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January 30, 2013

Would a REAL Feminist Like Me Pose for Playboy … You Betcha!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tereza_Fur_Facebook2A few years after my first husband passed away in spring 2001, I was meeting someone for dinner at Philadelphia’s  wonderful Capital Grille restaurant in Center City. When I arrived my dinner companion was chatting with a group of gorgeous ladies … introducing me, these gals were sweet and complimentary toward me. Off to dine in the perfectly lighted to look your best dining room – you see this fine restaurant smartly has designed lighting that is quite flattering. After a delicious meal, I went to use the ladies lavatory … OMG – not the same lighting there and I audibly began bemoaning the fact that my 40+ face looked very different than I was told I did in the dining room. At that point one of those very attractive ladies that my diner companion had previously introduced me to joined me at the mirror. Having heard my concerns, this gal assured me that I looked just fine and then asked in a very polite fashion my age. I never lie and so told her 48. Wow she said – then expressed admiration and an invitation. Yes – An invite to come dance at the famous REAL gentleman club in my fair city of brotherly love where she worked. “Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!” I exclaimed. Why is my response worth noting you ask? The answer is that being REALLY multiple degreed – considering myself a seriously intellectual and well  read feminist would have precluded my being grateful at such a suggestion when I was in my 20’s or 30’s but then in my late 40’s – oh baby – such a nice offer. Of course, I did not desire nor need to take this generous offer seriously and I have no REAL dancing talent anyway. But still I will discuss and explain here why REAL liberation – REAL feminism means all choices for we women should be doable and equally acceptable … that is only if each is REALLY our own choice.

My erudition prone dear mother and I both joined N.O.W. at its inception – likewise, we mother and daughter team subscribed, read and gifted Ms. Magazine early on. In fact, my amazing mother used her so called maiden name as a middle name long before it was fashionable. My lineage of feminist thinking is solid – even my Bubbe was an atypical Jewish grandmother. Bessy Solomon was well read and REALLY smart … not necessarily as great a cook as other grandmothers but a force to be reckon with and admired. I have written in previous blog posts that my civil rights activist father, Abraham, was also a feminist – he thought no differently about my responsibilities nor opportunities as his only daughter, than he did for my two older brothers. By now my dear readers are aware of the fact that my second husband legally took my last name and have our children do the same and so for that and many other reasons, including his constant concern about women’s rights, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon is too a feminist and he has no problem being married to a REALLY strong and capable woman [this time, lol]. My best friend for over thirty years is a guy – my amazing “brother” Markie treats me as his complete equal and my many other male friends, colleagues and acquaintances treat me likewise – as an equal. One must ask if I am just lucky or do I just pick REALLY liberated men to be a part of my life or is it that I will not tolerate less than being treated equal? Answer probably a combination of all those factors. Still there have been times that one or more males have attempted to marginalize me – ignore and/or challenge has been my response … I have shared in other posts that I do not accept being the “damsel in distress” in meetings or anywhere else. My blog has also referenced more than once the many men who have been my heroes – rescuing and protecting me from REAL enemies – most recently from The Miscreants™.  Let me not be remiss here – women have also been my heroes and I theirs … gender not a prerequisite to REALLY supportive relationships. My being a feminist has not precluded dependency and need for help from men at certain times … more than can be enumerated here are the occasions when ,my husband, my best friend Mark Kronberger, my daily companion and driver Jim Baker, my male associates and colleagues have come to my defense – they have each unselfishly assisted and guided me. The difference between how my guys and those other women relate to far too often, is that those in my life never make me feel the lesser for their presence nor do I them. My male interactions are a sort of “right back at you” give and take in that I receive and I offer to/from these fine men the same in our codependency relationship status. The last few years have blessed me with a publicist, attorneys and quite recently writer/co-author Michael Charton – all guys who make my success possible while caring about me personally in a REALLY committed fashion. Far too many men to list – even acquaintances [some met through social media sites] that have meant so much to me and helped me in many ways. As it is with women in my life, these men have brought REAL comfort and joy to my daily existence. Truth be told – I experience absolutely no difference and no REAL gender gap between the ladies or the gentleman I have surrounding me. One must question whether that is on account of my own equality outlook or theirs – either way, it remains an informative aspect of my life that gender does not define my most important relationships. There is never any question as to the motivation of my male friends – I am VERY married and so there is never an issue as to the purity of my male friendships; you can easily understand that my own lifelong sense of dignity forsakes any male/female role confusion and that eliminates the possibility of faux or misunderstood intentions. Ladies – it is our job to make our position known – never let your own insecurity lead to a questionable friendship or work relationship with a man. I never feel objectified – not allowed in my life and no woman should accept less than a REALLY respectful and equal platonic bond with the men she includes in her world. Obviously, this also means we must all – men and women alike – fight the current and increasing misogynistic attitude/REAL war on women here in the United States and worldwide.

