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September 18, 2014

Witnessing Love – Mary Frances and Dulce!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

… She’s a brawny girl, well built and tall and sturdy, and she will know how to keep her chin out of the mud with any knight errant .

— Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s squire, says of Dulcinea, (namesake for the Dulce in this essay!)


Mary Francis & Dulce 2014

A beautiful intelligent vibrant woman adopts a beautiful intelligent vibrant dog and so it begins. A REAL love so evident that all who have the privilege of knowing this team are awed. Who are they you ask that seem to affect so many? Well simple and most important to me is that the woman, Mary Frances is my friend and Dulce was her companion … I hesitate to say her dog as that does not nearly describe how this relationship should be defined. Here I want to illuminate what I and so many others viscerally experienced in the company of this duo. I tell you without hesitation that my wonderful attorney gal pal Mary Frances and Dulce define the essence of love and you my many dear readers will be gladdened by reading their story.

Mary Frances Prevost is a talented California Attorney … Determined to defend those unjustly accused and one might say as Don Quixote tilt at windmills no matter the naysayers. One must not get the wrong idea here for my friend is equal part legal crusader and a woman both charming and full of life’s vigor – beautiful both in appearance and attitude Mary Frances can be that most effective of legal professionals in that the average individual full of misconceptions might think such a beauty incapable of REAL strength. Well that is the magic my dear readers. So it was that Mary Frances saw easily these same combined characteristics when choosing a dog to adopt – her name to be forever more Dulce.

Kind, watchful, smart, loving and full of  life Dulcinea “Dulce” Prevost was born 31 October 2002 and left us for heaven on 16 September 2014 as her Mother Mary Frances embraced this sweet being with the constant love that had been at the center of their relationship. Charm I tell you … Pure and simply there was charm in this sweet dog’s face and demeanor – evident in person and in photos there was no doubt Dulce had a presence that could captivate her audience. You see dog and owner alike here … Mary Frances and her beloved Dulce both charmers but there was more than just that which made Dulce unique. Soulfulness seen in Dulce’s eyes informed and instructed all who knew her that this being was full of that which G-d most loves – goodness in the deepest sense where only joy of living is the goal and therefore a gift bestowed on anyone who spent time in the company of Dulce.

Let me describe Dulce’s life … Well there was indeed the very best of everything. Home and hearth lovely and accommodating – with no expense spared. Daycare where Dulce’s other Mom as Mary Frances well describes to look after her and then weekends at the beach. The best health care, the best food, the best to be had in every single way is how Dulce lived – actually as well, if not better than many treat their human family members is the truth of the life sweet Dulce had with Mary Frances.  When illness came here too no expense nor option denied … My friend did not choose the easy way out – Dulce would be given many more good days because Mary Frances persevered at great effort and expense with treatment. These last days included extra trips to the beach and special treats and days where Mary Frances only focus was Dulce … I tell my friend that all of us wish for the same attention, devotion and care – complete and unselfish love as we face the end of our life here. We her friends all joined Mary Frances in prayers for Dulce – asking for miracles and comfort. I am proud to say that my friend made center to her life the love and concern she had for suffering Dulce these last few months … Yes pride I write because those quiet about love lessen not only their own importance but that which the world so desperately needs. There is some odd delineation – some universal dictate that fairly or not has G-d see those most cared for as a light – a gift – those who must be recognized as having special attention in life and there after. So it was and will be that Mary Frances gave such a recognition to dear Dulce.

I shared with Mary Frances a story about my Father and I during the last days of his life. This essay is about my friend and not me but for now I will explain as I did to Mary Frances that among other lovely and poignant conversations between my dear Father and I as he neared life’s end was when he looked at me and said: “To be loved as I have been loved by you my daughter, truly is to have seen the face of G-d!”  So too I believe it was that dear Dulce saw the glory and love of G-d as she looked into Mary Frances beautiful face.

So I end with what my Jewish faith teaches about eternal life. We are always here – a energy forever existing as the scientist concur matter never dissipates and dwells endlessly within the Universe. More immediate is that eternal life is given by remembrance – Dulce will never be forgotten – certainly not by Mary Frances nor we who were privileged to see these two together. Here I am going to ask my readers to do themselves a favor … Think of it as Dulce’s gift to you. Open your minds – see REAL love – witness in honest ways and without prejudice that which is love in whatever form it takes. When you view others and those they love – those they would do anything for then in honor of Dulce and to make your life better, understand that is the glory of G-d here present among us!


R.I.P.   Dulcinea “Dulce” Prevost … Thank you for your presence in all our lives. We who love your dear Mom Mary Frances will look after her for you – you can find comfort now among the angels!

September 21, 2013

Doggie Paradise on the Main Line!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

JavaWaterPoloYou’ve got all the arrogance of your class, haven’t you?” says the Jimmy Stewart character to Tracey Lord, played by Katherine Hepburn in the 1940 film The Philadelphia Story. That says it all about my hometown of Philadelphia famous Main Line area. REAL historical class defines the atmosphere of our spectacular suburb that was simply named that because the railroad’s main line ran through it. Wealthy folks did and still do reside there, as well as the professionals and others who seek to dwell within the quaint and pleasant atmosphere. As Miss Lord later explains REAL class is not defined  by money or property but style, decency and love. Still being elite has its place ,,, even for our sweet pets, Elite no more than a place and attitude that benefits its participants and that is where our dear canine Princess Java Argus retreats, has vacations and is REALLY well cared for – it is The Wagsworth Manor.

I know what you must be  thinking – just another expensive place to pamper pooch. You are wrong my darlings for Wagsworth Manor provides a healthy and safe home away for our beloved pets – they offer the usual bath, grooming, play and swim time but more important are their concerns for health and well being of the animals in their care. Full service to say the least is what you can expect from this amazing facility – as much a family as your own to care for your beloved companion, No medical issue left unattended nor safety situation not addressed for the pets boarding there. The day care a G-d sent for busy folks and the overnight or even long stay a REAL blessing considering the confidence such a place provides devoted pet owners.

