloried nature that the L-rd granted us purview over. If your own faith suggests destruction for an entry into nirvana – I want you to be REALLY quiet because otherwise someone will  – no make that someone must – get you mental health treatment asap or incarcerate you to be sure you do no harm to the rest of us. Yes, I know what you must be thinking – something like, “OMG Tereza, that is so extreme!”. You betcha because the ignorant among us are causing delay and defunding for REALLY necessary scientific research and development to save us now and future generations. I say if anyone disagrees and wants the so called “end of days” sped up – go for it – I mean take your single life out of the equation asap and leave the rest of us to do REALLY what G-d wanted and that is save his beloved creation. This is an ethical and moral imperative and not a philosophical ideal my friends and you will be deemed guilty of complicity if any less than supporting environmental preservation is your life choice!

P.S. In my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be details on my late Father’s early environmental activism and the irony that sadly a environmental poison [asbestos despite being only a so called white collar guy] ended his still vital [in his mid 70’s life], as well as , how those he loved and loved him are determined to legally and in other ways continue his fights for REAL justice and care for all living things!

May 29, 2013

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid — Viruses Abound!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

coronavriusYou know those apocalyptic Summer movies where the heroes save us all from a deadly virus … something spreading across the globe that was some how or another ignored by governments and thus allowed to proliferate ? Well – it is not nor has it ever been only the conjured story line work product out of Hollywood. Now the head of the World Health Organization has warned that a serious new threat to the entire planet is to be taken seriously; this past week WHO Chief General Margaret Chan spoke about the latest global threat in terms of catastrophic warnings. The issue at hand is a coronavirus which originated in Saudi Arabia and has spread to Europe where a French citizen having visited Dubai recently is now dead. Apparently the contagion factor is high in that close contact seems to have already spread this disease factor. Are you nervous yet? Well you should be and not least reason on account of our own U.S. government not paying close enough attention to this potentially REAL  and urgent devastation qualified situation.

Do not get that “it won’t happen here” attitude as a means to be comforted my dear readers – nope, will not work because this so called MERS virus [Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome] does not need a passport apparently; it has already killed 22 people and infected others in 40 countries. Yes indeed viruses travel on hosts and we humans are a increasingly wondering bunch – we go places and bring not only souvenirs back home but diseases as well. Simple answer you might be saying to yourself – I and my family just will not travel anywhere from now on. Not going to work folks because others will venture far and wide and you have no REAL way to vet your contacts – it is an impossibility to keep safe your person by some faux attempt at isolation. So now I come to the REAL crux of this issue – the “them versus us” dialectical philosophy that so permeates much of the increasingly nationalistic world community. Some bogus and nearly insane idea that a nation will close its borders to disease carrying “others” seems at play and that is as frightening as the killer disease itself. Sweethearts it did not work out well with AIDS when so many thought it was a”gay disease” that one could stay safe from if not a homosexual – nope, that bad boy spread across all demographics and so too will these ever present and newly discovered viruses.

There is no equivocation that money is in short supply in all the world economies – governments looking for austerity programs everywhere to balance their budgets. There is however wealth on this planet and it needs to be logically used to not only feed and shelter everyone but educate the masses – provide for the general welfare of each person – and REALLY protect from health issues that can and will if left unchecked be the path to a unprecedented world destructive pandemic that will surely empty the coffers. Do it now or suffer the consequences later – that is a REAL and without hyperbole warning for us all. Each of us must demand our governments step up to this less than glamorous public problem – no rah rah moments for politicians to use for reelection rallies here.  No placards used to promote the appropriate funding for disease research and prevention will make it to the internet but it still needs doing and now is the time. We are G-d’s servants – the keepers of one another and even if unlike me, you are not a person of faith, I know you agree that saving all that dwells here on Earth is of paramount importance. I plead with you to turn off that TV and read up on this issue – contact your legislatures and complain – tell them you are REALLY concerned about such life threatening matters and you want action NOW!!!

P.S. In my year (2013) end memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share how when visiting Switzerland in early 1990’s I became so enamored with The World Health Organization and other similar NGO [Non Government Organizations]  groups headquartered there – I wanted to live and work in Geneva. It passed but I still enjoy visiting and contributing to these very worthwhile groups in my own way – whenever possible!

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