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May 3, 2013

Running For Roses

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Kentucky derby blog 2013On Saturday, 4 May 2013, the running of the 139th Kentucky Derby takes place.  It has a unique unbroken, continually occurring, without pause place in history since 1875. This iconic REAL American event denotes a flavored venue known around the world. Yes the magnificence of horses being bred, raised and raced to glory is the main spectacle at hand but equal is the social and style aspects surrounding this annual event. There are hats and parties galore but there is REAL history to be understood and admired. Not many know that this sports event was birthed by the idea of Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark,Jr., grandson  of Lewis & Clark expedition fame. This offspring of the hero explorer having been exposed to the beauty of such races in Europe returned to Kentucky to forge our own U.,S.A. quality and world admiring worthy club organization that produced the Derby. Born and bred on American soil is this often called “the fastest two minutes in Sports“. Some might think it frivolous to attend or watch with rapt attention a horse race when so many serious and pressing problems face humanity. I say not at all – for is not the defining of a culture that which lifts us to be better and accomplished? There is more here to consider … so go fetch your mint julep and indulge me by reading my viewpoint on why we as a people REALLY need to embrace a “running for the roses“.

The history of the Kentucky Derby mirrors in many ways the trajectory of this nation … prosperous at times and other years resigned to the limitations of financial downturns, wars and other current events. Still like the country it resides in, this race persevered in spite of the odds. The American dream at play is obvious here – fortunes gained and lost in a flash, attitude of overcoming and achieving in the face of adversity and REAL true grit that makes day after day of hard work acceptable is evident at Churchill Downs. There are owners wealthy and others who took a chance on an otherwise dismissed horse. Jockeys famous and those who are novices or even considered no longer REAL talent have all rallied to win. Surprises abound – sure bets failed, while the never going to win choices go onto come in big time. No question that lives are altered forever when the finish line is crossed at the Derby and this is both the lure and definition of gravitas. Taking chances to win it all or come back to try another day is so REALLY American and definitely horse racing mantra.

Of course, being a feminist I am thrilled when a filly is in the race and particularly pleased when the rare female jockey leaves the gate riding toward that rose necklace. See my dear readers – even here gender matters. The excitement and the pathos all combine to make Kentucky Derby time a REALLY inclusive happening. Yes there are the good seats, called “Millionaire’s Row” where the well heeled get to pay much and watch in grand surrounding. All dressed in couture with the most lavish hats. Yet all there – no matter status feel welcomed and worthy of attending. Democratic for sure is the tone of sports in America … no different at the Derby. In my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!, along with other “so glad I got to go” life events, will be details of my twice attending the Derby, plus my plan to return in the next few years with children and hubby happily along. Who knows – maybe there will even be an Heiress Mommy filly running for the roses too!

April 26, 2013

Art as Sports Metaphor or Vice Versa

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

One must always be careful
not to let one’s work be covered with moss.”

Marc Chagall

Art as sportsOne need have eyes to see, heart and soul to feel and an intelligent, open mind to comprehend – this is what I believe both art and sports demand of we the viewer, participant and consumer. Oh my, it has been a few week of horrors here in the United States and in many parts of the world this April 2013 and yet I found bliss in reading articles and attending – making plans and arrangements for coming exhibitions – art venues. Equally comforting was sports – reading about, viewing and definitely in the doing. As this Marc Chagall quotes suggest, we humans must not let the moss cover our work – be that which we create or do each day. Constant vigilance to not becoming complacent must rule the day in the face of all that confronts us and so with both art and sports there lies the chance to play in the game of life. The ancient Greeks produced many works of art that depict sports as a glorified life activity – surely that is a telling instruct that both disciplines elevate the human existence.

I was raised in a very eclectic family … busy, busy, busy bees were we – no  possibilities nor opportunities left to chance. As some of my other blog post explain no matter whether talented or championed in an activity, there was still value in the attempts and enjoyment in pursuit. So too with art and sports – guided toward giving all a try and to never deny ourselves the pleasure just because the struggle might be daunting. As such, I have and insist my children do as well, take full advantage of venues that allow participation and viewing in both the artistic and athletic worlds. In our REAL family and among many friends, careers in the arts have developed. I was fortunate to grow up – have as my best girl friends two sisters, more family in fact, that were talented artist … I was often the younger ones muse and proudly still display in my homes the works that I modeled for as her youthful accomplice. There are cousins who work in the fields of art and many friends who do likewise. Visiting museums all over the world has been one of my life pleasures and my husband and I subscribe to and attend both Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions regularly. Why list all this for you my dear readers?  My reason is to suggest that like much in life, art is as sports – one needs to receive the pass to enjoy the pitch. Wow – a metaphoric directive indeed but only that which I truly believe important.

Growing up in Philadelphia allowed me to wonder the halls of many museums. In  fact, my previously mentioned young best gal pal and I as young teens made art museums our regular haunts – often we would wonder the floors of well known establishments, like the Philadelphia Art Museum and less famous, smaller off the beaten path places. I fondly remember our pretending to be that or another grand lady or fictional character in accordance with the art displayed and years later this same friend and I spent time in Switzerland and France going museum to museum large and small. A poignant aside is that in our early 20’s it was at this lifelong friend’s Painted Bride Philadelphia Art Show that I met my first [late] husband and of course, both she and her dear now deceased older sister were my bridesmaids less than one year later. My precious friend – a REAL artist who graduated University with Art Degrees and myself, with no such talents, equaled in enjoyment these shared art oriented activities. I believe my being able to do so was on account of being open to receiving that presented. How much of life can be defined by just such a sports metaphor – I think a great deal of what we humans define as missed or denied, is only those things we were not readied for or willing to accept as possibilities in our life. Far too often we hear people say, “Oh I am not good at that!” or  “That is just not for me!” – sad really as that then suggest the purview of much is only for the few.

Thrilling in my life is having the opportunity to go to many art events – well known and obscure, peruse catalogs and shops for purchases. Just as wonderful is going to a sports event – not always understanding either the game nor creation has ever caused a detour from my wanting to be there. No indeed, I feel a rightful place among those more skilled or learned. All should have the same confidence that expertise not a requirement for attendance at any event or occasion. Of course, pretense is not needed either – only simple awareness that all created is open to each of us, as long as respect is observed. I got the idea for this post when reading about and planning to visit exhibits of whom I consider a “life environment” artist, James Turrell. My husband and I hoping one day to have one of his light installation pieces in one of our homes, I decided to set out a plan for us to see one of his soon to be three museum shows. In my research I found him saying that which I always believed true, “Art is a completed pass. You don’t just throw it out into the world – someone has to catch it.“. Thrilling to me how exacting that statement is and not only for art or sports but for every single aspect of REAL living. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! so much of what I hope to have my readers learn is that I REALLY knew how to catch those life opportunities – the passes thrown my way and how others can and should too!