Speaking of owners – well now, Wagsworth Manor takes REALLY good care of us too. Oh yes, they take my many calls, send hubby and I updates via emails and even include almost daily pictures of the mighty Java swimming and such. Trust me that if they tolerate a Jewish Mother like myself, they are pros at human interactions as much as animal relationships. Important that I tell you how REALLY amazing those who work there are … especially compassionate and cooperative when a family needs to leave their pets during babies being born, moves or even more upsetting times families deal with. For all these reasons myself and  my husband have found it necessary to have our Java be pampered like the Princess she REALLY is at Wagsworth Manor;  We have celebrated births, moves, trips, holidays, events and needing to have our pet in a safe place as we dealt with unseemly types in a way that would not have been easy without  a place like Wagsworth Manor being available. My family has advantages and blessings that make travel with our pets often possible and still there are those times when the knowledge that people who REALLY will care about our canine’s well being exist make our tasks possible.

No hyperbole – only REAL gratitude, appreciation and admiration from my family when asked about the place we allow to look after our beautiful Labrador, As we contemplate expanding our family even more – no matter what other States we decide to include as home, Wagsworth Manor will always be our first choice for Princess Java Argus and the other pets we plan to add to the Eliasz-Solomon realm!

Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort

27 Spring Mill Drive, Malvern, PA 19355
phone: 610-251-WAGS

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and following expanded biographical story Life Journey of Heiress Mommy many heartfelt details of how exactly our dear Princess Java Argus comforted and protected our family will be shared … trust me when I tell you there are REAL surprises in this story. Now go call Wagsworth Manor – take a tour and as everyone who goes there proclaims, “Can people stay here too?”, so will you. By the way, you can thank me later!

October 11, 2012

Bakers And Me !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The family story goes something like this: My opera loving Zeide Benjamin Solomon courted my beautiful smart Bubbe Rebecca Wolf with, among other things, baking – yes he was working as a baker and supposedly made a heart shape large cookie to win over his lady love. It worked because they were married – had many children and us, their grandchildren – the most adorable couple ever, who lived as husband and wife for 70 +years. How honored and proud they would be that my gentile husband legally took our family Sir name of Solomon and had our children do the same [middle name of one of our twins Benjamin]. Now you ask,  do I bake – well a bit yes and my feminist hubby a REAL wiz in that department. This piece however is not about pastries or cakes and such but instead about a couple, whose last name is Baker – two REALLY great parents, grandparents, friends and more!

In a few previous posts my dear goddess gal pal Anna B. was referenced and then her granddaughters – my mini goddess darlings, Danaya and Javonna. More REAL family then friends at this point – the entire Baker family rallying and protecting myself, my husband,  babies and even sweet Lab, Princess Java Argus from those pest miscreants and all others, no matter the time or energy required. Each and every day – from our homes or even when either of us REALLY travel – my darling Anna and I speak around 5 a.m. – not joking – my sweet lady went so far as to be sure when she was last in Italy on holiday that her schedule allowed for that daily occurrence. Now the fact that my ringtone on her iphone is T-Pain/Wiz/Lily Allen 5’oclock in the morning [video]  – not sure how cute I think this is – no it is very adorable and a REAL sign of our mutual affection. By the way – if you are thinking 5 is a bit early – my family wakes daily at 4:30 a.m. – no miscreant Farmville, SongPop game playing slackers at our homes. Anyway – back to Bakers and moi – these two wonderful people never let me down – as the Kronberger family I write about so often has done for 35 years, the Bakers for over 5 years have as well … they all are REAL friends – extended REAL family that are there for us no matter the difficulty or nature of the problems involved. Ours is a tell everything – 100% truth at all times friendship  and so the good, the bad and the ugly never an issue of shame. Unlike those of self proclaimed evil doer group mentality and now we are told self denoted insanity club [yes – someone shared that these idiots actually write that about themselves on Facebook – I know – OMG!], our friendship is REAL and pure – not based on subterfuge nor determination to defeat others. Now do not get me wrong – these friends are at the ready to thwart all enemies of mine – no matter the consequences – both Anna and Jim are the people you know REALLY have your back and as such we share ALL with them about those we need protection from and all those who lie and cheat and steal from us and others … in other words, this is a REAL bonding and not just a made up recently formed on account of  we have a common jealousy angst grouping [I know more obvious references to losers]. You see I must contrast with the faux friendships miscreants profess – for by doing that, you my dear readers can see the specificity of what bogus lives produce compared to my and my husband’s genuine ones. My Anna B. and her husband, my James B. are both of unchallenged character – REALLY special, very learned and sophisticated – REALLY well traveled and quite bookish as well. A pure joy in our life to be in their company – both my husband and I gladdened by their daily presence. Lucky, lucky, lucky babies are mine that these two people are REAL Auntie and Uncle to them.

“Sister”, confidant, guidance counselor, teacher, playmate, et al. is how I describe my sweet Anna B. – we are 100% type of friends – no break in continuity despite any differences or disagreements. As my blog posts Real friends I Have Known And Loved!!! [18 July 2012] and Goddess Crew™  !!! [26 August 2012] detailed. She, like a lot of my REAL friends know it all and love all of me – as I do them. With Anna it is the every day aspect that makes our relationship so special … each morning and every evening at least a few minutes of chat time and often in between as well. We listen, we argue, we comfort and complain but we never end a talk without an I love you adieu. Poor Anna has gone nearly mad discussing the horrid evil miscreants with me; In fact, it was she who came to fetch me from Court when the daughter of devil husband’s ex-wife saw my beautiful, well coiffed and couture pregnant self – only to later that day post lie filled slander Facebook item claiming otherwise … first issue of soon to be filed lawsuit and here is the best part – the idiot ex-wife used a UK website item and so we are suing her there as well – important because British law much more favorable [more of her $$$ for me] against slander and defamation. Oh yes, almost forgot – I spend a lot of time in Great Britain and one of my REAL Jewish gal pal lawyers is a Barrister there – needless to say, she and I are REALLY going to enjoy that day in Court. Now back to darling bestie Anna B. – after coming to fetch me at that bogus child support hearing where ex-wife wanted money for a dead child and one who lied about being full time college student, we all, hubby included, had lunch [by the way, NOT at a burger joint]. Anna asked why ex-wife was not there – I said she was and when I described what she looked like my kind never gossipy Anna innocently said she thought that person was Courthouse cleaning woman. Oh no, I insisted – I know the cleaning lady, liked that fine hardworking woman and felt badly that anyone would compare my husband’s ex to her. It is sad because for REAL women like Anna B. and myself [who by the way has REALLY worthwhile children & grandchildren + wears REALLY great shoes] there has NEVER been a need to demean nor insult other women … we two most resent that the miscreants have forced a scenario where our verbiage is so harsh – not to fret wise Anna assures me, G-d will punish them and we shall live happily for many, many years – plus a little lawsuit money hubby/I reap and possible jail time for various acts now being investigated surely will help G-d teach the miscreants well deserved lessons. The REAL fact is despite the efforts to thwart evil types – Anna B. and I REALLY know how to live … fine dining, museums, plays and such a constant shared must do on our list.

