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December 11, 2012

Chanukah – Defeating Enemies through G-d’s REAL Miracles!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The Lord is my light and salvation;

Who shall I fear ?

The Lord is my stronghold of my life;

Of Whom shall I be afraid ? 

When evil doers assail me,

uttering slanders against me,

my adversaries and foes,

they shall stumble and fall . 

Though a host encamp against me,

my heart shall not fear;

Though war arise against me,

yet I will be confident . 


Yea, wait for the Lord ! 

                  — Psalm 27

Recently my dear, scholarly Roman Catholic husband decided that this Psalm (also on his Facebook page) perfectly described our personal triumph this past few years over the miscreant evil doers [including faux Christian Michigan female M.W., who dared to write that my Rabbis were “religious” leaders – yes, in quotes – as if Jewish is not a REAL religion] I write about so often. For my husband and I – as I reference in other blog posts – ours has been a life truly miraculous in that despite odds, we defeat at every turn those most viciously seeking our demise. Not claiming to be perfect but REALLY blessed by G-d’s grace – each of us individually and more so as a couple – is how this life seems to bring the best results and huge successes no matter the difficulty of the journey we face.  For myself, as a Jew, miracles are common occurrences – the very existence of my people has depended on faith, hard work, blessings and many REAL miracles. You have read in my posts about the uniqueness of how I met my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, how the most amazing REAL family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have loved, supported and protected me, how modern science allowed me to become a mother so late in life and the REAL glory of my being able to appreciate what REALLY matters in this complicated world. I pray that my example inspires and comforts others struggling … the magic is in the miracle – the miracle lies in faith and determination. So as I light my eight nights of Chanukah 2012/5773 candles in my Kosher homes, determined in raising devoted Jewish children, surrounded by REAL family and friends of ALL faiths, I want everyone to remember that our festival of lights illuminate the entire world and the glow extends outward in the name of peace – for the story of the Jewish people is that of all oppressed and of all REALLY triumphant. The light of our eight nights reminds us that dialogue between cultures is possible – we Jews dwell in every nation, are of every ethnicity and hence many languages define our life … ours is not a faith determined to exclude others but instead one wanting to connect and embrace with all mankind!!!

1Dec2012 057P.S. The photo you see here  is the mantel in the first home shared by my husband and I after we married in 2003 – the items are those I described in my last blog post, The Democratization of Interior Design [1 December 2012] … the Marc Chagall print, the Tzedakah Box and gold Menorah my gracious and loving Gentile husband generously framed, bought, arranged/placed, along with the many Mezuzahs [including the sports themed one on our twin son’s nursery door] for me – his Jewish wife. Also, look closely at the Jewish/Hebrew themed books [only a few of the many more in our home library] on the mantel – some my own from a lifetime of learning and study, others gifts from my husband, family and friends (many not Jewish themselves) – two were special birth gifts to our twins from dear friend K.C. and her lovely family and another from my dear Baker family – all of whom you have read about in my previous blog posts. Easy to see how blessed and miraculous my life REALLY is – more in my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!

Judas replied,

They come against us in great pride and lawlessness to destroy us and our wives and our children,                                                                                and to despoil us; but we fight for our lives and our laws. He himself will crush them before us;

as for you, do not be afraid of them.”

1 Maccabees 3: 20-22

Note: In reference to the REAL anti-Semitism of above mentioned M.W. and others of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ – my husband INSISTED that he, I and all our REAL “team” share/notify/forward such remarks and insinuations [all REALLY saved and subpoenaed] to many who know, work with or are associated with these loathsome creatures – including the very successful Chicago Jewish community [where I have many friends and a few relatives] – this is especially important because in-law family of M.W. and her husband live/have some sort of  start up concierge [which actually seems quite bogus to myself who has used REAL similar services] in Chicago and THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ son works and lives there as well  … this was fair play as the son-in-law and his wife (the daughter of M.W. and her REALLY short husband “Big Al”) referenced, joined in the social media harassment, libel, slander, defamation and anti-Semitic rants and needless to say the son of my husband’s ex-wife has done many slanderous and criminal [including vandalism to our home and death threat on phone to my dear husband] things to us.  By the way, this 20-something Chicago waiter is gay – my many gay [LGBT]  REAL friends and family members were outraged at this young man’s hatefulness toward myself and my husband as we are both involved in supporting their community/rights and equally upset about the REALLY crude way he insults so many on his poorly written blog. To say the least those Jewish and others with REAL faiths [Christian, Muslim, etc] and even my atheists compatriots were not amused when reading/hearing about these hateful anti-Jewish remarks. My husband, who owned a very successful business and was a well sought after tech consultant, is convinced that it will soon be difficult for these idiots to find work or continue to be employed in service industries, hospitals, tech fields, real estate (hint to idiotic acting disowned/disinherited former niece), et al. on account of Jews (doctors, CEO and entrepreneur types) and our REAL other faiths friends/family who reject such anti-Semites. Surely, once my book is published and/or possible trials begin – press coverage starts – our enemies will be put in quite uncomfortable circumstances … sadly ironic that these bottom dwellers erroneously thought it was husband and I who were ashamed of anything; We are a REALLY open book but our nemesis is definitely not prepared for the REAL exposure their misdeeds will reap. So you see, as is warned by Bible Prophecy,  G-d REALLY does punish those – whether that is the Pharaohs [hence Passover] the ancient Syrian Greeks [resulting in Chanukah] or The Miscreants™ [whose evil actions have inadvertently brought even more REAL triumph to my life] – who attempt to hurt his chosen people – we the Hebrews!