All right – now lets get back to Playboy Magazine possibilities. In my previous blog post I mentioned how my hair seemed to be developing its own meme on the internet … much chatter, especially from members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™.  Well now – that is not the first obsessed with me utterance from that group … a few years ago chubby legally disowned/disinherited Michigan nurse suggested my attractiveness [according to her friends on Facebook] was on account of all  “the work [I] had done”. Never bearing false witness – I immediately and happily responded by listing each and every medical, dental and cosmetic procedure I had, to date, completed. The requisite braces were 2x for me, breast lifted after in duct situ carcinoma surgery, a wee bit of knee [which were a little chunky from life long sports and running activity] and buttocks liposuction and then (most recent at that point) facial Thermage. I assured the Michigan idiot that more would be done ASAP and I would forward details and photos. Now let me assure you that REALLY good nutrition, no drugs, minimal alcohol, constant exercise, attention to skin, oral health, etc. + meditation and prayer all contribute to my internal and external well being and appearance. This is related to a potential magazine pictorial because after all I have been through, if after my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published, any REALLY classy periodical deems me a lady they want to appropriately and respectively include in their pages – I say YES! I must qualify that affirmative by saying there are still post pregnancy multiple must dos on face and body that will come first on my agenda – then we can take tasteful and hubby approved photos for Playboy and such!!!

BikiniTerezaP.S. Seen here is a REAL travel photo of moi … swimming in the Mediterranean Sea Resort near Tel Aviv Israel. I know – quite distant but all dear hubby will allow me to share at this point. I am working on convincing my darling that a close-up body photo of me is perfectly acceptable. Stay tuned – much “more” to come!!!

July 17, 2012

Sex, Lots of Rock and Roll but NEVER Drugs!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Oy veh!!!  Such topics for a nice Jewish girl like myself. Yes indeed – there has been sex, rock & roll but NEVER drugs in my wonderful, rich, full and very blessed life. As my readers will have noticed from previous posts, I often acknowledge appreciatively my progressive erudite parents, Abe  & Mary  for my accomplishments and happiness – here too I must give a loving notation for their efforts to make me a sexually healthy and happy woman. I ended up being  a bit old fashion/even conservative in that I have been married most of my adult life [at 24 for 21 years when widowed & then since 2003 married to the amazing C.Michael Eliasz-Solomon] and therefore skipped the Sex & City scene. But in keeping with being taught by my wise parents that committed monogamous sex was part of a full life plan – I decided to make my sexuality as important as all my other pursuits.

Being an observant Jew – studying Torah and Talmud daily – has given me a G-d directed attitude toward my sexuality. My Jewish faith promotes and almost demands that within the structure of a marriage, sex MUST be an important part/a real mitzvah (blessing). I, as a devoted [feminist] wife expect from myself the same acceptance and devotion to our married monogamous faithful sex life, as my feminist husband does and should expect from me …by design, we never allow careers, children, friends, events or any obligation to be used as an excuse to not enjoy a vital sex life. I am proud to say that I take great pleasure in dressing provocatively for my husband, wearing perfume and body lotion he likes, as well as using notes and texts to let him know that I find him to be the sexiest man in the world – truly a daily act of foreplay – all done within the glorious and blessed by G-d union of marriage. I guess one could describe me as really naughty really good girl type – it is all and only for my husband. I do not judge nor condemn those not as blessed/not having found the perfect marriage partner. However, I do say that gay or straight, one must not demean themselves with nonreciprocating nor casual liaisons.