Each year on Anna’s birthday we do a women thing – yes some event honoring, relating to and/or about women … one year is was The Cleopatra Exhibit, another Diana Princess Of Wales Exhibit and so on  – each a full day begun with a gourmet breakfast and followed by a grand elegant lunch or dinner at an 5 star restaurant – of course these annual events always includes my gifts from that year’s chosen venue and so my Anna has Cleopatra items, Diana collectibles and more. Because reading and books a great part of both our lives – every birthday includes those as well. Rituals are important – a main stay of REAL relationships – no pretend we are buddies cheap restaurant get together for goddess Anna B. and me – never that – only fine dining and the best cuisine will do for our REAL shared celebrations. Equally wonderful are the shared my and her home soirees – my dear friend is an excellent hostess and her tables REAL masterpieces … glassware, china, linens par excellence for the Baker’s is rule not exception. Then there are the ad hoc coffees and such – a early morning garden fete, a quick bookstore venture that includes a warm beverage and snack after we purview the shelves. I can not forget to mention the holidays get together celebrations … my Jewish and their Christian – especially the Xmas I played Mrs. Claus arriving at 6 a.m. laden with gifts at the Bakers home to surprise then 4 year old Princess Danaya. I love that my Anna has REALLY great taste … in clothes, jewelry, food, furniture and of course, friends [why there is me is obvious – surely all agree – yes?]. We share the appreciation of the REALLY finer things in life – pouring over Architectural Digest, W, Town & Country with page markers in hand – at the ready to make sure to buy/to do lists complete. No it is certainly not that these expensive and object loving issues are the total sum by far of this friendship – so much more to our bond but still it is a great and REAL pleasure to have such a REALLY classy and connoisseur of finer things in life gal pal. Erudite Anna B. is a Pride & Prejudice devotee – so much so that she REALLY wore out more than one DVD of that book’s film version and of course, needless to say the current PBS Downton Abbey is her must see [yes has that series DVD as well] – my classy lady friend loves all the classics and we who love her tease that her REAL place is among the aristocratic times of Edith Wharton and such. Interesting is the fact that Anna B. also loves a bit of more eccentric innovative art and definitely creative non classical jewelry items … myself and our other Goddess Crew™ members are always saying this or that is sooo Anna. My sweet friend adores shopping – I not so much and so hubby and I often joke that Anna B. will have to be our new personal shopper [actually not really joking as she has very good taste and we trust her with all things]. A very cute story is about as we often do – Anna and I were at a Barnes & Noble bookstore and after buying books/magazines we sat down for a coffee – I thought I was going into labor, called my OB, hubby and then throw my car keys to her – as we left with myself holding Anna’s arm, my darling gal pal stopped en route to door to check out the the gift table – see shopping pro [by the way, that was a false alarm – no babies that night].

On more serious matters – Anna B. and I have gone through and supported one another during illnesses, my fertility treatments/pregnancy, legal matters, family highs and lows, my law school studies, etc.  – most of my doctors and attorneys – rest of “team” knows my Anna. When I say support – it means being present – REALLY there for ALL tasks required … driving to and fro, feeding, dressing, coiffing and more. This woman has been my companion at OB exams, attorneys meetings, Court visits, school tasks and other events – willing and able to do it all for me, as I am for her. Her latest title of Nonna to my babies seems odd as we are truly like sisters but she volunteered [ok I insisted] for that important role as my husband and I sadly have both our mothers no longer living. My children will thank me for choosing a REALLY special lady like Anna B., to love and guide them along with those others my husband and I have “adopted” – making a REAL family for our precious children. Let me be clear – as with all those I REALLY respect in my life and am REALLY close to – Anna does not believe in being my YES person – no ass kissing here but just REAL 100% honest commitment  to each other. Can not ever imagine my life without Anna B., – there are certainly disagreements but NEVER a break in our friendship – like so many REALLY good people in my life – she knows EVERYTHING and loves me completely. See why I keep writing that I am REALLY the luckiest woman in the world.

Now we MUST chat about the other half of this amazing and REALLY special couple – James V. – my and my husband’s friend and definitely confidant and so much more. This smart educated and well read man gives and gives and gives of himself – to family, friends like us and The Boy Scouts Of America. Yes, my Jim B., is a prominent presence in the Boy Scout organization – years of devoted service to help guide boys – some who I have been privileged to meet that are now grown men who still rely on Jim for console and more. Jim and I and my husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon spend a great deal of time together … because of soon to be filed lawsuits against the miscreants my husband was thrilled that our friend Jim B., would drive me to meetings, appointments, errands and more – as I stated in another blog post, this strong fellow is shall we say, quite capable of protecting me. You see my husband fears for my safety on account of criminal vandalism to our old home, internet threats and bogus social media references to us -by the often referred to miscreants –  my husband and others feel now that miscreants are finally being legally brought to task they might be foolish enough to retaliate [as they did before]. So it is that my buddy Jim B., and I spend a great deal of time together – in the car and elsewhere … in fact most of my doctors, lawyers, hairdressers and others have come to know him as they do his beautiful wife Anna B.. I love being in the car with Jim – we discuss weighty issues, we confide, laugh  – Jim brings me a candy or two so I can be uncharacteristically naughty by not being my usual organic fruit and veggie consuming self. Jim accompanied my husband and I to Court the day we went before the judge in January 2012 to LEGALLY have our name changed/hubby and babies take my last Sir name of Solomon. It will be American Polish Jim B., who travels to Poland next year with my genealogy husband in order for Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon to finish his book research [yes – most probably by private plane. FYI: for self proclaimed “bus” driving miscreants who are reading this]. By the way, maybe that special Harley will be a some time soon gift to show our appreciation [sharing my REAL book and movie royalties] to motorcycle loving Jim B. because not everything in our friendship is serious – lots of fun included too. I can not find the words – and we all know I can always find words – to fully explain the comfort having Jim B. in my life has brought to me. I feel safe with this dear friend and know he will always do his best to help me in anyway possible. Men like this are rare and I have been blessed with more than one –  an embarrassment of riches for me by having Jim B. as well as other fine gentleman to support and care for me. Like the amazing REAL family/our friends the Kronbergers, the Bakers come when called – no matter what the situation nor the time to our aid. These and other REAL friends are definitely 24/7 types – no bogus newly established one issue get together for us – only REAL and true life long companions with these folks. We are so looking forward – as with others I write about – to great adventures and sharing our blessings … hubby and I NEVER leave REALLY worthwhile people behind – NEVER. Besides we are thrilled to have the company of these simply decent, good, REALLY faith based people – at nightly dinner grace my husband and I thank G-d for so much and that includes by name our REAL friends and REAL family – along with each other and our REAL children and our Lab, Princess Java Argus – our REAL life blessings!