Note: As I am sure my followers/readers have noticed by now, I use REAL and REALLY frequently in my post … that is, of course, deliberate and meant to be a pointed reference – one might say a hint aimed at those I reference so often as my husband and my nemesis. All will be clear in my book and accompanying interviews but for now, please know it is not without REAL reason that I denote much that way!!!

April 15, 2013

A Sporting Woman!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Sporting woman blog post “But your Jewish!” said my dear, devoted and always helpful Italian-American housekeeper after greeting me as I returned from my fly-fishing weekend a few months after my first husband, David Colin passed away Spring 2001. Certainly nowhere near being antisemitic, I knew that Anita, like many thought it odd that I golf, play tennis, sail, and fly-fish – among other sports activities. Why is this odd? Well sadly and definitely erroneous are the preconceived notion that we well coiffed Jewish ladies do not engage in such strenuous activities. At least that is what I have gathered over the years, as others react more or less the same to my multiple physical athletic pursuits. Truth be told many – no make that most of my ilk do indeed go out for many exercise and physical type pursuits – school team sports only the beginning for my and others life long regiments. There are the wonderful example of Israeli women  – the beautiful, strong and athletic Sabras – serving their beloved nation in armed service obligations. So the question goes begging – why not fly-fish, sail, golf, play tennis, hike, swim, ride horses, etc., etc., etc.??? The answer is of course there is no REAL reason and damn it – I have and still do it all … maybe not always well nor at once but still with REAL heart, determination and joy!

I am a lessons – school for all things type of athlete. Whether in primary, high school, college or private – classes and lessons were an important part of my athletic tutorial. I believe in training and guidance from experts. Blessed to have parents who taught me being the best was not as nearly important as the participation in both team and individual sports activities. My very wise Mother was fond of explaining that maybe the Olympics nor a professional sports career was in my future but the joy of doing and the life long physical benefits were in my reach. So it went … family fishing – which by the way included my dear Father having a custom made child size rod placed in my 5 year old hand; swimming and such. School team sports a must and then the endless lessons began. No surprise that there were the little girl and onward dance lessons, gymnastics, swimming classes and bikes, bikes, bikes – followed by tennis, horse back riding that followed in my teen years. I began serious running and jogging at around 19 years old and to this day can not ever imagine giving that activity up – seeing myself as that 8o year old [G-d willing] taking 8 or 10 hours to finish a half marathon perhaps. Then in college I decided to take up golf – even took classes at my undergraduate Alma Mater, Temple University. Proud to say I reached intermediate levels in both tennis and golf within a few years of beginning those activities but alas, realized even though wanting and still participating  no desire to reach higher levels in either were in my plans. Once married in my twenties – I joined my sail boat owning first husband in that awe inspiring activity; yes I am certified to sail but I tell all who venture off shore with me to be sure others on our boat more readily able than I could ever hope to be. I have worked out at gyms – including well equipped home set ups for over 35 years [lifted weights, have done aerobics and machines of all sorts]; I do daily yoga and even pregnant do no less than a five day multiple disciplined/combined weekly routine – in past and now soon again with a personal trainer.  So you see – there was and is a very REAL part of my life that holds as important the sporting life and no matter little done or obsessively involved, I will and insist my children always include the glory and benefit of sports, exercise and the physical life.

Now there is another non standard chick part of my “sporting life” – that is I REALLY love football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Even Lacrosse is on my list of well viewed possibilities. I will watch and attend both as many as possible college and professional venues. All Olympics are on my MUST absolutely watch, read and discuss “to do” life list. I was at a few Olympics games and will go again. Not even liking television has never stop me from rearranging my very hectic schedule to watch those world iconic events. Odd I think not – I love sports and I am not to be denied on account of my gender. The history of women in sports and athletics is legendary. It is offensive and quite ignorant for anyone to find it REALLY unique that a woman like me – any woman – is rare to love the physical and competitive life that sports provides. Little known and not discussed enough are the female participators, purveyors and promoters of sports. Surely you have already guessed that I am going to educate you on that history. Here goes:

The Treatsye on Flysshynge with an Angle (1496) within the book of Saint Albans is attributed to Dame Juliana Berners … as such the first known book on the sport of fly-fishing is attributed to a woman. This fascinating woman was many things during her quite interesting life – besides fly fishing, she hunted, was a nun and writer. Mary Queen of Scots has been called “Mother of Golf” – her  reference to a “mashie niblick” in a golf log is well known and oft quoted. This historical fact made more interesting on account of the iconic St. Andrews Golf Club being men only membership and when I visited this amazing sports club in Scotland during the 1990’s I pledged playing there one day … still a hope of mine. For women in America it was 1874 when Mary Owen Outerbridge discovered lawn tennis while vacationing in Bermuda where the English had exported it to along with much else. Surely females joined in when the Kings of France played – beginning with the Court of Louis X – in the 12th century … their “jeu de pume” or game of the palm was a must do for all the privileged class. There are notes to suggest the Henry Tudor – King of England and his ill fated wife Anne Boleyn played tennis both together and separately. But not until 1887 in my beloved hometown and still part time residence of Philadelphia where women were first officially playing in tennis tournaments. It must be noted that currently there are still prejudicial status for women in Sports – for instance the Golf Masters excludes women golfers; just this week the teenage young man, Chinese citizen, Guan ranked well and yet that nation’s girl golf students could not even consider entry. Well now, that is REAL proof that we of the female gender are still being marginalized in the Sports arena to some extent. Happily professional women athletes are coming into their won with endorsements and public notice … hopefully the collegiate possibilities will also increase soon.

I have been so blessed – even in the area of sports. My first amazing and very accomplished father-in-law, The Colonel, was also a senior citizen award winning ranked tennis player. Through him I met the late Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe and other iconic players. Still in my home are his trophies and awarded mementos.  I am proud to say and love visiting the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame, where this dear man is remembered.

There are more amazing REAL life sports loves in my life – more about my many memberships plans, like the  Golf Divas  in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life. What I do want to conclude with here is how my second husband who loved bike marathons and hiking as his primary exercise obsession  took to running during our quite short three month courtship in preparation for our marriage – yes indeed, my honey wanted to be able to run with his new bride – sweet I am sure you will agree!!!

March 20, 2013

My Heterosexual Love Affair with REAL Women!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Sappho_and_Erinna_in_a_Garden_at_MytileneNow don’t get all excited my darling readers … no salacious or sexual escapades will be discussed in this particular blog post. Mainly because there are none to describe in relationship to myself and other women. This is not a Lesbian tutorial nor a dismissal of those who are – in fact, a few of my best friends are in same sex relationships and I worked tirelessly for/am thrilled that this nation is finally going to be a REALLY equal place for them to live and love.  No I am not gay but I REALLY do love women. But oh baby – betcha my title got many REALLY interested. Glad I caught your attention because I know you will enjoy the whys and hows of how I am in love – platonic of course  – with many, many REALLY fine women. For those of you who read my blog regularly or know me personally, then it comes as no surprise that I am blessed with the most amazing female companionship – REAL family and friends, colleagues and associates of the female gender who I adore and they me. I have even gleaned the benefits of women I now consider REAL friends via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – women who have defended and protected me from slights or others evilness and have now become part of my life forever [G-d willing]. I am part of a club – that which is a gathering of REALLY worthy females and I am thrilled. Sit back and read carefully as I regale you with all the delicious  but never lecherous  details of my gal crushes – the famous and infamous among them.

