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October 7, 2012

The REAL Meaning Of DNA …Yep – Another Miscreant Tutorial !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

It is very important that before I begin this post, the REAL facts about my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon’s input to my blog posts are detailed FYI for miscreants especially: my husband not only fully 100% approves and agrees with EVERYTHING I write – he helps edit and design each and every post … as the political candidates say, he REALLY approves this blog. First I write the entire piece and list links I would like included –  then my very erudite husband and partner in ALL things – reviews my words and links – often suggesting an addition or two, then my husband attaches links and bolds/highlights/colors as appropriate plus attaches any images I have chosen – every word and every image is approved by my husband – as well as, at times attorneys, publicist and book publisher.Unlike many marriages, ours is a FULL and equal and very REAL partnership – so for anyone [yes miscreants] who might think my husband is not in full agreement with my thoughts – you are wrong. Same as when those receiving my husband’s emails, wrongly assumed they were from me … grant it – neither my husband nor I ever send anything without checking with the other first. Likewise Facebook and Twitter – we are privy to each others there as well. Our REALLY wonderful marriage is fully transparent – nothing hidden – not ever. It is truly and REALLY as if my wonderful husband and I are one person – we agree on ALL things and as such are convinced G-d created us to be together. As I have written before – my husband is REALLY my Web MASTER!!!

Now back to the subject at hand, I am getting exhausted teaching these idiots REAL facts but oh well – so be it – here goes. On the topic of REAL legal disownment and 100% full legal disinheritanceDNA does NOT matter [no “dispute” here ignorant Michigan godmother – who by the way my husband assures me NEVER had contact with the dead girl while she was living – go figure – postmortem relationship I guess – may I remind you NO ONE DIED ON MY HUSBAND’S WATCH – yes when he had custody no one died but when your good friend, that wonderful mother of your late goddaughter was in charge a child died and many believe that mother is at least partly to blame as I, my husband and our REAL friends/family have all agreed that none of us would have allowed a daughter to drive that distance in such a apparently unsafe vehicle  … in fact I have bought cars for friends and family, loaned them my own and rented for others just so these people would be safe when going on such a long distance trip – why did this mother not do the same for her now dead child? – State Trooper explained to me that poor girl was attempting to restart that vehicle when killed – that guilt must be a terrible thing for your friend to live with but then again she never seems remorseful about anything]. Now I must return to DNA/disowning/disinheriting instruction – you see one can or not be found percentage wise to have been related to someone through DNA and still have no legal familial obligations under the law. As my husband decided to do – at great expense and effort with the three children of his ex-wife, there has been a REAL 100% legal full permanent specific and detailed disinheritance/disownment – not just leaving them out of his will but going to full extent by naming them individually as fully disinherited,  which as my law school estate professor and our major law firm attorney as well explained REALLY means REAL disinheriting – with zero room for a challenge. No need to reiterate the whys as so many of my previous blog posts delineated their crimes, threats, as well as my husband’s REAL suspicions as to his paternity. One other issue, possibly missed in my previous posts, that needed to be mentioned are ex-wife’s daughter stated her now/2nd husband as FATHER on college application [which I personally subpoenaed & chatted to Drexel officials about – by the way, husband & I were surprised to see the daughter had drinking issue/sanction at college, etc.] – that fact about Joseph Flynn being listed as her father, very much pleased my husband  – he was greatly relieved as it is one more separating factor between him and this Drexel University student. It must be repeated that unlike the mother of these three [1 died we found out on Facebook supposedly while driving what we have been lead to believe was or might have been the dilapidated van her mother sold or gave her & 2 living] children, my husband NEVER abandoned them as she did for a weeks at a time when they were small and then gave my husband custody with only condition that she, their Mother, pay no child support and then rarely showed up for visitation weekend pick ups. My husband always paid the support that Court decided on – in fact until each had four years of college. True except for dead child, who he was forced to pay only two years college for because Mother lied about her really being in college – poor thing NEVER REALLY attended [I did subpoenas to her Community College myself & even chatted to her professors] – for the most part only registered and that fact, like so much else in her miserable life, the mother lied to Court in order to keep getting money from my husband [we have ALL Court transcripts]. I know – more WOWS. So you see we must explain to miscreants, evil doers, ignorant types – why indeed they can never ever legally say my husband is the father of “cult” gal ex-wife’s children. The REAL fact is that my husband officially – in Court – legally – 100%/FULLY disowned and disinherited all three children [going so far as to posthumously disinherit the deceased daughter] of  his ex-wife AND my husband for other reasons but also to further distance himself from those three children, legally – in Court [January 2012] took my last name of Solomon … which by the way changes his birth certificate and as such the name on his ex-wife’s children [dead & alive] birth certificates under father is NOT my husband’s REAL  LEGAL name any longer. As far as the disownment issue – that too was done in Court – multiple times and in many other venues … even the mother of the three children and her attorney acknowledged both the legal disinheritance and disownment in Court – on the record. It is 100% official – my husband is NOT the legal father of Deborah Perice Flynn’s three children. To this point – as my own lawyer explained – no matter what those idiots in Michigan say, Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON is NOT the legal father of Michael Zachary [Zack] Eliasz, Genevieve Rose Eliasz nor the deceased Valerie Judith Eliasz … when/if anyone states otherwise they are defacto telling a lie and as such can be sued for “shedding a false light” on my husband – especially when they have been notified/warned about this. In other words, if one [my husband in this case] has legally disowned/disinherited someone, no one else may with that fore knowledge continue – especially in writing – to state otherwise. If idiot miscreants want to continue this lie on social media sites or elsewhere,my husband and I have no choice but to sue them in yet another Court action … they can think any stupid thing they like but they can NOT state it as a true fact any longer concerning who is or is not the children of my husband. Additionally – and this is ONLY applicable from us toward miscreants as they began back and forth [we & advisers saved ALL timelines plus we are extremely diligent as to what we write] – there are multiple ways we can and are planning to sue these horrible individuals [even possibly some of their children & that trashy talking mother-in-law] for shedding a false light on us – that is a very practical and specific and REAL litigation option that our very REAL attorneys are REALLY pursuing … one example is suggesting my pregnancies were fake – oh yes, they really did that but do not fret dear readers as we were sure to REALLY document everything – in fact had doctors do detailed official outline of our fertility treatments, conceptions [failed & successful], etc. – had notarized witness statements as well – nothing left to chance in my life, besides I love paperwork. Just in case miscreants reading this – one more very important point you need to know: you can NOT counter sue us because we ONLY reference that which you write, state or say and only REAL facts and minimally our “opinion” … where as you insist and post as if your words about us are true and factual despite our own words to the contrary and your sources being FULLY unsubstantiated and even illegal – as fake lie filled link short Michigan guy had on his Facebook page until recently … dam I am glad about going back to law school – thinking everyone should because there are miscreant bottom dwellers everywhere to be dealt with these days [FYI: More than one of my blog post were legal tutorials and shout outs to our enemies – law says no excuse as these were fair warnings and I know for a fact you miscreants read those very instructive words I shared AND anyway, ignorance is no defense in legal matters].