P.S. Must tell you my darling readers/followers that Anna and I first bonded when she drove/accompanied me to my brilliant plastic surgeon and dear friend Richard Glunk’s office for my facial Thermage treatment four years ago – never taking drugs, the small post op medication for pain rendered me incapable of grown up conversation … darling Anna brought me home, placed me in bed & telephoned hubby. Next day flowers arrived at Anna’s – with a big Thank You note from me and so began this never ending REAL friendship. Next “fix up” will be we two together [stay tune – more in my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy .. A Modern Super Woman Life!].

October 7, 2012

The REAL Meaning Of DNA …Yep – Another Miscreant Tutorial !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

It is very important that before I begin this post, the REAL facts about my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon’s input to my blog posts are detailed FYI for miscreants especially: my husband not only fully 100% approves and agrees with EVERYTHING I write – he helps edit and design each and every post … as the political candidates say, he REALLY approves this blog. First I write the entire piece and list links I would like included –  then my very erudite husband and partner in ALL things – reviews my words and links – often suggesting an addition or two, then my husband attaches links and bolds/highlights/colors as appropriate plus attaches any images I have chosen – every word and every image is approved by my husband – as well as, at times attorneys, publicist and book publisher.Unlike many marriages, ours is a FULL and equal and very REAL partnership – so for anyone [yes miscreants] who might think my husband is not in full agreement with my thoughts – you are wrong. Same as when those receiving my husband’s emails, wrongly assumed they were from me … grant it – neither my husband nor I ever send anything without checking with the other first. Likewise Facebook and Twitter – we are privy to each others there as well. Our REALLY wonderful marriage is fully transparent – nothing hidden – not ever. It is truly and REALLY as if my wonderful husband and I are one person – we agree on ALL things and as such are convinced G-d created us to be together. As I have written before – my husband is REALLY my Web MASTER!!!

Now back to the subject at hand, I am getting exhausted teaching these idiots REAL facts but oh well – so be it – here goes. On the topic of REAL legal disownment and 100% full legal disinheritanceDNA does NOT matter [no “dispute” here ignorant Michigan godmother – who by the way my husband assures me NEVER had contact with the dead girl while she was living – go figure – postmortem relationship I guess – may I remind you NO ONE DIED ON MY HUSBAND’S WATCH – yes when he had custody no one died but when your good friend, that wonderful mother of your late goddaughter was in charge a child died and many believe that mother is at least partly to blame as I, my husband and our REAL friends/family have all agreed that none of us would have allowed a daughter to drive that distance in such a apparently unsafe vehicle  … in fact I have bought cars for friends and family, loaned them my own and rented for others just so these people would be safe when going on such a long distance trip – why did this mother not do the same for her now dead child? – State Trooper explained to me that poor girl was attempting to restart that vehicle when killed – that guilt must be a terrible thing for your friend to live with but then again she never seems remorseful about anything]. Now I must return to DNA/disowning/disinheriting instruction – you see one can or not be found percentage wise to have been related to someone through DNA and still have no legal familial obligations under the law. As my husband decided to do – at great expense and effort with the three children of his ex-wife, there has been a REAL 100% legal full permanent specific and detailed disinheritance/disownment – not just leaving them out of his will but going to full extent by naming them individually as fully disinherited,  which as my law school estate professor and our major law firm attorney as well explained REALLY means REAL disinheriting – with zero room for a challenge. No need to reiterate the whys as so many of my previous blog posts delineated their crimes, threats, as well as my husband’s REAL suspicions as to his paternity. One other issue, possibly missed in my previous posts, that needed to be mentioned are ex-wife’s daughter stated her now/2nd husband as FATHER on college application [which I personally subpoenaed & chatted to Drexel officials about – by the way, husband & I were surprised to see the daughter had drinking issue/sanction at college, etc.] – that fact about Joseph Flynn being listed as her father, very much pleased my husband  – he was greatly relieved as it is one more separating factor between him and this Drexel University student. It must be repeated that unlike the mother of these three [1 died we found out on Facebook supposedly while driving what we have been lead to believe was or might have been the dilapidated van her mother sold or gave her & 2 living] children, my husband NEVER abandoned them as she did for a weeks at a time when they were small and then gave my husband custody with only condition that she, their Mother, pay no child support and then rarely showed up for visitation weekend pick ups. My husband always paid the support that Court decided on – in fact until each had four years of college. True except for dead child, who he was forced to pay only two years college for because Mother lied about her really being in college – poor thing NEVER REALLY attended [I did subpoenas to her Community College myself & even chatted to her professors] – for the most part only registered and that fact, like so much else in her miserable life, the mother lied to Court in order to keep getting money from my husband [we have ALL Court transcripts]. I know – more WOWS. So you see we must explain to miscreants, evil doers, ignorant types – why indeed they can never ever legally say my husband is the father of “cult” gal ex-wife’s children. The REAL fact is that my husband officially – in Court – legally – 100%/FULLY disowned and disinherited all three children [going so far as to posthumously disinherit the deceased daughter] of  his ex-wife AND my husband for other reasons but also to further distance himself from those three children, legally – in Court [January 2012] took my last name of Solomon … which by the way changes his birth certificate and as such the name on his ex-wife’s children [dead & alive] birth certificates under father is NOT my husband’s REAL  LEGAL name any longer. As far as the disownment issue – that too was done in Court – multiple times and in many other venues … even the mother of the three children and her attorney acknowledged both the legal disinheritance and disownment in Court – on the record. It is 100% official – my husband is NOT the legal father of Deborah Perice Flynn’s three children. To this point – as my own lawyer explained – no matter what those idiots in Michigan say, Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON is NOT the legal father of Michael Zachary [Zack] Eliasz, Genevieve Rose Eliasz nor the deceased Valerie Judith Eliasz … when/if anyone states otherwise they are defacto telling a lie and as such can be sued for “shedding a false light” on my husband – especially when they have been notified/warned about this. In other words, if one [my husband in this case] has legally disowned/disinherited someone, no one else may with that fore knowledge continue – especially in writing – to state otherwise. If idiot miscreants want to continue this lie on social media sites or elsewhere,my husband and I have no choice but to sue them in yet another Court action … they can think any stupid thing they like but they can NOT state it as a true fact any longer concerning who is or is not the children of my husband. Additionally – and this is ONLY applicable from us toward miscreants as they began back and forth [we & advisers saved ALL timelines plus we are extremely diligent as to what we write] – there are multiple ways we can and are planning to sue these horrible individuals [even possibly some of their children & that trashy talking mother-in-law] for shedding a false light on us – that is a very practical and specific and REAL litigation option that our very REAL attorneys are REALLY pursuing … one example is suggesting my pregnancies were fake – oh yes, they really did that but do not fret dear readers as we were sure to REALLY document everything – in fact had doctors do detailed official outline of our fertility treatments, conceptions [failed & successful], etc. – had notarized witness statements as well – nothing left to chance in my life, besides I love paperwork. Just in case miscreants reading this – one more very important point you need to know: you can NOT counter sue us because we ONLY reference that which you write, state or say and only REAL facts and minimally our “opinion” … where as you insist and post as if your words about us are true and factual despite our own words to the contrary and your sources being FULLY unsubstantiated and even illegal – as fake lie filled link short Michigan guy had on his Facebook page until recently … dam I am glad about going back to law school – thinking everyone should because there are miscreant bottom dwellers everywhere to be dealt with these days [FYI: More than one of my blog post were legal tutorials and shout outs to our enemies – law says no excuse as these were fair warnings and I know for a fact you miscreants read those very instructive words I shared AND anyway, ignorance is no defense in legal matters].

