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May 9, 2013

T.V. Court America is World’s Circus Maximus

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

ChariotLights, Camera, Action!” is no longer singularly the call for a television drama or film production . Sadly it is now the directive beginning for sensational and often relatively unimportant REAL life crime scene and courtroom dramas. Rome’s Circus Maximus was the venue for ludi – the religious festivals that one might say deteriorated into the thrills and spills of chariot races and later man versus animal challenges. Seems to me the same proverbial raw meat “slippery slope” has occurred in U.S.A.  jurisprudence my friends. Why surely you can recall the O.J. Simpson trial being the birthing venue for the now constant rally round the television screen 24/7 latest sensational crime story. No matter the REAL societal significance or lack thereof, this entire nation – even world – seems drawn like the proverbial moth to flame when presented with criminal or at times civil legal matters and subsequent courtroom dramas get into the public arena. We are in REAL danger of taking our eye off the ball folks – so many pressing and serious life matters to be addressed and yet the news uses precious resources to give us massive public access to crime scene and court room happenings. Why we must ask – what is the motivation besides shear voyeurism that has created this, to me, very troubling societal posture?

Vitriolic fervor – passion beyond the norm is what we see these days as the public reacts, comments and even protest legal case verdicts.  Of course, there has always been a certain level of titillation and news focus on crimes of the infamous and famous but social media has allowed for a world stage where all the viewers feel perfectly comfortable inserting themselves as judge, jury  and executioner. Without hesitation individuals will call in to Court television coverage to condemn a jury decision, second guess a schooled judge and even critique police/detective work. No question that redress by those not directly involved in a matter of legality is as old as the system of laws – the REAL difference in our present massive 24/7 Cable, Facebook, Twitter and such atmosphere is the proliferation of joined efforts by strangers in an effort to direct and decide what results come from the halls of justice. Trial by public opinion is not the place we want to go – no my dear readers for that is without a doubt the road to REAL damnation. What prejudice, personal premeditation, ignorance will determine the fate of those being tried – isn’t this a frightening idea? You must agree with me that the almost “feeding the lions”  tonality of constant barrage coverage of each and every latest courtroom drama is at best uncomfortable and at worst a serious deterioration of our legal system. My oh my – law as entertainment is no longer a good movie or play but a REAL life imitating art imitating life and equaling not REAL art but a public circus. Myself – I am deeply concerned that we can not go back to a studied concentrated effort to right wrongs in accordance with our legal system. We need to get a grip on the mass emotions and seeming rightful privilege to nonchalantly determine what is good or bad law.

I need not convince you by my written words alone  – just think back and try to remember the 2011 Casey Anthony trial. Dear G-d, what public focus and REAL angst that tragedy produced day in and day out … a child, Caylee Anthony dead, reasons unknown and yet the wonderful America justice system REALLY did work and allow a jury of her peers to decide the fate and outcome. Agree or not – that is how it should work and none of us will be content otherwise in the end if polls decide guilt or innocence. Now we have the Jodi Arias  situation – WOW – strangers cheering her conviction outside the court house. What REAL business is this legal drama to the general public … we have to believe that those so hell bent on voicing opinion in this kind of news story are either without vice or terribly bored. Flip I am being here but not lacking in concern. In my mind the other  obvious issue is why the community surrounding these crime scenes are not as easily made to get involved in bigger issues like child neglect, homelessness, environmental deprivation, government budget cuts  – all that might have effected the original demographic that produced the criminal tragedy that now is so important to them.

There is every right for the citizenry of a nation and even the entire world to review and weigh in on matters of law. However, under no circumstance will humanity benefit from hysterical and uneducated participation through social media in matters of law. We must be careful and reign in this run away train – always and completely being respectful of the system that our own democracy has created. Yes oversight and constant vigilance against extremist attitudes are mandated in jurisprudence but that swinging pendulum must not be allowed too wide an arc. In my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be REAL and heartfelt detailing of why I care so much about the scales of justice. Until then I ask that you stay involved but not without thoughts of what REALLY matters most – that is a fair and balanced land of laws, which  is best for all of us!

April 27, 2013

The REAL Links In Boston … continued.

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

REAL LinksLast week I wrote a post, ONLY As Strong As The Weakest Link! (24 April 2013) and left you with mention that I would further discuss why familial and community links REALLY do matter.  Yes, as I admitted before,  I am making the general personal but not without considered analysis. Those who read me regularly and certainly if you know me personally, are quite aware of just how egregious and serious such issues of connective interplay is in my and my husband’s daily life narrative. So much of what might be considered arbitrary to most, has become importantly addressed in our existence … concerns of safety paramount among the issues. Even attorneys and law enforcement – along with seasoned investigators – are struck shocked at the situations of vandalism, threats, theft, almost biblical levels of family betrayal and more that my and my husband have needed to thwart.

Links, chains, intertwined relationships and even DNA insinuate an interaction and responsibility that creates a circular presence. Children’s books teach the idea if this equals that, than that will mean another thing occurs … cause and effect are the base algorithms that define the fabric that creates or destroys an entity. So much of life is the “if only“, the “should and could haves” that a person often reflects on with regret and sorrow. Me – well I REALLY try to live so that although not without redress, there is little left unattended or pursued. So much of life is happenstance and serendipitous – frequently a simple matter of right or wrong place at a particularly opportune moment. Gloried tales of going into a store or restaurant and unexpectedly meeting your soul mate [my true story] abound and there are the tragic split second decisions that for one or another reason produce horrific tragedies. Whether by premeditated conscious decisiveness or the opposite of intuitive and unexplained reactions – all of life can turn on one decision or indecision some times. So this brings us to the Boston Marathon bombing a few weeks ago – a great deal of this tragedy was based on circumstances both consciously created by and accidentally initiated by we humans. Missed signals, ignored possibilities or deliberate actions were morphed in one singular fact of a national disaster – an act of terrorism and crime.

Immigrants arrive in America – the family Tsarnaev and the man from Costa Rica  Carlos Luis de Los Ángeles Arredondo. All seem to have promising futures in their newly arrived in country. Each progresses in effort to assimilate and succeed just as generation after generations of various ethnic groups and a multitude of nationalities have previously in the U.S.A.. No REAL problems or arisen reason for concern about any of these people – but, not all goes well and still nothing appears any way different a scenario than any citizen born here in that life narratives ebb and flow no matter the origins from which it began. For the Chechnya family there are admirable scholastic successes – their doctor Uncles financially and socially well placed. Stresses present a lessening of the trajectory toward the so called “all American” life and yet this is no different than others poorly arrived at choices – no different than my husband’s ex-wife’s 3 children criminally vandalizing our home, lies on their college/financial aid applications, high school terrorism threat charges, mental illness hospitalization, suspected recent [according to internet] involvement in retail theft, etc.. Whose to say that my nemesis continuing troublesome activities will not result in a further tragedy …. after all, one child at age 20, was already killed in what we were told was her Mother’s broken down van vehicle while traveling – no make that running away from what many believe was a bad home environment at her Mother and Step-Father’s home. There are so many other incidents that will be soon fully known through my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!, trail and lawsuits media coverage and more that suggest possibility for REAL tragedy or at the very least REALLY failed lives for these enemies of mine. Suffice it to say, that the Boston Bombers were not all that different except for one or two [to date] circumstances than those who have harmed and threatened myself and my husband. What one incident made the REAL differences or could it be nothing more complicated than luck – pure and simple luck?

The other immigrant who became a U.S. citizen while protesting our involvement in Iraq is boldly proud to claim love for America …his son sacrificed fighting for it and the other so devastated by the death of his brother commits suicide. Carlos Arrendondo is at the Boston Marathon to honor our veterans, including his lost boy – trained by volunteering at the Red Cross, it is he who runs toward the injured and saves Jeff Bauman’s life  – this seriously injured man who looked into the eyes of the bombers was to later be an eye witness giving testimony to the FBI identifying the bomber he saw. What thread of interconnection – what coincidence or choice placed each there that day and what matter is it really? Surely Mr. Bauman cares little of the how or whys that placed a trained individual to stance his blood flow that day – without question grateful and probably further shaken when contemplating the if not for consequences. Predestination and free will are never REALLY separated in result, as there are without doubt part and parcel of each that creates the outcome.