Both my husband and I have REAL wills that completely specifically and fully [by name and category] disinherit his ex-wife, her three children, my husband’s entire biologically family and some of my own – yes BOTH of us … in other words each has crossed disinherited the others just in case some fool thinks that if one of us is deceased and our REAL children [born to our marriage] do not survive us, than they might inherited from us. As I detailed in my blog post You Know Your An Heiress If… [10 August 2012] and others, even my husband’s dear 80+ year old father was legally disinherited in our wills for reason of the chance that we and our children would perish and he, senior father would then inherit something from us, pass away and his heirs [G-d forbid] would get our money and REAL property. To say the least my husband and I were thorough in an effort to have only those REALLY worthy as our heirs. There will NEVER be a way for our enemies to have further financial gain from us – trust me – we made sure of that. My husband went so far as to include in an attached testament the issue of our demise through anything other than natural causes being need for suspect and investigation on account of criminal vandalism by ex-wife’s three children to our home and other nefarious actions and troublesome behaviors/lifestyle choices and associations. My husband and not myself has insisted on extra security in our homes and soon [after my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super woman Life! published] personal body guards – presently a friend who is, shall we say, very capable, accompanies me/us most places (at my very protective husband’s insistence). All our REAL friends, family and colleagues have a notarized document stating our concern for our safety and names of those who would be suspect should we [even our pets/dog] ever be harmed. My husband’s REAL concern for our safety is reason until situation solved – lawsuits and any criminal charges complete – he and our advisers have decided no photos of our REAL children nor dates, times of their birth and certainly NEVER our exact REAL homes addresses – yes my dear supportive readers it is that serious an issue in my wise husband’s and others opinions. The REAL truth is we NEVER even gave most of these miscreants a second thought – it was they, not us who inserted themselves in our life … spewing lies, misinformation, slander, defamation and harassing us frequently [reason for soon to be filed lawsuits]. There have been phone [voice mail saved] threats and more – now we are told a disowned in-law idiot woman is stating she/they can “explore anything” about us … no, not true  as  explained in my last blog post stupid fat Michigan lady and especially not true if your husband or his buddy are looking stuff up at computer/IT companies [places they work that my brilliant husband – NOT me – researched and shared with lawyers & law enforcement] or you on medical websites at hospital where you work or your surgical assistant community college graduate gal pal works at and the same goes for what we have been told is your daughter’s real estate employer.  My husband who is famous Computer Data Architect and owned his own IT company at one time and my advisers tell me if any of those actions occurred at place of employment than computer jobs over forever and maybe nursing work as well – we shall see. I thought I was very salient in my previous law school 101 blog posts as to when, why and what one is allowed to look up and repeat about others without being either sued or possibly charged with criminal acts. The other issue is how creepy – you and your cohorts looking up stuff about us appear and then getting it 100% wrong and again posting lies and slander on Facebook  – thinking others would be very interested in your actions because as a friend of mine who is a very successful Wall Street investor once said about another creep like you  – to paraphrase:  if they are looking you up, they are looking me up too and that makes them dangerous people for anyone to associate with … you see our old property and everything else about us has nothing to so with any of you and as such, as law enforcement and attorneys who were told what you did/claimed, explained that could be considered a threatening action by you and your self titled fellow evil doers against us. My husband and I will NEVER let you get away with hurting us n any fashion – you all need to stop but then again there is already enough for very serious REAL legal action against each of you miscreants. Oy veh – when will these folks learn to stay in their little middle of middle life and leave those of us more worthy of G-d’s REAL life grandeur alone?