Both my husband and I have REAL wills that completely specifically and fully [by name and category] disinherit his ex-wife, her three children, my husband’s entire biologically family and some of my own – yes BOTH of us … in other words each has crossed disinherited the others just in case some fool thinks that if one of us is deceased and our REAL children [born to our marriage] do not survive us, than they might inherited from us. As I detailed in my blog post You Know Your An Heiress If… [10 August 2012] and others, even my husband’s dear 80+ year old father was legally disinherited in our wills for reason of the chance that we and our children would perish and he, senior father would then inherit something from us, pass away and his heirs [G-d forbid] would get our money and REAL property. To say the least my husband and I were thorough in an effort to have only those REALLY worthy as our heirs. There will NEVER be a way for our enemies to have further financial gain from us – trust me – we made sure of that. My husband went so far as to include in an attached testament the issue of our demise through anything other than natural causes being need for suspect and investigation on account of criminal vandalism by ex-wife’s three children to our home and other nefarious actions and troublesome behaviors/lifestyle choices and associations. My husband and not myself has insisted on extra security in our homes and soon [after my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super woman Life! published] personal body guards – presently a friend who is, shall we say, very capable, accompanies me/us most places (at my very protective husband’s insistence). All our REAL friends, family and colleagues have a notarized document stating our concern for our safety and names of those who would be suspect should we [even our pets/dog] ever be harmed. My husband’s REAL concern for our safety is reason until situation solved – lawsuits and any criminal charges complete – he and our advisers have decided no photos of our REAL children nor dates, times of their birth and certainly NEVER our exact REAL homes addresses – yes my dear supportive readers it is that serious an issue in my wise husband’s and others opinions. The REAL truth is we NEVER even gave most of these miscreants a second thought – it was they, not us who inserted themselves in our life … spewing lies, misinformation, slander, defamation and harassing us frequently [reason for soon to be filed lawsuits]. There have been phone [voice mail saved] threats and more – now we are told a disowned in-law idiot woman is stating she/they can “explore anything” about us … no, not true  as  explained in my last blog post stupid fat Michigan lady and especially not true if your husband or his buddy are looking stuff up at computer/IT companies [places they work that my brilliant husband – NOT me – researched and shared with lawyers & law enforcement] or you on medical websites at hospital where you work or your surgical assistant community college graduate gal pal works at and the same goes for what we have been told is your daughter’s real estate employer.  My husband who is famous Computer Data Architect and owned his own IT company at one time and my advisers tell me if any of those actions occurred at place of employment than computer jobs over forever and maybe nursing work as well – we shall see. I thought I was very salient in my previous law school 101 blog posts as to when, why and what one is allowed to look up and repeat about others without being either sued or possibly charged with criminal acts. The other issue is how creepy – you and your cohorts looking up stuff about us appear and then getting it 100% wrong and again posting lies and slander on Facebook  – thinking others would be very interested in your actions because as a friend of mine who is a very successful Wall Street investor once said about another creep like you  – to paraphrase:  if they are looking you up, they are looking me up too and that makes them dangerous people for anyone to associate with … you see our old property and everything else about us has nothing to so with any of you and as such, as law enforcement and attorneys who were told what you did/claimed, explained that could be considered a threatening action by you and your self titled fellow evil doers against us. My husband and I will NEVER let you get away with hurting us n any fashion – you all need to stop but then again there is already enough for very serious REAL legal action against each of you miscreants. Oy veh – when will these folks learn to stay in their little middle of middle life and leave those of us more worthy of G-d’s REAL life grandeur alone?

On the issue of and my certified genealogy husband having deleted/erasing permanently the ex-wife, her three children and most of his biologically family – what an idiot disowned/disinherited chubby sister-in-law is – you see stupid Michigan fat lady – one decides who and who is not on their family tree and as such and other similar sites are perfectly fine and legit and DEFINITELY “valid”- not as your simple minded Facebook posting suggests not very good on account of that option. You should be made aware of the fact that my REALLY brilliant [unlike your] husband is an expert [he translates 6 languages in fact and speaks at their conferences, etc. – see, I told you my husband got all the brains in his parents offspring group] – said he will be sure to let them know – by name – your insult about their website. Must also mention – we were  told you are REALLY into Disney as your Facebook profile photo choices … will tell my dear publicist and close friend as he knows Disney family personally – surely they will be flattered that a 50+ nurse is REALLY loving them, lol – of course we were also told you REALLY love something called SongPop – see that is why hubby and I have time for so much REAL work … blogs, books, etc. – no Facebook quizzes for us – we are more chess and classical music and REAL book reading types. Ok enough fun for now – no more making the obvious apparent on idiot evil doer former relatives – back to more serious parts of my tutorial for miscreants.