Other links to the April 15th Boston tragedy are now coming to light – on 11 September 2011 3 Jewish men [Erik Weissman, Raphael Teken and Brendan Mess] were murdered in Boston and one, Brendan Mess, was the best friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Boston police now admit that for  whatever reason or lack of REAL investigatory effort, they dismissed these killings as drug related on account of the well established marijuana use by the dead men. Now and only after rethinking that conclusion on account of Tamerlan Tsarnaev being one of the two bombers, are they finally reexamining that case. Some have suggested prejudice was at play in law enforcement’s assumption – narrowing of their minds on account of life narrative, neighborhood where deaths occurred or perhaps antisemitism have left the families of the three murdered men begging for justice. Will that justice now be accomplished due to do one Tsarnaev brother being already dead and the other if not receiving the death sentence, then spending his entire life in prison? What moment one thinks makes the difference in life – a meeting, a friendship developed, a decision [which I myself have made] to train/run in a marathon – which and when is a choice thought simple grown into a life changing event? Not easy to answer and quite complicated to surmise – however we must give pause in contemplation, as the sages have for all time, as to which is in our human control and that significantly outside of our reasoned directive. Think of what links broken and which others made stronger have defined your biography – more importantly I suggest we all assert REAL effort to be sure the links that comprise our lives are those most likely to bring REAL joy and life affirmation to us all!

April 24, 2013

ONLY As Strong As The Weakest Link!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Thomas Reid’s Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man in 1786. He states,
“In every chain of reasoning, the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link of the chain, whatever may be the strength of the rest.”

broken-chainMuch repeated in many situations are the phrases, “Only as strong as the weakest link”  and  “Weak links sink ships!” – that verbiage can be easily morphed to many widely varied situations. Confidences not held private, members of those like my/my husband’s nemesis, THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ sharing private and often erroneous filled stories with danger vandal “cult” member types. Also REALLY dangerous are the slanderous, defaming and harassing lies those we titled The Miscreants™ attempted to promote and now comparable is that which this past month presented as a immigrant family was disseminated by two young men that maimed and killed for reasons of prejudice and their own falsely perceived notions and other ideas yet to be understood. Boston panicked and we in other U.S. cities remain fixated and frightened as we waited to know the who and the why of the Marathon bombing – no different I assure you then me and my husband anticipating the next egregious and hateful act our often referenced REAL enemies might attempt next. Yes, I many times make the general be personal … for is not REAL truth that which can be delineated from a larger circumstance that can also be easily made relevant to ones own life  – I tell you it can and should as an individual can glean many lessons and directives from understanding others plights.

In my own life those we faced were delusional in posture and tonality, with obvious disassociation from their own evil deeds and for the most part no address to reality. As with any weak link in a structure, keeping in contact with or maintaining a relationship with persons hell bent on destructive behavior – whether a family, corporation, program or community – is a certain “slippery slope” to disaster.  As I have written about in other posts, too often a false sense of propriety or that which some faux societal dictate suggests as legitimate leaves one in a less than desirable position. We all have heard and read stories about people destroyed – even killed – on account of not acting in their own best interest. No matter if financial or status or actual physical demise, letting some false sense of what is acceptable direct you can often lead to the most horrible of outcomes. Action and vigilance is required – a REAL sense of honest bravery and faith in your own ideals a must to guarantee the proper outcome and REAL life narrative. Nothing rogue or unique in my and my husband’s life plan … we are rather privately conservative in fact; our REAL family structure consists of an organized and prioritized format – many tasks, goals and involvements of career, family, social and professional activities equaling a REALLY full life. However, this is a paramount instruct: we will not allow those deliberate in attack to our core values to remain near or a threat. As political Liberals, we see an openness in society in the democratic form as magnificent – that does not also hold as a possibility in our personal life. I am fond of quipping that the Constitution ends at my front doors – we do all 100% legally in every way but we and only we [with G-d’s guidance] decide the process and outcome of our destiny.

In my memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will fully detail and explain how my husband and I made a conscious and well studied decision to distance ourselves – cut permanently any connection to those we found immoral and corrupted – also dangerous to our well being. Some might think it extreme to have legally disowned and disinherited “family” members – others could consider it unseemly that my genealogist husband erased from all ancestry records these loathsome creatures but my tutorial here is that it was neither extreme nor without REAL cause. Just like the decent and quite accomplished Uncles, Ruslan & Alvi,  of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, my husband and I  made a decision to never allow our REAL family to be sullied or further victimized by those we deemed less than worthy of a familial relationship. Vandalism, threats, lies, slander, harassment and still being investigated other civil and possible criminal activities left us no choice and so I instruct [as I have in other blog posts] that none of you reading this must allow others preconceived notions as to form and function of family decide your choice or limit your path. I ask each of you to be sure that no weak link destroys and makes less you, your family, your community or nation.  My wish for REALLY good people is that you find, as my husband and I have been blessed with:  the worthy people, those decent and loving, supportive people that strengthen you and empower your life plans !!!

… To Be Continued, in a future blog post:  … “The Links in the Boston Marathon Bombing

April 16, 2013

Stealing Freedom!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

TearsAll politics is local!” is an old and often used adage. Similarly I say all attempts to steal another’s freedom – no matter where nor who is the thievery thug, is local and for me REALLY personal. As a Jewish American woman – from a multiple faith and ethnic background – I REALLY know what having others want to steal my freedom feels like.  Surely if you read my blog regularly and definitely if you know me personally, you are quite aware of my and my dear husband’s battle against those we titled The Miscreants™; trust me that it is not a stretch of logic to think these loathsome individuals made a concerted effort to steal my and my REAL family’s freedom. On Monday, 15 April 2013, in the great American city of Boston, a criminal stole freedom from runners in a Marathon – by exploding bombs, killing and injuring regular people, some loathsome bastard took away the right to just dwell herein G-d’s world unencumbered by fear. At least that was the goal as I see it – no different at all than what many of us face from personal enemies. As I learned of the Boston Marathon tragedy, not only as a runner but as a woman now unfortunately sophisticated on the art of perceiving correctly REAL evil – I had a visceral reaction and a intrinsic feeling of knowing what was at play. The most simplistic analysis of this, 9/11, antisemitic/anti-Israel attackers, other human perpetrated atrocities, the civil/criminal activities by my and my husband’s enemies, etc. is based on one and only one motivation – all are a G-dless and evil person wanting to steal others freedom.

Freedom thieves have a standard operating procedure more similar than not in motive and style. Despite differences in locale, relationship or situation – all who act in concerted efforts to deny others rights do so from a place of delusional and envy based hate. Only a self deluded and deeply unhappy person would use effort and energy to work toward having another lessened on account of some ill perceived idea. Call it prejudice or ignorance – no matter the description remains the same in that one hell bent on silencing others, is singularly evil and unstable. For why else would anyone give time and energy – as the members of my husband/mine nemesis, THE REAL Evil Doers Club™, did by attempting to steal our rightful voice and more physically tangible items. In my personal scenario the thieves decided to suggest and insist that my husband and I should only do and live as they wished – with their ill informed and ignorant of REAL facts prescribed style. Despite the reality presented these loathsome creatures, they continued to lie and imagine untruths about us and themselves. Surely a sign of mental health instability and in some circumstances, pure evil intentions. As my husband detailed in a letter to his ex-wife’s attorney, we keep a very specific and REAL timeline – all documents and evidence saved as proof of the reality of how and when the freedom thieves began attacks against us. You see those like my nemesis are dependent on a confused narrative to cover their evil deeds – it takes REAL strength and determination like that my husband, myself and those supporting us have to be consciously active in detailing the evidence. Why is this relevant or important – I tell you it is because knowing the reality and having that to show the world gives basic substantiated guidelines to your REAL life story and needed battle strategy against the usurpers. I want you all to know that neither myself nor my husband even cared enough about our sworn enemies to address their existence … as terrorist do, so did they in attempting – no make that insisting they dictate by harassment our life plan. My confidence that many of you have similar stories and my absolutely studied knowledge that those who attack groups they oppose is the same as my personal dealings, allows me to feel comfortable making the comparison without concern of being vitriolic in my writing here.

