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November 7, 2012

Democracy REALLY Worked in 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

— Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words more poignant today than ever – as our mixed race 44th President looks forward to his second term. For is not Barack Obama’s unlikely life story – success and achievements not REAL proof that at least in this country, everyone has a chance to achieve the highest goals? In this ideal ALL should find great and REAL solace and determination that we are one people – no matter race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation. Our great America experiment is alive and well – still the place where dreams REALLY can come true.

Without a doubt, all my readers and followers are aware that I am a devoted Democrat … moderate in some areas and rather personally conservative but still, a DNC devotee. Obviously, I and my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon  [although he still is a registered Republican] are REALLY thrilled and quite relieved that President Obama was reelected yesterday for another term. Equally ecstatic are we two [hubby and I both feminist] that so many women were elected or reelected  … Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin – who is our first openly gay Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Claire McCaskill, et al.. The fact that so called Tea Party – an insult to decent GOP types in our opinion – were defeated is also comforting. All in all, I feel vindicated and gladdened by the results of 6  November 2012 – the most elation is for me that our great nation’s democracy did work despite huge $$$ contribution from often nefarious sources attempting to thwart our system, Hurricane Sandy, attempts to redefine voter I.D. laws [in an unconstitutional method] and more. U.S.A. remains the envy of the world … we are REALLY by the people and G-d willing for the people, now and forever. May G-d bless ALL Americans!

So Yes today – I am REALLY proud to be an American [as the song goes] because now at least I know I am free to be anything my mind and hard work allows.  In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! my own complex and interesting and inspiring life journey is further proof that one can achieve the impossible!!!

P.S. Along with my early 2013 blog essay book and end 2013 memoir, I am beginning work on a series of novels about the REALLY legally trademarked [U.S., EU & Canada] by myself and my husband Potus Tara Edwards-Saks™ … she was developed for the 3-minute NPR contest I entered earlier this Fall [did not win but enjoyed the experience]. My publisher thought I should write a novel about this admittedly near autobiographical first female Jewish U.S. President who is elected 2016. Do not fret – I promise miscreants and those evil doers will be including in this story-line  As for the REAL me – if asked I shall not run but my alter ego will definitely run and win – see you in the book stores my darlings!!!

May 6, 2012

2012 GOP War On Women !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

They say it is NOT a War On Women but instead an effort to bring back sensible spending and morals to this nation. How can one believe the GOP has not declared War On Women when the draconian budget cuts they suggest target health care for women and the children we love – how do we not believe they have nothing put tyrannical ideas about women’s rights when they are suggesting control of our reproductive choices on every level?

The GOP and right wing religious extremists are even criminalizing miscarriages …making Mothers responsible for unintentional consequences that result in termination of pregnancy. Whether or not one believes in the right of choice – no one should be allowed to force the incarceration of any woman because her pregnancy terminated.

The Catholic Church has attempted to make the USA a theocracy by insisting that ALL Americans adhere to their precepts concerning abortion and birth control. The church suggests that their efforts are nothing more than respect for the sanctity of life – may I suggest that respect also be followed through for the many female clergy/nuns who do herculean tasks here in the USA and throughout the Catholic world. I as a practicing Jewish woman and Mother, reject extreme Orthodoxy in my own faith – all that would suggest the demonetization of women or deny us our rightful place in Jewish life. The difference is this – Judaism has created a division called Reform that does allow full clergy participation in the Jewish faith and equally important has ALWAYS [ancient times to modernity] codified the protection of women.

The woman who made women’s liberation possible, Gloria Steinem, worries that ALL the progress since founding Ms. and helping NOW will be eroded and reversed by a political party hell bent on returning us to the not so good old days.

No woman should vote for Republicans until and unless they stop the Ultra-Conservative effort the GOP is involved with that will hurt women now and going forward. I thank G-d for a feminist husband, who not only legally took my last name/had our children share that name proudly, supports my career choices, champions my strengths but also worries constantly that the party he is registered under, the Republicans, are attempting to destroy the rights of the  woman he loves – me.

If nothing else, ALL Americans need to be concerned that the current GOP plan is to take forcible government control of a woman’s body – forcing the wives, daughters, sisters and Mothers of ALL Americans to undergo invasion procedures!

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