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April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to My REAL Superman !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)
HappyBirthdayHubbyAs Beyonce sings and I believe Mrs. Carter feels – I do as well
for my April Birthday Superman, to my husband, I say:

“You Are My Rock”

Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I
[Verse 1:]
If I wrote a book about where we stand Then the title of my book would be “Life with Superman” That’s how you make me feel I count you as a privilege This love is so ideal I’m honored to be in it I know you feel the same I see it everyday In all the things you do In all the things you say


You are my rock Baby you’re the truth You are my rock I love to rock with you You are my rock You’re everything I need You are my rock So baby rock with me I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night Reward ya, for all the things you do You are my rock I love to rock with you I love to rock with you Oh oh oh I

[Verse 2:]

If I were to try to count the ways You make me smile I’d run out of fingers Before I run out of timeless things to talk about Sugar you keeps it going on Make me wanna keep my lovin strong Make me wanna try my best To give you what you want and what you need Give you my whole heart, not just a little piece More than a minimum, I’m talking everything More than a single wish, I’m talking every dream


You are my rock Baby you’re the truth You are my rock I love to rock with you You are my rock You’re everything I need You are my rock So baby rock with me I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night Reward ya, for all the things you do You are my rock I love to rock with you I love to rock with you Oh oh oh I


If there’s options I don’t want them They’re not worth my time Cause if it’s not you, oh no thank you I like us just fine You’re a rock in the sand You’re a smile in a cry You’re my joy through the pain You’re the truth through the lies No matter what I do I know that I can count on you

Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I


You are my rock Baby you’re the truth You are my rock I love to rock with you You are my rock You’re everything I need You are my rock So baby rock with me I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night Reward ya, for all the things you do You are my rock I love to rock with you I love to rock with you

Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I

I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night Reward ya, for all the things you do You are my rock I love to rock with you I wanna rock with you

Five years my junior – good looking, REALLY smart, sexy, sweet and kind and much more – all apt descriptions of my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon.  On 20 April 2013 my man turns 54 years young – happily he and I anticipating his now most important later in life role as proud father to our / his only children.  For him – for us both – new chapters of our shared and REALLY blessed life have just begun … no REAL plans for retirement but instead new ventures, growing family, grand excursions and most importantly, REAL love. We have been on the most amazing shared life journey for nearly ten years and now we begin an even more spectacular joined effort – as we two set off to enjoy tasks and endeavors not even thought possible when we married 29 November 2003, after having only known each other three months.

My husband is many wonderful things – he has a Masters Degree in Computer Science, was a well known Data Architect, a business owner, is a widely respected genealogist who translates many languages, a devoted husband, father and friend – he is also one of my editors and Web designers – helping my blog be perfected and working with me to be sure my publisher produces my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life ! in the appropriate manner. My husband is a REAL feminist – proof is his having legally taken my last name/have our children do the same and being my equal co-partner in all our newly formed professional ventures. My sweetheart is an amazing caretaker – home and hearth made better by his overseeing – even though glad to soon not be needing to, he can cook, bake, tidy up and look after quite well children and pets – even alone completely stunningly capable.

Somewhat sad is that except for a few dear cousins, my husband’s biological family are anything but impressive. If you follow me regularly and for certain if you know us personally, then you are aware of just how evil and useless my dear man’s relatives mostly are. In fact, he decided to legally disown and disinherited all of them in order to create REAL distance and much needed security for us. I joke that if not for the few decent and well educated distant cousins from his side that I have grown to love and admire, I would believe my husband was adopted – he being so much better than and uniquely different than his immediate biological family members. Happily, I have given him the family he always dreamed of, desired and deserved on account of his REAL goodness. The level of decency and unbounded generosity I have seen my husband demonstrate over our years together has astonished me – always eager to help and share with those in our REAL family and what we consider “extended family” – they are our dear, REALLY loyal and always devoted to us, friends and colleagues. Why even those in our employ are something we agree as being needed to be paid and benefited generously; my husband  like my own beloved late Father, always anxious to include those who service us well in that group we show kindness toward.

Unfortunately, as with many of my husband’s fine character, some thought his patient largess meant weakness  Oh my, were they surprised when my husband insisted on and pursued lawsuits and law enforcement investigations against those nemesis I often reference in my blog posts. Odd is the fact that these loathsome creatures seem a bit confused – thinking it me singularly determined to defeat their evil deeds. Of course, as I am a Jew and my husband Catholic – these antisemitic losers expressed that as explanation. Almost a compliment that they seem to also think me a female  Svengali  –  quite hilarious actually if you know my strong willed husband. Still I admit he and I have a REAL unified partnership – biblical in that we “forsake all others” for our marriage – our union as husband and wife a most serious foremost presence in our lives status. No man nor woman can ever put us asunder. Husband and I have each been the others savior and hero  …  taking turns as needed to rescue and defend against all enemies the other. G-d must have found REAL favor in bringing us together and we are both filled with daily REAL gratitude for that happenstance.