July 20, 2012

How Genealogy Saves Memories For An Eternal Life!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I am happily married to a brilliant genealogist – I have often explained my own Jewish appreciation for what he does by emphasizing the value of keeping memories alive for new generations. When he and I decided to go through expensive and often difficult fertility treatments to have our twin sons, part of that decision is that my husband so badly wanted children to carry on his legacy and I did as well. We felt that we could create a family together that would honor both of our ancestral lineage and thus give new and continuing life to those that had gone before us.

My Jewish faith is very specific about the importance of the begets …from them came us and so and so on.  The tragedy is that throughout our history so many have attempted and failed [thank G-d] to destroy us and any documentation that we Jews existed. As G-d’s chosen people …that was not to be – we remained and thrived. Mark Twain and many other non Jews have spoken eloquently of the Hebrews major contributions and marks on civilization – all making another de facto assurance that we, the Jews, would always be remembered.

Even though my husband is not Jewish, our children are being raised 100% in the Jewish faith. Additionally, my amazing husband decided that he wanted to legally assume my Jewish maiden name and so on 10January2012 after a costly/complicated legal process he became Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON, as did I and our children – which resulted in making us four the ONLY and uniquely Eliasz-Solomons. We now are seriously considering growing our little dynasty by adding more children …our frozen embryos tempting us to add to the genealogy tree [even if this time it means having a gestational carrier make that possible]. Of course, part of this dynastic effort is ego in that we enjoy seeing our efforts result in worthy prodigy but we are also sincere in wanting to create those type of individuals who are truly worthy of G-d’s grace. Because we became parents later in life – we are blessed with the benefit of time and wisdom with which to raise our darling children.

Genealogy does not always mean acknowledging relatives as any more than tree place holders. Sadly, my husband has had to delete or marginalize some rather unseemly and embarrassing family tree characters [he is now planning an even further effort by listing some loathsome types as merely child #1, #2, #3 in his family tree]  and yet he also had the joy of highlighting a few more distant/newly discovered relatives we are proud to include. This dismissal style of family structure [what my genealogist husband calls “pruning the branches”] is as old as the Bible and certainly rather common in Royal families where illegitimacy or at time idiocy denied entry into the official family tree. As with many issues in my blog posts – both ongoing litigation and my 2013 book “Heiress Mommy …The Life Of A modern Super Woman!” obligations render me somewhat mute on this very interesting aspect of our life story. Suffice it to say it is a glorious and spectacular story – one we believe will inspire all people who are seeking to right wrongs and establish the fine and worthy family of their dreams.

Both my genealogist husband and I believe in the idea of an afterlife defined by our earthy deeds – this part of Judaism is a template for a life well lived – a life whose legacy is not only one of earthly accomplishments but equally of a life where love, compassion and assistance to others was paramount. To this point, it is very important to not only be defined by an accidental blood line but instead to weed out the evil doers and to make good and worthy the family legacy by conscious and decisive familial connections. I have joined my husband in working hard and long to establish a legally recognized [through disowning and disinheritance]  family unique and special – one that includes ONLY those that G-d would grant the blessing of eternal remembrance on account of their good hearts and honorable deeds. When asked if this does not somehow delineate  from the purpose of genealogical research – we readily answer that it does not and is actually what is most amazing about a family trees done with pure intentions – that is taking the time and effort to establish a group of individuals in memory that one would want their offspring to remember and possibly emulate in their own life.

