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October 24, 2012

My Italian Walton Family !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 Il sogno americano è VERO quello che il mio caro amico, il Interrantes hanno creato … yes these amazing friends -more REAL extended family to me – embody the true essence of the great American dream. Surely you will all recognize the lady of this home if you follow/read my blog, are a Facebook friend or know me personally – my Marina – goddess gal pal and most talented hair dresser in the world [the reason I look good]. Darling Marina is referenced often in my writing – part of my Goddess Crew™ for sure and a confidant and supportive friend for nine years as of this past August 2012. Marina was mentioned in more than one of my other blog posts … she is my friend that often reminds me while comfortingly holding my hand during my thwarting of miscreants and such that what Dr. Seuss said is true, “Those that mind, do not matter and those that matter do not mind! “. The entire Interrante family has been there for me – through thick and thin, no matter the circumstances and at times against difficult forces. A tale of courage and persistence – faith and decency – these define this American Italian Family’s saga and in these times of doubt about the REAL American dream –  no matter your political party – the Interrante story should be a guide and a beacon for everyone.

Yes,  I am prejudiced – I REALLY love this Italian Catholic all American Walton style family. My first thought that the Interrantes = Waltons was when clever Marina shared with me [I, who is TV challenged – never having watch much] that show was one of her favorites. Our usual back and forth witty repartee found me with my usual tone – my reply was something like “What do you mean like the Waltons, you are the Italian Waltons” – not a put down in any sense as my quip was meant as a compliment and appreciation of style and manner that is part of REALLY good family structure. Odd thing is I once had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the Waltons – Earl Hammer, Jr. – who was an acquaintance of my late husband’s parents. What I believe he thought and what I humbly say I agree with is that the image of families like the Waltons is not true to the grandeur nor REAL meaning of such  wonderful  people. It is this need to fantasize – make 100% pure and without fault that actually detracts from what is REALLY valuable about families like Waltons or my darlings, the Interrantes. As all who follow me know by now, I have zero tolerance for faux miscreant types- whose subterfuge and farce belies their true motives and less than admirable intentions – my friends are the opposite in that this family I love dearly is clear and directed toward honorable goals. There is no pretense with the Interrantes – never a alienation from their base values and never a detour for ill gotten gains. My friends do not profess perfection but REALLY live their faith by deeds and actions – not boastful and not braggart either. There is a REAL continuity throughout the fabric of the Interrantes family life – those threads that bind are evident to all that know them and benefits those of us in their company. How you are asking are this Italian American family like the iconic Waltons – easy answer is they REALLY love one another and they REALLY are decent, good and valuable people.

Obviously not all families are the same and yet in the varied structures still lies love and commitment but there are many where outward appearances obfuscate quite unseemly attitudes and nefarious story lines – NOT the case with my friends and we know not with the Waltons either . The Interrante family has the honorable intentions and G-d inspired platform that makes for REAL value and REAL worthwhile contributions to their own and others. While liking and having nice things – a REALLY lovely home and appreciation for fine things – this family does not denominate their achievements through money nor acquisitions.  So you see I have a Interrnate crush indeed – let me share a few reasons and  tales that make it so – I know my readers will agree that these folks are Bella, Bella, Bella and REAL Americans to be proud of. By the way, they are Catholic and Republican – I am Jewish and Democrat … this friendship definitely proves that all that matters is respect and affection in the end. So here is a part of my Interrante story – ALL will be told in my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – I know everyone will find it REALLY interesting.

Let me start and share here how this blessed relationship began in my life – being a bit of a hair snob where I met my darling Marina is unique and the other circumstances surrounding our coming together is – shall we say – REALLY interesting. I needed to find a hairdresser stat – in suburbs of Philadelphia, in an area not my usual stomping grounds … one recommended I was unable to find and a colleague suggested that a near by strip mall had a well talked about salon. Oy Veh – strip mall hair salon … so Tereza walked into  – sounds like a joke set up but is not because there she was and so we met – Marina and I have been together since August 2003 and I am sure that even though I will not be having her do my almost daily hair styling once I am full time NYC resident, we two will be forever together friends. So much of my last nine years have been shared with this wonderful woman – so many ups and downs and so much deep involvement in my life that our narrative defines REAL friendship without question. Back to the Marina/Tereza timeline … I go to this small salon – get my hair colored and coiffed by others there, then brilliant Marina and a few months later she does my wedding up do on 29 November 2003 – we continue this professional relationship with a now and again coffee at salon until it closes. Of course, we exchanged telephone numbers and a short time later I get the great news that my sweet friend will be opening her own salon – until then I am an almost daily visitor to her home – sometime staying nearly all day to chat and get myself looking fine, with the extra benefit of getting to know her wonderful and adorable, very admirable husband Charles and their nearly perfect four daughters and one son. Yes five Interrante children  for me to love. Such joy – such fun – so much love for me to experience with this lovely family … little Gaspare [then just a small boy] and I would play board games and smart fellow that he is would somehow always win but darling would assure me I should not feel badly as he was well practiced at each game. I was blessed to spend time with and grow close to all the members of this amazing group of people … Angelica, Juliana the youngest girls and so it was they that I spent most time with. Chats and cuddles and later being a guest with my husband in 2010 when the oldest beautiful daughter Marialena married my handsome and very erudite buddy Clayton – seeing them becoming parents the next year to Princess Grace an equal joy in my life. Not just fun though – this family has defended and comforted me more than once … giving sage wise advise when I am troubled by misanthropes, evil doers and miscreants. The REAL truth is this family knows everything – all REAL truths and despite the now and again disagreement/disappointment remain steadfast friends – people my husband and I will share blessings with and ALWAYS love.

The Interrantes are successful and productive … achieving REAL success – having all their children go to college and be contributing members of society. NEVER a vulgar social media photo or suggestion from the Interrante children will be found … they are fun loving, adventurous – well traveled young people but NOT of the usual commonly found in today’s  world disrespectful disenfranchised attitude. No the Interrante offspring REALLY represent the best of us – the REAL people of faith and products of their parents REAL values and hard work. This family is of the finest character – that I and my husband so desperately want to influence our own children … in fact I often joke about dropping our twins off – leaving $$$ – picking them up in eighteen years from the Interrantes because that is how REALLY well raised their children are. Marina says not perfect but I say dam near so. This family is a template for the REAL American dream – I am honored and privileged to call them friend and to love them as REAL extended family … with G-d’s grace to share blessings and REAL good times for many more years to come. who knows – if you darling readers/followers are lucky, maybe you can meet my Italian Walton family some day too – at least read more about them in my 2013 memoir. Until then Ragazzo Buonanotte John!

P.S. By the way, did I mention that the entire Interrante family is REALLY good looking too … even the now and soon to be son-in-laws !!!

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