On the issue of and my certified genealogy husband having deleted/erasing permanently the ex-wife, her three children and most of his biologically family – what an idiot disowned/disinherited chubby sister-in-law is – you see stupid Michigan fat lady – one decides who and who is not on their family tree and as such and other similar sites are perfectly fine and legit and DEFINITELY “valid”- not as your simple minded Facebook posting suggests not very good on account of that option. You should be made aware of the fact that my REALLY brilliant [unlike your] husband is an expert [he translates 6 languages in fact and speaks at their conferences, etc. – see, I told you my husband got all the brains in his parents offspring group] – said he will be sure to let them know – by name – your insult about their website. Must also mention – we were  told you are REALLY into Disney as your Facebook profile photo choices … will tell my dear publicist and close friend as he knows Disney family personally – surely they will be flattered that a 50+ nurse is REALLY loving them, lol – of course we were also told you REALLY love something called SongPop – see that is why hubby and I have time for so much REAL work … blogs, books, etc. – no Facebook quizzes for us – we are more chess and classical music and REAL book reading types. Ok enough fun for now – no more making the obvious apparent on idiot evil doer former relatives – back to more serious parts of my tutorial for miscreants.

It is a REAL and true fact that as I have explained in other blog posts disinheritance goes back to biblical times – so be it that only children of the covenant – those REALLY legitimate shall inherit from the father and thus ONLY the Jewish children born of our marriage shall inherit from my husband and myself –  obvious that even the Bible [which for myself as a Jew is singular what the rest call Old Testament agrees with our decision on account of those children I had with my husband being the ONLY legitimate heirs]. For the Michigan scum that dare to to reference my faith – YES, YES, YES  my religious “leaders” AND YES, YES, YES my parents [in heaven] and ALL my REAL family are EXTREMELY proud of my knowledge of such things and equally of my/my wonderful husband’s REAL faith based lifestyles [yes darling followers another hint to anti-Semitics who dare to reference my faith and my beloved parents in their Facebook rants – my family, Jewish and non and my rabbi and my husband’s priest/a monseigneur who is my dear friend  – all think these miscreants quite loathsome and unworthy of G-d’s blessings … yes we have discussed these miscreants with just about everybody]. Let it be known in Michigan, Chicago and Pennsylvania that we Jews stick together and therefore when all these evil doers hateful anti Jewish remarks are known – in my book, interviews, Court depositions, etc. – none of them will ever be able to work for or with Jews again – we Jews protect one another at all costs. Equally non Jews we have shared miscreant’s own statements with tell husband and I that no matter what we have or have not done, these loathsome creatures are not folks they would ever want to know or work with. What baffles us is why they would ever involve – oh lets say their Chicago concierge small start up firm son-in-law and his wife/their school teacher [as I understand heavy beer drinking] daughter in this back and forth … after all, I know many wealthy Chicago Jews and they, to say the least, were not amused. Adage true – you DEFINITELY reap what you sow … neither I nor my husband dammed these idiots but they themselves as the Talmud explains by their own words and actions shall be defeated. I MUST include ALL in my 2013 memoir – that is how REAL book contracts work … so be it my REAL story will have to include [only a chapter or 2 as these miscreants quite unimportant in comparison to my REAL life] the REAL statements and actions by and from the miscreants. Oh my, sad isn’t it – that people we never cared about and never had any dealings with might very well have caused their entire family to be lessened just in attempting to hurt me – a real tragic scenario for them I fear. Once again, let it be known that neither I nor my husband EVER approached or mentioned or referred to these miscreants on social media sites – only emails to the now disowned family members in response to their betrayals and such were initiated by us and even those were usually in response to something they did or said first … as far as others – they and only they began this situation [we have saved proof] by posting threats and lies [even a illegal faux website on Michigan miscreant guy Facebook page from Arizona source that posed as REAL article about myself – Federal agents involved in that serious matter as it is possibly interstate internet law breaking] on social media pages – we were shocked to say the least and as the law states we are entitled to respond and thus it is us who is being harassed and NOT visa verse. We NEVER looked these idiots up – we were informed by colleagues, associates and REAL friends/family about their outrageous Facebook postings and only then did husband and I ever see their obsessive references about us – in other words, they are the ONLY guilty parties in this scenario … between my own law school classes and many lawyers involved in our life, my husband and I are ALWAYS careful and do ALL strictly within legal guidelines – which is NOT the same for miscreants. The Courts and law enforcement will be final judge in legal venues but G-d surely has found these evil types already guilty. Let me reference the so called New Testament – after all, it was written by we Jews for the most part … as the Michigan miscreants [not Chicago son of devil daughter who says no religion for his status, as does his sister and their mother belongs to a “cult” like faux spiritual “church”] who claim to be Christian – in their Bible it is written that the offending eye MUST be plucked out and so what my husband did by disowning and disinheriting and disassociating from their kind is just that.