Indulge me with a wee bit of divergent topic discussion here – still REALLY relevant to the idea being reviewed in this blog post however: One of the most ridiculous blogs I  have ever read is a Chicago gay guy’s diary which mostly includes who he sleeps with, what faux couture clothes he wears, what he is eating, how his cat behaves, how much he disdains his Mother’s lower middle class suburban lifestyle [which apparently includes and he hated shopping at Boscov’s] – all with the poseur “I” as primary genre. Rarely a political, sociological nor other than self word in his blog – in fact even when finally writing after 3 years about his dead sister, only how it affected him is detailed, despite the fact that he, his Mother and sister reaped nearly $195,000 each from a wrongful death suit after that poor (apparently nearly now) forgotten 20 year was killed.  My psychiatrist gal pal believes possible mental health issues [for which this person was indeed once hospitalized for as a teenager] are at play. Hmm … why bring that up here when the topic is my gal romances? Simple you see – I will never write such a narcissistic obvious neuroses laden diatribe in simple minded diarist form as the loser offspring of the woman who is my husband and my nemesis when what I claim to be describing is my caring for others. You know his kind – works as a waiter but insist on describing himself as a “writer” – despite never having a REAL book deal or any such prospect – relevant to my topic here in that this creepy guy also is constantly berating  and mocking those he has [gay] romantic affections towards.  So now with that off my mind … I do the opposite of Chicago legally disowned/disinherited, fatherless criminal vandal [oh my – how did that slew of hints come out of my lap top???] and champion my same sex crushes. Bet you dear readers thought my referencing The Miscreants™ was over – no, no, no but lawsuits beginning soon and law enforcement seem to be wrapping up investigations – now we will be sharing REAL news articles and such with you all – here and elsewhere. However thought a bit of comparative analysis is appropriate as one of the loathsome offspring of THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ is indeed gay – as my husband and I are huge supporters of the LGBT community, we are disgusted that an individual such as this self indulgent and REALLY delusional person could be thought to represent our gay brethren. Relevant here too is that the so called “friends” females of  THE REAL Evil Doers Club™  that this Chicago fellow is involved with  – these loathsome women really nothing more than cohorts in efforts against myself, my husband and our REAL family. These women by just about everyone aware of them determination are certainly not females worthy of admiration by any REALLY accomplished woman – they are the polar opposite  to the amazing women I love and am loved by. By observing these creatures, one can easily come to understand that not ALL of my gender are to be championed. Nothing genuine about such pretenders and definitely no core value to such women. But that is REALLY for times to come and trust me all will be made public – my REAL women friends will be by my side in triumph and victory then too.

Well now lets us get back to moi  – shall we? I am a flaming – some might say obsessed sexually with my REALLY sexy husband  – heterosexual female.  But you must understand that if I were a Lesbian – I would still be REALLY crazy about the women I will describe here – only I would be dating them with any luck. In previous blog posts like, The Goddess Crew™ [26 August 2012],  I shared my blessing of REAL lady friends – women near and far who are my constant support and glory. Like all young girls, there were for me many schoolmates, club friends, cousins and more to bond with in my youthful girlfriend style – the sleep overs and constant bestie types companions all through primary school years and even into college and graduate school. The friends that were bequested on account of a familial relationship equally important and into young adulthood and newly married status female compatriots always served as my stability. Lucky me to have guys as friends too but the girls and women who were there to cuddle, to commiserate, to run to my side – oh those sweet darling ladies of my life who still pick up the pieces when I break a little and I them – these are such a REALLY sweet refrain in my life. Intimate is the only way to define those relationships between us gals because many times it is just that – intimate and REALLY personal. Women will clean another if ill, help coif and dress without embarrassing, feed and administer care if their friend is ill and counsel during struggles. Again, I must be 100% truthful – I have men who have done the same for me but no more REALLY platonic intimate relationship can ever exist then that between two women who REALLY love one another. So yes my readers – I have real “crushes” on my gal pals – love, love, love my lady friends in so many ways and so very deeply – no equivocation about it – these are REAL love affairs in my very full and REALLY blessed life.

Now lets chat about my head over heels admiration and at times almost groupie like affection for the famed past and present who share my XX chromosomes.There are  writers, poets, historical figures, politicians  journalist, activist and others in my fondly held in my heart  repartee – so many women  to admire throughout history and into present day modernity. I fall madly in love and force everyone around me to listen about my respect and fondness for the women of the Bible, the leaders of nations that I enthusiastically read about like CleopatraCatherine the Great, Golda Meir, etc., etc.. In other posts I list each tome that capture my attention concerning these women. I fall into a trance while following life stories of famous, well known and those more obscure women who created and discovered so many contributions to this world. I have had a plethora of “Oh my” moments – wanting to know everything about these women and not to forget their names – all this and more has been a REAL love affair for me. Not all my gal crushes are long gone – there is our late Jacqueline Kennedy, Coretta King, Secretary and hopefully future U.S. President Hillary Clinton , our magnificent current First Lady, Michelle Obama, my feminist template Gloria Steinem and all the female members of the United States Supreme Court. Two of my Jewish “sisters” in the political world must be remembered too – Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz [like myself a breast cancer survivor] and the brave courageous Gabby Gifford – both women deeply connected to me and I do love them very much. Likewise, I fawn over artists and entertainers – some not main stream like Marina Abramovic and others quite popular like Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler and the like. I am especially fond of my equally litigious – sue the slanderous and defaming bastards similar to me, Catherine Zeta Jones … yes indeed, this beauty and her husbandman Michael Douglas are like myself and my husband – no such offense should go unchallenged is our shared philosophy with this star couple. Why even my JAP “sisterSarah Jessica Parker has me smitten … talented woman who struggled to become a Mother [like myself having achieved REAL pregnancy and now considering gestational carrier to grew our wonderful family] and NYC dweller are two things we soon will have in common. I admire and workout to Beyonce, Adele and the more Avant- garde Nora Jones. I can not live without hearing classical music performers , such as violinist Lindsey Sterling. Being a  fashionista  type and filling my closets with REAL couture has me adoring designers like Diane von Furstenberg [like myself – she is a REAL Jewish Princess] and Donna Karan , Stella McCartney – both also Jewish ladies [bet you did not know Linda McCartney was Jewish and therefore so is daughter Stella]. Not being huge TV viewers in our homes leaves me pining for the erudite news provider and commentator Rachel Maddow and her similarly astute female news types – including Andrea Mitchell who I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago. I can not leave out entrepreneurial types like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer – so much in the news these days.  Being a life long athletic type and sports enthusiast I am also a huge fan of women like American ulta runner Diane Van Deren  – I have been a runner for almost 45 years now and she/others inspire me each day. There are my lady sports heroes that can not go without mention – recently retired basketball coach, Pat Summitt, among them. There are so many women who I adore … I respect and admire – far too many to list here.  Sadly, I also have my “if only we had met ladies” like dear lost too soon Nora Ephron, who I wrote about in my post, Losing Nora Ephron [27 June 2102] and others I will now never meet but always honor in memory. There are others that my heart and mind simply can not help but love – the young Malala Yousafzai who was shot in Pakistan for her blog and desire to be educated – now happily back to school and still a voice of power. Girls and women throughout history making a difference – bravely and sweetly changing the world – how could I not fall in love over and over again ?