It is a REAL and true fact that as I have explained in other blog posts disinheritance goes back to biblical times – so be it that only children of the covenant – those REALLY legitimate shall inherit from the father and thus ONLY the Jewish children born of our marriage shall inherit from my husband and myself –  obvious that even the Bible [which for myself as a Jew is singular what the rest call Old Testament agrees with our decision on account of those children I had with my husband being the ONLY legitimate heirs]. For the Michigan scum that dare to to reference my faith – YES, YES, YES  my religious “leaders” AND YES, YES, YES my parents [in heaven] and ALL my REAL family are EXTREMELY proud of my knowledge of such things and equally of my/my wonderful husband’s REAL faith based lifestyles [yes darling followers another hint to anti-Semitics who dare to reference my faith and my beloved parents in their Facebook rants – my family, Jewish and non and my rabbi and my husband’s priest/a monseigneur who is my dear friend  – all think these miscreants quite loathsome and unworthy of G-d’s blessings … yes we have discussed these miscreants with just about everybody]. Let it be known in Michigan, Chicago and Pennsylvania that we Jews stick together and therefore when all these evil doers hateful anti Jewish remarks are known – in my book, interviews, Court depositions, etc. – none of them will ever be able to work for or with Jews again – we Jews protect one another at all costs. Equally non Jews we have shared miscreant’s own statements with tell husband and I that no matter what we have or have not done, these loathsome creatures are not folks they would ever want to know or work with. What baffles us is why they would ever involve – oh lets say their Chicago concierge small start up firm son-in-law and his wife/their school teacher [as I understand heavy beer drinking] daughter in this back and forth … after all, I know many wealthy Chicago Jews and they, to say the least, were not amused. Adage true – you DEFINITELY reap what you sow … neither I nor my husband dammed these idiots but they themselves as the Talmud explains by their own words and actions shall be defeated. I MUST include ALL in my 2013 memoir – that is how REAL book contracts work … so be it my REAL story will have to include [only a chapter or 2 as these miscreants quite unimportant in comparison to my REAL life] the REAL statements and actions by and from the miscreants. Oh my, sad isn’t it – that people we never cared about and never had any dealings with might very well have caused their entire family to be lessened just in attempting to hurt me – a real tragic scenario for them I fear. Once again, let it be known that neither I nor my husband EVER approached or mentioned or referred to these miscreants on social media sites – only emails to the now disowned family members in response to their betrayals and such were initiated by us and even those were usually in response to something they did or said first … as far as others – they and only they began this situation [we have saved proof] by posting threats and lies [even a illegal faux website on Michigan miscreant guy Facebook page from Arizona source that posed as REAL article about myself – Federal agents involved in that serious matter as it is possibly interstate internet law breaking] on social media pages – we were shocked to say the least and as the law states we are entitled to respond and thus it is us who is being harassed and NOT visa verse. We NEVER looked these idiots up – we were informed by colleagues, associates and REAL friends/family about their outrageous Facebook postings and only then did husband and I ever see their obsessive references about us – in other words, they are the ONLY guilty parties in this scenario … between my own law school classes and many lawyers involved in our life, my husband and I are ALWAYS careful and do ALL strictly within legal guidelines – which is NOT the same for miscreants. The Courts and law enforcement will be final judge in legal venues but G-d surely has found these evil types already guilty. Let me reference the so called New Testament – after all, it was written by we Jews for the most part … as the Michigan miscreants [not Chicago son of devil daughter who says no religion for his status, as does his sister and their mother belongs to a “cult” like faux spiritual “church”] who claim to be Christian – in their Bible it is written that the offending eye MUST be plucked out and so what my husband did by disowning and disinheriting and disassociating from their kind is just that.

Matthew 5:29
And if your right eye offend you, pluck it out, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell.

To conclude  – why is the genealogy of our AKC registered pure breed Labrador, Princess Java Argus shown here? You see – as with her, a DNA lineage while possible does not REALLY denote familial relationship. What I mean is should you get to meet our sweet doggie’s  Sire [father/sperm donor] he surely would not claim Java as his child … my husband is her REAL Daddy because he says so and as I explained in previous blog posts – our Lab is REALLY in our wills [provisions for her care in case we are gone, as will for any other dogs we add to our growing little dynastic realm in the future].  Oh yes, we do need to change her legal last name to our unique Eliasz-Solomon asap!!!

P.S. Two more very important facts to include here: First is that my husband opted out of wrongful death suit when his ex-wife’s daughter was killed June 2010 even though he was still paying child support for this 20 year old that as I stated above Mother lied about being full time college student & I confirmed via subpoenas & visit to the community college – except for credit amount that Mother claimed [bogus] as still owed on child support my husband received nothing as result of this death. However the Mother & 2 remaining siblings each received nearly $195,000.00 – from what our and other attorneys involved told us, this so called grieved Mother’s main concern was getting as much $$$ as possible for herself, her two remaining children/dead girl’s siblings and her attorney – amount her child support lawyer reaped was  shocking to all involved (including our lawyers & Court where child supporting hearing occurred  + ABA we were told). The other fact to know is my husband insisted the deceased girl’s 1/2 ashes he was given be returned to her ONLY parent, the Mother – we thought that the REALLY decent thing to do as she is NOT my husband’s child in any REAL sense – so the poor sad girl ‘s ashes were given back to the Mother – a child who from what we learned was quite lost/left Mother’s home at 18 & was searching for a REAL life elsewhere. May she rest in peace!!!

Note: Unlike the miscreant women I REALLY know who my children’s father is because, as I explained in blog post The Feminist Fertility Toolbox ™ [31 July 2012], we conceived [still have frozen embryos that we are seriously considering using gestational carrier to birth asap] through IVM … in other words my hubby’s considerable strong & virile sperm was marked & then used to fertilize my REALLY special eggs – no questions who my babies Daddy is and as my darling hubby often says about having REAL children at last … he was happy to finally have a woman with “REALLY good DNA’ to make REAL babies with” – me of course!!!