You might be thinking that my reach has gone too far in comparative suggestion that terrorist and my personal enemies are similar … not at all I assure you in that both use illogically conceived notions and  purely prejudicial philosophies to attempt bullying style subjugation. The tonality and inference on social media that my husband and I fought – those working on our behalf legally are pursuing – are no different than that which the enemies of all REALLY free peoples promote as their reasoning. Yes, again I must remain limited in sharing details with you my dear readers – soon to be [finally] filed civil lawsuits and law enforcement [possibly soon ending] criminal investigations still in play plus my contractual book deal for my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! deny me full voice just now. The most important REAL fact that I can express now – here – today is you MUST never allow another’s lie filled narrative to deny you freedom or make you fearful. The thing to do is – as my husband and I have done –  surround yourself with REALLY good people and fight with determination to stop at every turn the freedom thieves. The saying “living well is the best revenge” is nuanced in these situations; we are living extremely well but more important is that we have REAL love and REALLY decent individuals in our life – too many to list here – those that have worked tirelessly to assist us and promote issues on our behalf. I am not naive – I fully know that some of what I advise is more easily said than done and yes a bit of my gloried outcome has been on account of shear luck – being born energetic, meeting and knowing the right people to help, coming into the means to live well, etc.. Still another part is based on REAL willpower and definitely a believe in G-d.

As we mourn those killed in Boston and pray for the well being of those injured – I ask you all to be stern and committed in the REAL war against freedom thieves. No matter if these loathsome creatures attempt to deny you rights personally, professionally or as a nation – they MUST not win and each of us by being REALLY honest about our life story can thwart those who falsely believe that their bastardized narrative can defeat any of us. REAL proof that my husband, I and those advising/supporting us are triumphant is this – we have not been marginalized – we are still on social media in multiple venues but our nemesis seem to have – well shall we say, “gone missing” on such sites. Now tell me – who do you think has REAL  truth and justice on their side … obviously myself and husband in that we fear nothing about our story and as such remain open for all the world to see.. May G-d bless America, Israel and ALL who REALLY love freedom!!!

March 30, 2013

From Prisoner of State to Head of State!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuuKyiWomen leaders are not spared from the wrath of the State imposed imprisonment – my hero, Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest in her country. Almost an accidental political operative – there by choice buy equally happenstance – this brave woman was both championed and at times reviled by her countryman. Courage a constant companion as she choose to be at risk and away from her family safely living abroad. Risking life and fortune not singular to males who decide to brave the “slings and arrows” of opposition to their causes. The difference I am often offended by is that the world ask how could a woman give up the security of a husband and children to put life and limb at risk for a bigger issue?  Why indeed would anyone – man or woman is my retort. Seeing as those one is seeking to protect and elevate are far too frequently those determined to destroy a leader such as Aung San Suu Kyi. Many in her nation of Burma have been critical of this woman’s decisions – her every move, her loyalties and ideals questioned by her nemesis.  Surely some criticism is legitimate but does not the singularly bravery and devotion of her elk deserve at least gracious consideration and respect despite an opposite view being held by others. To use the vernacular – this type of almost after thought of a mostly championed leader is REALLY a case of “you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t“.  May I suggest – trust me I know personally this to be true – that is a lesson to be well learned by us all, for is not often the same persons we defend, those who turn their backs and even reproach those of us having been their protectors. Certainly worth remembering this thought and with that precedence in mind, choosing to forge ahead only if for the purest of reasons – no dependency on glory from others should motivate martyrdom as that will surely lead to REAL imprisonment of spirit and mind.

I remember being uncharacteristically glued to the television screen while watching Nelson Mandela leave prison after 27 years in 1990 – great apologetic fanfare accompanied his release from captive South African apartheid. Amazing I thought – such grace and dignity. No, never would that would be my demeanor I instantly knew to be true  –  I could not display so much largess in the face of my lessors; those who had so degraded this great man, now at his side with deference was repugnant in my mind. And yet, Mandela’s sweet smile was tinged with a knowing that he had REALLY been the triumphalist in the world’s and G-d’s eye. Self satisfaction was my personal feeling that day – my parents even though not alive to see this great man’s freedom achieved, campaigned against and contributed toward defeating South Africa’s Apartheid system. I joined them and in fact protested outside  the D.C. South African embassy more than once. Too many arguments to recall were in my past concerning the horrors and injustice that defined that country for far too many years … my late husband [widowed in 2001] David cringed as I was reproachful at a cocktail party for IBM executives as to why their firm was still dealing/having a presence in South Africa despite others not doing the same in order to help end apartheid.

Not all leaders of nations once nor eventually imprisoned by the nations they have or go on to lead are as glorious a person as Nelson Mandela. Of course, that denotation is oft times REALLY “in the eye of the beholder” or some might say in the heart of ones syncopation group.  Napoleon Bonaparte is just such a fellow … leader and some believed savior of France was defeated and imprisoned only to escape and reign again. Surely there are still those in France who think this diminutive leader a hero and others not so much … guess it REALLY does depend on which side of those barricades your ancestors were during that French revolution.  Still one must acknowledge the strength and shear will a man like this must have had in order to persevere against the State operation that took him captive and imprisoned him. The analysis begs us to understand why some can and others can not overcome such extreme circumstances. I have traveled to France more than once and admit to having at times fallen victim to the romanticism of Bonaparte – many places remain to honor this general and evidence of his good deeds can not be denied in that nation.

My personal dictate is that REAL faith, REAL family, friends and devoted colleagues … an intrinsic knowing of ones worth is paramount to REAL freedom and these leaders I have referenced here, as well as many others, must have had that sense of destiny that only REAL self awareness provides. I promise that all the REAL and very detailed facts as to my own such journey toward what my dear husband says brands me Tereza Triumphant™ will be shared in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. As I have insisted to my co-writer, publisher and publicist – this book will not only tell my REAL story but must be a teaching tale for other REALLY good people. No matter if one is Head of State or CEO or other leadership role and no matter whether at home or in a public position – even those choosing a path unorthodox – none should be imprisoned by others evil misconceptions nor selfish motives and definitely never on account of another’s feelings of inadequacy as they will want to lessen you in order to feel better about themselves.. All who lead in whatever capacity must not fall victim to The Miscreants™ !!!

February 16, 2013

A REALLY Good Foundation is Not Always About Just Spanx!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuccessfulWoman_BricksI REALLY love Spanx … in fact, I wore a predecessor product for years – even though I was never overweight, was always exercised toned and wore REALLY well designed couture clothes [I even have/wore pregnancy Spanx]. But my darling readers,  this post is obviously not actually about slimming undergarments – no indeed it is about REAL life foundation and how you, like myself, can overcome The Miscreants™, THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ types [yes I know – you missed my referencing the REALLY dishonest loathsome bottom dwellers – well they are back]. Let me be clear – here is not a limited personal diatribe on those delusional nemesis hubby and I have so successfully thwarted nor is it meant as a singularly topic referenced personal manifesto. Instead I want to explain and inform, as well as inspire other women [and men] on the how and the ways to take what such ridiculous poseurs present to you and turn it around – into REAL solid, amazing accomplishments and glory. REAL solid foundations in life are not made of weak materials but instead tempered and strengthened by stress, supported by mortar strong substance. There is no room for despair in your efforts to defeat those hell bent on your destruction … build it up before they tear it down is my instructive life motto when relating to the destroyer class. Without fail, the opposition to your quest have REALLY weak foundations – you only need “search” a little to discover their REALLY troubled and sullied base. Do not allow chthonic stresses from unresolved perceived and falsely manifested tensions to be an obstacle to building your REALLY wonderful life.