Matthew 5:29
And if your right eye offend you, pluck it out, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell.

To conclude  – why is the genealogy of our AKC registered pure breed Labrador, Princess Java Argus shown here? You see – as with her, a DNA lineage while possible does not REALLY denote familial relationship. What I mean is should you get to meet our sweet doggie’s  Sire [father/sperm donor] he surely would not claim Java as his child … my husband is her REAL Daddy because he says so and as I explained in previous blog posts – our Lab is REALLY in our wills [provisions for her care in case we are gone, as will for any other dogs we add to our growing little dynastic realm in the future].  Oh yes, we do need to change her legal last name to our unique Eliasz-Solomon asap!!!

P.S. Two more very important facts to include here: First is that my husband opted out of wrongful death suit when his ex-wife’s daughter was killed June 2010 even though he was still paying child support for this 20 year old that as I stated above Mother lied about being full time college student & I confirmed via subpoenas & visit to the community college – except for credit amount that Mother claimed [bogus] as still owed on child support my husband received nothing as result of this death. However the Mother & 2 remaining siblings each received nearly $195,000.00 – from what our and other attorneys involved told us, this so called grieved Mother’s main concern was getting as much $$$ as possible for herself, her two remaining children/dead girl’s siblings and her attorney – amount her child support lawyer reaped was  shocking to all involved (including our lawyers & Court where child supporting hearing occurred  + ABA we were told). The other fact to know is my husband insisted the deceased girl’s 1/2 ashes he was given be returned to her ONLY parent, the Mother – we thought that the REALLY decent thing to do as she is NOT my husband’s child in any REAL sense – so the poor sad girl ‘s ashes were given back to the Mother – a child who from what we learned was quite lost/left Mother’s home at 18 & was searching for a REAL life elsewhere. May she rest in peace!!!

Note: Unlike the miscreant women I REALLY know who my children’s father is because, as I explained in blog post The Feminist Fertility Toolbox ™ [31 July 2012], we conceived [still have frozen embryos that we are seriously considering using gestational carrier to birth asap] through IVM … in other words my hubby’s considerable strong & virile sperm was marked & then used to fertilize my REALLY special eggs – no questions who my babies Daddy is and as my darling hubby often says about having REAL children at last … he was happy to finally have a woman with “REALLY good DNA’ to make REAL babies with” – me of course!!!

… just one final thing – reason you see this picture of a smiling/laughing me – someone just shared with us that loser Michigan women keep suggesting I am “jealous” of them – now that is a definite OMG – hilarious as my life is so much fuller and may I suggest better than theirs but unlike them I never assume [even though all my REAL family/friends think it so] that they are jealous of me … but now that I think about it, as my hubby stated so many times – I am quite a bit more attractive, sexier, smarter, brighter, more educated, more REALLY world traveled,  have greater friends – many who are famous  and very special  important people – I am REALLY well loved and one of the happiest women in the world – oh yes, with a REALLY exciting life – so possibly or what the hell – no question these bitches are DEFINITELY jealous of me. But oh well, if that fantasy of someone like myself being jealous of them is all they have to soothe their idiot souls – so be it but trust me, I would NEVER be jealous nor want any part of their small ignorant fake middle of middle Bubble Witch/SongPop playing, beer drinking, Red Robin “Gourmet” burger eating, born, live & die in same place life!!!

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