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August 2, 2012

Why I Love ALL Things Ritz … NOT Talking Crackers Here!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Coco Chanel, Proust, Hemingway, Cole Porter, the Fitzgeralds, Sophia Loren, Princess Diana and ME. All of us adored the Hotel Ritz Paris for one or another reasons  – I also have known and loved The Ritz Carlton Hotels and more recently their Residences. The cracker – now that is a no no in my world and I assure you that unlike Harrison Ford’s amnesia stricken character in the 1991 movie Regarding Henry, I will NEVER ever confuse the Ritz Cracker with the Ritz-Carlton.  Let us not digress from the story of excellence and history … for the well heeled, the infamous and the famous, as well as the servers and staff whose life was changed by staying or working at The Ritz. You might be humming the old song “Puttin’ On The Ritz” as you read this – yes it was inspired by the Ritz, written and published by Irving Berlin  in 1929. So my darling readers,  hum away as I tempt you to save enough as to be able to plan being a guest at the reopening in Paris 2014 of this grandest hotel.

A recent Vanity Fair article paid homage to the Paris Ritz as it closes for a two year renovation this Summer on 31July2012. Not just a hotel but home to many throughout its history – from its opening 1898, through wars and the 1929 Depression, the Paris Ritz has remained a success and a must go to destination point for a wide variety of individuals. Started by a less than wealthy Cesar Ritz – this self  taught original owner of the Paris Ritz, his wife Madame Ritz and later son instituted the prototype for class in hotels everywhere. Yes, I have been there more than once when visiting France and I lived for a while in a Stateside East Coast Ritz-Carlton Penthouse after being widowed in 2001 [as with so much else, I must save ALL the details for my book: Heiress Mommy …  A Modern Super Woman Life!]. Everything they advertise is 100% true – the service, concern for privacy, the food, the ambiance is special and even though there are so many other fine hotels and resorts that I have visited and more I and my husband of nearly nine years, Chester Micahel Eliasz-Solomon and our children are planning to visit – the Ritz remains one of a kind in my heart. Ernest Hemingway once wrote that when he dreams of an afterlife in heaven, it takes place at the Paris Ritz [I would love that too – but for me, as a Jewish Princess, heaven’s afterlife would be at the new Ritz Residences in Herzliya, Israel]. Proust had his chauffeur, Odilon, fetch his favorite Paris Ritz Bar beer to consume on his death bed. Love affairs have been consummated and one can assume babies conceived in the glorious well appointed Paris Ritz suites.

Needless to say, those who so love the Paris Ritz are a bit, shall we say nerveux et anxieux about this latest restoration, after the last being such a success 33 years ago. The current makeover is being done by French architect and designer Thierry Despont – a person of obvious talent and probably great confidence, as anyone who has ever visited France knows that the dear French can be [to say the least] opinionated. Unlike many luxury hotels, Ritz everywhere seem more like a club or home [for me it actually was for nearly one year] – there is an ease and security and lack of the carnival atmosphere that some other glamorous hotels seem to include. The most recent Ritz incarnation is its Luxury Condominium Residences – so one is owning a Ritz home, where they have managed to gleam the hotel stay ease into these apartments/condominiums … the best of both home ownership and vacation is the result.

There is much to be learned from the Ritz hotel policy … elegance, graciousness, respect, duty, generosity, courtesy and an understated presentation that welcomes all – no matter status or circumstance. Of course, I would be somewhat less than truthful if I personally did not admit that for myself one of the perks of staying at any Ritz property is that it assures me the company of like minded individuals . That does not necessarily [while granted a stay at the Ritz can be expensive] mean wealthy or elite but for the most part it does mean well mannered and dignified.

The Paris Ritz long and illustrious history is both interesting and enlightening – a fun read and a suggestive template for others, whether professional or personal to make hospitality no matter location a must do in life!!!

P.S. This blog’s picture is of one of MY own many Ritz Hotel bedroom slippers from my living and staying there so often and that is MY Ritz Penthouse [gift from management] key tag in the picture … Obviously  no longer with an active entry device attached but there will be more for myself and my growing family because we do love puttin’ on the Ritz!!!

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