Before going into my rather admittedly self congratulatory tone detailing how I persevered and was triumphant over enemies, lie tellers and  thievish idiots, I must emphasize that while yes, I at times seem to be  singularly blessed with REAL fortitude, I was also the beneficiary of the most spectacular and might I venture at times unprecedented support from many REALLY good and loving people. In many of my other blog posts, I reference my REAL family, friends, colleagues, acquaintanceship and even almost strangers who have aided and guided me through the morass that others attempted to have thwart my journey. The African proverb,it takes a village to raise a child” I often relate as that for me … it REALLY took a village to protect me and have my REAL successes made possible. I am overwhelming grateful to everyone – the absolutely stunning support I received while dealing with The Miscreants™ is almost indescribable – and we all know moi is not usually at a loss for words. Forgive my religiosity but G-d was in the mix my darling readers … my [Jewish] faith and the knowledge that the L-rd would guide me through to the perfect place was paramount both in comfort and plan – for those of you ladies and gents not prone to that idea, then some faith in an intrinsic  power is required to overcome the terror of lesser persons. The Talmud teaches that despair is the ultimate self-indulgence, for does not only G-d define REAL ultimate defeat and to that teaching, I never allow others nor should you, the opportunity to force you be less than your rightfully given self; possibly this ideal of self actualization is exactly why we Jews,  despite the horror of our nemesis attempts to destroy us,  are still vital, successful and REALLY present on the world stage – surely a lesson for all REALLY worthy people. Every brick thrown by my enemies – every insult and threat made was met with fierce counter action and reaction by myself, my husband and  those supporting us.  I, my devoted husband, my REAL family, loyal friends and brilliant colleagues all worked tirelessly to prove REAL  truths and deny the nefarious hate filled envious accomplishments of the loathsome bottom dweller miscreants. When they threatened bogus contact to others with tales they thought salacious, we made that contact first – in other words, we informed with all REAL details those our enemies thought we feared. I want you to understand that it takes REAL courage and fortitude to forge ahead against those hell bent on destroying your life – you must be bold and accept/acknowledge your REAL history [the good and the bad]; by doing so and being blunt with the REAL facts, your opposing evil doer can never win for you are thus the arbiter of your own unique REAL life narrative.

My husband and I never let any slight by our sworn enemies go unchallenged – nothing was left without equal and strong address. The minimally educated members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ suggested and posted a remark that my husband and I were Pavlovian reactionaries … dear G-d, a real guffaw moment for my team – it is them and not at all us who were victims of such manipulation; for my husband, myself and our supporters it was merely a REAL concerted determinant pledge that no slight would be left unanswered and in such The Miscreants™ self deluded life fiction was quickly dispelled for all the world to see.  The REAL truth concerning Pavlov type scenarios in reference to my situation was that the loathsome creatures became almost fun to tweak into various actions [although that was not my original intent] … if I posted/wrote in a blog that they seemed friendless – they posted a mention of friends, if I wrote about my REAL travel experiences, they posted their one or two same budget travel pictures over and over again, if I mentioned their minimal formal education, they remarked about their “higher learning” qualifications, etc., etc. – all seriously pathetic on their part, as it was therefore them and never myself nor my husband who became victims of such “classical conditioning” syndrome. Hence it was these jesters that became their own REALLY bad public relations advocate – made themselves seem foolish and REALLY insignificant to others. The lesson here for you is that those posing as decent, accomplished or worthwhile are most times the least of those things – in fact, more often than not these types of pretenders delineate and defeat their actual REAL minimal accomplishments through their self interpreted farce. You all know the type … those pontificating about how they have what “really matters” – actually it is what we all have – family and friends but for the poseurs the REAL fact is that is all they have and even that blessing a faux status accounting, for if REAL then these idiot types would never need to promote that as their proof of stability.

Jurist prudence became our ally – we legally changed our last name [you are by now aware that with great effort and expense my husband took my last name of Solomon], we legally disowned/disinherited loathsome individuals, we worked with many attorneys, law enforcement, investigators, a publicist, etc. to make permanent our winning status. Energy is definitely required – all stones must be upturned when one is facing REAL evil. REAL success is that which is created against all odds – my heartfelt advise is to fight with dignity and consternation against each and every attempted attack on your well being. Do not coward in the face of those determined to hurt you by their own defeatist attitude … the jealously that promotes those who want you brought down is akin to stealing in that they will lie, cheat and work toward making their own insignificance obliterated by taking your grandeur away. If a evil doer thinks they can insult or shame you – beat them to that task – announce your REAL self in all its complexity and rest assure the nemesis will fear and retreat as their own history is most assuredly a sullied narrative of which they REALLY fear exposure. It never fails – those throwing stones, are the ones living in the most fragile of glass houses.When The Miscreants™ referenced things they thought were shameful to me – I wrote about those REAL facts, when they lied – I exposed them, when they threatened – myself and my husband contacted authorities, etc.. I have mentioned more than once that REAL lawsuits are being organized and even possible civil criminal charges being pursued against these horrible people – this was never necessary for if only they had melted into their marginal existence, no attempt from our more loftier place to deal with them would have ever been made … you see then, that evil brings REAL retribution and for myself and my husband that means using every legal means available to protect ourselves and our REAL family. The very issues THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ thought would undo us, actually caused others to rally to our side and promote our success … odd how tables turn when REAL goodness abides ones life as it has mine. Since childhood, many have titled me a sort of “lemonade gal” – you know I turn lemons into REALLY sweet nectar. Well my darling readers – never more than now in light of attempted wrong doing by the loser miscreants – they made me more popular and more accepted than ever before [not to mention my book publisher REALLY loving the controversy].

So my friends – in conclusion and as the photo here states … my REALLY educated directive is as follows: take every damn brick thrown at you and go build with dogged determination and willful glee your REALLY strong internal and external homes. Fear not your own REAL truth – know that without fail the enemies life story are always far worse for why else would their REAL unhappiness cause such fervent hatefulness toward you and yours. People who are REALLY worthy of G-d’s love and your time never pose as if  blessed – only those internally aware of their lesser status that fear your being better attempt such [photographic, etc.] false presentations … the old adage about “thou protest too much” holds valid here, as those you battle attempt faux establishment of their life status. You must have REAL allies but also REAL self awareness and the security that you rights are paramount and no other can define you unless allowed. Let the REAL joy that is your G-d given right break through the barriers your nemesis construct to bind you. Trust me that most folks will rally to your cause , as REALLY decent people see evil for what it is – that is when those without G-d’s grace and those without a REAL self determinant existence want to steal your peace and your REAL place in the universe. Now go get em … fight your battles and build your dreams without fear of the brick throwers!!!

P.S. My end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will be full of all the REAL details – nothing left unsaid or obfuscated. Stay tuned – gets more interesting each and every day. Sadly, the slights against my enemies that I profess to you dear readers, mostly go unnoticed by them and their kind because large multiple syllabic words are not of their purview – possibly one should gift them a convenient to use Thesaurus, lol!

Note: Here is yet another proven fact that my life has no degrees of separation … Spanx founder  Sara Blakely’s husband is part owner of NetJet – which hubby & I thought might be a REALLY good fit for our REAL private plane travel/who we had REAL conversations with about a future contract [yes another “poke” at The Miscreants™ who seem, as with so much else, obsessed with the fact that moi has access to private plane transportation – Oy Veh]!

January 30, 2013

Would a REAL Feminist Like Me Pose for Playboy … You Betcha!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tereza_Fur_Facebook2A few years after my first husband passed away in spring 2001, I was meeting someone for dinner at Philadelphia’s  wonderful Capital Grille restaurant in Center City. When I arrived my dinner companion was chatting with a group of gorgeous ladies … introducing me, these gals were sweet and complimentary toward me. Off to dine in the perfectly lighted to look your best dining room – you see this fine restaurant smartly has designed lighting that is quite flattering. After a delicious meal, I went to use the ladies lavatory … OMG – not the same lighting there and I audibly began bemoaning the fact that my 40+ face looked very different than I was told I did in the dining room. At that point one of those very attractive ladies that my diner companion had previously introduced me to joined me at the mirror. Having heard my concerns, this gal assured me that I looked just fine and then asked in a very polite fashion my age. I never lie and so told her 48. Wow she said – then expressed admiration and an invitation. Yes – An invite to come dance at the famous REAL gentleman club in my fair city of brotherly love where she worked. “Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!” I exclaimed. Why is my response worth noting you ask? The answer is that being REALLY multiple degreed – considering myself a seriously intellectual and well  read feminist would have precluded my being grateful at such a suggestion when I was in my 20’s or 30’s but then in my late 40’s – oh baby – such a nice offer. Of course, I did not desire nor need to take this generous offer seriously and I have no REAL dancing talent anyway. But still I will discuss and explain here why REAL liberation – REAL feminism means all choices for we women should be doable and equally acceptable … that is only if each is REALLY our own choice.