Now here is my most recent creme de la creme moment concerning gal crushes. I have always adored, admired and respected the actress Ellen Barkin … I am a HUGE fan. I follow her on Twitter and am determined to have her at one of my book signings if she will honor me by accepting my invites – NYC of course – when my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published. Anyway, I retweet her often and last week sent her a message of affection and noting that I frequently ask myself what would EB do or say? OMG!!! She responded with wonderful and very caring advise. Obviously, I saved that – my newest talisman to take out when the times are tough. By the way,  I woke my family in those early a.m. hours excitedly saying “Ellen Barkin sent me a Twitter message!”. My dear husband and later that day, friends and colleagues were happy for me – as they should be because Ms. Barkin is a REALLY great lady – and I REALLY love her.

So I end this post with respect, affection and admiration for all the REALLY great broads of the world – past and present. Sending each my virtual xoxoxo and wishes for G-d’s blessings because maybe, as the song says, It’s A Man’s World but the lyrics also include “but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl !”!!!

February 3, 2013

The Empatheia and Pathos of Super Bowl Sunday

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Feb1T2 024The Greeks knew it well … as we do for American Football, they too experienced the conflicting feelings of empatheia and pathos. We love and hate the sport – wringing our hands at the violence and recently discussed REAL physical and lifelong – even fatal – occurrences that result from playing football. Drawn like the proverbial “moth to a flame“, we humans adore the rough and tumble competitive spirit that even dangerous activities present. I personally enjoy ALL sports … playing them, watching them and cheering players on. In previous blog posts I detailed REAL facts about how sports drew me to my husband and he to me, my own multiple sports activities, my hopes and demands that my children like and participate in sports of many kinds. The problem is I am quite aware of the danger – the unnecessary perils that a sport like football creates for its players and so I am conflicted. Still here I am preparing for Super Bowl Sunday 2013 watching and party time. What’s a erudite gal like moi to do – ok – right side/left side brain dilemma today. Lets talk about it – shall we???

A quite  complex and inter-connected Football History brings us to Super Bowl XLVII. Our current game can be traced back to early versions of Rugby Football and something titled Association Football – both originating in varieties played in Britain. The so called Father of American Football is Walter Camp. My favorite – college football grew in popularity and became the dominant American sport in the first half of the 20th century. Professional Football began in earnest during the year 1892. In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formed – two years later the name was changed to the National Football League and then in 1960 its rival, the AFL [American Football league] was established. All this while the 20th century world experienced multiple wars, a Great Depression, leaders assassinated,  migrating families, societal upheavals and technological advancements that changed the entire world. Possibly the fact that a football game is a dependable seasonal “may the best guys win” event is one reason it stayed and grew while the world morphed and changed so drastically. No matter education, income level, race, religion, national origin nor locale – all Americans can sit and watch two football teams go for the goal –  a unified tonality for we the extremely diversified American populace.

Like so much in my REALLY interesting and REALLY unique life – I have only a few degrees of separation to this year’s Super Bowl. You see – probably know by now if you are my regular readers/follower that my husband, among so many other REAL accomplishments, is a recognized and widely admired genealogist  He is Catholic, I and our children Jewish – as such my husband decided a few years ago to add Jewish genealogy to his already well known Polish work. When we attended the Jewish conference in Philadelphia a few years ago, I took it upon myself to attend the lecture of and introduce myself to Stephen Morse, inventor of Intel chip and for sometime a renowned and very prolific Jewish genealogy expert. Since then my husband, Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon has spoken to and been at other conferences with Dr. Morse – most recently in Utah.  Well now – his colleague, the  Intel co-founder, Andy Grove wrote a book, Only the Paranoid Survive that the 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is a huge fan. Wow – I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I read that on 31 January 2013 in my daily Wall Street Journal.  Erudite brawn is always a plus – macho brain power a grand Aphrodite, even in the world of professional football.

So as I prepare to watch the 2013 Super Bowl – enjoy requisite fete with hubby and friends, I will be reminded during the much anticipated half-time show [and share with you in my planned memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] why Beyonce and I have so much in common … wife, mother and insisting our men “put a ring on it” !!!

P.S. My stats hero, Nate Silver was not conclusive in today’s Sunday New York Times … oy veh – was hoping at least this genius could predict offense or defense would win the day this year – guess we just have to all stay tuned until the final touchdown.

August 5, 2012

Plastic AND Inspiringly Fantastic !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Beauty is an outward gift which  is seldom despised, except by those to whom it has been refused

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

This topic was always on my blog list – meant to be a primer and suggestive piece concerning sometimes necessary and often elective cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery. Along with the procedures done by choice or to correct an injury or birth defect, I had planned to discuss one of my long admired heroes – the pioneering British reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Harold Gilles who worked on WWI soldiers – often allowing these brave men to live a life back in society after horrific mutilating injuries. But for now, the tonality of this post must be more pointed because as my readers and followers surely know by now, the well described miscreants have once again come to the fore by spreading [actually quite humorous according to some of my advisers] lies and misrepresentations in relationship to my appearance. Here again, I am unable to detail as I truly wish I could – still muted by ongoing [Fall] litigation, recent possible civil criminal charges against these misanthropes and the happier reason of my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! obligations. What I can explain is that one of the NEW lawsuits being filed is on account of their suggestion of my having extensive plastic surgery in order to “hide” – I know – funny isn’t it? I am writing a blog, having two books published soon, being considered for a TV and radio show, preparing for magazine and newspaper interviews plus I am on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, working on/owning over twenty trademarks, copyrights and patents with my brilliant husband – that is some attempt at hiding on my part. A few of my close friends and associates thought I should be flattered as one of these suspected lie spewing creatures once wrote that her friends thought I  could only look like I do at my age on account of having had procedures. The other more recent belly laugh we got was their suggesting that my hair was a wig … as my husband said so astutely – to these women and their husbands, etc. my almost daily professionally coiffed hair does look so good compared to their obvious wash and wear dos, they probably really think I wear a wig. The more serious reason my attorneys are filing further cyber law charges, et. al. in reference to what might seem frivolous, is the miscreants were suggesting the plastic surgery and wig was an attempt to deny something. Again – funny as I am doing everything possible to have a public presence. Go figure …. just when you think there can be no more ignorance possible, they remind us they are there.