My apology for again having to remain limited in sharing all the REAL and full and very interesting facts of our meeting and life together. The soon to be filled lawsuits, ongoing law enforcement investigations against/of our nemesis – plus my book contractual obligations prevent my anxious to tell psyche from detailing further just now. You must trust me that ours is an amazing and glorious story – filled with definite OMG moments. Most close friends and advisers belly laugh, guffaw and sit in rapt attention as they learn of our REAL life narrative and assist us in establishing our abundantly blessed future. Suffice it to say – our REAL love story will make a great book and, if rumor is true, a worth seeing film. For now, may I not so humbly suggest that you avail yourself of my life partner’s blog – You can thank me later!!!

P.S. Happy & Blessed Birthday dear husband … I give thanks to G-d for your presence on Earth, here with me and remain eternally grateful that you choose me to be your wife. Wishing you many, many more years of life – then eternal bliss in shared union with me!!!

April 17, 2013

Israel @65

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Israel_65A celebration of the birthing a nation – modern day Israel is celebrating 65 miraculous, amazing and gloried years. 2013 or 5773 (Hebrew) denotes a prospering and ever more world important Middle East country … no longer simply the homeland of my Jewish people, Israel is a tech center, arts venue, education mecca and vacation destination for all people. All who visit come away astonished at the level of sophistication that Israel presents – magnificent is the only apt description of this tiny and strong willed country. No one should think it naive when I state Israel strong now and forever … it is determined by G-d and assured by men and women who will not let Israel go asunder – we, the Jewish people of this world and those who support us will NEVER let Israel vanish from this world. You must visit – you too – no matter faith or national origin, will come way awe struck and in love with my proud ancestral homeland.

Without the obvious considerations – the facts of Israel being the homeland for my religion and ancestral heritage of Judaism – one must marvel at the social and economic growth of this REAL democracy during its short 65 year existence. Israel is not singularly a place for nor of one particular culture – yes, it is our Jewish homeland but many faiths, ethnicity and national origin people live and prosper there. Israel is a true international place … the business and financial aspects are multi national and welcoming. Scientific research, technological development  and academic scholarship nearly unprecedented. Education always foremost in Jewish life, is a mainstay of everyday life in Israel … no matter the surrounding stresses, the population adheres to high education standards and this, along with research and development in areas of science has produced unequaled major medical and world changing/life saving break through treatments. Stunning is the only superlative that correctly denotes the absolute abundance of progress in this small and most days besieged nation – where else and when else in history has such evidence of G-d’s REAL blessings been demonstrated. A miracle?  – perhaps but also a fierce and directed sense of righteous  placement and intrinsic knowing that this is as it should be allows for such accomplishments.

I love the idea of eclecticism – many of my blog posts have referenced my own family and individual life as being just that. Not surprising to me that Israel is that too – a multiple faceted and many disciplined nation. Art, fashion, science, technology, ecology, education, medicine,  religion,  travel,  music,  agriculture,  food,  entertainment,  textiles, architecture,  politics,  charity,  international involvement,   etc.,  etc.,  etc.  –  exhausting and dizzying but REAL and true as a description of all Israel does and offers. I am aware of sounding prideful – why not I ask – for is not this a place to boast of? The issue more important to discuss is why all REALLY good people do not see this as a blessed template from which all nations can learn – glean lessons? Israel should be studied and mimicked – for if we/they can survive and rally to such accomplished heights despite surrounded by sworn enemies, then why not others? Herein lies one of my constant refrains – if you read me regularly or know me personally, then you are aware of my personal gloried story of rallying and overcoming much – my thwarting of naysayers and defeating of nemesis only to REALLY have it all. Yet I, as Israel, remain vigilant and humble – always acknowledging those that assisted and made possible achievements from which I benefit greatly. Israel owes great debt to the United States but it is a mutually benefactor relationship and no one need think that anything less than synopsis between the two rules the day.

In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share some of my 14 trips to Israel details – my plans to have a property there some day and why I was born on account of Israel being too. For now I say, HAPPY & BLESSED Birthday Israel … I REALLY LOVE YOU!!!