My erudition prone dear mother and I both joined N.O.W. at its inception – likewise, we mother and daughter team subscribed, read and gifted Ms. Magazine early on. In fact, my amazing mother used her so called maiden name as a middle name long before it was fashionable. My lineage of feminist thinking is solid – even my Bubbe was an atypical Jewish grandmother. Bessy Solomon was well read and REALLY smart … not necessarily as great a cook as other grandmothers but a force to be reckon with and admired. I have written in previous blog posts that my civil rights activist father, Abraham, was also a feminist – he thought no differently about my responsibilities nor opportunities as his only daughter, than he did for my two older brothers. By now my dear readers are aware of the fact that my second husband legally took my last name and have our children do the same and so for that and many other reasons, including his constant concern about women’s rights, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon is too a feminist and he has no problem being married to a REALLY strong and capable woman [this time, lol]. My best friend for over thirty years is a guy – my amazing “brother” Markie treats me as his complete equal and my many other male friends, colleagues and acquaintances treat me likewise – as an equal. One must ask if I am just lucky or do I just pick REALLY liberated men to be a part of my life or is it that I will not tolerate less than being treated equal? Answer probably a combination of all those factors. Still there have been times that one or more males have attempted to marginalize me – ignore and/or challenge has been my response … I have shared in other posts that I do not accept being the “damsel in distress” in meetings or anywhere else. My blog has also referenced more than once the many men who have been my heroes – rescuing and protecting me from REAL enemies – most recently from The Miscreants™.  Let me not be remiss here – women have also been my heroes and I theirs … gender not a prerequisite to REALLY supportive relationships. My being a feminist has not precluded dependency and need for help from men at certain times … more than can be enumerated here are the occasions when ,my husband, my best friend Mark Kronberger, my daily companion and driver Jim Baker, my male associates and colleagues have come to my defense – they have each unselfishly assisted and guided me. The difference between how my guys and those other women relate to far too often, is that those in my life never make me feel the lesser for their presence nor do I them. My male interactions are a sort of “right back at you” give and take in that I receive and I offer to/from these fine men the same in our codependency relationship status. The last few years have blessed me with a publicist, attorneys and quite recently writer/co-author Michael Charton – all guys who make my success possible while caring about me personally in a REALLY committed fashion. Far too many men to list – even acquaintances [some met through social media sites] that have meant so much to me and helped me in many ways. As it is with women in my life, these men have brought REAL comfort and joy to my daily existence. Truth be told – I experience absolutely no difference and no REAL gender gap between the ladies or the gentleman I have surrounding me. One must question whether that is on account of my own equality outlook or theirs – either way, it remains an informative aspect of my life that gender does not define my most important relationships. There is never any question as to the motivation of my male friends – I am VERY married and so there is never an issue as to the purity of my male friendships; you can easily understand that my own lifelong sense of dignity forsakes any male/female role confusion and that eliminates the possibility of faux or misunderstood intentions. Ladies – it is our job to make our position known – never let your own insecurity lead to a questionable friendship or work relationship with a man. I never feel objectified – not allowed in my life and no woman should accept less than a REALLY respectful and equal platonic bond with the men she includes in her world. Obviously, this also means we must all – men and women alike – fight the current and increasing misogynistic attitude/REAL war on women here in the United States and worldwide.

All right – now lets get back to Playboy Magazine possibilities. In my previous blog post I mentioned how my hair seemed to be developing its own meme on the internet … much chatter, especially from members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™.  Well now – that is not the first obsessed with me utterance from that group … a few years ago chubby legally disowned/disinherited Michigan nurse suggested my attractiveness [according to her friends on Facebook] was on account of all  “the work [I] had done”. Never bearing false witness – I immediately and happily responded by listing each and every medical, dental and cosmetic procedure I had, to date, completed. The requisite braces were 2x for me, breast lifted after in duct situ carcinoma surgery, a wee bit of knee [which were a little chunky from life long sports and running activity] and buttocks liposuction and then (most recent at that point) facial Thermage. I assured the Michigan idiot that more would be done ASAP and I would forward details and photos. Now let me assure you that REALLY good nutrition, no drugs, minimal alcohol, constant exercise, attention to skin, oral health, etc. + meditation and prayer all contribute to my internal and external well being and appearance. This is related to a potential magazine pictorial because after all I have been through, if after my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published, any REALLY classy periodical deems me a lady they want to appropriately and respectively include in their pages – I say YES! I must qualify that affirmative by saying there are still post pregnancy multiple must dos on face and body that will come first on my agenda – then we can take tasteful and hubby approved photos for Playboy and such!!!

BikiniTerezaP.S. Seen here is a REAL travel photo of moi … swimming in the Mediterranean Sea Resort near Tel Aviv Israel. I know – quite distant but all dear hubby will allow me to share at this point. I am working on convincing my darling that a close-up body photo of me is perfectly acceptable. Stay tuned – much “more” to come!!!

January 20, 2013

A REALLY Well Regulated Militia or Why the 2nd Amendment Is Misinterpreted

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

We The People .. ConstitutionThe Founders did not intend nor anticipate each and every citizen of The United States of America to have in their possession multiple deadly weaponry. This nation was created at a time when the “right to bear arms” was reasoned as a response to an oppressive overload – Great Britain. Additionally, America was to be the place where all citizens – no matter status – could and would have the ability to defend themselves but we must remember that this was at a time when no real authoritative protective body like police, National Guard, et al. existed in order to protect and defend the entire populace. So you see this madness – arcane idea – that all of us should be personally and individually armed as if in the military is not what the Constitution allows for or defines as legal. Trust me that I am not in anyway a devotee of passivity … I am a committed proud American Jewish Zionist and as I have written in other blog post, as a victim of crime [vandalism, threats, etc.] I REALLY believe in self defense. In fact, I admonish women who suggest they would be unable or unwilling to use lethal force to protect themselves … I would never hesitate in that type of situation. So you see this blog post is not the usual so called “liberal bias” rhetoric to have all guns taken from law abiding Americans … no, no, no – it is instead my law school and well read/studied take on the REAL issues concerning reasonable and necessary gun control. My sensibilities are informed by my own historical Jewish plight – I, more than most, fear government overreach and would never endorse living under extreme Federal legislative control in reference to ones ability to protect their home and family. This however does not mean unbridled and unlimited gun ownership – contrary in that the good and the evil now, unfortunately, have equal access to deadly force without fully enforced laws and guidelines and that renders many helpless victims.

The 2nd Amendment, as all our original Constitutional structured laws, was meant to be interpreted and reinterpreted as the young nation grew and morphed. Supreme Court justices who rally and pontificate about “original intent” often have me chuckling as they seem almost to suggest meeting in séance fashion with our Founders. Of course, most who claim 100% adherence to the Constitutional design negate all inference to the Founders own diaries and writings suggesting otherwise … one can ask if that is a convenient lapse in scholarship or an attempt to ignore the REAL truths that this great country is based on. We have become an armed camp – never sure where and when our fellow citizen will take their and our life into jeopardy. The recent Sandy Hook tragedy [see my blog post Bless the Beasts and the Children, 16 December 2012] has opened a serious dialogue about gun control in D.C. and of course, as expected the National Rifle Association is lobbying to stop any/all attempts to regulate more effectively who, when, what and how gun ownership in U.S.A. occurs. Ignored is the reality of other nations – including my beloved, enemy surrounded ancestral homeland of Israel – who regulates well and has almost zero accidental or mass murders fatalities. Must we not at least ask – why are other countries so unlike our great nation that has almost weekly tragic gun deaths and in some inner city places like Chicago, daily loss of life to gun violence? We do not ask because of REALLY great extremist public relations efforts and the capitalist aspect that is perpetrated by gun manufacturers … thus it is simple fear and profit at the core of America’s gun problem. Poor simple minded Americans have allowed themselves to be prodded like cattle into thinking they autonomously  believe they need massive guns and ammunition in their homes to be REALLY safe … again neither my husband nor I are against personal legal gun ownership for those not a threat to others and for  those capable of safe and responsible actions concerning firearms.