I will conclude with the mention of our beautiful Jewish memorial prayer called Kaddish. It is said by loved ones and is multi purposeful. This prayer helps those reciting it by forcing the reader to reestablish a relationship with G-d despite the hurt of loss. Kaddish also demands remembrance over and over again of the loved one now gone from this earthly world. As I often instruct Jew and Gentile alike – my faith teaches that remembrance truly is a form of eternal life. Remembering  revises the individual who is gone through thought and sharing which often means describing a deceased person with someone they never even knew – so you can see that this means the now passed one can be alive again in conversation and the minds of others.

We are all star dust – descended from the heavens …take time to find and connect those worthy of remembrance in your genealogical personal dynasty. May G-d bless us all with the best connections to the past, the present and the future!!!

P.S.  PLEASE be sure to read my most amazing husband’s genealogy blog @ Stanczyk – Internet Muse …you can thank me later!

July 1, 2012

The Children In My Life …My Own “Royal” We – My Family & My Friends!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 I am truly blessed …there are so many wonderful babies, children and young people in my life. After years of very expensive and often painful fertility treatments [and miscarriages/failed attempts] my husband and I were able to become parents of twin sons. After things are a bit more settled [soon, G-d willing this Fall] we are considering adding a few more – our frozen embryos will be luring us toward a larger family [possibly via a gestational carrier this time]. We often discuss adding four to our family but two more are a definite possibility. I am Jewish and our children are being raised not only in the Jewish faith but in the rules and disciplines my faith dictates [grant it some are the same as others faiths or ideals – respect, organization, ambition to excel]. Most parenting tips books include the doctrines of faith – whether they admit it or not. Ours is a hands on/involved plan …as my own wise Mother said, parenting is an active verb, not a noun.

There have been those biologically/others claiming to be related [adults and children] that we were forced to legally disown and disinherit – for our safety and well being. Some just too vulgar or disloyal to continue to associate with and others actually frightening due to what experts suggested to us were severe personality disorders, along with acts of vandalism against us. Just recently a colleague knowing of our horrific past circumstances [more in my 2013 book, “Heiress Mommy”] suggested I watch the DVD/read the book, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” – I did and once again realized that as a psychiatrist friend had warned myself and my husband, we are lucky – our decision to distance our family from unhealthy and what even the police thought to be dangerous people was a very smart move.

HOWEVER, there are so many others – my nieces, nephews, cousins [a few from my husband’s distant relations] and our extended family/children of amazing friends who make our life so sweet and so full. My husband joins me daily in planning our new and wonderfully expanding life – how including not only our own children but those of extended family and friends will allow us a sort of dynastic legacy and eternal remembrance of our love and good deeds.

The children of my friends [extended family] have offered joy, compassion and care during some very difficult times – I like to think I/my husband have returned in kind those gifts.  I always, as does my husband, try to address ALL children/young people with an exacting answer or conversation – striving to never ignore their situations. I like to think that it is as a result of this attentiveness that not a day goes by that one of these children do not offer me/us a hug, loving message or chat and often much needed support.

My friends are many and varied and as such their children and grandchildren are as well – the marvelous mosaic of my life made brighter by these individuals. There are too many names to list – my facebook page and iphone full of  my surrogate children but just the other day the teenage granddaughter of gal pal Anna B., Javonna S., asked why I had written about her little sister Danaya “A REAL American Girl!” and not her to date – of course her charming prelude about her being my “favorite” made that task an imperative. I promised that my next blog post – after last, “Why ACA Is Obama’s FDR Moment!” would be about her and all the blessings of the young people I love and who love me so well. Here goes Javonna dear – this one is for you:

A lively, lovely and loving teenager – that is who greets me when I visit my dear Anna B., in the personage of Javonna. A tall beauty – bright and fun and always kind to her Auntie Tereza. Of course, as with all relationships, closeness means concern and responsibility – as such I worry now that Javonna drives – I am always being the good Jewish Mother type – reminding her of caution and awareness of others on the road. I think too often parents only think they care – REAL caring is being sure/taking the time, energy and money to ensure our young people drive safe vehicles. I have known of too many tragedies that could have been prevented if parents or other adults were not so laissez fare about what the young adults in their life were doing – it seems some adults believe in an almost usury relationship with the children in their care in that these adults only do the minimum over sight/that most convenient for their own life. Such is not the case for me …I worry, I call, I text, email and do everything in my power [no matter how busy my own life is] to ensure Javonna and the others I love are safe. It is both an unselfish and selfish motive: I want their life to be long and healthy and I want the fun and glory of shared times with all these wonderful people as I grow older.