March 4, 2013

My REAL Birthday Connections!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

IMG_0865Having two sons – Sidney (nearly 20) and Albert (nearly 14) – Abraham and Mary Solomon, after getting to a place they considered accomplished and secure, decided it was time for that baby girl they always wanted. Yes, that baby girl would be me. Despite being in their early forties and I laughingly always said, my Mother probably thinking this will never happen but going along with my Father’s desires to have a daughter, got pregnant. Indeed I was the girl child they and my two brothers had hoped for – smart me came early  – being born 5 March 1954 on my dear Father’s 42nd birthday … I was much wanted, much adored and always REALLY happy to be in the Solomon family. That multiple cultural, multiple ethnic, many faiths family was a REALLY interesting and exciting place to grow up. I give thanks to G-d each and every day for the happenstance of my birth … grateful am I that I was blessed to be born a Solomon. There are not many who do not already know that my amazing husband legally took my last name January 2012 – agreeing – no make that insisting that our children have that legally hyphenated last name as well … so we are the unique Eliasz-Solomon™ family now and forever more. What is REALLY in a name it is often asked – everything I assure you but that legal and moral tutorial has been already discussed in my previous posts and most probably will be again. Here though on the occasion of my 2013 birthday, if you will so kindly indulge me, I would like to  share with you my dear readers only a few of the reasons why my REAL birthday connections are so REALLY amazing.

IMG_0843The Hebrew/Jewish calendar has my birth date different than my father’s … ours is a not a set in time but instead lunar solar determined placement of dates. As such only in the widely accepted Gregorian calendar am I my Dad’s birthday buddy – that is just perfect because we two shared yearly celebrations plus a denotation of our Hebrew birth dates separately. I tell everyone when asked how to best describe my childhood  is that it was a “thinking person’s upbringing” … by that I mean, while great fun and much laughter plus many, many REAL excursions and such – there was a constant aspect of scholarship and learning – what many call “teaching moments“. This familial detail is resonant for the topic of my shared with father birthday on account of even that being a venue for lessons – the whys and wherefores of accepted dates in human history, as well as the poignancy and recognition of a life begun always taught and meant to be REALLY understood in our family.

Mine was a large, multi-generational extended family … many aunts, uncles and cousins. We all were REAL family – never a specification of 2nd, 3rd, half or whatever – just REAL family. It is interesting that the much referenced THE REAL Evil Doers Club™/The Miscreants™ one member [legally disowned/disinherited Michigan nurse] I am told recently posted on Facebook that she never even knew she had a paternal family until accidentally finding out at sixteen … one must wonder if such dysfunctional upbringing and lack of familial continuity is reason for her obvious [in my and others opinions] mental health issues – her jealously and hatefulness of those like myself,  who unlike her, are so blessed with REAL families. Proof that if not addressed one will certainly develop REAL life long relationship problems on account of family childhood issues. As Tolstoy stated, “Happy families are all alike; unhappy family in its own way.” – while I believe all families, no matter happy or not, are unique, I too – like the great Tolstoy – see that REAL happiness like that of my family is surely that of similar others – for we while different know the absoluteness of love and comfort, and of the glorious connections that devoted family affords one in life. If you follow me on Facebook or know my personally, then you would have seen the massive amounts of cousins, et al. photos I keep dear to me – birthday parties and more settings are abundant with REAL family and friends from all the 59 years of my life. Likewise, you all know by now that I consider close friends to be my “extended family” and many have been nearly my lifelong companions – those more recent no less important and equally precious to those from biological determination.

TerezaConnieWell now, I found a lovely lady friend – member of my Goddess Crew™ for a few years now, who shares my birthday. This great looking gal started out as my brow designer – we clicked and then one day while Connie R. chatted with my hubby, it came to her realization that we two were birthday “sisters” – both born March 5th [different years]. Since that day, we have shared great joys – her daughter weddings, my baby showers, dinners and luncheons, laughter and tears, professional accomplishments, her engagement/upcoming May 2013 wedding to dear Mike G. and some sorrows – her beloved Mother’s death last year, her fiance’s health scares, my dealing with REALLY evil nemesis, etc., etc.. The picture here was taken at her bridal shower fete just this past Sunday [3 March 2013] and the joy you see is REAL friendship. This REAL birthday connection makes a place holder that manifest a reality that a birth date is what we begin our life with – a marker that can be daunting for some but for me a glorious recognition that I am here – I am REAL and I am still living each day fully. To have others close to me that also came to be on March 5th allows a broadening of my REAL self, as I embrace their presence in my life, I am enriched and made more sturdy. As Beyonce sings in her song I Was Here – I have and will leave my mark – each of you, in your own way, should insist on the same!!!

P.S. Must remind you my dear followers and readers that my end year 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! will be full of REAL and interesting details – the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me G-d – about all my birthdays and so much more. Stay tuned – the years are getting better and better and REALLY better for me – all great fodder for a REALLY good read!!!

Note: One more thing … seeing as the REALLY evil & REALLY obsessed with moi loser nemesis seem to still be taking a peek at my writings & such, I inform them that the photo of me seen here [at top of this blog] is NOT photoshopped, NOT retouched & taken just a few days before my 59th Birthday – on Friday, 1 March 2013 – this is what a REAL woman who is REALLY loved looks like – so there!

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