My current and now forever REAL family reality is that we [me, my husband and children] need professional protection on account of The Miscreants™ I write about so often. So you can understand that I am in no way denying that one should be in control of their own and family safety – instead what I am REALLY stating is that well regulated means just that – a detailed and reasonable situation so that ALL citizens can be safe. Think about all I have shared with you … the 2003 extensive home vandalism by my husband’s ex-wife’s three children, the death phone threat to my husband by her then teenage son and that boy’s [now 20 something] hospitalization for violent behavior/school terrorist threats in high school and more recent internet/voice mail threats from THE REAL Evil Doers Club™, etc. – all this in my personal life would not render myself silly enough to think people like these nemesis should ever have the right to have guns nor that husband and I and those protecting us should be unarmed. The years of wrong doings and involvement with a group that many news outlets and Los Angeles Courts have deemed dangerous that my husband’s ex-wife is a member of, along with her children’s documented illegal activities and obvious [according to psychologist we discussed matter with] personality disorders, plus the [what my one West Coast colleague has termed] “reign of terror” against my husband and myself on the internet this past year by her and her Michigan/Chicago and other placed cohorts leaves us fully aware of the need for protection – likewise, renders us troubled/talking to law enforcement about being sure these enemies have no access to firearms. The legal professionals, REAL friends and family in our life are all in possession of a notarized letter in which my protective husband insisted on stating that if we, our children and even our dog fall victim to other than REAL natural causes, then the individuals/our sworn enemies that I reference so often are to be investigated. After all my husband and I have REAL reasons for concern:  along with all the other many varied REAL threats, one of those [Michigan female] we are suing and law enforcement is investigating  posted a Facebook profile photo of her holding/shooting a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, simultaneously posting Facebook rants about “evil doer club meetings” coming to Pennsylvania for such meetings where until recently my husband and I maintained our majority residence, plus another same time frame Facebook profile photo of evil doer Michigan club “meeting” with bold text “more to come in 2013, 2014…”. Our concern is so extensive as to have our REAL home addresses/ownership of our REAL properties legally inaccessible and those close to us signing non-disclosure forms/sworn to secrecy about where we REALLY live now and in the future … we even use Post Office Boxes for mail. Hopefully, my REAL story makes you realize that there is need for extensive background and situational review of those owning guns – after all, on the surface our nemesis seem quite safely “middle class” but if you know me personally or follow my/my husband’s blogs and other social media sites, then you surely are aware of the REAL danger these middle of middle America individuals present in my life. Truth is when my husband, I and our attorney pursued a Legal Protection/Restraining Order we advised the Court of all these REAL facts and also of those we knew had hunting guns in their home where those threatening us lived or had access to … all this I write is in an effort to explain that my own very troubling situation informs me that some should and some REALLY should not be protected by the no control ideas of the NRA. Indeed a complex scenario when considering who is and who is not allowed to own firearms. Confusing and difficult but not impossible for a great nation like ours – we the people of The United States of America must deal now in an intelligent fashion with the REAL intent of our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment!!!

P.S. Everything I reference concerning my own situation is 100% legally/fully documented, recorded, subpoenaed, etc.. I mention this REAL fact so that no one need foolishly believe my words are hyperbole … stay tuned my dear supportive readers – all will be REALLY detailed in my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! and my dear husband insist all legal documents/articles from past and current and those happening during the upcoming civil and possible criminal cases dealing with our nemesis be posted on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, as well as his being determined to take out full page newspapers ads with links … justice and admittedly, a little legal payback finally in play as our reward and resolution!

January 12, 2013

REALLY Worthy Narcissism versus REALLY Jealous Types

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

A narcissist is someone better looking than you are.  – Gore Vidal*

4TwitterHmmm, what can one say about those who readily brand others – persons more achieved, braver, more attractive, stronger, energetic, et al. than themselves as narcissistic.  Well now – psychologist suggest that is on account of their own insecurity, envy and delusional jealously and I can assure my dear readers that all those possibilities are correct. You see it is a well proven fact – detailed in psychiatric and sociology tomes – that the lesser and most dangerous among us are apt to deny REALITY of others who they fear, are inferior to and simply can not comprehend as their own life experiences are so marginalized and limited. At the very core of those who define others as narcissistic is a vulgar attitude and violent precept that is REALLY only a primal sense of their own inadequacies. Yes, my darlings – we are definitely discussing The Miscreants™ I write about so often. It has been brought to my attention that the miscreants of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ are still in the realm of their self perpetrated fantasy life … thinking others like me, my husband, REAL friends, family and colleagues, as well as many of you, who are REALLY living life to the fullest and achieving much are somehow narcissistic. Let us examine these phenomena and finally put to rest the bottom dwellers diatribe that they use to assuage their multiple deficiencies and REAL insecurities. Without any doubt – those hell bent on obfuscating our REAL achievements are not to be tolerated for they will deter your success in order to feel better about their own life failures. Unlike you and me, envious individuals can not tolerate even the smallest REAL accomplishment of others – no matter if it is a humble undertaking or a grand public occurrences … and yet, they somehow believe their own now and again minimal life effort should be championed. I ask that you read my words carefully – this is a REALLY important life affirming blog post that I sincerely believe can guide others toward my own “overcoming all obstacles” life story that ones jealous enemies often set out to destroy … I am always victorious against the loathsome types and I know that all REALLY worthy individuals can be too. There will be no retreat from myself, my husband or those supporting us – unless and until The Miscreants™ 100% cease and desist or are incarcerated or made bankrupt by the lawsuits we shall surely win against them – I will continue to address their rants; I want all my followers to know REAL goodness always prevails against those unworthy of G-d’s grace. Since I began writing about this topic many of you have shared with me your own story of dealing with evil persons similar to those I write about from my life – I am honored that you confided in me and REALLY feel that my strength can help each of you overcome your own miscreant types.  This post is meant as a follow-up accessory to that I shared on 16 August 2012, titled Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Misanthropes and Miscreants in [MY] Everyday Life!.

We have all seen babies cover their eyes pretending something does not exist just because they can not see it; in fact empirical studies show us that infants really believe an object is no longer real if they can not feel or see it personally. Wow – easy analogy right? My own nemesis can not possibly comprehend having, as my husband and I do, a widely read blog, REAL book deals, owning trademarks/patents, the miracle of my IVM babies late in life, our lovely old and soon new amazing homeS, unique exotic luxury trips, opportunities for private plane travel, etc. – all that hubby and I have and are REALLY being blessed with – so of course, they deny our reality. Get it? Neither can my nemesis fully comprehend that which is not material in nature – the beauty and joy of REAL sacred (till death do us part) love my husband and I share and the life changing friendships with the most spectacular people that we have been given a chance to experience in our life. Being REALLY productive – always working toward new and interesting goals as my husband and I do each day is somehow daunting to our nemesis – truly they seem to find such goal oriented living incomprehensible. They never have any REAL glory or REAL success or REAL worthy experiences and so like the infant they deny those things even exist.  Pity the fools for being so ignorant of REAL facts – as I have referenced often in previous posts, mine is not a perfect life nor one without fault but even the mistakes have led to glorious circumstances and REAL blessings and in that REAL truth is the magnificence of my REAL world; whereas, the delusional bottom dwellers I/my husband have been forced to deal with are total failures in life mostly on account of their REAL denial of their own reality. It also must be mentioned that mere projection – in other words, the REAL narcissistic personality disorders of accusers – is usually apparent in these troubling situations. Those of you who follow me or know me personally are quite aware of the faux posturing that The Miscreants present with repeated budget travel photos, posed bad taste attire, pressed wood type and Disney home décor, fake college degrees [like the non existence Bachelor and Masters Degree hubby’s ex-wife, THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ claimed to have on her daughter’s Drexel University application] or if legitimate, then from minimally acceptable school degrees and so many other nearly insane attempts to present themselves as REALLY achieved, when in fact they are anything but accomplished individuals. Now seriously – who is to be diagnosed as possibly being mentally unstable … easy to surmise – it is those obsessed with me and others like me who have REALLY managed to reach great heights. The bottom line is types like The Miscreants™ can only feel good about themselves by denying others REAL greatness – sadly this common emotional and mental malady is far too frequently displayed among our fellow humans. Happily there are many others who champion REAL achievements – those that encourage we who seek more and more in life and many who, like so many in my life, support us and help thwart all enemies as we strife toward loftier goals.