Here is my proud admittance to a life where being well cared for was a must do – nutrition, exercise, skin and dental care just a start. Yes, I have had braces twice, caps/veneers, gum shaping, a real deviated septum nose procedure, and later in life breast augmentation, liposuction and a few years ago facial thermage. Some of these were health related – braces, nose operation, other dental work and others beautifying/anti aging maintenance work. Here is where it gets interesting – I will share a small part of a life changing plastic surgery story and of course the rest in my 2013 memoir book.

After nearly twenty one years of marriage to a wonderful loving man [first marriage – I happily remarried in 2003] I was widowed in the spring of 2000. Having cared for my parents a decade earlier and then my husband during his last months of life, I decided to have a dear friend/distant cousin brilliant plastic surgeon “spruce” me up  a bit. Part of the impetus was my being a life long athlete – fanatical runner – which I felt, while in addition to keeping me healthy, had bulked up my legs, etc.. These issues thus directed me in my decision to have a  breast lift and some body sculpting liposuction. All was planned and scheduled. In preparation it was decided that I should have an additional mammography test  … I had my annual around nine months prior but just to be on the safe side my doctor friend thought it a good idea to have another. You can almost guess what happen next. While driving in my magnificent 2001 XKE convertible Jaguar, my cell phone rang – doctor calling. Because we were close buddies, I initially thought it was to have a social chat or plan a social event but instead it was to ask me to meet him at his office stat and so it was that [after many more steps] I was diagnosed with in duct situ carcinoma of one breast. Of course there are many more details and dramatic times to be shared in my book but here is one of the most poignant – I was operated on the morning of 9/11 and woke to see the second tower of  The World Trade Center hit on TV news in the beautiful suite that doctor buddy had arranged for me. I decided to discuss this a bit in this particular post so I can contrast my 9/11 experience to another woman’s 9/11 “beauty” related day. I was moved to include Lauren Manning’s poignant story on account of the far too often referenced miscreants. You see while chatting with a West Coast attorney about how to proceed against these misanthropes, I turned to the far end of my study to  look out the window and my eye caught sight of my book pile [always reading 5 or 6 at a time] – there near the bottom was Lauren Manning’s book, Unmeasured Strength. I knew insistently that for this day and this one more needed legal action my attorney and I were then discussing, this woman was going to be my inspiration. My thought was that how dare anyone think that I would ever allow loathsome insignificant bottom dwelling hateful people to deter me from triumph, when this brave women went through hell to thwart the terrorist of 9/11 in order for her to be beautiful again after nearly having her face and body destroyed in a fire ball at the bottom of the Twin Towers and then she,  like me,  went on to [we are preparing to by year end] have another child via gestational carrier. My friends and family have heard me say many times that I plan to write another book titled with some configuration of vanity saved my life because if not for the decision to have a bit of “work” done, no mammogram would have been on my to do list for at least another six months – possibly meaning my very curable cancer would have spread or morphed into a more life threatening disease. After reading Lauren Manning’s book, I realized that her 9/11 was my breast cancer in that both were circumstances out of our control but neither of us allowed those horrors to deter us from being REALLY beautiful. Not wanting to be too dramatic here – suffice it to say that both the brave Ms. Manning and I are, unlike the enemies each of us face, really beautiful survivors and both of us stronger and more invisible on account of being forced to deal with evil. By the way, I am forwarding a thank you and this blog post to Lauren Manning – with gratitude for reinforcing that women like her and women like myself are obligated to teach the world what it means to be the kind of good woman, with supportive husbands, friends and colleagues who no matter how disgusting our enemy is determined to be nor their effort to be destructive is, overcomes every obstacle and go on to a glorious life.

Now for the fun part – oh baby, I have and will do everything possible to stay healthy and beautiful for as many years as I am cognitive enough to exercise, be vigilant about my nutrition and have all the cosmetic, reconstructive/plastic surgery procedures safely and appropriately required. Why would I not, within reason and educated choices, take full advantage of the ever more perfected anti-aging procedures? In the BBC series The Human Face, the fact of facial recognition and the effect of appearance on every aspect of life is discussed … we present to the world an edifice to define us. Here I must mention that it is true, while outside appearances give first impressions, internal disease and even mean or unhealthy mental attitudes do somehow show on the face and will cause one to appear very unattractive no matter what the facial features are. This BBC analyse shares the facts about psychology, beauty, sexuality and appearance … being attractive has a definite pay off and so it is that I laugh at the misanthropes who, while one of them may at least seem to occasionally use a blow dryer and could pass for mildly attractive [enough hints my dear readers?], deny or denigrate those of us who take care to stay youthful. In the recent 2012 HBO documentary About Face, the so called Super Models of twenty or thirty years ago discuss their journey in the land of extreme and objectified beauty. While driving and listening to my constant companion, NPR, I heard the principles from this documentary and was reminded that my very wise Mother suggested that each of her girls [myself, the daughter and four grand daughters] be conscious of taking good care of our health and appearance … Mother called it good bones and  also told us to be equally on task in learning and growing through education, career, hobbies and interest. As I have written in other blogs, I owe my parents so much for the life style template and realistic explanations of what it takes to have a full and long life that includes happiness and fulfillment. So when the losers attempt to suggest I have or will have or am having “work” done for some nefarious reason …after the belly laugh and calls to attorneys and dear publicist, I walk by a mirror and say, dam right I have and will but only for the best of reasons, which include having my darling husband admire me each and every day.

Hear me loud and clear enemies of mine: I ALWAYS had planned to get more “work” done and now especially after gestating later in life, body sculpting liposuction and the full face lift will be completed as soon as a few “housekeeping” issues are settled [asap]. And so, let me say once again … to whom it may concern/those much too often referenced miscreants, evil doers, misanthropes and envious ugly hater types – you can kiss my gorgeous, couture clothed, toned, well cared for [proud Jewish] ***!!!

P.S. I have already begun to gather information and discuss with medical professional and breast cancer organizations in preparation for another book – after my end 2012 book of essays and end 2013 memoir published – called Vanity Saved My Life. This will be about my breast cancer journey and more importantly include advise and information for women to assure they get check ups and can access cancer care. The plan is for proceeds to go to breast and other female cancer research, as well, as funds for women who might need financial help while struggling with cancer.

