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April 9, 2013

Vagina Crime Scene

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

CrimeSceneDressEver tuck a  zygote into bed, brush its teeth, give it a bath? Nope – you never have because you can not take a simple cell grouping anywhere outside its gestational host. I know – you are thinking Teréza is just being silly, vulgar, offensive and far too glib about the “sanctity of life“. I am NOT intending to give offense but what I am determined to do is highlight how utterly ridiculous and unscientific the so called Personhood Laws  being passed by legislators in  many U.S. States REALLY are. Listen ladies – here is a REAL fact: every time we have unprotected sexual relations while still and sometimes even not getting our menstrual cycles routinely, we can get and often are getting pregnant in that those good old swimmer spermatozoa and our eggs meet, connect and fertilize but that does NOT equal a person. No implantation occurs and even when it does may not gestate or begin cell division – hence no person exists – no potential person is happening in your uterus. Now here is the REALLY frightening part – you then get your period and it is not stretching these insane and arcane ideas about “personhood” to imagine that being punishable by felony laws. Yes my dears – arrest, tried and incarcerated because oh baby, if they find out that your sweet ass did anything to deter that full gestational happening from coming to live birth fruition – you doll are in handcuffs.

If you dare think I am exaggerating this scenario, ask Regina McKnight who in 2003 was sentenced to the reduced sentence of 12 years for “child endangerment/abuse” in that she “caused” her twins stillbirth from cocaine use. The law that was used to convict this woman states that a Mother causing death of a “viable fetus” can be prosecuted on homicide charges with possibility of life in prison as sentencing guideline. Causes they say – who determines what “causing” means exactly is only one concern we should all be focusing on when contemplating the implications of these anti-woman draconian laws.  Is not wearing a seat-belt and then miscarrying on account of an auto crash to be deemed neglectful endangerment and reason for homicide charges, how about smoking that cause high blood pressure, the issue of caffeine [coffee / tea / energy drink] also comes to mind as our Obstetricians warn not to consume too much; there are other situations that can result in ruptures of the placenta – such as risky extreme exercising and then we have things like sexual acrobatics that result in a fall or G-d forbid the pregnant lady goes out to fetch the morning newspaper during a ice storm and slips, only to then miscarriage her fetus.

OK – here is something even more egregious, more extreme and more dangerous than the personhood of zygotes theory. Yes – MORE than even that purely misogynistic and predatory idea – it is that so called “Pro-Life” advocates think my husband and I are guilty of genocide because we went to great expense and effort to achieve pregnancy late in life via IVF/IVM and some fertilized eggs  [by the way my own 50+ eggs and hubby’s 5 year younger than me, personally contributed sperm boys] did not get born. Never mind that as I explained at the beginning of this post, that happens routinely without reproductive assistance. Allow me to quote [paraphrase] these idiots: “If embryos are humans, then fertility clinics are death camps.”. This for me being Jewish is my absolute all time favorite bullshit analogy – you know when someone pulls THE Holocaust card out to prove their humanity; for me that ends the conversation because the REAL Jewish alive children that the bastard Nazis slaughtered were fully formed outside their dear Mother’s bodies – breathing, crying and more when the evil devils murdered them. How dare anyone ever compare a miscarriage or pregnancy termination procedure to a Jewish child being gassed, hung or Jewish infants being torn apart by their limbs.

Now I have – as a law student – the REAL solution: let us make all neglect, all denying of REALLY good nutrition , health care, housing and such to pregnant women a felony offense. That’s right – the officials and communities that do not provide all needed for a full and successful gestation of each and every fetus MUST be prosecuted for child endangerment. I demand equal law under our U.S. Constitution for zygotes and fetuses – any institution that turns away a pregnant women in need of that which will help her achieve a successful live birthed baby is to be considered complicit [aiding & abetting]  in that result, if not fully guilty of a crime. Sound crazy? Ask Ms. McKnight who just got released from prison after serving 8 of her original 20 year sentence – and in case you are interested, she was not released on account of wrongful prosecution in consideration of the original death to fetus by “child endangerment” – no, instead her lawyers managed to prove that her still-birthed twins perished as a result of a bacterial infection [which overturned her conviction] and not her drug use. If you think my analogized scenario is far fetched, then you might also want to chat with Melissa Rowland, who was arrested after one of her twins was still born and it was decided that occurred because she had refused a C-section.

To conclude this crime scene tutorial, I say you can be against choice for women in relationship to their right to carry or not to full term their pregnancies – of course, I REALLY believe it is none of your business, especially when termination is decided on to save the life of the Mother. What you must not be allowed to do my fellow Americans is make choice a crime nor the accidentally loss of gestation a punishable offense. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! all the REAL and full details of just how REALLY determined my husband and I were to become parents will be explained – then you will realize just how “Pro-Life” I REALLY am!!!

 … WOW – I feel like the “doink-doink” sound from the Dick Wolf television drama, Law & Order should be heard at this point in time  – well my darlings – hit the quote here & you can hear it now. Stay tuned – as always, I will have much more to share and this and many other topics. Be well, be happy and read my blog as often as you can – comments welcomed!

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