My own nemesis seem to be so mentally unwell as to suggest REAL documents are faked … they suggest legal and commemorative items my blog has presented in photos were otherwise. My oh my – either [probably the case] they nor anyone they know has ever received REAL awards, letters from important people and such or they are REALLY as ignorant as they appear by denying documented proof as reality. I know what you must be thinking – these idiots deny what their own eyes are seeing – how could that be? Well dear readers it is true – my enemies are so self loathing as to not believe others, like I are the opposite and have thus created a life like mine where special groups and people acknowledge my worth. My enemies even seem bewildered and not understanding of the true wonderfulness of my nearly 4000 Facebook and Twitter friends that gladden my heart, expand my horizons and even defend me against The Miscreants™. Complicated and yet simple in that those who are not REALLY happy can only feel comfortable by denying that others like me and you are content – many psychological analysis reflect the deep serious nature and resulting damage poor intellectual reasoning like those of The Miscreants™ can create for society. In previous blog posts I reference and discuss the legal aspects of  “shedding a false lighton someone – also detailed in other posts are the lawsuits and possible civil criminal charges we are pursuing against The Miscreants™ because they have threatened, lied, libeled, slandered, harassed, defamed and misrepresented facts about myself and my husband; my Jewish faith demands [Old Testament law] retribution and punishment for crimes of slander and libel … no surprise that current civil laws mimic those of religious moral codes and dictates. The entire world needs to address and take as seriously as myself and my husband do the hateful acts of those, like our enemies, that attempt to demean and deny REAL truth. For a person of unimportant status – with no REAL faith in G-d to attempt diminishing of others that are gifted, determined, blessed and decent is a true affront to the universe as their disgusting efforts portray a lack of humanity that defiles the very nature of existence. Almost like a “black hole” in space The Miscreants™ try to swallow the REAL goodness that others perpetrate through REALLY good deeds –  these evil types must never be ignored nor allowed to act on their nefarious goals … thank G-d the justice system has created legal venues to right the wrongs of such pathological beings.

Another sociological and psychological aspect to be considered is the adage my own very erudite and wise Mother voiced – that is “those who so easily accuse others of cheating, telling lies, theft, etc. are those that are REALLY guilty of cheating, telling lies, theft, etc.” … yes, more than not, it is proven that the accuser is actualizing their own character – sort of self tattle telling by describing another to be exactly as they REALLY are themselves. Trust me – my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will give full attention [in a Chapter or two] of REAL documented facts that prove The Miscreants™ guilty of exactly all the things and much more that they have falsely stated about myself and my husband and other REALLY good people. Tragic that these bottom dwellers were raised so poorly as to indulge in concentrated formats against those of us striving to do REALLY important things with our life – my parents and I with all the children in my life insist on an appreciation of those achieved and accomplished … an admiration that is not false idol worship but instead realistic acceptance that some are indeed special and that is what everyone can gleam from in some positive way. In the end, I have grown from my unfortunate exposure to my self- loathing enemies and I and others in my REALLY blessed life have learned in detail that which is so egregious in these evil types as to be avoided at all costs. Admittedly, those on my “team” are constantly shocked at just how jealous and delusional miscreants of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ can REALLY be … stay tune dear readers because my REALLY wonderful best is yet to come!!!

*Oh baby – I have photographic REAL proof … not to be narcissistic but I REALLY am much better looking than females of The Miscreant™ group!!!

[Hoping to see you all in person at my end 2013 book signings & movie premiere asap]

P.S. May I suggest reading William J.Mann’s recent biography Hello, Gorgeous –Becoming Barbra Streisand … a REALLY inspiring biography about my beautiful and talented Jewish “sister” that brilliantly details how she overcame the naysayer verbiage by always knowing intrinsically her own REAL worth and the way Streisand never allowed the lesser types – like The Miscreants™ – deter her from fulfilling her destiny nor enjoying her life!

F.Y.I.: This is for chubby Michigan [legally disowned/disinherited] nurse … when one refers to a city on the right side of the United States, it is a East Coast city or Eastern Seaboard of United Stares city; whereas, the term you used “eastern city” refers to a place in The East – that being where I am sure you NEVER traveled to/that is in Eastern Hemisphere [Asia, China, India, et al.]. Dear G-d how frightening to think that you as a nurse might equally misunderstand physicians directions … now that is REALLY scary stuff!!!

December 31, 2012

Atlas with a Vagina!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Our true intent is all for your delight.

–William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                                                               

female atlas Carrying the world on my shoulders seems the norm – as it does for many of my gender … from the beginning of recorded history, throughout the ages and into modernity there are examples of we females burdened with and triumphant against the ills of the world. I am deeply flattered when my husband, family, friends and colleagues describe me as “a REAL force of nature.” Being a REAL alpha type female has served me quite well – I never allow myself to feel or be treated like a mere “chick” in professional settings … I assume I am equal because I am equal to any man in the room. Being alpha does not mean I do not depend on any man – my husband is my equal partner in all things [we are each others heroes] and there are many other male friends and colleagues whose presence in my life is very important and even paramount to my successes. I like being REALLY smart and men like that I am too – no feigned weakness or “damsel in distress” posturing is needed for me to get attention. For me and other women a vagina is not, as often publicized, any detriment to success – in fact, more recent empirical social and scientific data proof of the reverse – there is REALLY vagina power. No slight to the male genitals but oh baby, we gals birth you, feed you, love you and so much more. Now do not get defensive my darling male readers nor my females who might be getting that “I am not a feminist” attitude because you think that would mean something it REALLY does not – like you can not be stay at home Mom or pretty or whatever. Equally some of my devout feminist kind – which by the way both myself and my husband [who legally took my last name/has our children do the same] REALLY are – find bogus offense to my often used “goddess” reference … I embrace that status and even trademarked Goddess Crew™ on account of my effort toward thwarting that term as diminishing and instead, as I believe, promoting that all REALLY good women are indeed goddesses. Here I assure you only, without insult, I present my take and REAL facts on how females have been equal to and at times, superior to our male compatriots – trust me, I will liberate my men and women readers equally – for does not REAL strength of all people give comfort to each of us?

I’m a lonesome little Eve, Looking for an Adam, Gee I wish I had him,

Cuddling me, neath the shade of a tree, And in our garden we would be so happy.

— Gypsy Rose Lee, on Stage

How can I discuss vaginas without mentioning Eve – Adam’s dear companion. One of my husband’s and my favorite books [that my darling gifted me during our courtship] is The Diaries of Adam & Eve, Translated by Mark Twain. In fact both of us quoted this book – in my blog post, A Wedding Anniversary Tale: How NPR, Jaguars and Eagles Got Me Married! [20 November 2012] and on Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon’s Facebook page to commemorate our 9th wedding anniversary on 29 November 2012; we are also planning to incorporate it into our 10th anniversary marriage renewal ceremony next year. Why you ask is this particular literary work relevant to my idea about female strength and power? The answer is that Twain has his imaginary Adam diarist entries acknowledge Eve’s value and importance in his life. Lets face it folks – Eve got a bad rap in Bible tales.  The offer of fruit – an apple – Eve’s greatest faux pas and yet her main man willingly accepting it made him the victim? Well now – we must examine who here is the strong player and whom the subjugated weakened character; for did not the giving in by Adam make him the lesser and did not that make him the guilty party? No matter – Eve got blamed and we broads have been paying ever since … read on as I examine the issues of REAL power and REAL aptitude that often allowed women to rule the world and how men were gladdened by that fact.