As it has been with the other children in my life when they became young adults,  I hope and pray it will be with Javonna as she enters college in a few years – that is that we will continue to share great conversations, give one another support and have great adventures [our first was a few years ago on MLK Day at The Philadelphia Constitution Center – especially poignant day as my beloved Father, Abraham was a civil rights activist/marched on D.C. with Dr. King and Javonna is one-half African American].  It is also great fun that Javonna and I both love the gorgeous Jewish rapper Drake, that we can discuss flicks and clothes – it is equally satisfying that I believe I have made a difference in this sweet young lady’s life.

My personal plan to be a grand dame – surrounded by not only my own children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. but my extended and surrogate family – in homes full of love and laughter.


May 19, 2012

Why it is only Cool to be a Fashionista if you have REAL Substance & Brains Too!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

As with many things in life, some people use outward appearances to cover up insecurities and their deep seeded real life problems.  Often I find they are avoiding their own truths …past wrong doings, losses, insecurities, etc..  I believe the template is set early in life – as to being superficial/deceptive or well rounded/honest about yourself.  I am attempting, as I am blessed to have had my parents do, to be a parent that promotes fullness and honesty in my children’s life.  Sadly, other parents have not done so in raising their children and the result has caused suffering for many …including the victims of these people.

You are probably wondering how this serious subject relates to fashion …well it does in that the cloak of clothes are often used for self delusion and misrepresentation by the gross evil doers among us.  Me – I just love to look good, while doing good.  I readily admit to being a devoted fashionista & worshiping Anna Wintour I have been thrilled to own/wear couture clothes & in fact have enjoyed attending New York fashion week more than once.  Likewise I am not ashamed to say that Paris/Milan Fashion week are both on my to do bucket list.  Even the diaper bag for our twin sons is Prada & just this week my style conscious husband/their devoted Daddy picked out little Prada shoes for his darling boys.  So you see that I find nothing egregious with loving fashion BUT I do find the pretenders among us, the misanthropes & the delusional narcissistic types quite offensive.

Throughout history & even today major world figures – in politics, government, business, etc. – have used fashion to define their role & to effect circumstances. This is only a valid attempt at effecting change if & only if there is REAL substance & intelligence behind the outward appearance …only legitimate if the clothing is not  a ruse or cover up for loathsome character!

The other problem I find is that the very least substantial individuals are often the most quick to criticize those of us who care about appearance but, unlike them, also care equally about  more substantive issues. In other words, those who protest not caring about such “trivial” things like designer clothes & yet attempt to emulate & imitate those of us with REAL intrinsic good taste, while they show no evidence of concern for more serious issues.  Oh well, envy has always & will always exist – sadly, the very ones most envious are often those that thwart their own possibilities. I will continue to pray for a generous spirit concerning the envious, the less accomplished usurpers & even the dangerous types among us – of course, all the while dressing quite well for my role as Heiress Mommy!!!

P.S. May I strongly recommend the book by Francois Boucher, “20,000 Years of Fashion” …great reading on the historical importance of fashion when combined with talent & brains!!!

May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day 2012 …the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

There have been many celebrations and recognized festivals honoring Motherhood throughout the centuries – this is not surprising as even the ancients recognized that life itself and the very existence of the species depends on we women gestating and producing the human kind. The modern day – especially U.S. Mother’s Day – is however quite a different situation. Our annual May Holiday, along with being commercially important for the GNP, is an attempt to idealize Motherhood, no matter the often sad realities of some.

My own wise Mother said often that parenting is NOT a noun but instead an active verb. I myself have known women who think that just the act of giving birth elevates them to near sainthood …others who used their children to fulfill an emptiness in their own life and still others who used their offspring for financial gain and payback after divorce. Recently, the GOP Presidential 2012 nominee’s wife, Ann Romney, caused much controversy by proclaiming Motherhood the hardest job in the world. I do not consider my being a Mother a hard job but a privilege and honor – yes something that takes my conserted energy but still a gift from G-d [of course I am blessed with a stay at home husband/devoted father to my children]. My years of sometime painful and very costly fertility treatment were the price for the gift of twin sons late in life and now we are thrilled to be considering a gestational carrier for our other frozen embryos …even the miscarriages and then many struggles I  had being pregnant  with our sons – does not afford me some crown of glory. I often discuss with my husband never wanting these much desired children that he and I adore to feel obligated to us for the great sacrifices we choose in order to have them …our plan has been/always will be for our children to only be as determined as we two are to love and honor our family unit.

I want to end by sending my gratitude, admiration and love to ALL the women who have shown me maternal love and guidance …my own feminist progressive Mother, Mary Rose, my grandmothers and great grandmothers, my husband’s Mother Rosemary and grandmother Valeria – for raising my wonderful husband, my absolutely amazing gal pals/friends who love me so well, the many women colleagues and associates who comfort and guide me,  the professional women in my life who work along side me/on my behalf and those who protect and defend me from the evil doer types who sadly do exist. Additionally, the  women like Fist Lady Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. who set maternal examples of doing it all!!!