… just one final thing – reason you see this picture of a smiling/laughing me – someone just shared with us that loser Michigan women keep suggesting I am “jealous” of them – now that is a definite OMG – hilarious as my life is so much fuller and may I suggest better than theirs but unlike them I never assume [even though all my REAL family/friends think it so] that they are jealous of me … but now that I think about it, as my hubby stated so many times – I am quite a bit more attractive, sexier, smarter, brighter, more educated, more REALLY world traveled,  have greater friends – many who are famous  and very special  important people – I am REALLY well loved and one of the happiest women in the world – oh yes, with a REALLY exciting life – so possibly or what the hell – no question these bitches are DEFINITELY jealous of me. But oh well, if that fantasy of someone like myself being jealous of them is all they have to soothe their idiot souls – so be it but trust me, I would NEVER be jealous nor want any part of their small ignorant fake middle of middle Bubble Witch/SongPop playing, beer drinking, Red Robin “Gourmet” burger eating, born, live & die in same place life!!!

July 28, 2012

Le Petit Trianon And Why Architecture DOES Matter!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Un endroit tres special … toi seul –  For Queen Marie Antoinette that was Le Petit Trianon and for others no more than a small room or alcove. No matter the style, location or size a special place that one can call their own seems as important to happiness as love. It seems that the French Queen was in that sense very much the same as anyone else in needing and seeking that sort of  joy and security. In that pursuit she embraced and redesigned extensively the Versailles addition that was originally designed as a gift for Louis XV’s maitresse-en-titre, Madame de Pompadour, who died before its completion and so it was subsequently given to her successor, the most famous French mistress, Madame du Barry. It was the  following French King, Louis XVI who gave Le Petit Trianon to his teenage Queen whose legacy has been defined by both truths and misrepresentations. In fact, Le Petit Trianon was criticized by her French peers as being too foreign – often being called “Little Vienna” or “Little Schonbrunn” – a reference to her powerful mother, the only female ruler of the Hapsburg dynasty, Maria Theresia‘s palace – where Marie Antoinette herself was born. As history informs us, Marie Antoinette was both loved and despised during her life – thus finding both a place for celebration and solace in her beloved  Petit Trianon. [By the way, during my visits to France I visited all of Versailles – including Petit Trianon and more … I will detail this and more of my travels, including photos,  in upcoming blog posts and my now REALLY soon book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!].  There are American Castles – places of grandeur designed as testimony to great wealth achieved mostly during America’s Gilded Age – I have visited many, including Newport’s famed The Breakers and Vizcaya in Miami. For myself, it began with my own childhood playroom and later a study that was my singular separate space and then of course as an adult my own homes provided more special areas I considered important – a gym, a garden or private dressing area. My husband and I recently have become able to look forward to being multi residential  – both of us are thrilled and full of wonderful anticipation at the prospect of working with architects and designers to create special unique spaces for each of us and our children. In each life – no matter where in this world – there is a necessitous impetus to create or find that area where comfort,  security and peace can be experienced. The task at hand has been and is ever more to make public and private places that every citizen has access to in order to achieve a balanced life to whatever extent possible.

I often reference all my parents taught and gave me in my blog posts – again, I must acknowledge their teaching that one should take full advantage of public spaces – making an effort to see and experience museums, parks, public libraries and all venues available wherever one lives or visits. I too want my children to make a conscious effort to seek out places of both grandeur and simplicity. For some there is no personal directive toward this lesson but it none the less should be, if not intrinsically known, then taught via public service outreach and/or through education [in schools, etc.]. We must provide public spaces – which serve as social gathering places. Throughout history into current modernity there have been parks, town centers and squares that afforded populations a place to congregate and more – often serving as markets, meeting venues and places of both worship and justice [or lack there of] and  punishment. The suburbs, unlike cities have not provided many gathering public or communal spaces … grant it quite a few are near parks but the very act of needing to drive for access denies the basic intent – that is to dwell freely in a shared area with neighbors or simply to easily seek solitary refuge. Rural areas provide, while not as plentiful as cities, meeting places on account of the basic need to join with others in common spaces – living far apart almost demands a town hall, a fairground or place of worship to gather. Of course, city, suburb or farm/ranch the new town square is social media – while to some extent a place of shared experience or reprieve from others, the internet is not architecture and therefore provides nothing to soothe the soul or attend to our other senses. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention that my husband and I take great advantage of the internet in pursuit of homes, vacations, design, etc. – there is without a doubt the most amazing access to all the world’s beauty, art and architecture via the internet. The problem lies in that being the only and singular outlet for some – whether by choice or circumstance. To never walk through a museum, sit in a public park, stroll around a town square or trek through a national preserve is to be denied a human basic experience – the outdoors and the interior places created by joined human effort are equally important venues that are almost a biological imperative to sustain life. We have seen people flock to common spaces for triumph celebrations like national holidays and also to share in tragedies like 9/11 – this need appears to be intrinsic and almost part of our DNA. Vigilance must be maintained to how and why and where architecture can make a difference in all lives.

For some time it has been an accepted fact that hospital design affects a patient’s health – not just the obvious cleanliness and well placed equipment/safety consideration but also the colors, furniture styles and art placement can contribute to or detract from the overall outcome of an individual’s hospital stay. There are also the staff and families and friends visiting that can benefit from the architecture of a medical center. Another important  architecture issue is schools – studies have shown that learning is more easily done in well designed areas and less strife and disruption among students is noted when a school is not only efficiently laid out but is attractive and in tune with all the senses. Teachers are equally affected and have expressed an ability to demonstrate more patience and energy in their dealings with students when the building/their work place is attractive and healthy.  Sadly, public schools are falling victim, like most municipality financed venues, to budget cuts these days – penny wise and dollar foolish for sure as how and where our children learn is paramount to a successful future., Why should only those of us whose children can financially afford private school have a learning atmosphere that promotes achievement? Yes, it is true – as I am so often reminded by skeptics – that in the “old days” many of our most prominent U.S. and world citizens schooled in less than attractive buildings [to say the least]. As my wise Mother was fond of stating – there were no really “good old days” just old days gone by … those much championed and incorrectly remembered halcyon days were also full of segregated and bland places of public education. Granted some students rose above and achieved greatness – most probably [as is often cited in memoirs and biographies] on account of family, clergy or a special teacher or maybe even something uniquely internal gave that person an advantage despite the surroundings where they went to school. Today is different and it is imperative that everything possible be done to architecturally design places of learning that are stimulating, healthy and attractive.