July 28, 2012

Le Petit Trianon And Why Architecture DOES Matter!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Un endroit tres special … toi seul –  For Queen Marie Antoinette that was Le Petit Trianon and for others no more than a small room or alcove. No matter the style, location or size a special place that one can call their own seems as important to happiness as love. It seems that the French Queen was in that sense very much the same as anyone else in needing and seeking that sort of  joy and security. In that pursuit she embraced and redesigned extensively the Versailles addition that was originally designed as a gift for Louis XV’s maitresse-en-titre, Madame de Pompadour, who died before its completion and so it was subsequently given to her successor, the most famous French mistress, Madame du Barry. It was the  following French King, Louis XVI who gave Le Petit Trianon to his teenage Queen whose legacy has been defined by both truths and misrepresentations. In fact, Le Petit Trianon was criticized by her French peers as being too foreign – often being called “Little Vienna” or “Little Schonbrunn” – a reference to her powerful mother, the only female ruler of the Hapsburg dynasty, Maria Theresia‘s palace – where Marie Antoinette herself was born. As history informs us, Marie Antoinette was both loved and despised during her life – thus finding both a place for celebration and solace in her beloved  Petit Trianon. [By the way, during my visits to France I visited all of Versailles – including Petit Trianon and more … I will detail this and more of my travels, including photos,  in upcoming blog posts and my now REALLY soon book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!].  There are American Castles – places of grandeur designed as testimony to great wealth achieved mostly during America’s Gilded Age – I have visited many, including Newport’s famed The Breakers and Vizcaya in Miami. For myself, it began with my own childhood playroom and later a study that was my singular separate space and then of course as an adult my own homes provided more special areas I considered important – a gym, a garden or private dressing area. My husband and I recently have become able to look forward to being multi residential  – both of us are thrilled and full of wonderful anticipation at the prospect of working with architects and designers to create special unique spaces for each of us and our children. In each life – no matter where in this world – there is a necessitous impetus to create or find that area where comfort,  security and peace can be experienced. The task at hand has been and is ever more to make public and private places that every citizen has access to in order to achieve a balanced life to whatever extent possible.

I often reference all my parents taught and gave me in my blog posts – again, I must acknowledge their teaching that one should take full advantage of public spaces – making an effort to see and experience museums, parks, public libraries and all venues available wherever one lives or visits. I too want my children to make a conscious effort to seek out places of both grandeur and simplicity. For some there is no personal directive toward this lesson but it none the less should be, if not intrinsically known, then taught via public service outreach and/or through education [in schools, etc.]. We must provide public spaces – which serve as social gathering places. Throughout history into current modernity there have been parks, town centers and squares that afforded populations a place to congregate and more – often serving as markets, meeting venues and places of both worship and justice [or lack there of] and  punishment. The suburbs, unlike cities have not provided many gathering public or communal spaces … grant it quite a few are near parks but the very act of needing to drive for access denies the basic intent – that is to dwell freely in a shared area with neighbors or simply to easily seek solitary refuge. Rural areas provide, while not as plentiful as cities, meeting places on account of the basic need to join with others in common spaces – living far apart almost demands a town hall, a fairground or place of worship to gather. Of course, city, suburb or farm/ranch the new town square is social media – while to some extent a place of shared experience or reprieve from others, the internet is not architecture and therefore provides nothing to soothe the soul or attend to our other senses. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention that my husband and I take great advantage of the internet in pursuit of homes, vacations, design, etc. – there is without a doubt the most amazing access to all the world’s beauty, art and architecture via the internet. The problem lies in that being the only and singular outlet for some – whether by choice or circumstance. To never walk through a museum, sit in a public park, stroll around a town square or trek through a national preserve is to be denied a human basic experience – the outdoors and the interior places created by joined human effort are equally important venues that are almost a biological imperative to sustain life. We have seen people flock to common spaces for triumph celebrations like national holidays and also to share in tragedies like 9/11 – this need appears to be intrinsic and almost part of our DNA. Vigilance must be maintained to how and why and where architecture can make a difference in all lives.

For some time it has been an accepted fact that hospital design affects a patient’s health – not just the obvious cleanliness and well placed equipment/safety consideration but also the colors, furniture styles and art placement can contribute to or detract from the overall outcome of an individual’s hospital stay. There are also the staff and families and friends visiting that can benefit from the architecture of a medical center. Another important  architecture issue is schools – studies have shown that learning is more easily done in well designed areas and less strife and disruption among students is noted when a school is not only efficiently laid out but is attractive and in tune with all the senses. Teachers are equally affected and have expressed an ability to demonstrate more patience and energy in their dealings with students when the building/their work place is attractive and healthy.  Sadly, public schools are falling victim, like most municipality financed venues, to budget cuts these days – penny wise and dollar foolish for sure as how and where our children learn is paramount to a successful future., Why should only those of us whose children can financially afford private school have a learning atmosphere that promotes achievement? Yes, it is true – as I am so often reminded by skeptics – that in the “old days” many of our most prominent U.S. and world citizens schooled in less than attractive buildings [to say the least]. As my wise Mother was fond of stating – there were no really “good old days” just old days gone by … those much championed and incorrectly remembered halcyon days were also full of segregated and bland places of public education. Granted some students rose above and achieved greatness – most probably [as is often cited in memoirs and biographies] on account of family, clergy or a special teacher or maybe even something uniquely internal gave that person an advantage despite the surroundings where they went to school. Today is different and it is imperative that everything possible be done to architecturally design places of learning that are stimulating, healthy and attractive.

Major cities in the Unites States and other countries are now creating well designed and attractive affordable public and subsidized housing  … major architects are getting involved in the effort to create better and healthy single living spaces for the financial disadvantaged citizenry among us. One plan has produced integrated and various  level income housing communities, while other initiatives have created buildings with the single goal of affordable small but well designed living units … all geared toward a better quality of life. The outcome has demonstrated not only a better result for inhabitants of these well designed  low income units but for the community in general –  legal, medical and sociology experts have studied and agreed that living in a better environment produces individuals more physically and mentally healthy and there is decreased crime and as such less cost/expense to others. Even public transportation throughout the world has been addressed by architects – the stations are now multiple purposed in many places, offering amenities and services, as well as a safer environment. There really is no part of human existence that can not be made better by design and that is why architecture really DOES matter – in many ways and for many reasons!!!

P.S. A previous blog about our Labarador, Princess Java Argus surely expressed how much we consider her family – as such the plan for our new residence is that she & the second Labrador we are planning to add to the Eliasz-Solomon family, Princess Kava Pompeii have their own separate home [not dog house] with full amenities for times when parties or chaos make it uncomfortable or unsafe for pooches to be in main house …so, it goes without saying, we take architecture seriously!!!

July 27, 2012

Chariots Of Fire, The Olympics And Munich’s Shame!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Perfection as a goal  in the world of sports can elevate a human being to heights that can only be described as euphoric. In previous posts, I discussed my own parents and my and my husband’s similar insistence that the children in our family, like ourselves, participate in sports [ my dear husband took no chances our twin sons would not love sports – their main nursery was sports themed from the beginning – even the crib mobiles]. I have also mentioned that for my family athletics has never been about making it to the Olympics or being a professional sports star [unless, of course, that was destined to be and desired] but instead it was about  being both physically fit and also about getting to be part of a team effort – in my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include my own dependence on athletics and sports at some very sad times in my own life. Another important issue is that  too many minimally talented young people are lured and convinced that they are sports super stars, when indeed they are not – leading to an unfulfilled destiny and I feel, unhappy life. In another blog post I wrote about the idea and personal philosophy that mind, body and soul are all intertwined – so it was for the original Olympic participants – where even poetry was part of the training. The reason I am including this in an Olympic themed blog post is that when my family goes to [as I have been so privileged to have done once] or sits down to watch the Olympics it will be with pure joy and for the love of the games with no prejudice or self interest nor fantasy about our own athletic prowess  …except, this year [2012] brings sadness as well – for Munich’s shame is now London’s shame as there will apparently be no moment of silence for those massacred in 1972.