Now to my life in Rock and Roll …don’t laugh because I actually have met, known and been [granted small] a part of that scene too. Some of my foray is simply being a part of the generation that embraced music and I had the advantage of older siblings and cousins whose music interest exposed me to the beats just prior to and forward in the rock and roll genre.  My brother [13 years my senior] met, married and produced wonderful daughters [my nieces] with the girl he met at Philly American Bandstand. Again, I must mention my parents – long time devotee of all things hip [along with Opera & Classical music] both my parents brought music into our homes …we played instruments, listen to jazz greats, folk singers, etc.. My parents embraced Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and other progressive musicians. Being a part of Philadelphia lifestyle allowed my family purview and even acquaintanceship with the likes of The Electric Factory and other rock & roll venues/performers and promoters. Even though certainly not Rock & Roll my first real [my college years] boyfriend was one of [not original Three Coin In A Fountain] Four Aces – a really long story which will be more detailed in my book: “Heiress Mommy …The Life Of A Modern Superwoman!”. Besides the lounge singer, my other personal music man connection is Don Henley of The Eagles …a few years before my first husband died, I decided that one way to honor my father’s early environmental activism was to get involved [by fundraising] with Don Henley’s effort to save Walden Pond. My Father was a huge Thoreau fan – giving everyone copies of  his Walden book. For a while I communicated and planned an event with Henley’s Massachusetts administrator but then when my husband fell ill was forced to redirect my energy. Still having had the pleasure of sharing a worthy task – with maybe a little crush inspired thought of helping out after becoming widowed – allowed me insight into this complex, accomplished and very intelligence Rock & Roll guy. I gained an even further appreciation of depth of commitment and life energy Henley and such put into their music …it isn’t JUST show business after all.

As far as drugs …guess part determination, my hands on parents and luck has meant zero use of drugs in my life. I get it that some among us have addiction problems caused by choice and others circumstances. To say I have been high on life sounds too much like a cliche but I thank G-d that for me prayer, love and a strong will has made turning to a foreign, often dangerous, substance unnecessary. I hope and prayer my book will give hope and instruction for everyone – for all parts of life …the sex, the Rock & Roll and a drug free nirvana!!!

May 17, 2012

Why the GOP must now pay for my Botox treatments!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

A few years ago my brilliant friend & plastic surgeon, Richard Glunk, M.D. performed Thermage on my face …happy youthful results; when my buddy asked what he could bring to hospital when my twin sons were born – of course, I said Botox [need to look good in baby pictures after all]. Now I am contemplating more extensive procedures – possibly in the Fall BUT the dam GOP is having me furrow my brow so often – I am thinking of sending them the bills for my ever increasing needed Botox shots!!!

Being a news junkie [mostly NPR, NYT, WSJ, Economist, Foreign press/BBC & MSNBC] has caused me to constantly frown & do the WTF brow squeezing when I hear or read the outrageous racist, misogynistic, homophobic, draconian ideas from the current GOP. OMG – can I really be hearing/reading these almost insane things from my fellow Americans? Despite coming from a quite progressive Liberal Democrat family, I remember my parents friends/colleagues who were Republicans fondly &  now many of my own current closet  Conservative friends being civil toward our differences – sadly, such is NOT the case in U.S. politics these days. Let me say that the extreme left is often just as evil minded & extreme but in all honestly not nearly as frightening as the current extremeness demonstrated daily from  the  right wing Fox/faux news types.

Of course, I will keep my youthful appearance – no matter the cost or effort but will our beloved nation keep its democracy? I hold on to historical incidents when other extremist attempting to thwart America’s promise were defeated …as these times were triumphantly overcome, I pray this troubled current situation will have those of us with good hearts & best intentions rule the day!!!

P.S. I & this country share a common thread concerning our well being …I NEVER let the bastards get me down – here is hoping USA does not either!!!

January 22, 2012

My Blog Introduction!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I am a proud JAP – a devoted & deliriously happy wife & proud Mother – blessed with many exceptional friends & colleagues, as well as a truly amazing support system. On 10January2012 in Court – my husband, children [our twin sons, Aleksander Benjamin & Chase Joseph] & myself legally assumed the new last name of Eliasz-Solomon …combining my “maiden” name & my husband’s last name – this was my darling husband Chester Michael’s idea, which he wanted in order to honor my great family & to separate/make us unique from others we no longer wanted to be associated with in any way. I am looking forward to my book, Heiress Mommy being published late 2012/early 2013 …a tale of triumph & a bit of pay back – all glorious in the end. Shalom!!!

January 22, 2012

Hello world!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

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