Major cities in the Unites States and other countries are now creating well designed and attractive affordable public and subsidized housing  … major architects are getting involved in the effort to create better and healthy single living spaces for the financial disadvantaged citizenry among us. One plan has produced integrated and various  level income housing communities, while other initiatives have created buildings with the single goal of affordable small but well designed living units … all geared toward a better quality of life. The outcome has demonstrated not only a better result for inhabitants of these well designed  low income units but for the community in general –  legal, medical and sociology experts have studied and agreed that living in a better environment produces individuals more physically and mentally healthy and there is decreased crime and as such less cost/expense to others. Even public transportation throughout the world has been addressed by architects – the stations are now multiple purposed in many places, offering amenities and services, as well as a safer environment. There really is no part of human existence that can not be made better by design and that is why architecture really DOES matter – in many ways and for many reasons!!!

P.S. A previous blog about our Labarador, Princess Java Argus surely expressed how much we consider her family – as such the plan for our new residence is that she & the second Labrador we are planning to add to the Eliasz-Solomon family, Princess Kava Pompeii have their own separate home [not dog house] with full amenities for times when parties or chaos make it uncomfortable or unsafe for pooches to be in main house …so, it goes without saying, we take architecture seriously!!!

July 22, 2012

My Furry Princess …Our Doggy Daughter!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Both my husband and I grew up with dogs as pets – I had dogs during my first marriage [widowed at nearly 21 years] but my husband’s [what he calls] youthful huge mistake practice marriage had none. It seems only after that woman was sent packing on account of unfaithfulness and other bad deeds and later married  her illicit love affair mate, did a pet canine become acceptable in her home …in fact, I named her dog for conversational purposes the F*%k You  dog [you can fill in the letters].  Anyway back to hubby & me – we decided a dog was an absolutely MUST have for our family and so in 2009 Princess Java Argus [AKC registered name] was chosen to be a part of our life.

The timing for getting our dear Java was that we had decided to begin expensive, difficult and what we were sure would be complicated fertility treatments. Never doubting that we would have more children [lost twin pregnancy early after 2003 wedding], we also were sure a dog had to be part of our households. On the advice of many professionals [vets & trainers] the decision about timing was to have our new pet trained and acclimated to life with the Eliasz-Solomon family before babies arrived. Success on all fronts – doggy wonderful and pregnancy achieved. As we now consider adding more children [possibly via a gestational carrier for our remaining embryos], we are also considering adding another or possibly two Labradors to our pack. Just as children have united us even more than already was the case,  having a dog has  been equal in making ours a REAL family.

The history of the domestication of dogs goes back thousands of years with the reasons and conditions as varied as are the many breeds we know today. The first obvious human/dog relationship was for hunting, followed by protection and finally companionship. In some ways a dog family member has been a democratization scenario as royals and all others throughout recorded history seemed to have access and ownership of canines. Who is not interested in knowing what breed is or name of a famous or infamous person’s dog – always an insight into an individual’s lifestyle and character can be found in those choices. The other significant observation about any human is how they treat and care for a dog – I often tell folks that I find it nearly impossible to be close to someone who can not love a dog. For me, Princess Java is so important that those of my friends who are not “dog people” still fret over her on account of not wanting me or my family to be worried or sad – sweet that Java has so many humans to worry about her.

Studies have shown there are many health benefits to owning a dog. A recent analysis of children proved that those who live with a dog during their first year of  life have better immune systems – probably developed by exposure to the family pet. For adults the benefits are equally substantial  …a dog can reduce stress, make one exercise through walks and play and stave off depression with unconditional love and a relief from loneliness. Dogs have helped our brave returning service people with the horrors of post traumatic stress syndrome, as well as people suffering from epilepsy, etc..

My household is quite organized, with many rituals and tasks – Java adapted and is too a wee bit compulsive about routines – our furry Princess wants her morning vitamins, breakfast and walk in a certain fashion and will announce with a slight verbal pronunciation when each meal time should occur, as well as when she thinks it is time to retire in the evening. My husband and I laugh at our pet’s insistence that nothing be moved in our homes …this unique personality trait  became apparent when she was only one year old and our housekeeper moved a Persian area rug to another room. Indeed we are a bit concerned as we become multi residential in the next year as to how the Princess will tolerate such dramatic and grand scale change.

For us Princess Java Argus was the first child born to our glorious union. We take our doggy everywhere [yes Java has been to meetings, banks, salons, etc]  and we are planning  to have her live with us for our year in Europe before the children begin full time school  – in my very weak French I keep explaining to her that she will be allowed to dine in Parisian restaurants as that is allowed there. Our family is also excited that being NYC/NY mostly full time residents by 2013 will afford Java eating in a few Manhattan bistros. We never consider the purchase  of  nor would ever allow into a car, home or anything else without knowing that it is both appropriate and safe for our children and our dog.  My wise adventurous and very creative husband is now keen on and involved in planning a Lewis & Clark type family expedition – with Java being our Seaman of course. After each of us produce at least one or two books, my husband and I want to join with our small 2, 4 or 6 [who knows at this point] children in writing a Travels With Java tome – of course by then, it might be Travels with Princess Java & Kava [name chosen already for Lab #2]. The reason book stores are so full recently of  dog tales  is because the effect on a human life as well as the benefit is so great and so often life changing that prose feels necessary about our canine companions. So I dedicate this blog post to my beautiful, sweet, intelligent, loving Princess Java Argus – who got me/us through some very difficult days when evil doers, lie spewing cheaters and even dangerous types [oh yes, did I mention Java is an excellent watch dog – alerting us to even the smallest noise or disturbance] were needed to be dealt with. Of course, these last three years with Java was one of joy and fun – our pooch is also a  great exercise companion – trying to lift my free weights, joining me on my elliptical trainer and leaning over me on my universal board lifter. The final personal note on this precious dog is that I/we are eternally grateful that G-d directed us to have Princess Java Argus join our family – the best for us and for her is yet to come!!!

I have two P.S. for my readers: #1. The above referred to F*%k You doggy that belonged to the woman my husband has so aptly named “the devil’s daughter” apparently died [to clarify it was the male dog, not the bitch that died] and was replaced –  proving to me that even wicked type evil doers can be loved by a canine companion. And #2.  Our dog’s official AKC registered name is Princess Java Argus Solomon Eliasz – we are paying to have it changed as ours was legally this past January 2012 to Princess Java Argus Eliasz-Solomon …by the way, my genealogist  husband had our pure breed Labrador’s genealogy official completed and framed – go figure.

P.P.S. As always dear readers, I so wish that I could share with more specificity details but ongoing [actually a lot of payback fun] litigation and my book obligations [2013: “Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life!”] forbade me from telling all on my blog posts – but trust me, my book will tell EVERYTHING [about me & everyone else]. See you at the bookstores next year my darling blog followers!!!

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