P.S. I need to thank my very wonderful husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon …for being a feminist [legally taking my last name/having our children have that same last name], for protecting our family from ALL those who would do harm to us/for forsaking all others for our family unit, for deciding to be a stay at home parent – in order to raise our children well and most of all for going through all the expense and effort and stress to bring our sweet babies into this world. I LOVE being the Mother of your ONLY children …I thank G-d each day that I could make your dream of finally having children come true – of course, post pregnant training and lipo is a whole other story, lol:-)))

April 5, 2012

A REAL American Girl!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Yesterday one of my dearest friends, Anna B. – a special go to gal pal and confidant – who is the adopted Nonna to my twin sons, told me a wonderful story about her beautiful five year old half Italian/half African American granddaughter [who I share a unique relationship with in that she calls me Aunt Princess Tereza & I call her Princess Danaya]. It seems that Princess Danaya won a Citizenship award in school – receiving a US flag, lapel pin & requisite certificate. That evening her grandmother appropriately set the dinner table with American history inspired place-mats. Our young female patriot looked down puzzled …when Anna was telling me about this, I assumed our little friend was going to ask her Nonna [as she often does concerning other situations] why no body looked like her in those scenes as far as color was concerned. However Danaya was not the least bit concerned with the idea that no people of color were involved in those founding national scenes …instead Danaya asked Nonna; “Why are there no women here in these pictures?”. To say the least, I was impressed and my feminist husband equally so – in fact he was nearly moved to tears and insisted I write about this amazing child.

My  beloved amazing Father, Abraham, was a civil rights activist …who proudly, among many other activities, marched on D.C. with Dr, King. When Barack Obama was elected President, I mourned the fact that my Father was not alive to see that which he dreamed would one day happen. My Father hoped and promised his children that one day race really would not matter – but of course, even with the U.S. electing its first biracial President, race sadly still does matter. And yet, young Danaya is in some way the fulfillment of my Father’s & MLK’s dream – in that this mixed race/multi ethnic darling child was only concerned with the fact that there were no female patriots represented in our nation’s founding story instead of being burdened by race. One must ask if  her seeing our beautiful current first family has not relieved Danaya of that burden in some way.

You should know that wise Nonna Anna responded to Danaya’s question with the truth by explaining that it took a very long time for women to have a real voice in the American story …struggling for the right to vote and hold public/political office. This wise grandmother also reminded Danaya to be sure to get in that voting booth at 18 and proudly participate in her nation’s future. My young friend, Princess Danaya, is surrounded by strong women [who, like myself, are deeply concerned about the current war on women involving our reproductive rights by extremists] and I take pride in saying that I  am a part of that group influencing her ..she has heard and seen me campaigning and often pontificate on issues concerning equal rights, etc.. Danya is our hope for a REAL America …one where, as MLK so poignantly said, we will not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character and let us also hope it will be an America where we are also not judged by gender – perhaps where SCOTUS no longer has its members frequently described as the female Justices. Besides I am already signed up to be Danaya’s Presidential campaign manager and major $$$ contributor!

 P.S.   This child is truly an amazing mini feminist – when she learned that I was having twin sons, Danaya suggested that like her new baby boy cousin, they would cry a lot & therefore I  might want to rethink the gender.  But here I want to share with you  another Princess Danaya story that relates in a somewhat humorous tone to current US politics quite well. Recently I stayed with Danaya for a few hours while her grandparents took care of important business – I am a practicing Jew and Danaya & family are all Roman Catholic – as such, she attends a Catholic pre-school. My young friend & I frequently discuss & share  our faiths – in fact, one Xmas I showed up at 6am with red sweater & Santa Claus Hat, + large Star of David,  bringing gifts. During that “babysitting”  morning, I asked how school was going and Danaya recited her newly learned Catholic prayers. The first few lines were simply thanking G-d for life, nature, etc. but the last was a specific reference to Jesus Christ. When Danaya suggested I pray with her, I repeated the lines thanking G-d for all but explained that I would not/could not finish with the reference to Jesus Christ. Danaya insisted & I again explained that being Jewish that would be disrespectful to both our faiths – after a back & forth, I asked if I should telephone my husband/her adopted Uncle C. Michael, who is Catholic – so that he could do the full prayer with her. Danaya said that would not be necessary but that as long as I was in her home, she insisted I MUST pray as she wanted me to …to which I responded, No but she might have a future in the GOP – because lots of them running for office these days feel exactly that way too!!!

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