Empatheia and pathos are Greek words for passion and suffering – a perfect and accurate description of each Olympiad’s quest for glory. The ideal sought by these athletes should not ever be marred by politics but tragically the modern day Olympics games have seen far too much of that exact situation. The origins of the modern Olympic games began when  French Citizen Pierre de Coubertin spoke at the Sorbonne in 1894 attempting to convince The International Congress that the Olympic games needed to be restored as a response to the French defeat during the Franco-Prussian War.  So it was that two years later in 1896 the world began the  route toward lighting the torch. Even though wars and world strife have rarely interrupted the Olympics there were cancellation during both WWI and WWII. The glory lies in that  even when that occurred, the shared dreams of the athletes remained resolute and forward thinking to the next Olympic games – bringing financial gains and improved image to its host cities throughout the world. . As one should in private life, athletes involved overcame and redirected themselves toward victory but there is no way to ignore the societal issues that have indeed been part of the Olympic games over the years.

The 1981 British film Chariots Of Fire depicts beautifully the story of the 1924 Olympic games where a British Jew ran and won as a way to overcome prejudice and antisemitism. The other main character is based on a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of G-d. These two men demonstrate a respect and friendship based on their shared determination as fellow Olympiads – should not that be the template of ALL sports? Hitler used the 1936 Olympics to presente a false narrative concerning his monstrous world domination plans and his design to annihilate the Jews. The most on site tragic Olympic event was undoubtedly the 1972 massacre in Munich of the Israeli athletes – sadly, at this year’s 2012 London Summer games no moment of silence will occur for these slain Jewish sportsman. One must ask if global antisemitism and misplace  hatred of Israel is the reason – for why then was the  tragic death of a Georgian luge athlete at the last Winter Olympics granted a  moment of silence and recognition. Is the group of Olympic officials who are responsible for such decisions really hateful of we Jews and Israel or are they allowing their decision to be determined by other nations wanting Israel destroyed? No Matter the real reason – ALL athletes and ALL who support the Olympics should be concerned – politicizing on account of nationality or religion is definitely a slippery slope away from the Olympic glory.

We Diaspora Jews and Israelis are nothing if not a determined and resilient and optimistic group of people – we will NEVER be deterred nor denied. As such, our presence and success at this 2012 Summer Olympics and all to come will be felt. The triumphs of my people has served as an example to ALL the world – athlete and others – that anything, no matter the strength of one’s enemy, can be overcome and victory achieved!!!

P.S.  I hope everyone will join my family in supporting our U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama in promoting a national dialogue and effort on fitness and nutrition …our wonderful FLOTUS will be leading an Olympic activity called “Lets Move!” for our brave military service men and women’s children this week at our London U.S. Embassy!

July 22, 2012

My Furry Princess …Our Doggy Daughter!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Both my husband and I grew up with dogs as pets – I had dogs during my first marriage [widowed at nearly 21 years] but my husband’s [what he calls] youthful huge mistake practice marriage had none. It seems only after that woman was sent packing on account of unfaithfulness and other bad deeds and later married  her illicit love affair mate, did a pet canine become acceptable in her home …in fact, I named her dog for conversational purposes the F*%k You  dog [you can fill in the letters].  Anyway back to hubby & me – we decided a dog was an absolutely MUST have for our family and so in 2009 Princess Java Argus [AKC registered name] was chosen to be a part of our life.

The timing for getting our dear Java was that we had decided to begin expensive, difficult and what we were sure would be complicated fertility treatments. Never doubting that we would have more children [lost twin pregnancy early after 2003 wedding], we also were sure a dog had to be part of our households. On the advice of many professionals [vets & trainers] the decision about timing was to have our new pet trained and acclimated to life with the Eliasz-Solomon family before babies arrived. Success on all fronts – doggy wonderful and pregnancy achieved. As we now consider adding more children [possibly via a gestational carrier for our remaining embryos], we are also considering adding another or possibly two Labradors to our pack. Just as children have united us even more than already was the case,  having a dog has  been equal in making ours a REAL family.

The history of the domestication of dogs goes back thousands of years with the reasons and conditions as varied as are the many breeds we know today. The first obvious human/dog relationship was for hunting, followed by protection and finally companionship. In some ways a dog family member has been a democratization scenario as royals and all others throughout recorded history seemed to have access and ownership of canines. Who is not interested in knowing what breed is or name of a famous or infamous person’s dog – always an insight into an individual’s lifestyle and character can be found in those choices. The other significant observation about any human is how they treat and care for a dog – I often tell folks that I find it nearly impossible to be close to someone who can not love a dog. For me, Princess Java is so important that those of my friends who are not “dog people” still fret over her on account of not wanting me or my family to be worried or sad – sweet that Java has so many humans to worry about her.

Studies have shown there are many health benefits to owning a dog. A recent analysis of children proved that those who live with a dog during their first year of  life have better immune systems – probably developed by exposure to the family pet. For adults the benefits are equally substantial  …a dog can reduce stress, make one exercise through walks and play and stave off depression with unconditional love and a relief from loneliness. Dogs have helped our brave returning service people with the horrors of post traumatic stress syndrome, as well as people suffering from epilepsy, etc..

My household is quite organized, with many rituals and tasks – Java adapted and is too a wee bit compulsive about routines – our furry Princess wants her morning vitamins, breakfast and walk in a certain fashion and will announce with a slight verbal pronunciation when each meal time should occur, as well as when she thinks it is time to retire in the evening. My husband and I laugh at our pet’s insistence that nothing be moved in our homes …this unique personality trait  became apparent when she was only one year old and our housekeeper moved a Persian area rug to another room. Indeed we are a bit concerned as we become multi residential in the next year as to how the Princess will tolerate such dramatic and grand scale change.