May your bare ass always be shiny.   – Eleanor Roosevelt to Gypsy Rose Lee, 1959


Queens, warriors, scientists, adventurers, athletes, poets, writers, chanteuse, mothers, wives, lovers, harlots and whores … just a few of the titles women have had while shouldering the burdens of this world. In my blog post Witches In My Halloween [28 October 2012] there is detailed evidence of how women have been accused of witchcraft throughout history in order to punish and marginalize – over an over again, society turned to the claim of magic as reasons for a woman’s success or power. We need only think of Joan of Arc to know how harmful to oneself an original idea was if female. Just as detrimental to my gender were claims of hysteria and other more serious diagnosis of mental health problems in order to explain why a woman was upset or disgusted by her life circumstances. A woman like Suor Maria Celeste, daughter of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) has mostly been lost to history despite being, as her father described, “a woman of exquisite mind”; this third child of Galileo mirrored his own brilliance and sensibilities but was placed in convent – and yet, she still proved to be her father’s greatest support and confidant. In David Sobel’s book, Galileo’s Daughter we get to read the [as translated from the original Italian] letters from the sequestered Maria Celeste that illuminate her intelligence – leaving one to wonder what would have been this woman’s destiny if she was allowed to, as her acclaimed Father, invent and explore the heavens. In Henry VIII’s England, dynastic politics, religious dictates and propaganda and prejudice against the female gender combined to deny women full rights and even convict and execute many … easily dismissed and punished for perceived slights were women of the Court.  Leanda de Lisle writes in The Sisters Who Would Be Queen, A Tudor Tragedy about twenty-five year old Anne Askew, who as a evangelical and witty poet had the atrocity to argue with her husband about religion; charged with heresy, condemned and sentenced to death for her offenses this young intelligent woman was also tortured by rack in an attempt to get confessions about other women supportive of her religious reform ideas. Credit needs to be given where due and so I want to acknowledge that this England also had the English translated Book of the Courtier by Italian Baldassare Castiglione be popularized amongst its growing educated class of women. And then we have Queen Elizabeth I – now that vagina definitely was Atlas in a gown – the so called “Virgin Queen” cultivated an image both feminine and supremely majestic.  Having gained title to England by her wise father, Henry VII’s REAL and legal rejection of strict primogeniture inheritance [which as all my dear readers/followers know well my husband and I have also legally done with unworthy types], Anne Boylen’s daughter ruled as a single lady for many years – changing her nation for the better. Great Britain has had other successful female reigning monarchs in Queen Victoria and the current Queen Elizabeth II – both who that managed to have children and successfully rule … let us just say that these women definitely had multi-functioning vaginas. I can go further back and have referenced in other blog post the amazing and world changing female leaders, Cleopatra and Catherine the Great– needless to say, these women were strong and capable and both had vaginas but did not allow that to deter them from their rightful destinies. I know – Cleo, who we still are fascinating by, did not get to live out a long life, as the Ruler of Russia was blessed with but still managed to affect great change in her time and throughout world history. As far as affecting world history, no matter what faith you are, one must admit that the Jewish maiden, Mary giving birth to her son [as Christians refer to as] Jesus was a REALLY important historical event. So you see a vagina is not a deterrent to grandeur and in some cases the exact means to get there – by producing REAL heirs a woman can affect the world. My Hebrew name sake – Bathsheba [yes my last name is Solomon and I am the widow of David and my new/remarried to 2nd husband is Chester Michael, the archangel – interesting, don’t you think] – was blamed for the wrath of G-d on account of her luring our Jewish King David; I am thinking that this great king of we Hebrews could have easily withstood the charms of such a woman but none-the-less, she has been the one denoted as energetic seductress all these many years.

Genius is not a gift, but the way a person invents in desperate circumstances.

–Jean-Paul Sartre, as quoted by author Karen Abbott in American Rose

No vagina writing would be complete without mentioning the pioneers that changed laws and professions.  Kathleen’s Barry, Susan B. Anthony, A Biography explains that her being born in 1820s was perfect timing because that was the dawn of the political movement of women in America and Anthony was our feminist leader from the start. Nellie Bly is described in Brooke Kroeger’s book as a daredevil, reporter and feminist – being born in 1864 gave Bly an opportunity to brave the storms of  historical world changing situations while forging into new territory for women seeking to be part of current events. Harriet Tubman bravely helped organize the American Underground Railroad – her determination and hard work as an abolitionist changed the course of humanity in the United States; before her the feminist abolitionist Sojourner Truth overcame her own slavery and when freed in 1827 struck out to assure others would be able to live as full citizens in the United States. There are women who did receive appropriate recognition for their achievements: The Polish scientist Madam Curie was awarded two, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry, Nobel Prizes and certainly other females have since been given the same high honor of being Nobel Prize recipients. There were female leaders of nations championed in recent history for their efforts: Israel’s Golda Meir, India’s Indira Ghandhi  Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher and currently Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Great women like Coretta King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clintonand now First Lady Michelle Obamaall made possible their husband’s accomplishments and are themselves accomplished, history changing figures. We have United States Supreme Courts Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagan that as members of the highest court in this nation affect each and every American life by their decision on legal matters. Astronauts Sally Ride and the Challenger disaster lost [my Jewish “sister”] Judith Resnik broke the ultimate “glass ceiling” for us woman by breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere. There are far too many entrepreneurs, artisans, craftsperson, etc. that are female and yes in possession of vaginas to mention here but each has overcome and succeeded not only in spite of their gender but often on account of it. Even fictional females like “the Bride” played by Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Movies teach us that REAL power can be uniquely feminine and never to be denied nor dismissed as lesser than our male counterparts.

I only fucked Gypsy Rose Lee once.

                                                                                                                             — Otto Preminger


I started this post with the idea that science might just have proved having a vagina makes one superior – here it is, as Naomi Wolf suggests in her latest book Vagina: A New Biography:  [I paraphrase] that we women have more complicated neural networks via our pelvic areas and those communicate constantly with the brain through the automatic nervous system … happily if proper and apparently [according to Wolf’s experts] multiple orgasms (lucky me) are achieved, we females get the benefit of chemicals flooding our brains to give us energy, calm, ability to focus and more. The more engaged the automatic nervous system, the larger the deluge of those positive and productive chemicals and so Wolf proposes females can perform with more excellence in our life. Hmmm … while based on scientific research, I believe one still must be cautioned as having such matters be a complete reasoning to women’s status on account of we women then being hemmed into only being worthy of respect because we have a functioning vagina. REAL truth is there are women superior to men and trust me – as you my dear regularly readers/followers know that I know women very inferior to men, as well as other females. So in conclusion the totality of the vagina circumstances is well stated in the popular play Vagina Monologues – more or less the bottom line is that vaginas are here to stay and must be taken REALLY good care of, loved and never ignored!

I’m really a little prudish, which people may think incongruous. I’m not as

broadminded as I sound, with my boisterous way of talking. I’m not easily

shook, but I do take a prudish point of view on certain films, books and

trends. Then, I pull myself up short and ask myself how Gypsy Rose Lee

could possibly be this way.

                                                                                                                                      — Gypsy Rose Lee

P.S. I know you are wondering why all the Gypsy Rose Lee quotes and references above from Karen Abbott’s book, American Rose … well, first is because I REALLY do admire this tough, erudite, self-made lady – she, like I and many women have thwarted slanderous enemies and defined ourselves with REAL truth about who we are. Second, like so many happenstances in my life, I have a surreal, unique and unexpected connection to this iconic American entertainer. In 2004 a writer wanted to tell my life story and have Erik Preminger – son of Gypsy and Otto Preminger  – produce the movie version. Hubby and I decided that was not the right time and so we respectfully declined the offer and here we are now with my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! finally soon being published  and with negotiations having  begun for the movie version. See my life REALLY is amazing – hubby dear and I REALLY the winners … stay tune my darling readers – the best is REALLY yet to come!!!

You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.”

     — Damon Runyon, as quoted by author Karen Abbott in American Rose


Note: You must be thinking – what no mention of my nemesis? All right – here it is. I believe the females of The Miscreants™ and THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and (my husband assures me that at least one) THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ [his ex-wife] all have vaginas but in them one can see how scary and unattractive that particular genital can REALLY be and what useless offspring can be produced henceforth … so in conclusion, it becomes obvious that not all vaginas are REALLY equal!!!

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