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April 11, 2013

ALL Americans Are REALLY Ashley Judd!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

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Blah, Blah, Blah … I can hear you all saying that just about now. “There goes Teréza getting on her Liberal pro-woman soapbox again!”. Well my darling readers – while yes this is a tale about hateful misogynistic types attempting to marginalize those they are threatened by – it is NOT a diatribe on partisan politics. No indeed but instead a cautionary tutorial on types like my and husband’s own nemesis, The Miscreants™ often referenced in my blog posts. It seems actress, director and activist, Ashley Judd, has similar lie spewing, slandering, defaming and harassing types set to falsely define her and malign her REALLY good intended efforts to make this world a better place. I say “Bring it on!!!” because REAL truth and REAL honor prevails over bottom dwellers ever time – without fail, the slime seeps back into the dark crevices from whence it first appeared. WOW – such over the top descriptive verbiage from moi – not at all – just REALLY accurate biographical denotation of persons so inclined to deny others rightful existences.

Obviously I would support a like minded woman to myself like Ms. Judd in a Run for Senate against Republican Mitch McConnell but this is not about that either. REAL fact is hubby and I had hoped to be REALLY involved with her campaign via a group we are part of organizing soon [more about that when ready for announcement on that plan]. Apparently Ashley Judd decided to forego that task for now – while disappointed, I and others respect that decision. No – today is about the almost criminal mentality that some on the right – including Senator McConnell and staff have been found to have presented as their plan in order to defeat Judd should she have entered that campaign. Listen – it is no REAL stretch to compare efforts against her, to that which my LA. adviser called “a REAL reign of terror” this past year against myself and my husband via THE REAL Evil Doer’s Club™. The effort and social media activity that these REALLY evil people attempted to deny my voice and my/my husband’s rights is stunningly similar – all though, theirs was even more egregious than the Republicans against Ashley Judd. As always and as my regular followers already know – those in my personal life are well aware of – I must remain limited here in sharing REAL details  as lawsuits finally being filed and law enforcement tells us investigation soon to be complete, plus my end (2013) year book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! contractual obligations limit me even further. Suffice it to say the REAL proof is shocking and will show how deeply troubling and quite dangerous my and my husband’s enemies REALLY are. It is important for me to have you believe that even if I and my husband had not been so threatened, my heart and mind would be defending Ms. Judd – for all my life, as my parents taught and I my children, “bearing false witness”  is a sin, not to mention REALLY illegal.

Just yesterday Mother Jones Magazine released both the audio and written transcript of taped conversation where McConnell’ s staff discusses using “mental health history and religious views” of Ashley Judd as campaign issue had she decided to run as a Democrat against McConnell in the Senate race 2014. Now look – I am not ignorant and as such know fully well [being a from womb to tomb political type] that ALL campaigns – both parties use personal information as attack modes against opponents. But I also REALLY know that the “trigger” issues in reference to ones physical or mental health issues and religious preferences are “red meat” bullshit – intended to malign and falsely highlight that which they hope the electorate will find distasteful. The woman had a depression episode – me too. I miscarried our first twin pregnancy when we were married less than one year and suffered postpartum depression in 2004 – only to rally, apply to first a paralegal program, then law school [accepted and will graduate], campaign 2x for Obama, run for office myself as a county supervisor [withdrew on account of fertility treatments and law classes being time consuming but still got almost 100 votes], got pregnant again, write a widely read blog and have my memoir being published end 2103, plus a book contract for my first novel. I also work out daily/play tennis and golf and ride horses, fly fish and sail, I help friends, belong to many REAL organizations, REALLY travel, plan events, participate on social media sites and along with my REALLY equal partner feminist hubby, raise a family. Oh yes, I also am co-CEO/CFO of my husband and mine (our) newly formed family firm, with 3o registered trademarks and a few patents bending +++. Lets not forget fighting evil doers on a daily basis – now you tell me, am I [a multiple degrees woman] or Harvard graduate Ms. Judd any less qualified to run for office or lead the damn world for that fact, then the “Tea Party” idiot types??? Well – tell me???

Now for the “holy grail” – yes I know – cheap pun but could not resist. Surely you realize I am going to now discuss why McConnell and company thought Ms. Judd’s self admitted rather “humanist” Christian belief and life philosophies made her unfit to hold public office. Did I miss something in law class 101 – certain and only a few religions are qualified for a person to run for office in the good old U.S.A.? Actually, not the case at all – there is zero and I mean nothing that states a person has to be of any particular or any at all religious denomination to hold public office in this very diversified nation. This part of Mother Jones investigation concerning the McConnell campaign smear tactic plans against Ms. Judd is a REAL OMG moment – are you kidding me with this “REAL Christian” litmus test? Enough is quite enough folks – whether or not Ashley Judd or any other candidate accepts a faith as the majority does or not, should never equal stultification to run for office. Without a doubt, people can decide character issues based on whatever standards they like when choosing to vote for someone. This however does not equate with vitriolic condemnation of one or another religion to defeat an opponent. Ms. Judd has been active on behalf of many disadvantage people – good deeds and charitable efforts in her resume. Judge her and all candidates on REALLY relevant issues and not some faux standard of deity adherence. We all know that this nation has been fooled many times – lured into a security on account of a person’s supposed faith in G-d, only to find out later that no REAL dignity or moral code was present in that individual. Why I myself know for a REAL and true fact that my own nemesis pose as good “Christians“, when they are anything but that.

To conclude – oh how I wish Ashley Judd would reconsider her decision, and run for the Senate. So be it and maybe some time in the future this fine REAL American woman will step into that morass – agree to run and serve for us, the complex citizenry of this country. Hopefully, her struggle and mine of dealing with poseurs who think they can shame those of us hiding nothing – us who have no shame to feel because we, unlike them, own our truths, will help others similarly infringed upon. Point of fact, hubby and I are 100% open … blogs, open Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, REAL book memoir being published – which we are told will be accompanied by multiple media interviews, etc., etc.. Now shall we compare that to The Miscreants who some members of have “private” Facebook pages,  “locked”  Twitter accounts and seemingly to have squirrled themselves away quite tidily [so they think anyway].  Not to fear,  my dear readers – that is what the art of subpoenas are for – you see, unlike the gracious Ms. Judd, my hubby and I do NOT turn the proverbial other cheek. We will see our nemesis in Court and all REAL truths about each and every one them will be shared – here, there and everywhere. I REALLY believe in American justice – or to use the vernacular,  “right back at you @%*#@%  @%*#@%!”!!!

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