For us Princess Java Argus was the first child born to our glorious union. We take our doggy everywhere [yes Java has been to meetings, banks, salons, etc]  and we are planning  to have her live with us for our year in Europe before the children begin full time school  – in my very weak French I keep explaining to her that she will be allowed to dine in Parisian restaurants as that is allowed there. Our family is also excited that being NYC/NY mostly full time residents by 2013 will afford Java eating in a few Manhattan bistros. We never consider the purchase  of  nor would ever allow into a car, home or anything else without knowing that it is both appropriate and safe for our children and our dog.  My wise adventurous and very creative husband is now keen on and involved in planning a Lewis & Clark type family expedition – with Java being our Seaman of course. After each of us produce at least one or two books, my husband and I want to join with our small 2, 4 or 6 [who knows at this point] children in writing a Travels With Java tome – of course by then, it might be Travels with Princess Java & Kava [name chosen already for Lab #2]. The reason book stores are so full recently of  dog tales  is because the effect on a human life as well as the benefit is so great and so often life changing that prose feels necessary about our canine companions. So I dedicate this blog post to my beautiful, sweet, intelligent, loving Princess Java Argus – who got me/us through some very difficult days when evil doers, lie spewing cheaters and even dangerous types [oh yes, did I mention Java is an excellent watch dog – alerting us to even the smallest noise or disturbance] were needed to be dealt with. Of course, these last three years with Java was one of joy and fun – our pooch is also a  great exercise companion – trying to lift my free weights, joining me on my elliptical trainer and leaning over me on my universal board lifter. The final personal note on this precious dog is that I/we are eternally grateful that G-d directed us to have Princess Java Argus join our family – the best for us and for her is yet to come!!!

I have two P.S. for my readers: #1. The above referred to F*%k You doggy that belonged to the woman my husband has so aptly named “the devil’s daughter” apparently died [to clarify it was the male dog, not the bitch that died] and was replaced –  proving to me that even wicked type evil doers can be loved by a canine companion. And #2.  Our dog’s official AKC registered name is Princess Java Argus Solomon Eliasz – we are paying to have it changed as ours was legally this past January 2012 to Princess Java Argus Eliasz-Solomon …by the way, my genealogist  husband had our pure breed Labrador’s genealogy official completed and framed – go figure.

P.P.S. As always dear readers, I so wish that I could share with more specificity details but ongoing [actually a lot of payback fun] litigation and my book obligations [2013: “Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life!”] forbade me from telling all on my blog posts – but trust me, my book will tell EVERYTHING [about me & everyone else]. See you at the bookstores next year my darling blog followers!!!

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July 15, 2012

This Is Why It All Matters … Mind, Body and Soul !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

So many times I have offered the suggestion that my parents should have given their children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren the middle name eclectic … indeed this would have been appropriate as my parents were quite insistent that one include a wide variety of expertise and life experiences on a routine basis in a  life plan. I took this seriously – always attempting to incorporate as many and as much as possible into my schedule, pursuits and tasks. And yes, it is both an exhilarating and exhausting life style choice.

The idea that no one thing should preoccupy nor determine fully the scope of a life is not a unique idea. The ancient philosophers – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and even St. Augustine – struggled with and pontificated on the integration of mind, body and soul. Modernity afforded many more and further ranging  diatribes on this topic and of course, recent times have proliferated the real and sadly cult like pontifical false idols.

My own Jewish faith brings me daily lessons and directives on being vigilant on all areas of my life … being sure to care for my entire being as a chosen child of G-d. This adds a special style of burden – as I feel responsible to show my gratitude in so many ways for the gift of my own and the world’s existence. The up side is mine is a BIG life  – one full no matter my circumstances and rich no matter the location or space I find myself in. True I have been blessed with wonderful educational opportunities and the experience of world travel – both exposing me to the depth and width of life. These are not however the only route toward a complete well rounded existence. The glory and answer lie in awareness and the pursuit of understanding of many ideas, tasks and skills. One must remain vigilant and energized – even at the lowest or least happy times in life. Only by constant attention to all aspects of living will a life be made full – no room for whiners or slackers in the race to glory.

My family/I wake daily between 4:30 and 5 a.m. – there are prayers, exercise, breakfast, dressing, household chores, child and dog needs to be tended to, emails, calls and a routine morning meeting to go over the day’s schedule. Even vacations and get away time  have what I termed [years ago] planned spontaneity, which is  very similar to my daily hair blow outs [yes I am spoiled], weekly manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. – these are similar in that I/we predetermine and allot the time for what otherwise might seem trivial and therefore go undone. Not having down time or pamper time would not only lead to being a bit less attractive but also a type of bitterness that results from one feeling denied. Of course, life will not always allow or afford this type of care taking – still I have always [trust me – more in my 2013 book: “Heiress Mommy …the Life of A modern Superwoman”] no matter where or how managed to in some way care for myself – all of me – my mind, my body and my soul. Always to some extent, I looked after my nutritional needs, exercised, read, studied, played [if only chess], engaged with others and somehow through great effort lived a full BIG life. I promise you my 2013 book will detail the mostly unexpected journey that severely tested my abilities and resolve to have a life well lived …I, as my husband falteringly says often, thus became Tereza the Triumphant [mind you there were angels to help – admittedly it would have been almost impossible without my amazing support system]. One mantra I used during the bad times to sustain me was my Mother’s “never let the bastards get you down” – of course, that idea can be attenuated and morphed to overcome many obstacles that might prevent your perfect life journey.

My husband and I went through expensive and often difficult years of fertility treatments to have our twin sons and are now seriously considering  the possibility that a gestational carrier might help us birth a few more of our frozen embryos. I mention this here because we predetermined/agreed that our much desired children would experience ALL of life …spiritual and physical. We enjoy sports and so include both playing and viewing on the schedule but we will only, as my parents did, demand that each child do something athletic – both singular like golf, tennis, swimming and a team sport for the lesson of group support. My husband agrees with me that there is no pressure nor expectation of our children being Olympic stars [unless that is their destiny of course]. What we do demand is that our children, like us, give it a go …I run marathons but never come in first and yet I will always love these events. I play golf, tennis, ride, sail and workout/do yoga daily  – I do none of these as an expert but still benefit fully. My husband has also made physical activities part of his life …hiking, golf, swimming and biking [my darling took up tennis and fly fishing for me]. We add and change our quests – now there are plans to kayak routinely as soon as next Summer. I had music lessons – piano, violin and flute and so will my children [I am now hoping to take up the Cello but think our Labradors might have hearing issues with that]. Both my husband and I read, write and understand multiple languages – my genealogist husband learned at least 3 in the last 9 years. Some of what we share with our children is the simple appreciation of nature …gardening, growing fruits and vegetables and long walks. For us no one thing is the answer – the only constant is our love, fidelity, family and G-d.

Let me end with something else my wise Mother warned us girls in the family to keep in mind …even though we were all quite attractive, Mother suggested that we should not only continue to take really good care of our bodies, skin, teeth, et. al. but be sure to grow our talents and brains because darlings that day will come [G-d willing from growing old] when being a hot babe is just no longer enough. This is a dictate both women and men should follow – one needs a smorgasbord of  skills and interest to make it [like mine] a REALLY BIG SHOW/LIFE!!!

P.S. Along with  post twin pregnancy now much needed liposuction, my trainer and I are discussing adding pole dancing to my core workouts …my husband is thrilled – he has volunteered to work with our interior architect/decorator at our new home to be sure my pole is both easily accessible and ascetically placed. Isn’t my husband the most consider man in the world? Actually early today my dear hubby was muttering something about how great being able to combine form and function really is …said that is only one reason he is so crazy about me – I am both great in form and function!!!

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